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#BlameitOnLitsy it keeps popping up on my feed so why not? Trying to break my slump with an audiobook👍

BookishMarginalia I enjoyed this one and the second one as audiobooks 14h
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Just caught this! For those of you who are interested, this one‘s on Kindle sale (US) today! You all obviously liked it, so I snatched it up! 😊😉📚


Daisy Jones and The Six | Taylor Jenkins Reid

Ok, I'm glad I have this as an audiobook bc it's amazing this way. I think reading it off the page this might not have worked as well for me. But this is pretty awesome. #BlameitonLitsy #greatbooks #music

Bird Box: A Novel | Josh Malerman
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This was definitely a case of #litsymademedoit or #blameitonlitsy since I'm not sure if I would have picked it up otherwise. Or known it was a book since people talk about the movie.
I really liked it even though it was really creepy and not what I consider to be my cup of tea. This was a really disturbing read to be honest, but if you're up for something that will give you the chills give it a go. Malory is a hero!
Now I need to watch that movie.

The Sparrow: A Novel | Mary Doria Russell
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#MayMovieMagic I read this wonderful book and it‘s sequel, last year with @Andrew65 and @SledgeReader ( who completely disappeared from Litsy 😞) It‘s full of insight, wonder, moral arcs and religious beliefs. I think Bowie would have loved the world Mary D. Russell created. #SpaceOddity HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!

KathyWheeler I loved these books so much! 1w
jmtrivera I remember, and I enjoyed following that discussion! 1w
rohit-sawant I've been meaning to read these! Love how prompts bring stacked books to the forefront again. 1w
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Cinfhen I‘m so glad I read these @KathyWheeler @jmtrivera @rohit-sawant it was a definite #BlameItOnLitsy 7d
Andrew65 Yes these were #BlameItOnLitsy for me too. @cinfhen was a great reading companion. A real shame @SledgeReader has disappeared. 😔 (edited) 6d
Cinfhen I know @Andrew65 I hope @SledgeReader is ok 😔 6d
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I couldn‘t resist going to day two of the book sale. Took the bus so had to limit my haul. I did find a few #blameitonLitsy

merelybookish Nice! I'm especially intrigued by the I Hate To Cook Cookbook! (Because I do too!!) 1w
Dragon Thanks @merelybookish it‘s a better copy than my current one. My elderly friend used to make recipes from it. It‘s copyrighted 1960. I still make Dr. Martin ‘s Mix. A ground meat and rice dish. 1w
Melissa_J You‘ve done well at this book sale 😊 1w
Dragon Thanks @Melissa_J it was a great book buying experience! I love the search through the tables looking for my lucky finds. 👍😀🐉 1w
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The One and Only Ivan | Katherine Applegate
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Here‘s my #LittenLoveBingo choice for “inspired by #PetsOfLitsy”. It‘s also a #BlameItOnLitsy purchase, since I‘ve seen so many posts with people loving it here! I picked it up at a library booksale sometime last year. Sietje supports reading about animals 🐕🦍🐘

Erofan Great book! 👍 Cutie puppy! ❤🐶 1w
OriginalCyn620 Cute pup! 🐶❤️ 1w
Melwilk I love that book! 1w
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BookishMarginalia 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼💜💜💜 1w
bookandbedandtea I just started reading this last night! Cute doggie you have. 😊 1w
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Confession: I‘ve read Chelsea Handler‘s work before and found her irritating. But I got this anyway after seeing a great review. #blameitonlitsy I am loving this SO much and getting a lot out of it... spiritually, almost... although it‘s not in any way spiritual or religious. Just makes one think.
What makes me love a book is when author recognize their privilege and do something with it! By golly she‘s doing it. ❤️

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This is a total #blameitonlitsy purchase. I'm specifically blaming @Andrew65 for this one.😊

Andrew65 Guilty as charged! 😔😳😂😍 Hope you enjoy it, it does have a 4.29 rating on Goodreads. 🤞 1w
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