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#BFCr3 weekly check in (a day late again)
I really struggled this week and was feeling very discouraged.
I have had a tooth ache and had an allergic reaction to something that had me down and out for a couple days.
4/7 workouts - I worked out only yesterday and today (2 each day) and walked in A. C. on Monday.
Vitamins most days, but with very bad nutrition
Not much reading; mostly in a Benadryl stupor.
#Bookfitnesschallenge #bfc

cobwebmoth I hope you feel better this week! 17m
Rissa1 I hope you feel better soon. 9m
sprainedbrain Sorry you had such a rough week! Here‘s hoping this one goes much better. 8m
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Don't Look Back | Jennifer L. Armentrout
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Week 3 #bfcr3 check in #bfc
Goal: 4 exercises a week- I got in 4.5 😂
Read 12 books total- I have 9 read total so far

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#BFCR3 @wanderinglynn

Overall a good week, especially the book portion of the challenge. Food goal needs a little improvement one day my downfall was ice cream 🍦and another was French fries 🍟

Only Ever Her | Marybeth Mayhew Whalen
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This is a pretty basic mystery, surrounding a woman disappearing days before her wedding, but I‘m giving it a pick because I liked it more than the last book I read by this author. 🤷🏼‍♀️

Book 8 of #24b4Monday + #SummersEndReadathon ✔️
Time: 31h41m

#bfcr3 #smallsteppers

Andrew65 8 books 👏👏👏👏😍🔥 2h
Clwojick You‘re doing so good! Going strong 💪🏻 1h
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The Stationery Shop | Marjan Kamali
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It felt great to be home, and walking my neighborhood route again. I was surprised to see so many fall flowers and berries after just being away for 1 week. #bfcr3

Crazeedi Yep, fall is on it's way, the weather has changed here already! 2h
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#BFCR3 #week3 | My 5 year old missed school one day for an ear infection so I blame that for missing my step goal ... but, overall, it was a great week, though! I got in back-to-back spin classes on Friday (in addition to a class on Wednesday) so my cycling miles were really high.

📖 6 (13/20)
🚴🏻‍♀️ 48/30 miles
💪🏻 2/3
🥵 2/2 (run 1x, stairclimber 1x)
👣 79,983/85k

Keep up the fantastic work #TeamLetsDoThis ‼️

jb72 Awesome job! 🎉🎊😁 4h
Megabooks Kicking butt and taking names my friend!! 3h
britt_brooke @jb72 Thanks!! 🙌🏻 3h
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britt_brooke @Megabooks Thanks, Meg! 🥰 3h
Reecaspieces Awesome job 3h
britt_brooke @Reecaspieces Thanks, Reeca! 🙌🏻 3h
CocoReads Great job! Hope your little is feeling better. Ear infections are awful! 2h
britt_brooke @CocoReads Thank you 💚 - he‘s his regular, goofball self now. 😄 A round of antibiotics got him right back on track. Luckily he only missed one day of school. Such a little trooper! 1h
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1. I think I‘ll up my goal to 6 books to challenge myself more
2. My daughter started a mommy and me gymnastics class, so I‘m giving that 0.5 points since I had to chase after her 😂
3. I slept so good this week!
4. My meal prepping skills were terrible this week. Really going to focus on this one next week
#bfcr3 #smallsteppers

wanderinglynn Way to go! 🙌🏻 5h
Scochrane26 Keeping up with young kids is definitely a workout. 4h
Laughterhp Great job this week! 4h
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The Library Book | Susan Orlean

This was simultaneously heartbreaking and heartwarming. Orlean tells the story of library people—how they fight to create spaces for learning and living and how they rise stronger from tragedy. If you ever felt at home in a library, even once, you need to read this book. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ #Netgalley Book 3/12 for #bfcr3

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Ugh this was not my week. Work is busy and my anxiety has been high. I didn‘t make much progress on anything. I think I‘m going to drop the 7 minute goal. I have a hard time hitting it and I‘d rather focus on my shoulder exercises anyway. Hoping for a better week 4. #bfcr3 #bookdragons

IndoorDame I‘m sorry you had a hard week! Getting clear on your priorities, and focusing in on the goals that really matter is totally the way to make sure you succeed. Let us know if we can support you going in to next week 💜 6h
wanderinglynn You made some good progress. 🙌🏻 One step, one day at a time. And absolutely, if the 7 min goal isn‘t working, drop it. 👍🏻 5h
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