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#Sundayfunday #Blameitonlitsy @Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks
Reading this book right now, that @BarbaraBB kindly gifted me!! Excellent writing, immersive and deeply evocative of place and time.

The Shining | Stephen King
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This one looks like a fun one!

1. Hmmmmm...I tend to go to the forest when I want to get away from everyone so I say the forest.
2. Tagged (been meaning to read it for years)
3. The thought that you are all alone and not know if you are ever going to get help or see another friendly face again.

@ozma.of.oz #sundayfunday

ozma.of.oz Oh being lost in the woods sounds so good right now! Thanks for sharing! 💕 3d
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White is for Witching | Helen Oyeyemi
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A very interesting niche genre, let‘s talk about isolation horror! 💀

1. An island hotel, surrounded by waves and storms. ⛈
2. Tagged!
3. The knowledge that no one can come for you, that you are alone against whatever horrors are there with you.

#SundayFunday Have a wonderful day and remember to tag me!

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Chilling Effect | Valerie Valdes
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1. Drama and silliness. In space. But no singing.
2. It‘s not really my genre, but this book sounds fun. I might even read it someday!
3. With proper life support of course, I‘d like to visit Venus.

ozma.of.oz Oh I‘ve read your tagged! I really enjoyed it! Thank you for sharing! 💖 2w
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My idea of #sundayfunday

KristiAhlers I just bought this book today! 2w
Chelsea.Poole @KristiAhlers it‘s a page-turner, for sure! 2w
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A Memory Called Empire | Arkady Martine
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1. ✨ D R A M A ✨ If it‘s not giving me the same level of drama as watching a soap opera with my grandma when I was little, it‘s just sparkling sci fi.
2. Done! On my #NewYearWhoDis list, just waiting for the hold to come in!
3. What‘s the planet where it rains diamonds? I think it‘s Neptune. 🚀

#SundayFunday Have an out of this world day, and don‘t forget to tag me!

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🏨 Seemed a fitting topic after the week I‘ve had. 😂

1. Does an apple a day keep the doctor away? Only if you aim well enough.
2. ❤️❤️❤️
3. Tagged and stacked! Although it‘s a pandemic book, so I‘ll probably wait a while before getting to it.

#SundayFunday Hope you all have a good weekend!

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The Darkling Halls of Ivy | Lawrence Block
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1. Yes
2. Recommended by the Bloody Scotland people
3. Alibi Academy

ozma.of.oz Oooo Alibi Academy is good! Thanks for sharing! 1mo
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My Dearest Darkest | Kayla Cottingham
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In honor of my sister‘s friend‘s novel getting published (& tweeted about by Stephen King!) we‘re talking dark academia today!

1. Yup! Love me some creepy gothic nonsense in the world of higher learning! 🤣
2. 👆🏻 Aforementioned sister‘s friend‘s book!
3. Ossa University. But the students call it the Ossuary. 😏

#SundayFunday Have a great day, and remember to tag me! 💙

KateReadsYA Omg just bought the tagged book and am so excited to read it. Is this the one your sister's friend wrote??? 1mo
ozma.of.oz @KateReadsYA Yup! It‘s so exciting! (edited) 1mo
KateReadsYA @ozma.of.oz Wow to have Stephen King comment on it, just amazing! I did see they said it has a IT vibe to it 😁 made me buy it honestly 1mo
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ozma.of.oz @KateReadsYA Yeah, my sister blew up my phone texting me after sending me a screenshot of the tweet! 😂 1mo
Megabooks Congratulations to her!! 1mo
KateReadsYA @ozma.of.oz I don't blame her 🤣😁 1mo
braddsibbersen If I might name drop my own Mad Science U series here... (though the school's name is kind of mundane - Madiport Island University). The University of Cosmopolis from the writings of Edward Heron-Allen is another good one. 1mo
ozma.of.oz @braddsibbersen I will definitely be looking both those suggestions up! 👍🏻👍🏻 Thanks for the recs! 1mo
LindaLappin the darkest I know is The Secret History by Donna Tartt... 1mo
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Untitled | Unknown
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#sundayfunday @ozma.of.oz

📚 Outside at the park, my balcony, my book room! My book room is wall to wall bookcases and it's just so cozy and relaxing!

📚 Probably snacking while reading! There is nothing more pleasurable to me than sitting down with a stack of books, tea, and snacks for a long reading session!

📚 Popcorn! It's my favorite! But I also love croissants with cream cheese!

ozma.of.oz A balcony sounds fantastic! Thanks for posting! 1mo
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