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Cassandra at the Wedding
Cassandra at the Wedding | Dorothy Baker
Cassandra Edwards is a graduate student at Berkeley: gay, brilliant, nerve-racked, miserable. At the beginning of this novel, she drives back to her family ranch in the foothills of the Sierras to attend the wedding of her identical twin, Judith, to a nice young doctor from Connecticut. Cassandra, however, is hell-bent on sabotaging the wedding. Dorothy Baker’s entrancing tragicomic novella follows an unpredictable course of events in which her heroine appears variously as conniving, self-aware, pitiful, frenzied, absurd, and heartbroken—at once utterly impossible and tremendously sympathetic. As she struggles to come to terms with the only life she has, Cassandra reckons with her complicated feelings about the sister who she feels owes it to her to be her alter ego; with her father, a brandy-soaked retired professor of philosophy; and with the ghost of her dead mother. First published in 1962, Cassandra at the Wedding is a book of enduring freshness, insight, and verve. Like the fiction of Jeffrey Eugenides and Jhumpa Lahiri, it is the work of a master stylist with a profound understanding of the complexities of the heart and mind.
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Cassandra at the Wedding | Dorothy Baker
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I‘m currently reading Cassandra at the Wedding and loving it. I‘m not sure I‘ll finish in time for the discussion tomorrow, but I‘m so glad I picked up this book.

What are you reading this lovely Friday?

#nyrbbookclub #blameitonlitsy #fridayreads

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Cassandra at the Wedding | Dorothy Baker
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Are you ready for discussing Cassandra? Everyone is welcome to join the first #NYRB discussion on Saturday May 25 at 2 PM EST.

I have the feeling we all love Cassandra but there‘s still a lot to talk about!

@vivastory and I have come up with some questions and hope to share them with all of you! Please tune in here at 2 PM!


saresmoore I‘m looking forward to it! 4d
Theaelizabet See you then! 4d
Rachel_nyc Looking forward to it! 4d
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Cathythoughts Thankyou for including me. I would love to see the discussion... 👍🏻♥️ 4d
BarbaraBB @Cathythoughts Of course, you‘ve been reading along! 💜 4d
MicheleinPhilly I‘m gonna have to set my alarm. 😂 4d
BarbaraBB @MicheleinPhilly Am I making a mistake in the time? That‘s certainly possible ☺️. How late is it in Philadelphia? 4d
MicheleinPhilly No, it‘s the opposite - it will be 9 a.m. in Philly. Which I‘ll probably be wide awake for truthfully because my body likes to sleep in Mon. through Fri. and pop up at 7 on the weekend. 😒 4d
Suet624 I have a Bernie Sanders rally that I‘m working at. I‘m booked from 10:30 to 3. I guess I can just add comments when I‘m done. 3d
BarbaraBB @MicheleinPhilly It should be 2 PM EST! I‘ll change that. Maybe that will be easier for you too @Suet624 although I don‘t want to keep you from working for Bernie Sanders!! (edited) 3d
Izai.Amorim That's 8 pm continental time, right? (CET) (edited) 3d
Samplergal I‘ll be there. I‘m just back from Mexico and haven‘t touched it. I‘ll have a lot if not all read by then. 3d
CarolynM Thanks for including me too. I'm very interested in how everyone responds to this wonderful book.🙂 3d
vivastory The love for this one has been unanimous, so I'm really looking forward to our discussion! 3d
sisilia I‘m so excited for this 😃 3d
batsy Looking forward! It'll be 2am here so I'll most likely be asleep, but I'll add with comments later when I'm up ☺️ 3d
sprainedbrain Looking forward to it! 3d
GatheringBooks awesome! i finished reading the book! :) ready to discuss. 🧚🏼‍♀️ 3d
BarbaraBB @Izai.Amorim Yes! 3d
LeahBergen I‘ll try to be home (and available) for this discussion! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 3d
youneverarrived I‘ll be there 😁 3d
Reviewsbylola I‘m not sure I love Cassandra. 😬 3d
mklong I‘ll be visiting family in Alabama, but will try to sneak away! If not, I‘ll check in when I‘m home on Sunday. 3d
BarbaraBB @Reviewsbylola she‘s horrible. And yet..! I love hearing your opinion on her! 3d
emilyhaldi Woohoo!!! Marking my calendar 📆 soooo much to discuss 2d
GatheringBooks i may be late for the discussion (singapore time) but really looking forward to it! 2d
Liz_M I have plans most of Sat afternoon, but will check in Sunday! 19h
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Cassandra at the Wedding | Dorothy Baker
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Started this one. Many people around here seems so excited about it... I didn't know it was first published in 1962.

LeahBergen I hope you like it (and that you want to read along with some of the other #NYRBBookClub picks 😃). 4d
Cathythoughts Look forward to your thoughts! I‘m reading along with this gang for the next one too ( After Claude -their June Pick- ) I loved Cassandra ♥️👍🏻 (edited) 4d
Izai.Amorim @LeahBergen @Cathythoughts So far I'm enjoying it... Read along is a possibility, as long as it's no Rushdie 😆. (Strange, can‘t edit posts on my Android, only on iOS)... (edited) 4d
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vivastory I hope you love it! 4d
Suet624 Oh, I‘m so glad you‘re reading it. I hope you like it. 2d
Izai.Amorim @Suet624 It's a very intriguing book. Your perception of what is going on keeps changing as you read. The funny quotes don't feel so funny after a while. It seems to me that both sisters have a serious identity problem. 2d
Suet624 @Izai.Amorim sorry for the late response. As the mother of twins I have always wondered how twins kept from feeling the way Cassandra and her sister felt. There is such a delicate balance that must be maintained by twins. It‘s never ending. And as a mom it also was a delicate balance. 14h
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Cassandra at the Wedding | Dorothy Baker
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4⭐️ I love this witty novel. I enjoyed the interactions between Cassie and Jude. They are what we call “same same but different” 😆 I adore the Edwards - what a charming little family! The reference to Anatomy of Melancholy got me excited. I have a copy of that NYRB Classics; staring at me from the bookshelves with great intimidation 🙈 #NYRBBookclub #NYRBClassics

saresmoore Great photo! You will read all of the NYRB classics before long! 6d
Leftcoastzen It was hard to find a copy of Anatomy of Melancholy,I found one but haven‘t read it yet. 6d
batsy Same same but different! Yes 😆 6d
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LeahBergen I loved that family, too. 👍🏻 6d
rubyslippersreads Isn‘t Anatomy of Melancholy one of the books Francie checks out of the library in 6d
sisilia @rubyslippersreads Oh yes! She‘s working her way through Bs 😆 (for Burton) 5d
sisilia @saresmoore 🙈 More than 500 books in total 🤪 5d
sisilia @Leftcoastzen I flipped through the pages; it‘s not going to be an easy read - probably worse than Dostoyevsky 5d
sisilia @batsy Yay! 🙌🏻 Malaysia surely uses the same phrase 😁 5d
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Cassandra at the Wedding | Dorothy Baker
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Oh Cassandra. You impetuous, aggressive, charismatic, charming, infuriating little shit. I just want to swaddle you in a blanket and keep you safe and then wring your neck. I love you. Be well. 5🌟 #nyrb #nyrbbookclub

Leftcoastzen 😂you nailed it! 6d
saresmoore 😅 Yes! ♥️👌 6d
vivastory Perfect! Yes, charming AND infuriating. 😄👌 6d
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batsy I love this ❤️ perfect review. 6d
erzascarletbookgasm Haha! Your review! 💙 6d
CarolynM Yes, I loved her but her behaviour was really bad! 6d
BarbaraBB Haha, well spoken! 💜 6d
LeahBergen 😆 Oh, exactly!! 6d
Cathythoughts Excellent 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 6d
youneverarrived 😂 well said 6d
readordierachel Love this review 😆😆 5d
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Cassandra at the Wedding | Dorothy Baker
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Jumping on the #nyrbbookclub train, if you‘ll have me. And let's face it, you might as well, because I'm just going to stalk the hashtag anyway. 😁 #nyrb

LeahBergen Haha! Perfect! 👏🏻👏🏻 6d
BarbaraBB Oooh you‘ve given it to the peer pressure. And you‘re right to! Such a great book 💜 6d
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Cassandra at the Wedding | Dorothy Baker
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I took this book pretty much everywhere with me over the past two weeks & Cassandra‘s narrow, exclusive world infiltrated my reality. The titular character‘s keen self-awareness and her passive, philosophical observations established her unique voice from the start and laid the foundation for a close-knit cast of characters who live only in subordination to her whims. This novel is tight and intentional throughout; I enjoyed every sentence of it.

saresmoore #NYRBBookClub Cassandra is back on the shelf! I think I‘m going to need to carve out more NYRB real estate in the coming months... 1w
Leftcoastzen Beautiful review.I seldom have felt so immersed. 1w
TrishB Lovely review 😁 I‘m definitely getting to this one. 1w
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Tamra That‘s a definitive recommend! 1w
vivastory Lovely review. Tight & intentional, great way of phrasing it. But it felt effortless, too. 1w
saresmoore @TrishB There‘s peer pressure coming from all sides, hey? 😆 1w
saresmoore @Tamra I found it to be exceptional! 1w
saresmoore @vivastory I totally agree. There‘s some genuine talent/gifting in this kind of writing. 1w
Suet624 I‘m sad it‘s done. I loved it. And I love this photo. (edited) 1w
saresmoore @Suet624 I‘m always trying to get creative with the photos! 🙃 1w
Suet624 It shows. 💕💕 1w
BarbaraBB It really is exceptional. Also, you have an amazing collection of NYRB! And more is on its way 😀 1w
LeahBergen Yes! Nicely reviewed AND photographed. 😍😍😍 1w
Cathythoughts Beautiful elegant review 👍🏻✨ 1w
saresmoore @BarbaraBB Good thing they‘re small books! 😆 1w
saresmoore @LeahBergen 😘♥️ 1w
saresmoore @Cathythoughts Thank you! ♥️ 1w
Liz_M Small books? Clearly you don't own Life & Fate 😜 7d
saresmoore @Liz_M Ha! Not yet! 🙃 7d
sisilia Nice stack! 😍 6d
emilyhaldi Fab review 6d
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Cassandra at the Wedding | Dorothy Baker
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All the stars. ✨✨✨✨✨Loved this one. I could listen to Cassandra‘s thoughts & conversations all day! AND Judes & Granny‘s & PaPa‘s. Loved the feel of being in this book. It felt real & authentic & was completely engaging & insightful .. in a deadpan sort of way.
“We‘ve got stars named after us and what‘s wrong with that - nothing & everything. “

Tanisha_A Beautiful review! Look forward to reading this someday! 1w
BarbaraBB Great review. I could listen to her all day too. Well said ❤️ 1w
Cathythoughts @Tanisha_A Thanks! It‘s very good indeed 👍🏻 1w
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Cathythoughts @BarbaraBB thanks. And great pick 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 1w
batsy I love your review, Cathy. I felt the same. I could listen in to their conversations all day. And Cassandra's POV was so much like reading the journal of a fiercely intelligent, enchanting, exasperating person. 1w
saresmoore Great review, Cathy! 1w
LeahBergen Wonderful review! 👏🏻👏🏻 1w
vivastory Very well said. Great review! 1w
Cathythoughts @vivastory thankyou. I would be happy just to come along for the ride ... I wouldn‘t have the first clue how to find or pick book for this Bookclub challenge. But I‘m delighted with these new discoveries 👍🏻♥️ 1w
Cathythoughts @vivastory if that‘s ok ! Thankyou 1w
Cathythoughts @batsy thankyou friend. Must investigate other books by this writer ♥️👍🏻 1w
Cathythoughts @saresmoore @LeahBergen ahhh Ladies thankyou !! It‘s not my forte( reviews) , so it‘s nice of ye to say so & speaks volumes for the book 😁👍🏻♥️ (edited) 1w
vivastory You're more than welcome to join in with the discussions! I always enjoy your posts! 1w
Cathythoughts @vivastory cool 👍🏻. I‘ll read them anyway , your a great Litten to organize this ♥️ (edited) 1w
TrishB Lovely 💕 want to read even more now! 1w
Cathythoughts @TrishB I‘d be interested to hear your opinion on it ♥️👍🏻 1w
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Cassandra at the Wedding | Dorothy Baker
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It‘s my 33rd birthday, so I‘m enjoying some responsible drinking and some irresponsible online book shopping. I thought my #NYRBBookClub pals would approve. 😊

Lovesbooks87 Happy Birthday! Hope you have fun shopping for some new books! 1w
LeahBergen Happy, happy birthday, my friend!! 😘😘😘 And cheers to some much-deserved #DrunkNYRBing 😆😆 🥂 1w
LeahBergen Oh, and whadidya order??? 1w
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Tamra Yay!! Happy Book Day! 1w
kyraleseberg Happy Birthday!! 🎉 1w
Leftcoastzen Happy Birthday!🎈🎂🎊 Hope you find treasures! 1w
saresmoore @LeahBergen Help! Any Persephone favorites?? 1w
TrishB Enjoy both 🎉🎉 1w
hilded Happy birthday 🥳 1w
AlaMich Happy Birthday!!🎂🎈 1w
RealLifeReading Cheers! Happy birthday! 1w
Mitch Happy birthday.. seems like a perfect day x 1w
AmyG Wishing you a very Happy Birthday! 🎂 1w
merelybookish One should never be completely responsible on their birthday! So have fun! 1w
Theaelizabet Happy birthday! I‘ll join you later tonight 😉🍷 1w
tracey38 Happy birthday! Seems like a a perfect way to spend today! 1w
Bookwomble Happy Birthday, Sara 🍰 🍷 📕 😃 1w
LiteraryinLititz Happy birthday and enjoy your bookish gifts! 1w
kgriffith Happy birthday! 🎉 I‘ll drink to that 😊 1w
Beachesnbooks Happy birthday!!! 🎉📚 1w
stacybmartin Happy birthday! 🎉📚🎂📚🎉 1w
Amor4Libros Happy Birthday!!! 1w
MicheleinPhilly Happy Birthday, love! 😘 1w
LeahBergen Ohhh, Persephone favourites? I just ordered Patience based on @emilyhaldi ‘s review. Check it out 1w
LeahBergen Dorothy Whipple is really good! I liked 1w
LeahBergen But her best (which I have waiting!) is supposed to be 1w
LeahBergen Oh! And another one that I have waiting, and which is supposedly like a darker I Capture the Castle, is this one 1w
LeahBergen All of the above are Persephones (in case I wasn‘t clear). And I‘ll stop now. 😆 1w
saresmoore @LeahBergen Excellent recommendations—thank you! ♥️ I have a paperback of Miss Buncle, still unread. All the others, of course, sound wonderful! 1w
bookishbitch Love it. Happy Birthday! 1w
vivastory Happy Birthday, Sara! 🎂🍷🙌 1w
vivastory @LeahBergen #DrunkNYRBing is my new favorite hashtag 😄 1w
Billypar Happy birthday!! 🎂 And cheers to enjoying responsibility, but only in moderation 😉 1w
Aims42 I approve!! Happy birthday & cheers!!! 🥂 1w
Suet624 Shoot! Last year I knew when your birthday was. Shoot. I feel badly about this. Happy birthday, sweet one. I love you. 1w
sisilia Happy birthday, Sara! 🎂 1w
LeahBergen @vivastory I‘m doing it right now! 😆 Well, okay. I‘m not technically ‘drunk‘ right now but I AM on my first healthy pour of wine. 1w
saresmoore @Suet624 Oh, please don‘t feel bad! Thank you for the birthday wishes. 🥰♥️ I‘ve had such a nice day! 1w
saresmoore @LeahBergen I get nearly to the checkout, then I remember...shipping from the UK! I must need more wine. 1w
LeahBergen If you order 3 Persephones, you save Qe. Does that help? ?? 1w
saresmoore @LeahBergen You know it does! 1w
LeahBergen It‘s why I usually buy three at once. I mean, I‘m SAVING money, right?? 😆 1w
LeahBergen Oh, but if you‘re considering any of the Persephone Classics (with pictorial covers instead of the dove grey) I find you can get them for cheaper (and still new) on Amazon. 1w
LeahBergen Not that I like to shop Amazon all that much, but sometimes you gotta. 🤫 1w
emilyhaldi HAPPY BIRTHDAY SARA!!! 🎉🎉🎉 what a perfect way to celebrate! As @LeahBergen so kindly noted, you MUST include Patience in your Persephone order. I will forever recommend it to everyone. And omg Leah, you must get to Someone at a Distance- brilliant. You can't go wrong with Persephone or NYRB so buy them all!!!! 🤗🤗🤗 1w
saresmoore @LeahBergen Ah, yes, the ubiquitous, necessary evil. They own AbeBooks, for goodness‘ sake! And I‘m not saying I already checked or anything, but I did find Someone at a Distance to be much cheaper on Amazon... 😬 1w
saresmoore @emilyhaldi You‘re the best! 🥰 1w
saresmoore @LeahBergen No, I‘m wrong, not cheaper, it‘s just not available on Persphone‘s site at the mo‘. 1w
MaureenMc Happy birthday! 🍷 1w
GatheringBooks happy birthday! 🧚🏼‍♀️💕📚 1w
Christine Happy Birthday!! 🎉 1w
Reggie Happy Birthday!!!🎂🎁🎈 1w
batsy I'm with @Suet624 I feel bad. I'm sorry I'm late but I hope you had a lovely, glorious birthday that's as wonderful as you are, friend ❤️🎂🥂 1w
batsy @LeahBergen #DrunkNYRBing is brilliant 😂 1w
Kalalalatja Hope you had a great day! 💕 1w
andrew61 Have a great dat sara 🎂 1w
Cathythoughts Happy Birthday 🎁🎉 1w
Rachel_nyc Happy Birthday! 1w
Redwritinghood Happy birthday! 🎂🎂 1w
BarbaraBB Oh Sara, way too late but I wish you all the best and hope you had lots of wine and love and NYRB and Persephones 💜 1w
BarbaraBB Oh and @LeahBergen you are sooo bad for my TBR! 😘 1w
Moray_Reads Happy birthday, my friend! Sorry I'm late. I hope you had a lovely day. How is 33 treating you? It's my next birthday too... 1w
UwannaPublishme Uh-oh! How did I miss your big day? Sending birthday hugs and best wishes! Keep reading and celebrating! 🤗🎂🎁🎉🎈 1w
rubyslippersreads Happy belated 🎂🎂🎂! 1w
saresmoore @Moray_Reads So far, so good! I‘m fond of the number itself, so that makes me feel better. Well, I also bought myself SEVERAL books. 😄 1w
Moray_Reads @saresmoore There's a little something on its way to you so keep an eye out xx 7d
saresmoore @Moray_Reads Oh, how kind of you, Moray! ♥️♥️♥️ 7d
readordierachel Happy belated! I hope you got some good ones! 🎉📚 7d
britt_brooke I‘m a few days late, but happy birthday!! 6d
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Cassandra at the Wedding | Dorothy Baker
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Endlessly quotable and sharply written, I couldn‘t get enough of this complicated relationship between twins Cassandra and Judith.
I love a story set in a short period of time, and here it‘s just a couple of days with the eccentric Edwards family, as Cassandra travels back to the family home to attend(or maybe try and stop) Judith‘s imminent wedding. Whip smart, perceptive, witty and dark, I just loved it!💕
#nyrbbookclub @BarbaraBB @vivastory

Leftcoastzen It was superb! Love your review! 1w
vivastory Terrific review & a great photo! 1w
BarbaraBB Great review, happy you loved the book too! 1w
LeahBergen Great review! I thought it was wonderful, too! 1w
Cathythoughts Very well put 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 1w
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Cassandra at the Wedding | Dorothy Baker
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There are moments when this feels like stream of consciousness, but it‘s so damn insightful! Every tangent is intentional and the narrative voice is so strong. Excellent writing, I think. #NYRBBookClub

LeahBergen Exactly! I found the voice so compelling. 2w
vivastory It's very insightful & as maddening as she is I was completely charmed by Cassandra because of her unique narrative voice 2w
saresmoore @LeahBergen @vivastory I think it‘s the fact that she‘s so very self-aware that makes her immaturity forgivable. I love how she comments on interpersonal and conversational dynamics with such acuity, but still behaves in a way that she knows is petulant. 2w
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Cassandra at the Wedding | Dorothy Baker
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Back to the NYRB shelf with you, little book. I award you 5 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️!

A cleverly witty novel, written with such elegant intensity that I couldn‘t put it down and yet almost dreaded to pick it up again when I did.

What a great start to our #NYRBBookClub and a perfect first choice, @BarbaraBB ! I‘m looking forward to our end-of-the-month discussion.


saresmoore Well said! I am feeling the same way about it. 2w
Leftcoastzen Right!? I savored this book. 2w
merelybookish So much love for Cassandra! 2w
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Liz_M Beautiful picture! 2w
Theaelizabet Agree with everything you wrote...and I want that shelf! 2w
vivastory Definitely a 5 ⭐book for me. I won't be forgetting Cassandra anytime soon. 2w
batsy A fantastic book! And a fabulous shelf 😍 2w
erzascarletbookgasm I‘m seeing all the love for Cassandra! Your shelf 😍 2w
Kalalalatja That shelf 😍😍 2w
BarbaraBB What a gorgeous shelf and I agree that I also dreaded picking the book up again. I think I dreaded finishing it! 2w
Tanisha_A Oh my, that shelf! 🤩 2w
Amyegia Loooove this book! 2w
sisilia Whoooaaaa I love the row of NYRBs 😍 6d
emilyhaldi Dying for a full view of that NYRB shelf 😍 6d
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Cassandra at the Wedding | Dorothy Baker
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So I really loved this, more than I was expecting. It‘s sad but in some ways hopeful and it made me laugh. The writing is amazing. I wanted to keep reading but at the same time just savor it. I can‘t wait to discuss it. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ #nyrbbookclub

youneverarrived On a related note - there are old lady twins that I see walking around town, dressed all identical every time. I always wonder if they‘ve done this since they were younger or if they have ever lived separate lives 😆 2w
Suet624 I wonder too. I bet they‘ve always done it. 2w
BarbaraBB I am glad you loved it too although it doesn‘t surprise me 💜 2w
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LeahBergen I want to see the old lady twins now! ❤️ 2w
vivastory I'm thrilled that the group is loving this one. And I love your story about the old lady twins! For some reason I'm picturing plaid wool dresses. 😄 2w
Blaire Love seeing the good reviews for this book. It‘s already stacked, but need to move it up the tbr. 2w
batsy Oh, love the story about the elderly twins 💕 2w
erzascarletbookgasm So much love for this book 💗 2w
Cathythoughts I‘m looking forward to to finishing this one soon - I‘m on Audible with it. Great narrator Yes ! So good 2w
youneverarrived @Suet624 I think they probably have too. 2w
youneverarrived @LeahBergen I wish you could see them! 2w
youneverarrived @vivastory I love that you picture that! Such a great choice for our first book 🧡 2w
youneverarrived @Blaire I hope you like it as much as I do 🧡 2w
youneverarrived @erzascarletbookgasm it‘s so good! 😘 2w
youneverarrived @Cathythoughts the narrator can make or break a book I think. Glad it‘s a good one. It‘s a special book 🧡 2w
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Cassandra at the Wedding | Dorothy Baker
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This book required highlighters and tags and was accompanied by sighs of delight and appreciation. Many others have already written fantastic reviews that can not be matched. I would only add that I will always admire how Baker wrote of the sometimes difficult and always delicate balancing act of being a twin. Thanks to @BarbaraBB for the recommendation. ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️

@vivastory #NYRBbookclub

vivastory Wonderful review! I know several people are still reading this, but there seems to be a general consensus on how terrific this one is. 2w
BarbaraBB Great review and I agree that Baker writes very insightful about being twins. 2w
batsy Beautiful review 💕 2w
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Cassandra at the Wedding | Dorothy Baker
post image

"If this is God's plan, let's for God's sake get with it. So mought it be. Mote it? So be it. But give the children a worm before the tree splits up."
Cassandra Edwards returns home for her twin sister, Judith's wedding. Cassandra & Judith were inseparable growing up in their unconventional family, comprised of a beloved yet pedantic father, a mother who died when Cassandra & Judith were younger & their grandmother who raised them. Cassandra is ?

vivastory bent on sabotaging Jude's wedding, feeling betrayed by her sister's efforts at a life separate from their relationship. As critics have noted, Baker is a master stylist. She effortlessly moves between moments that are humorous, confrontational, tender & confessional. Her device of letting Cassandra & Judith narrate different sections is effective in her exploration of identity. An immensely quotable novel. Despite everything Cassandra completely👇 2w
vivastory charms the reader & I simply couldn't help but root for her. I can't say enough great things about this book. An excellent inclusion in the NYRB catalog & a big thanks to @BarbaraBB for nominating it for the inaugural month of #NYRBBookClub. 2w
Leftcoastzen Your review is a joy as was reading this book! 2w
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vivastory @Leftcoastzen Thank you You're too kind! I can't wait to discuss this at the end of the month! 2w
merelybookish Great review!! 2w
Suet624 Jeesh, I‘ve been trying to think of how to write a review of this book and you‘ve pretty much done it for me. Not much more to add. 😀 2w
BarbaraBB Excellent review. A lot of us feel for Cassandra I think, even though she‘s impossible to live with. That‘s well done by Baker I think! 2w
BarbaraBB I‘ll email you soon about the discussion of this book! 💕 2w
saresmoore Yes! Great review! 2w
vivastory @merelybookish Thanks! I noticed on Goodreads you rated it 5 stars. Definitely a 5 star book for me. I'm really tempted to order 2w
vivastory @Suet624 😄 As a parent of twins I'm looking forward to your thoughts during the discussion. 2w
vivastory @BarbaraBB Thanks! Sounds good. I look forward to hearing from you! 2w
vivastory @saresmoore I hope you love it as much as everyone else has! 2w
merelybookish @vivastory Yes, a definite five star. Great characters, great writing, satisfying ending. What more could I ask for? And that other novel looks interesting. It would be interesting to see how she captures jazz! 2w
vivastory @merelybookish Absolutely. I'm also intrigued that some say it is even better than Cassandra etc. A tall order!! 2w
merelybookish @vivastory Wow! I'm curious but skeptical. 🤔 2w
CarolynM Great review! 2w
BarbaraBB I‘m tempted too to buy her other book! I‘m not that interested in jazz though... 2w
erzascarletbookgasm Fantastic review 2w
batsy Beautifully put ❤️ She is a master stylist indeed. 2w
Suet624 I'm curious if next month's book has been selected yet. I'll probably have to order whatever it is. 2w
youneverarrived Excellent review 🙌🙌 2w
vivastory @CarolynM Thanks! 2w
vivastory @Suet624 Not yet. @emilyhaldi will be posting her 3 nominations for a vote. 2w
emilyhaldi I will do my best to post my 3 choices tomorrow!!! @vivastory @Suet624 🤗 1w
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Cassandra at the Wedding | Dorothy Baker
post image

Hello, Cassandra! It‘s time to get to know you 😃 #NYRBBookclub #NYRBClassics

readordierachel Love your sticker 💚 2w
rubyslippersreads I keep seeing a Littens reading this book. I‘ll have to add it to my TBR list. 😊 2w
sisilia @readordierachel It‘s from the Strand 😄 2w
See All 7 Comments
sisilia @rubyslippersreads We are reading it for #NYRBBookclub 😘 2w
vivastory @rubyslippersreads I just finished it & it's a solid 5 star book IMO 2w
vivastory You're in for a treat. Hope you love it! 2w
sisilia @vivastory I just started and am already in love 😍 How I wish that I could be off work today and read all day 😆 2w
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Cassandra at the Wedding | Dorothy Baker
post image

“What do you want to look like? Some kind of a prophet?”

I liked the word. She could have called me a lot worse things and got her point across less subtly. I sat down on my bed, across from her, and told her how it was. If I were a prophet, I wouldn‘t have a following, because my club would be too much of a miscegenation. I‘m an Existentialist-Zen-Marxist, Freudian branch. Deviation, rather. It‘s a difficult line to hew to.

vivastory I posted this quote, too. So many great lines in this one. 2w
saresmoore @vivastory Ah! Sorry I duplicated! I really loved that whole conversation about the shoes and how it meandered. This book is fantastic. 2w
vivastory No need to apologise! I found this book to be immensely quotable, in the best way. The more it shows up on Litsy, the better! 🙌 2w
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Cassandra at the Wedding | Dorothy Baker
post image

Finally finished the yard work and finally starting this month‘s #nyrbbookclub pick 🌿🌷🏡

Pricel101 Great photo!📚🍃🌿 2w
Reviewsbylola Ugh I need to start this. 2w
vivastory I can't wait to hear your thoughts on it. I just finished it & I loved it! 2w
vivastory BTW you get to nominate June's book 🙌 Looking forward to your 3 picks! 2w
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Cassandra at the Wedding | Dorothy Baker
post image

Just started for #nyrbbookclub. Cassandra (Greek) unheard, unbelieved prophet and Judith (Biblical) infiltrator and killer of enemy leader. I assume these names are not coincidental?

(Graruitous breakfast pic, since I don't have the book with me.)

Theaelizabet I think we can assume those names are important. Enjoy breakfast. It looks quite elegant! 2w
Henrik_Madsen Don‘t know the book, but breakfast looks great! 2w
Leftcoastzen Love that bagel! 2w
See All 6 Comments
Liz_M Thanks @Henrik_Madsen, @Theaelizabet, @Leftcoastzen It was dee-licious! 😋 2w
vivastory I think you'll love this one & yes, names definitely play a role in it 2w
BarbaraBB Clever thinking about the names! You‘re right I think. Looking forward to your review! 1w
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Cassandra at the Wedding | Dorothy Baker
post image

Twins are generally closer than most sibs ,a special connection indeed .Cassandra is beyond upset , her twin sister left for the east coast , met someone ,bringing him west to get married.Cassandra is intent on wrecking this event.Baker writes beautifully,constructing intense,wonderful characters you want to know more about.One of the most enjoyable reads for me in a long time .Great pick for the #NYRBBookclub kickoff.

BarbaraBB I could read on and on about these characters indeed! Great review! 2w
Theaelizabet Terrific review! 2w
TrishB All these reviews are really tempting me! 2w
See All 9 Comments
Leftcoastzen @TrishB So good! It‘s nice to read an author who assumed that the reader is intelligent and can appreciate the nuances of this book. 2w
batsy 🙌🏽 Nice review! I read it on the kindle but feel like I must get the physical copy to spend time analysing her immaculate sentences 🕵🏽‍♀️ 2w
Cathythoughts Stalling not finished , but yes it‘s great ! Lovely review 👍🏻♥️ 2w
Suet624 I‘m enjoying it and reading slower so as to enjoy the ride. 2w
vivastory @TrishB I really can't recommend it highly enough! 2w
vivastory Excellent review! I noticed her other book mentioned by McCullers is also a NYRB #temptation 2w
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Cassandra at the Wedding | Dorothy Baker
post image

Let‘s see what the other twin has to say. I stopped reading at this point a few days ago but it‘s still been on my mind. #nyrbbookclub

tpixie Interesting- A different twin narrates a different section of the book? 2w
BarbaraBB Great pic. And an interesting moment in the book! 2w
Cathythoughts Yes ! Judith speaks ... I wasn‘t expecting this 2w
vivastory I was also caught off guard, but I thought it was a brilliant stylistic move 2w
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Cassandra at the Wedding | Dorothy Baker
post image

Had my morning swim, now getting started on this #NYRBbookclub ..... 🏊‍♀️💦😎📚💕... a perfect way to start my day off....
I‘m loving the writing so far....

Slajaunie Love swimming!! 2w
Tamra What a contrast to my weather! 2w
Kalalalatja Sounds perfect 🙌 2w
JohannaRose That sounds so perfect! 2w
vivastory Swimming is featured pretty prominently in this one. Hope you enjoy the book! 2w
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Cassandra at the Wedding | Dorothy Baker
post image

I'm halfway through. I have been stunned by the similarities to my life. These are my twin sons. One of them lives in Berkeley, as does Cassandra. The other son just moved across country, as did Judith. One son is getting married in a month to the woman in this photo. Unlike Cassie, both sons adore her. 🙂 So many of Baker's comments on how twins exist, separate and connected, are so accurate that it's spooky. (Continued..). #NYRBBookclub

Suet624 Even the design of her parent‘s house is the same as my in-laws house. 2w
batsy That is so cool and strange! What I appreciated about the book was its insights into individual psychology and twinhood. 2w
BarbaraBB That is weird indeed. What a coincidence. You should get the book for you daughter in law! 😀 2w
See All 18 Comments
merelybookish That's amazing! 2w
Suet624 @batsy I know! I need to read up on Baker‘s life. I swear she had to be a twin. I remember how one of my sons was so angry in elementary school because kids would ask questions that shook him. “How do you know you‘re the one thinking your thoughts?” (Kind of advanced for a 7 year old!) 2w
Suet624 @BarbaraBB I‘m thinking of it! She‘s pretty savvy about twins and has navigated a very deep relationship with both of them. I‘d be curious to hear her thoughts. 2w
MicheleinPhilly WOW! That‘s almost spooky! 2w
LeahBergen What?? That‘s crazy! 2w
Suet624 @MicheleinPhilly @LeahBergen I know! It‘s a little unsettling to be honest. I keep hearing the Twilight Zone theme song playing in my head each time I bump into another item. 2w
Reggie Yikes, your poor 7 yo. That‘s a crazy question!!! 2w
Suet624 @Reggie ??? 🙃 2w
saresmoore Ooh, I love this! 2w
kspenmoll Love love all these “coincidences” parallel lives thing you have going on with this book. Somehow I missed your boys were twins!!!❤️ (edited) 2w
Suet624 @kspenmoll Yes indeed! Double the love, double the fun. :)
kspenmoll @Suet624 I had twins born 2 years after me, boy & girl. They are very close in a different way than the rest of us. 2w
Suet624 @kspenmoll It‘s an amazing connection. 2w
vivastory That's really interesting! My cousin has identical twin boys. In fact he was the one who officiated my wedding. 😂 2w
Suet624 @vivastory Twins are so much fun. 2w
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Cassandra at the Wedding | Dorothy Baker
post image

I‘ve finished the first section. I‘m going to need to break this up with something a little “lighter” as this is uncomfortable, in a good way. #NYRBBookClub

BarbaraBB I couldn‘t stop myself after the first part. I so much wanted to see Judith‘s pov! 2w
MicheleinPhilly @BarbaraBB I do too but I want to ensure I have a good chunk of uninterrupted time to devote to it. 2w
BarbaraBB Something to look forward to. I definitely was in need of something light too when I finished it! 💕 (edited) 2w
vivastory I couldn't read this during the week. I had to wait until I was wide awake & could dedicate time to it. I hope you love it! It's funny that the 2 NYRB books we've been talking about a lot recently both have twins. This & The Other! 2w
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Cassandra at the Wedding | Dorothy Baker
post image

Here I go! I‘m still on the first chapter but already captivated. 👍🏻


Mdargusch I have this but I haven‘t had time to start it. It‘s getting good reviews. 👍🏼 2w
Theaelizabet Enjoy! 2w
Leftcoastzen It is captivating! 2w
See All 17 Comments
BarbaraBB Enjoy 💕 2w
batsy Can't wait to see what you think! 2w
Aimeesue Oooh, I have that one! I haven't read it yet, though. 2w
LeahBergen @Mdargusch I‘m really enjoying it! 2w
LeahBergen @batsy So far, so good! 👍🏻 2w
LeahBergen @Aimeesue You should read it this month and join in for our discussion 👍🏻 2w
Aimeesue @LeahBergen Maybe I will! 2w
Reviewsbylola When do we discuss? I‘ve got a few books I have to get to before this one. 2w
LeahBergen @Reviewsbylola At the end of the month, I believe? 2w
vivastory I can't wait to see what you think. I adored it! 2w
BarbaraBB End of the month indeed, @Reviewsbylola @LeahBergen. I think @vivastory will set a date? Did you get my email Scott? 💕 1w
vivastory @BarbaraBB I will check tonight. 🙌 1w
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Cassandra at the Wedding | Dorothy Baker
post image

Cassandra has a way with describing prescription drugs.

Theaelizabet Right?! 3w
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Cassandra at the Wedding | Dorothy Baker
post image

This is a brilliant book, & immensely moving, although I can't quite describe the whys & the hows. I feel bad for the conventional though more well-adjusted Judith because a twin sister like Cassandra is so much to handle. The latter is fiery, whipsmart, hilarious, & tragic. A real force. Baker's writing is so precise and sharp: detailed descriptions of everyday life & astute psychological sketches of characters with no word out of place. ⬇️

batsy There is something mythic, comic, & timeless about this story of familial love & tragedy, & most crucially, about the struggle for selfhood. This is appropriate considering that the Edwards are fashioned like an ancient Greek symposium, with Cassandra's retired philosophy professor father at the head of it. Deborah Eisenberg's afterword is on point 👌🏽Thanks for nominating this @BarbaraBB I loved it ❤️ #NYRBbookclub @vivastory 3w
Libby1 Wonderful review. What does NYRB stand for? 3w
batsy @Libby1 Thank you! It's the New York Review of Books; they have a pretty extensive and swoonworthy catalogue of books 😊 3w
See All 31 Comments
Libby1 Hi, @batsy ! Thanks. 😊 3w
Billypar You sold me- excellent review! 3w
TrishB Great review 👍🏻 3w
Tanisha_A Review! ❤️ 3w
MicheleinPhilly Well now I have to start this today. Great review! 3w
batsy @Billypar Thank you! I think this one might be up your street 🙂 3w
batsy @TrishB @Tanisha_A Thank you ❤️❤️ 3w
batsy @MicheleinPhilly Thank you! I look forward to your thoughts! 3w
merelybookish Beautifully said! And I'm still thinking about your comparison to Year of Rest and Relaxation! 3w
erzascarletbookgasm Lovely review! 👍💫 3w
Suet624 I‘m on page 6 and have tagged three quotes that knocked me for a loop. 3w
Theaelizabet Great review! 3w
youneverarrived Excellent review 👌 I‘m just about to start Judith‘s part. 3w
batsy @merelybookish Thank you! I'm still thinking about that comparison, too.. There are certain echoes and resonances. 3w
batsy @erzascarletbookgasm @Theaelizabet @youneverarrived Thank you ❤️ I'm totally captivated by her style. 3w
batsy @Suet624 I felt like I was highlighting every other sentence! 3w
merelybookish @batsy Makes me wonder if Moshfegh has read it. I was reminded of MYORAR at the beginning of Part III where Cassandra describes her drugged state. 3w
LeahBergen I‘m avoiding reading your review and comments until I‘m done. 😆 3w
BarbaraBB As usual you nailed it. Perfect review of an (in my eyes) perfect book ❤️ 3w
BarbaraBB @Suet624 Yes so many gorgeous sentences! 3w
batsy @merelybookish And it made me wonder if the Cassandra of our present moment would sound like Moshfegh's narrator! 2w
batsy @LeahBergen Ha yes, I totally get that. Once I got going I found it hard to put down and had to finish. 2w
batsy @BarbaraBB Thank you 💜 2w
kspenmoll How can I not read this after this conversation?!❤️ 2w
BarbaraBB @kspenmoll You must indeed! 😃 2w
batsy @BarbaraBB @kspenmoll I concur! ❤️ 2w
vivastory What a wonderful, insightful review! Baker had so much to say, & it really is a tightly structured book full of allusions, but she makes it seem utterly contemporary & it's not dense & obscure. It''s almost effortless. 2w
batsy Thanks @vivastory and you've nailed it. I'm so impressed with how she pulled it off. 2w
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Cassandra at the Wedding | Dorothy Baker
post image

"Ah religion . . . the great anonymous writer of threatening letters" ??? Cassandra is the best!
That's it! My last quotation from this highly quotable book!
Maybe I've watched too many rom-coms where someone is trying to stop a wedding, but this book felt very cinematic. But with added depth and wit. I loved it!
#nyrbbookclub @vivastory @BarbaraBB

batsy I had to highlight that, too. So good 😂 3w
Cathythoughts Great quote. I‘m listening to this one. Great narrator... but I‘m probably missing bits .. may have to get book .. do good 👍🏻♥️ 3w
saresmoore There is certainly something dreamy and almost screenplay-like about the descriptions and dialogue. I think the cinematic quality is enhanced by the California setting, too. 3w
See All 7 Comments
merelybookish @batsy That line made me legit LOL! 3w
merelybookish @Cathythoughts Sometimes I find I catch more when I listen to a book. But then other times, I wish I could re-read passages! 3w
merelybookish @saresmoore Yes! Good point about the CA setting! I don't often read a book and 'see' it unfolding on the screen, but I did with this one! 3w
vivastory I 💯 agree with you & @saresmoore about the cinematic feeling of it. Such a strong sense of place. I swear there were times I could feel the California heat. 2w
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Cassandra at the Wedding | Dorothy Baker
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It came! #NYRBBookClub
I‘ll have to wait a couple days to start as I‘m in the middle of book club reading for Wednesday for a book I‘m not terribly keen about.

Schlinkles What's the book that you're not keen about? Just curious... 3w
Samplergal @Schlinkles The secret keeper by Kate Morton. Just not getting into it. I‘m 1/3 of the way in and it‘s linguistic quicksand for me. 3w
Schlinkles Lol, linguistic quicksand! 3w
pdever I look forward to hearing what you think of it. ... I read and liked Young Man With a Horn by the same author for a Jazz book club a couple of years ago. 3w
vivastory You are in for a real treat! 2w
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Cassandra at the Wedding | Dorothy Baker
post image

“My father was on the kitchen side of the counter, out of sight, down on his haunches, I suppose, getting bottles and glasses out of the cabinet underneath. And I supposed right because bottles began to appear on the counter, and then glasses, and then my father himself rose up with a tray of ice cubes and started putting them into an ice bucket.”

saresmoore Gah! This writing! I love her treatment of the mundane and her totally unexpected imagery. I will relive the minutia of this book for a long time, I think. #NYRBBookClub (edited) 3w
LeahBergen Who is your sweet reading buddy?? 3w
valeriegeary Yes please tell us more about that ball of fluffy cuteness curled up next to you 3w
See All 9 Comments
saresmoore @LeahBergen @valeriegeary This is Dexter. He is a miniature dachshund that we are doggy sitting while my dad is out of town. He‘s a sweetie with anxiety, so we take our CBD together in the morning. 🙃 3w
batsy Yes! About the imagery and the mundane in this book. Also, doggo 😍 3w
BarbaraBB I love the minutia of this book while I sometimes hate it in others! 3w
valeriegeary I'll be right over to hang out. 🤗 3w
Suet624 I am in love with a miniature dachshund named Skipper. (His companion, a lab, is named Gilligan.) I might have to find one for myself. 3w
saresmoore @Suet624 They are the most wonderful dogs! My dad loves having Dexter even more than a human roommate. 😆 3w
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Cassandra at the Wedding | Dorothy Baker
post image

"as needed to encourage the minimum of tolerance for the brute stupidities of the world." ?
Pre-Prosac black humour from Cassandra.
#nyrbbookclub @vivastory @BarbaraBB

batsy So good. I haven't reached this bit yet, but this passage is giving me intense My Year of Rest and Relaxation vibes. 3w
merelybookish @batsy Oh good one! I didn't make that connection but now I can see other similarities with that book. 3w
BarbaraBB @merelybookish @batsy That‘s a good comparison indeed! 3w
See All 7 Comments
Leftcoastzen You liked the same quote I liked ! 2w
merelybookish @Leftcoastzen It's a pretty awesome quote! 2w
vivastory I nearly posted this same quote. So many great lines in it ❤ 2w
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Cassandra at the Wedding | Dorothy Baker
post image

This character driven novel had me hooked from page one. I‘ve read several reviews where people complained how unlikable Cassandra is. I don‘t know what this says about me but I loved her! 🤪So much to unpack with every character so well crafted and I‘m really looking forward to discussing it with the #nyrbbookclub

batsy I love her so much! 3w
Rachel_nyc @batsy Glad it‘s not just me! 3w
Theaelizabet I‘ve seen those complaints, too, but I found her fascinating. 3w
See All 6 Comments
merelybookish Is this a dark comedy about marriage? 🤔 I'm not done yet but that blurb feels odd. And I also like Cassandra. She's fascinating! 3w
Rachel_nyc @merelybookish That is definitely an odd statement and not what I thought this book was about at all. I just liked this cover! 3w
vivastory I was utterly charmed by Cassandra, despite everything. 2w
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Cassandra at the Wedding | Dorothy Baker
post image

I look forward to discussing this book later this month for the #nyrbbookclub. It has so many layers and the writing and the characters read so fresh, despite the book‘s 1962 publication date.
@vivastory @BarbaraBB

BarbaraBB Great pic and I agree, the writing feels timeless! 💕 3w
Leftcoastzen Cute kitty !It does have a timeless quality to it. Only about 70 pages in . 3w
youneverarrived Agree, it feels more current. 3w
See All 6 Comments
Liz_M Beautiful kitty! 2w
Theaelizabet @Liz_M Thanks! He‘s a senior rescue who has claimed our hearts. 2w
vivastory I completely agree, it feels very contemporary. The NYRB site compared her writing to Lahiri & Eugenides. 2w
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Cassandra at the Wedding | Dorothy Baker
post image

#NYRBBookclub Finally! 😂Can‘t read all day but will start.

Leftcoastzen I‘m such a weirdo! I was shocked to read there was an I Magnin in Fresno.I loved the store in Phoenix and would buy stuff on sale till it closed down completely in SF.So I had to stop reading and look it up.There indeed was , but the people who could afford it that lived in Fresno wanted the excuse to shop SF Union Square so didn‘t support the Fresno location. 3w
vivastory You're in for a real treat! 3w
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Cassandra at the Wedding | Dorothy Baker
post image

Just one more quote from this incredible book! ❤️💔#NYRBBookClub

Rachel_nyc I‘m about halfway through and really enjoying it. So many good quotes and Cassandra‘s character alone will give us much to discuss in the #NYRBbookclub ! 3w
vivastory This book is quotable, in a brilliant way 3w
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Cassandra at the Wedding | Dorothy Baker
post image

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ All the love for Cassandra! Her character is one of the most intense I‘ve ever met and I hung on her for every worth. Cassandra is dark, smart, infuriating and captivating. The way she manipulates her twin sister and tries to sabotage her marriage is incredible, as is the fact that as a reader you still love her. 👇👇 Continued below


BarbaraBB When the point of view turns to Judith, the twin, that adds an extra level of complexity to the story and a new perspective on both sisters, unseparable, and their excentric family. I could quote forever from this book and look forward to discuss it later this month 3w
LeeRHarry I have this on my shelf, I need to move it up my TBR 😊 3w
BarbaraBB @LeeRHarry Absolutely, I‘d put it right on top if I were you! 💕 3w
See All 26 Comments
LeeRHarry @BarbaraBB I think I am going to have to after both yourself and @CarolynM heartily recommend it! 😊 3w
BarbaraBB @LeeRHarry I read it too because of @CarolynM 3w
4thhouseontheleft Great review! 3w
Tanisha_A Ahh! Makes me want to get my hands on a copy right away. 3w
mklong Sounds great! This one is on the schedule for closer to the end of this month, but now I‘m really looking forward to it. 3w
Cathythoughts I‘m loving it too .. nearly finished 3w
CarolynM @LeeRHarry 😘 It really is a remarkable piece of writing. 3w
CarolynM @BarbaraBB 😘 I'm very glad you enjoyed it. I haven't often encountered characters with as many layers and textures as these, or with such genuinely complicated emotions surrounding their relationships. 3w
AnneCecilie I‘m waiting for this from the library. I hope to get it before the end of the month so I can read it and participate in the discussion. From your review I‘m looking forward to this. 3w
merelybookish Great review and description of C. I haven't reached part 2 yet but am excited to get Judith's perspective too! Excellent kickoff to the #nyrbbookclub! 3w
Amyegia I just loved this book! 3w
Liz_M I am moving next week ~sigh~ I hope to get to this at the end of the month 3w
BarbaraBB @Liz_M You must! You‘ll love it! 3w
BarbaraBB @Liz_M Where are you moving to? 3w
Kalalalatja Great review! 3w
batsy Lovely and enthusiastic review! My reading has been so slow these past few days but I can't wait to sink into this properly this weekend. 3w
BarbaraBB @batsy Once you‘ll do you won‘t be able to stop either, is my guess. I can‘t wait for your review! (edited) 3w
Cinfhen Great review!!! 3w
Kalalalatja I still need to buy it first, but I‘m in the middle of buying my first car, but once I get that over with, I‘m going book shopping! 💸 3w
youneverarrived Excellent review! I‘m not up to Judith‘s point of view yet but I‘m intrigued. Absolutely loving it so far. 3w
BarbaraBB @Kalalalatja Of course, a car goes first with your new job coming up! 😘 3w
vivastory Stellar review! I'm planning on finishing it today. 3w
BarbaraBB @vivastory looking forward to your review! 3w
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Cassandra at the Wedding | Dorothy Baker
post image

"She's all the eastern religions." So good! (And how no one will describe me ever. ?)
Ugly cover be damned, the writing in this book is fantastic.
#nyrbbookclub @vivastory @barbarabb

vivastory This book is amazing. I love it. Funny, honest, tender, & heartbreaking. Often in the same scene. 3w
merelybookish @vivastory Nicely said! I agree. I'm really enjoying it! Cassandra is kind of breaking my heart. 3w
Cathythoughts ♥️👍🏻 3w
See All 16 Comments
batsy Yes, I'm loving the writing! 3w
LeahBergen Oh, no one will EVER describe me that way either! I can‘t wait to get a start on this one (hopefully next week). 3w
BarbaraBB Echoing all of you. This book is amazing. I am now in the second part, wow... 3w
Theaelizabet Finished last night. Super pick. 3w
Leftcoastzen Argh,I haven‘t picked up my copy yet.😟 3w
mklong Yep, I‘m more the type who can be tense for two also! Can‘t wait to start this one, but I have a couple others that I have to get to first. 3w
merelybookish @Cathythoughts @batsy @BarbaraBB @Theaelizabet It's a Cassandra at the Wedding lovefest! 😊 3w
merelybookish @LeahBergen @mklong Who would want to be ALL the eastern religions?! That's just serenity overkill. 😛 3w
merelybookish @Leftcoastzen I bet you'll love it when you do! 3w
youneverarrived 😂 the writing is amazing. I‘m loving it. 3w
monalyisha Hi! We landed in Denver today! I‘d love some of those used bookstore recs, if you‘ve got a minute. 🤓 3w
merelybookish @monalyisha Welcome on this gorgeous day to Denver! 🌞 West Side Books on 32nd (Sloane's Lake area) and Capital Hill Books (Capital Hill district), both satisfying used bookstores with overflowing shelves and lots of nooks and crannies. Hermitage Books (Cherry Creek area) is fun too. Neater, more collectibles, they wrap your purchases in brown paper. 🙂 There's also some good stores in the antique district on South Broadway. Have a great visit! 3w
monalyisha @merelybookish It‘s totally gorgeous outside! Thanks for the help! 🙏🏻 3w
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Cassandra at the Wedding | Dorothy Baker
post image

Final Cassandra post of the evening. I simply couldn't pass up posting this blurb by my beloved Carson.

Suet624 Hmmm, I might have to read Young Man With A Horn! 3w
vivastory @Suet624 I was thinking the same thing! 3w
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Cassandra at the Wedding | Dorothy Baker
post image
BarbaraBB I‘m happy you‘re enjoying it too! 3w
vivastory @BarbaraBB Baker manages to effortlessly move between light hearted dialogue & heart breaking confrontation, all in the same scene. It's really special. 3w
merelybookish This made me chuckle too! 3w
Rachel_nyc I‘m so glad everyone seems to be enjoying this as much as I am! Loved the Existentialist-Zen-Marxist, Freudian branch line as well. This book is so quotable! 3w
vivastory @Rachel_nyc It is really quotable, in a great way 3w
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Cassandra at the Wedding | Dorothy Baker
This post contains spoilers
show me
post image

BarbaraBB Judith seems to be able to deal with Cassandra - at first. I am now starting part 2, her point of view. I can‘t wait to find out what she really thinks and feels! 3w
vivastory @BarbaraBB I love books with dual perspectives, so I'm really looking forward to seeing Judith's. 3w
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Cassandra at the Wedding | Dorothy Baker
post image

What a first chapter! The final paragraph is basically flawless, imo.

readordierachel Love that! 3w
BarbaraBB Perfect dialogue and atmosphere. I felt myself standing right next to her in that telephone booth in the desert! 3w
vivastory @BarbaraBB The dialogue & atmosphere really are perfect. Baker immediately drew me in with Cassandra's voice. 3w
See All 8 Comments
vivastory @readordierachel I am loving it so far! 3w
Suet624 I had three books come in from the library that I‘ve been waiting on a long list for. Speed reading them so I can start Cassandra! 3w
vivastory @Suet624 I think you will love it! 3w
Suet624 I can‘t wait. It keeps winking at me from the dining room table. 😂😂 3w
saresmoore I agree. I'm totally enthralled with the writing. So much incredible, unconventional imagery. 3w
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Cassandra at the Wedding | Dorothy Baker
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May is a big month of celebrations for our family, so today when I took my Elle to get her ears pierced, I got a little something for myself, too! 😁

Loving the first read for the #NYRBBookClub.

Samplergal Mine is coming tomorrow! 3w
saresmoore @Samplergal Yay! 🙌 3w
Leftcoastzen I have my Cassandra waiting at the library,pick it up this weekend sometime. 3w
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Branwen Sweet! Good for you! 🤗💕📚 3w
readordierachel Love it!! 3w
saresmoore @Leftcoastzen I hope you‘ll enjoy it, too! 3w
saresmoore @Branwen @readordierachel Thanks, friends! ♥️♥️♥️ 3w
Leftcoastzen Did it hurt? 3w
saresmoore @Leftcoastzen Only a tiny bit for a split second. Much less pain than, say, getting an IV or having blood drawn. 3w
Redwritinghood Looks great! 3w
Suet624 Adorable. 3w
saresmoore @Suet624 Maybe it will draw attention away from the Rudolph freckle?? 😆 3w
vivastory This is great! 3w
Clwojick I love a good piercing. Classy and cute 😊 3w
Suet624 Haha. You‘re silly. Did I tell you I have one of those too? 3w
saresmoore @Suet624 Yes! Because we‘re secret sisters! 👯‍♀️ 3w
Suet624 And you remembered??!! That‘s amazing. 😁 3w
Lindy Looking good! ✨ 3w
BarbaraBB Niiiice! 3w
batsy I've always wanted to rock a nose piercing! You look lovely ❤️ 3w
batsy It's still early days for me with the book but I'm loving it too! 3w
JennyM Looking fantastic 😘 3w
Cathythoughts Beautiful 👍🏻♥️ 3w
LeahBergen It looks lovely! My nose piercing (from the late 90s) is half grown in. 😆😆 3w
Kalalalatja And here I thought the book was the little “something” you got for yourself, I didn‘t even notice the piercing until I read some of the comments 😅 it looks great, though! 3w
saresmoore @LeahBergen That‘s when I first wanted to get mine done. Better late than never? 🙃 3w
saresmoore @batsy Thank you, friend! ♥️ I haven‘t made it far in the book either, but the narrator voice is delightful. I was pretty much instantly drawn in by her perspective. 3w
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Cassandra at the Wedding | Dorothy Baker
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In bed early with a cuppa so I can start reading this for #nyrbbookclub 🧡🧡

LeahBergen 👏🏻👏🏻 3w
vivastory I love everything about this, especially the mug! I'm looking forward to your thoughts on the book! 3w
Tanisha_A What a beautiful cover, and that mug! 😍 3w
Cathythoughts Gorgeous post 3w
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Cassandra at the Wedding | Dorothy Baker
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Loving this book. Not loving this cover. 😝 (There's another cover which is much nicer!) #NYRBbookclub
@vivastory @BarbaraBB

sarahbarnes Bonus afterword by Deborah Eisenberg, though! One of my absolute favorite short story writers! 3w
merelybookish @sarahbarnes Ive never read her! There's a new book club on Litsy to read NYRB. This is the selection for May, if you're interested in joining. It's really good so far! 3w
sarahbarnes Ooh, that is tempting! It‘s definitely a book I‘ve wanted to read! 3w
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LeahBergen I have the other cover (I say with a smirk). 😆😆 3w
Cathythoughts 👍🏻♥️ 3w
MicheleinPhilly I once tried to start this book on the subway and very quickly changed my mind. So many creeper looks! 3w
merelybookish @LeahBergen Oh sure, rub it in! 😛 3w
merelybookish @Cathythoughts I assume that's for the book, not the cover. 😉 3w
merelybookish @MicheleinPhilly Yeah my kids don't usually notice what I'm reading but they noticed this one. 😆 3w
Cathythoughts Oh yes ! Loving the book 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 3w
Cathythoughts I feel like I know her .. authentic voice 3w
merelybookish @Cathythoughts Agreed! She never states directly what she is feeling but you understand from what she does say. 3w
Cathythoughts Yes ! That‘s it . I would wish for her to get closer to her own truth ...meanwhile I really like her ♥️💔 3w
Cathythoughts @LeahBergen 😂you are a scream ! 3w
vivastory I've heard great things about Deborah Eisenberg, but haven't read her. NYRB always chooses interesting writers for their forewords/afterwords 3w
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Cassandra at the Wedding | Dorothy Baker
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“I looked across the space behind the bar and saw my face in a blue mirror between two shelves of bottles. The bottles looked familiar enough, but I didn‘t immediately recognize the face, mostly, I think, because I didn‘t want to. It‘s a face that‘s given me a lot of trouble.”

Here we go! 💜 #NYRBBookClub #NYRB
(Pic: Girona, Spain)

Samplergal May I join in ? Or is it too late? 3w
saresmoore I‘m loving it so far! 3w
BarbaraBB @Samplergal Of course you may! We are reading the book this month, share our thoughts with the hashtag #NYRBBookClub and will have a discussion the last week of the month. @vivastory (edited) 3w
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BarbaraBB @saresmoore I am just a few pages in but I have a feeling I‘ll love it too! 3w
kamoorephoto That makes me nervous! Don‘t drop it! 3w
Theaelizabet Two chapters in and very hopeful about this one! 3w
Cathythoughts I‘m loving it so far 👍🏻 3w
vivastory I'm starting it soon. Judging from your posted quote, it will be quite an experience. 3w
merelybookish I've read the first chapter. So good!! 3w
merelybookish And that cover is decidedly more attractive than the one I have! 3w
batsy I'm going to start today! 3w
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Cassandra at the Wedding | Dorothy Baker
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Perfect timing to begin reading for the first #nyrbbookclub . I will probably end up purchasing the book to start a collection but glad to have the ebook now to get started. #nyrb

vivastory Wonderful timing 👌 I will be starting this in a couple of days myself. 3w
Rachel_nyc @vivastory Really looking forward to discussing! 3w
BarbaraBB To know you‘re about to start a collection 😂😉! I am reading this one now as well! 3w
Rachel_nyc @BarbaraBB It was inevitable! I‘ll be starting in the next couple of days. 3w
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Cassandra at the Wedding | Dorothy Baker
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I just got back from a trip to Portland with my best friend and here‘s my book haul from Powell‘s. I‘m sad to report that my luggage was still 3 lbs under the weight restriction and I could‘ve bought more! 😆😆

(and I found the first read (tagged) of our new #NYRBBookClub 👏🏻👏🏻).


RadicalReader Book hauls are heaven on earth nothing better than spending a weekend reading so much fun and always enjoyable 4w
Aimeesue Lovely haul! I really like Bedford. 4w
jpmcwisemorgan I‘ve been to Powell‘s once - I had to ship the books home. 4w
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Leftcoastzen Ahhhhhhh,Powell‘s!😻 4w
Lindy Hahaha! You‘ve given me an idea for when I‘m in that situation (I‘d love to shop at Powell‘s). I will weigh my suitcase first, then I will know how many pounds of books I can buy. (Do they have a scale at Powell‘s for buying books by weight?) 4w
rabbitprincess The Dorothy Hughes books are great! 4w
vivastory Fantastic haul! I wasn't aware that there are multiple Hughes in NYRB. I adored 4w
Tamra Nice! 4w
Kalalalatja Great haul! 4w
erzascarletbookgasm Lovely haul! 👏 4w
Sarah83 Looks great 😍 4w
Cathythoughts Looking good 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 4w
youneverarrived 😂 great haul!! 4w
merelybookish Awesome!! 4w
rubyslippersreads That Rosalind Lehmann! 😍 4w
LeahBergen @Aimeesue This is my first by her. 👏🏻 4w
LeahBergen @Leftcoastzen I know!! 😍 4w
LeahBergen @Lindy 😆😆 No scale to be seen at their checkout. Maybe you could carry your own little portable one when you go! 4w
LeahBergen @rabbitprincess Oh, good to hear! 4w
LeahBergen @vivastory I didn‘t buy that one (although I was sorely tempted to complete the set) because I own copies of Laura, The Blank Wall, and then bought the NYRB edition of In a Lonely Place. Isn‘t book-buying complicated? 😆 4w
LeahBergen @rubyslippersreads It has such a pretty cover, too! I‘ve never read her before. 4w
Jakaranda I heard your best friend is pretty, pretty, pretty amazing. 4w
LeahBergen @Jakaranda That she is. 😉 3w
TrishB Cool 👍🏻 I thought you must be buying books somewhere! 3w
CarolynM Tsk! Tsk! Not trying hard enough😂😂😂 3w
batsy I took a screenshot of this to peer at closely during my leisure 😂 Fabulous haul! 3w
BookNAround How disappointing not to reach the weight limit! 😂 Good haul though. 3w
LeahBergen @TrishB I‘m glad you missed me! 😆😆 3w
LeahBergen @CarolynM @BookNAround Right? I‘m ashamed of myself. 😆 3w
LeahBergen @batsy Haha! I love it! 😆 3w
UwannaPublishme 😂😂😂 3w
rohit-sawant Oo, love this! 😍 3w
sisilia Omg I see The Hunting Gun. That‘s my all time fav 😍 3w
BiblioLitten 😍 3w
LeahBergen @UwannaPublishme That could‘ve been like 3 more hardcovers. Right? 😆 3w
LeahBergen @rohit-sawant 😘 3w
LeahBergen @sisilia I‘m so looking forward to it! 😍 3w
Reviewsbylola Lolol I don‘t think I‘ve ever had luggage under the limit. 😆😆 3w
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Cassandra at the Wedding | Dorothy Baker
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Orlando Bloom and I are getting some vitamin D outside of the dance studio this afternoon. So excited for the inaugural read of the #NYRBbookclub!

Suet624 Very excited as well. 🌹❤️ 4w
BarbaraBB Mine just arrived as well. I am so looking forward to it! Enjoy the 🌞😘 4w
merelybookish What's our planned read date? Mid-May? 4w
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Theaelizabet Me, too. I may begin it tomorrow. 4w
saresmoore @merelybookish I think the plan is just to read in May and discuss at the end of the month. 4w
vivastory I'm really looking forward to kicking off our book club! Can't go wrong with Orlando bookmark. 👏 4w
merelybookish Thanks!! 4w
Cathythoughts I‘ve started Cassandra on 🎧. So far , so very good 👍🏻♥️ 4w
LeahBergen Cute sandals! 3w
saresmoore @LeahBergen Thanks! They are classic Salt Water sandals and I lurve them. 3w
LeahBergen Aaaaand... I just ordered a pair of Salt Water sandals. 😆😆😆 2w
saresmoore @LeahBergen I thought you might! Aren‘t they fun? They‘re very comfortable, too. 😊 2w
LeahBergen @saresmoore I bought the same style as yours but in red. I was feeling a little ‘jazzy‘ (ie; had two glasses of wine) when I ordered them. 😆😆 Here‘s hoping I don‘t look like a giant toddler in them. 🤞🏻 2w
saresmoore @LeahBergen The red ones are so cute! They‘re also the ones Elliott has and she‘s 8, so... 🙃 I did sort of feel like a giant toddler at first, but I‘m embracing it as a retro vibe. 2w
LeahBergen @saresmoore I knew it! Elliott and I have always had a connection! 😆😆😆 2w
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Cassandra at the Wedding | Dorothy Baker
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Cassandra is absolutely an #OwnerOfALonelyHeart #AnglophileApril

Cinfhen Are u enjoying this book??? 4w
CarolynM @Cinfhen I read it a few months ago. I liked it a lot. 4w
Cinfhen Good to know!! 🙏🏻 4w
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emilyhaldi Love this cover! 😍 4w
Cathythoughts Listening to it presently on Audible... I‘m liking it a lot too 👍🏻♥️ 4w
Mdargusch Sounds like a good book choice. Now I need to read it for the #NYRB book discussion. 4w
Reviewsbylola I got my copy, now I just have to read it! 4w
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