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Rivers of London | Ben Aaronovitch
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Thank you, @wanderinglynn 🤗 It is so nice to have won the check-in drawing for week 2! The #BookDragons are doing their best to keep me on track. For my week 4 check in...meditate 7/7, got out of the apt. and walked 6/7, finished book 6 and exercised once. #bfcr2 (love the bookmark!)

Hestapleton Way to get outside and walk despite this oppressive heat!! You‘ve got this! 7h
IndoorDame Sounds like you totally rocked this week! Way to go! And congrats on winning 😊 that bookmark is awesome! 7h
Hufflepuffle Sounds like a really good week! Go you!!! 7h
StayCurious So happy you won! You‘re doing amazing! 6h
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Despite how crazy and stressful this week was, I‘m pretty proud of my goals! Slowly but surely making some habits. #bookdragons #bfcr2

Hufflepuffle You did so well this week!!!! You should be super proud 💙 1d
IndoorDame Great week! 💜👏👏 1d
StayCurious Wow so proud of you! What a great week! 1d
wanderinglynn Way to go! 🙌🏻 A great week! 🎉 22h
LauraJ I‘m proud of you for being proud of your amazing effort! You‘re a great team leader 🖤 8h
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#BFCR2 #bookfitnesschallenge Weekly Check in @wanderinglynn @Hestapleton #bookdragons Well I am so happy I completed my book goal - especially since June was a reading slump month for me. This challenge has helped motivate me in July. Next week, I want to focus on my other goals since I feel they haven‘t been getting as much attention. The bunny pic was taken on my way to work.

Crazeedi Way to go hitting your book goal! Fantastic!🎉🎉👏👏 1d
IndoorDame What a great week! Congrats on hitting your book goal already!🎊👏🙌 1d
Jerdencon Great job and I love your goals!! 🎉👏🏻 1d
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Hufflepuffle Such a good week! Well done you!! And love the bunny picture!!! 1d
Hestapleton Crushing that reading goal!! 1d
Daisey Love that readathon as part of a mental health goal! 1d
wanderinglynn You had a great week and you crushed your book goal! 🙌🏻 It‘s good to strive for more, but take time to celebrate what you accomplished. 🎉 22h
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This week was a bit all over the place. I was more focused on social/physical activities & my more mental/emotional goals suffered for it.

In general I'm falling at cooking lately & I'm going to change the way I look at that goal. Going forward I'm going to try for at least 2 days/week eating no sugar & only fresh (no overly processed) food but give up the notion that I'm actually going to cook this food myself right now #bfc #BFCr2 #bookdragons

Bookwormjillk Seems reasonable. Have a great week! 1d
Hestapleton Way to adapt those goals! You focused on the crux of the goal (cutting back on processed stuff) while changing the way you get there to something more achievable and that‘s a FANTASTIC way to adapt and still see the results you want! So proud of you! 1d
IndoorDame @Hestapleton thank you! 1d
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StayCurious You‘re doing really well on a lot of your goals! Keep up the good work! 1d
Hufflepuffle Well done you for looking at your goals and changing how you think about them so you can keep going! You got this!! 1d
wanderinglynn Way to go! 🙌🏻 I think you had a good week! Be proud of what you accomplished! 🎉 22h
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Cat Selfies | Charlie Ellis
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My #nomakeup #nofilter #selfie for this week's #photochallenge I'm EXHAUSTED but people say if you smile at yourself in the mirror you're more likely to actually be happy and energized, so I'm smiling 😊
#bfc #BFCr2 #bookdragons @wanderinglynn @Hestapleton

wanderinglynn Beautiful! ❤️ 6d
Hestapleton Absolutely lovely! 💕 6d
britt_brooke Beautiful! 6d
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BookwormAHN 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 6d
BethM You go girl! 6d
erzascarletbookgasm 👋 lovely! 6d
sudi Gorgeous 💜 6d
UwannaPublishme Beautiful! 💕 6d
StayCurious Very nice pic! 5d
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Feeling really discouraged this week. Everything was crazy-town after vacation. Out of town to help my mom move out from her divorce and a coworker on sudden medical leave in a busy season. Going to rock my LITTLE LIFE goal down to just 50 Pgs/week instead of finishing it in the next 3 weeks. Feeling discouraged for lots of reasons but hoping a more normal week in my routine will help. #bookdragons #brcr2

IndoorDame I'm sorry you're feeling discouraged, but you got really far this week, and don't forget to be proud of yourself for adjusting your Little Life goal instead of baling on it!👏👏💕💕 1w
wanderinglynn I‘m sorry you‘re feeling discouraged. But I see great progress! 🙌🏻 Celebrate what you did accomplish—vitamins, devotional, morning pages, journal! 🎉 That is awesome, especially since you were out of town (it‘s hard to stick to routines when we‘re out) & had some life happenings. And way to go adapting your goal. 👏🏻 I think you‘re doing great! It‘s good to strive for more, but be proud of what you did! And more importantly, you didn‘t quit! ❤️ 1w
Crazeedi Don't be discouraged ! Life happens and we adjust and move forward best that we can! I know I had to readjust too!! I think you did good considering everything! Rock on !!👏🎉 1w
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Dragonfairykats You can do it!!! We believe in you! 💗 7d
Hufflepuffle You did really well this week considering everything going on! Don‘t be discouraged, be proud of what you did achieve and #BookDragons will keep you positive for this week ahead! 💜 7d
Hestapleton @IndoorDame @Hufflepuffle @wanderinglynn @Crazeedi @Dragonfairykats thanks for all of the encouragement! Holding all of this close as I head into Monday! 💕 7d
StayCurious I know how you feel when you say discouraged - it was the same for me. But just remember that you are not in this alone! We're here for each other, which makes this challenge a lot less challenging. 6d
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Trying | Emily Phillips
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#BookFitnessChallenge #BFC #BFCr2

Week 3 over already! So again, I didn‘t meet many of my goals but I was away from home 3/7 days, so i don‘t think I did too badly.

Also, I was proud of what I achieved and forgiving to myself for what I didn‘t, which is big for me! All thanks to @wanderinglynn 💙

Next week I aim to meet my running goal, do better with diet and organising and to keep going with yoga.

Week 4 here we come!


Ash.on.the.line Looks like a great week! 1w
IndoorDame Way to go this week! And your positive attitude is amazing 🙌 1w
wanderinglynn You had a great week! 🙌🏻 A run & yoga 4 times—you should be proud! So I‘m going to rewrite this sentence: “I didn‘t meet many of my goals” to “I made progress on ALL my goals. And next week I aim to make even more progress.” Because you DID make progress on all your goals this week. It‘s good to strive for more, but it‘s also good to proud of what you did accomplish especially since you were away from home & out of your regular routine! 🎉 1w
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Hestapleton You made great progress and that‘s always worth celebrating! And way to DEMOLISH that yoga goal! 1w
sudi Looks like a pretty good week to me 👏👏👏 1w
Hufflepuffle I‘m sorry, I have been away for the weekend for a wedding and camping followed by a hedgehog rescue upon arriving home and so have had very little time to check Litsy! Thank you all SO much for your support and kindness! You all make this challenge what it is! 💜 @wanderinglynn @Hestapleton @Ash.on.the.line @IndoorDame @sudi 💜 Week 4 here we come!!!! 1w
StayCurious What a great week! You‘re doing so awesome 👏 5d
Hufflepuffle @StayCurious Thank you!! 😊 5d
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Check-in time! | United States. Forest Service. Pacific Northwest Region, United States. Dept. of Agriculture
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This week was hard for me. I wasn't feeling well physically, which didn't leave me in the best frame of mind, and I didn't meet any goals, though I did make progress on them. Reflecting back, I think my tendency when I feel like this is to retreat into myself and I need to think about how I can reach out to my team and the other resources in my personal life for help, and set mini-goals on weeks like this in the future. #bfc #BFCr2 #bookdragons

Megabooks Hugs! 💜 I hope you have a better week next week. 1w
Hestapleton We‘re here for you! All progress is worth wild celebration. 💕 1w
Hufflepuffle I‘m sorry you had a bad week. You should be proud of what you did achieve though, especially meditating. Definitely reach out to us in the group if you can/want too. We are always ready to talk/listen 💙 1w
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IndoorDame @Hufflepuffle @Hestapleton @Megabooks thank you! your guys support means so much 💜 1w
Crazeedi @IndoorDame sometimes little accomplishments are enough! Focus maybe on one thing you did do this week! We are only human after all!! Three steps forward, two steps back, but little by little!! Hang in there, sending a hug😘❤️ 1w
wanderinglynn We all have tough weeks where our goals just sit & state at us. But you made great progress. 🙌🏻 Celebrate what you did accomplish because meditation is important especially in hard weeks. 🎉 And if you‘re struggling, definitely reach out to your team or me, either here or off-Litsy. We‘re here for you and we‘ll all cross the finish line together! ❤️ 1w
crazyspine I like that you acknowledged that you made progress even if it wasn't as much as you hoped. Half way there; you got this. 1w
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Positively Beautiful | Wendy Mills
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#BFCR2 #bookfitnesschallenge Week 3 check in: this week was very tough. I had some personal and professional issues crop up which in turn caused my depression to flare up. I kind of caved in on myself. But I‘m trying to focus on what I did accomplish rather than on what I missed. I am going to start fresh for week 4. I‘m grateful for this challenge in that it‘s giving me something to work towards. @wanderinglynn @Hestapleton #bookdragons

Hestapleton So proud of you! 💕 1w
DivineDiana Yes! Applaud your attitude- Focusing on what you did accomplish! 👏🏻💗👍🏻 1w
TheAromaofBooks Fresh starts are the best!! Every week is new, every day is new... sometimes, when things are particularly not-awesome, every HOUR is a fresh start! 1w
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Crazeedi Remember there is no failure! It sounds like you did amazing under less than perfect circumstances! Pat yourself on you back that you did what you could! Great job!!!👏👏❤️❤️ 1w
Jerdencon Hang in there! Keep up the good work! 1w
wanderinglynn Way to go! 🙌🏻 I‘m sorry you had a tough week. I love that you are able to focus on what you did accomplish. Because you did accomplish quite a bit! And that is awesome! 🎉 It‘s important to focus on self-care and mental wellness on tough weeks and it sounds like you did just that. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 1w
Megabooks I‘m sorry you had a tough week! You still did well!! 💜💜 1w
Hufflepuffle I‘m sorry you had a tough week. You still achieved a lot though! Be proud of what you did do when you weren‘t feeling your best 💙 1w
IndoorDame Great job on pushing through a hard week, looking after yourself, and coming out with accomplishments to be proud of and a renewed energy moving forward!👏💜 1w
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