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Leisure Reading Habits
Leisure Reading Habits: A Survey of the Leisure Reading Habits of Canadian Adults with Some International Comparisons | Kenneth F. Watson
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Help @Ubookquitous by taking this super quick poll about how much you‘re reading!


If you‘re reading this, tag - you‘re it! Please spread the word ☺️

Ubookquitous @dariazeoli Thanks 🙏 (edited) 2y
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I'm doing a poll - please go to www.ubookquitous.com/2018/03/20/reading-habits-poll/

Tag me, and another Litsy user! Share - this is my first attempt at a poll. :-)


Jess7 Done 2y
Ubookquitous @Jess7 thanks! 🙏🏻 2y
Jess7 You‘re welcome 2y
jfalkens Done 😊 2y
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1. I used to stick to one book more often than not but Litsy has made my TBR grow so much I have been reading multiples
2. Depends how fast I read. In high school I was in the library constantly
3. Yep!
4. Heavens no!
5. Yes but I have to be ready for that kind of commitment 😂

IheartYA Heheha...I made this! 2y
TheDaysGoBy @iheartya You did? Awesome! I didn't see any tags or anything on the post I got this from. Good questions! (edited) 2y
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1. Print, I prefer hardback. 2. Bed and sofa. 3. Coffee and crunchy snacks 😋 4. I can read more than one but if I'm interested enough I would prefer to read that one only, not much time to read during the week 😔 5. Both but during the weekends I love to stay awake reading until next day, almost like a self-readathon. During the day, I prefer the afternoon to see how the night is coming! 😍

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1. My Bed
2. Bookmark
3. Stop at the end of a page
4. No
5. No
6. One book
7. Both
8. Silently in my head
9. No
10. Keeping it like new
11. No
12. @Mdargusch @2BR02B

Mdargusch Thanks for the tag! 2y
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1. Always in bed before I go to sleep or in car and when walking for audio. So basically everywhere!
2. Sometimes bookmark but sometimes I dog-ear 😬please don‘t hate me
3. Stop at end of the page but preferably the end of a chapter
4. No
5. No
6. Several at once
7. Everywhere
8. Silently
9. No but I will occasionally skim if parts are slow.
10. Doesn‘t matter
11. No
12. @Bookworm83 @dariachick

[DELETED] 3803335244 Dog-ear how can we be Litsy pals? No kidding, I‘ve done it in the past. No judgement ❤️❤️❤️ Great answers 2y
ReadingRover @ForeverNerdy 😝 I know I‘m horrible!!! 2y
[DELETED] 3803335244 No just human ❤️❤️❤️❤️😁 2y
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1. Bed when it's cold, armchair when it's not
2. I have lots of bookmarks but I'll use anything. Or nothing
3. At the end of a chapter/section
4. Far too many snacks and too much tea ?
5. Music, I like to select or create a playlist that "feels" right
6. 2 or 3
8. Silently (unless I'm reading to my niece)
9. No
10. Why would anyone?!
11. Never
12. If you haven't played yet consider yourselves tagged

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1. Hours of morning and evening reading in bed.
2. I often end up using hair ties.
3. Just stop.
4. Drink.
5. No TV! While I used to play music while reading, I notice that I‘ve stopped doing that.
6. One physical book at a time. An audio for chores or car ride.
7. Mostly at home.
8. Silent. Poetry, though, often needs to be read aloud.
9. NO!
10. I‘m very tender with my books.
11. Nope.
12. @jdtchicago

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1.Bed or chair in the back of the house when the light is right.
2. Bookmark but if I lose it in bed, nearest paper.
3.Sometimes I have page goals, but sometimes paragraph breaks.
4. Coffee in the morning, if I eat ,I read a magazine .
5.mostly quiet,classical soft OK.
6. Several .
7.home, coffeehouse,public transportation.
9. Never.
10.Tell me you didn‘t say that! Like new.
11. Never.
12.tagging @Suet624 Thx @Billypar #readingHabits

UwannaPublishme #2: 😁 I'm always losing mine too. 2y
Leftcoastzen @UwannaPublishme it‘s a minor curse.😂 2y
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Hi! Such a busy week! ThIS took me so long. Thanks @Simona for tagging me! Let's see...
1. My couch or my bed.
2. Always bookmarks
3. I stop when I fall asleep and the book hit me in the face.
4. I eat and I drink all the time
5. Music.
6. Several at once.
7. Everywhere.
8. Silently, except in French to practice.
9. If we don't do things in order, we just fall into chaos.
10. I'm a breaker.
11. Yes
12. I'm tagging @Emmalibby

Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks #3 me too! Or the floor!! 🤣 A breaker?! Oh my!! 🙀🙀 2y
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1. A comfy chair by the window
2. I have to admit, I used to dog-ear pages, but now I use bookmarks
3. I can stop at any time in a narrative
4. Eat and drink ...or walking
5. TV but not music
6. Several
7. Everywhere
8. Silently
9. No
10. Break the spine!
11. Yes! (Unless it isn‘t mine)
12. @BookishTrish

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1. Armchair in living room ❤️
2. Random piece of paper!
3. I usually have a goal for a certain number of pages for a sitting
4. I've gotten crumbs and coffee stains on books a few too many times so I've stopped
5. No distractions!
6. I usually have three going. Different books for different moods
7. Just not in the car. 🤢
8. Silently
9. I read ahead but usually circle back
10. Break that spine!
11. Never
12. Anyone who wants to!

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1.Mostly my fav spot to read is in bed or 🏖
2.Random piece of paper.
3.I have to be at a logical stopping point in the story to stop...or I just read until the end. 😅
4.Depends on the type of a book.
5.No, definitely can't multitask.
6.Depends on the book.
7.Reading is for everywhere! 📚🌎
8 Reading silently
9. Sometimes read ahead or skim.
10. Keeping it like new 📖
11. Nope. No writing in books 🙈
12. I will tag my newest follower @Lissa00

CourtElla4 Also thanks to @BarbaraJean and @Chrysta23 for the tag! 😀 2y
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1. No, it just must be comfy and have a blanket.
2. Random piece of paper (though I rarely read paper books these days)
3. Yes (I have kids 🤣)
4. Yes
5. Music yes, TV NO
6. I‘ll do 2-3 sometimes but prefer 1
7. Everywhere
8. Silently
9. Only if I‘m really struggling not to lem the book and see if there‘s anything redeeming about it.
10. Like new!
11. No
12. @pygmywarrior #glorytotheguild

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1. My bed.
2. I read a lot of ebooks so no bookmark. Otherwise, whatever‘s handy.
3. I usually just stop reading unless I hate myself & decide to stay up all night.
4. Sometimes.
5. Sometimes music.
6. Right now, several going!
7. Everywhere!
8. Reading silently.
9. I will occasionally read the end to make sure it will be ok.
10. Mostly keep like new.
11. If it‘s a textbook type of book.
12. @Sarah83 @Andrew65 Thanks for the tag @GondorGirl

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1. Bed or couch, where I can plug in my electric blanket
2. Bookmark
3.I can just stop. I am a mom, I don't usually have a choice!
4. Constantly
5. No
6. One audio, one print
7. Everywhere!
8. Silently in my head. Except to the kids, of course
9. Never!
10. Keeping it like new
11. Gasp...I am not a barbarian.
12. @Marmie7 @CrowCAH @BrainyHeroine @Mommamanzi

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1. Usually my bed
2. Both, whatever's nearest
3. After a chapter or end of a section
4. Yes to both
5. No, I'd get distracted
6. I can read maybe up to 3 books at a time but 1 is preferable
7. I'm okay with both!
8. Silently
9. I'm always tempted to do that but I try to curb the curiosity
10. Keep it like new (but I mostly read ebooks now)
11. Thanks for the tag, @bentchbites 🙌 I tag @RealLifeReading


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1.) couch, recliner, bed & outside when the weather is nice
2.) I‘m mostly an ebook gal but when I have a physical book I want a bookmark
3.) I‘d like to end at the start of a chapter but when I‘m sleepy it‘s wherever
4.) Yep
5.) Meditation music very quietly
6.) several
7.) everywhere
9.) never
10.) haven‘t read a physical book in a while so 🤷🏼‍♀️
11.) highlight in ebooks but I freak over highlights or notes in physical books

hyacinth Ooh I like the colors of your pic. 2y
SassyBookworm @hyacinth thank you ☺️ 2y
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Thanks @Avanders for the tag! Took a little while to figure out how to post the image 😜 ...thank goodness for #litsytips

1. My banana-colored chair in the front window
2. Usually whatever‘s lying around
3. I don‘t like stopping in the middle of a page, so at least until the top of the next page
4. Yes
5. No
6. Several, but trying to change that habit
7. Everywhere!
8. Silently
9. Never
10. I like books to feel worn
11. No
12. @icebearreads

jamie_in_the_library I also tag anyone who wants to participate! 2y
Avanders Glad you figured it out! Also.. so, do you prefer easing used books to new books? Or do you like it feeling worn once you've finished reading it? (edited) 2y
jamie_in_the_library @Avanders good question(s)! I like the way used books lay...better to eat my lunch with the book flat. There‘s too much pressure to keep a new hardback pristine. I also prefer paperbacks (new or used). Hadn‘t thought about this before so it was interesting examining the “why”. Thanks! 😁 2y
Avanders Oh that makes sense! Funny ☺️ I can definitely relate when I'm reading a thick book (the 1000-page'ers).. but I do find new books "pretty" ? 2y
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Thanks for the tag, @Avanders !
1. I like to read in bed and on my couch.
2. Bookmark or page number memory.
3. I can just stop unless I can't because the action is too engaging.
4. Coffee a lot of the time.
5. Nope, usually silence.
6. Definitely several. And several types/genres.
7. Everywhere!
8. Silently usually.
9. No I like to be surprised!
10. Ugh broken spines make me sad.
11. Only in pencil.
12. Um, not sure who to tag..... @robinb ?

robinb Thanks for the tag @SamHeartCoffee ! I‘ve already participated (you and I had some similar answers), but anyone who‘d like to, please jump in! 😊👋 2y
Avanders 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽😊 2y
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Thanks for the tag @Sharpeipup ! 😘
1. Preferred: big comfy chair by the fireplace
2. Prefer bookmark but... whatever's near
3. Just stop
4. Sure! 🧀
5. If I have to..
6. Unfortunately, several at once.
7. Everywhere
8. Silently
9. No! 🤚🏽
10. If it's mine, I don't care. If it's someone else's, I try to keep it as I received it.
11. No. Except for #LMPBC #yreaders
12. @SamHeartCoffee @jamie_in_the_library @ashlinisme

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Thanks for tagging me @DeborahSmall
1. My bed.
2. Bookmarks (I‘m obsessed with them).
3. Has to be at the end of a chapter if possible.
4. Drink hot chocolate or water.
5. No way. Just couldn‘t concentrate.
6. Several at once.
7. Everywhere
8. Silently in my head
9. No. I hate when you accidentally read a spoiler.
10. Like new but I don‘t have a problem with secondhand either.
11. Nope
12. @Laalaleighh @elkeo

elkeo_TheBookDragon How do you read several at once? I start to mix up plot points 😹 2y
ScorpioBookDreams @elkeo I never used to be able to but i can now for some reason 😂 2y
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Thanks for tagging me @Lizpixie !

1. Bed!
2. Neither - I don't mark my place
3. End of a chapter or whenever I fall asleep
4. Nope, my tea just goes cold if I try
5. Nope
6. One, I have reverted to book monogamy
7. Everywhere!
8. Silently, unless reading to kids (I like doing funny voices)
9. Must. Read. Every. Word.
10. Keep it shiny and new
11. NO! Not even the ones you're *supposed* to write in 🙄
12. @Sue

Marchpane I feel like these answers reveal quite a lot about my personality actually 🤓 2y
SandyW Book monogamy- I like that! I usually chip to the fact that I get confused if I try to read too many books at once m 2y
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Thanks for the tag @2BR02B !

1. Cozy orange wingback between a window & the fireplace
2. Bookmark, but my kids use some really weird items as page markers
3. Just stop; finishing a chapter makes me want to keep going
4. Om nom nom
5. If it‘s a book about music, then yes
6. All of the books
7. Everywhere
8. Silently, except poetry
9. Never have skipped ahead, never will
10. Try to keep it fresh unless it‘s poorly bound
11. Yes! But only in pencil

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Thanks for the tag @DebbieGrillo and @TheLibrarian!

1. My sectional couch
2. Bookmark preferably, but I'll use whatever's handy.
3. I can stop anywhere
4. Drink, yes. No food near my books, please!
5. Music if there are no vocals
6. Several, always
7. Whenever, wherever
8. Silently. I only read out loud when I'm having trouble focusing.
9. Yes 😶
10. I try to keep it like new
11. Nope
12. @bookloo @saresmoore @REPollock


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🤗Thanks for the Tag @TricksyTails & @TheLibrarian 1. No, not really I‘d read in a ditch if I had to lol 😂
2. 🤔 Both & Other Random Objects 😳
3. I can just stop 🛑 Therapy helped me 😎lol
4. Rarely
5. Not Often
6. Several depending on my mood
7. See #1
8. What!? Why? 😐
9. No, I don‘t I‘m meticulous that just sounds blasphemous lol 😂
10. See #9 😬
11. See #9 😘
12. @benchley1

TricksyTails 😂😂😂🖤🖤🖤 2y
MiyakoBunny @TricksyTails ❤️❤️❤️🖤🖤🖤 2y
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1. Nope. I can read anywhere
2. Random
3. I can stop
4. Definitely drink. Eat rarely.
5. Nope. I prefer just me and my book.
6. I usually have one print and one audio on the go
7. Everywhere
8. Silently. Sometimes I read poetry aloud.
9. I always read the last page.
10. Like new
11. Yes.
12. @AnneCecilie @Blaire

Cathythoughts You read the last page before you start the book ?! That‘s interesting 🤔 2y
merelybookish @Cathythoughts I usually don't read it until I'm into the book. Sometimes it relieves anxiety. Sometimes it's just confusing. I don't read a lot of suspense so it never ruins anything. I discovered a few years ago my sister and Mum do it too. 🤷 2y
Melissa_J I have a friend who has to read the end of a book before she even starts it. 2y
See All 6 Comments
Bkwurm I also read the end when I'm starting a new book, it helps me slow down and appreciate the journey when I already know the end. SO MANY people get mad at me when they find out. Glad to meet fellow spoiler-seekers! (edited) 2y
merelybookish @Bkwurm Yes, cheers! 🍻 I've had people get mad at me too. It really offends them for some reason. 2y
merelybookish @Melissa_J Tell her she's not alone. ☺️ 2y
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1. In bed or on sofa
2. Bookmark
3. I prefer to stop at end of chapter
4. Drink
5. Music
6. One book
7. Everywhere
8. Silently
9. Rarely
10. Keeping it like new
11. No
12. @jesshowbooks

Good one @MinDea @BeaG !!

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1) Couch
2) Bookmark
3) Stop
4) Drink
5) Music
6) One paperback & one audio
7) Home
8) Silently
9) Neither
10) Like new
11) Rarely
12) Thanks for the tag @Purrfectpages I tag @Chasing-Pages

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Thanks for the tag, @callielafleur
1. Reading chair, couch or my bed
2. Bookmarks! But I‘ll get creative if I can‘t find one (socks, receipts, etc)
3. I‘ll stop anywhere if I‘m falling asleep
4. No, I need both hands on the book
5. I‘m a unitasker
6. Experimenting with book polyamory
7. Home, mostly
8. Silent reading, silent everything
9. No peeking, no skimming
10. Keep it tight
11. 😱
12. @benchley1

TricksyTails 10. 😂 2y
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1. I have a love seat I like to sit on during the winter and on the porch in the summer.
2. Random piece of paper.
3. I can stop, but I like to make it to the end of a chapter.
4. I eat or drink sometimes.
5. I can have the TV in the background but do not watch while I am reading.
6. ONLY one book at a time.
7. I read everywhere.
8. I read silently.
9. No on reading ahead or skipping pages.
10. NEVER.
11. I would NEVER.

TheLibrarian My fiancé breaks the spine and it kills me. 2y
Andrew65 @TheLibrarian I‘m sure that‘s a reportable offence! 😊 2y
See All 10 Comments
SilversReviews @Andrew65 😍😍😍😍 2y
Itchyfeetreader Jealous for your porch, I can totally see myself with one if I didn‘t live in London! 2y
SilversReviews @Itchyfeetreader Oh - I love my porch. 2y
RaimeyGallant Great answers! 2y
SilversReviews @RaimeyGallant Thank you. These posts are always fun. 2y
kspenmoll Summertime is for porch reading!!! 2y
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1. The guest king bed room (bed is comfy and huge window)
2. Bookmark
3. I can stop reading but prefer stopping at a chapter
4. Eating during my lunch break
5. Sometimes I put on things on TV I‘ve already seen
6. Several (different formats)
7. Everywhere
8. Silently
9. No unless I really don‘t like the book
10. Like new - not a fan of read looking books
11. NO!!
12. @2BR02B @swishandflick @MiyakoBunny

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Here are my reading habits. What are yours?
1. My reading nook in my bedroom
2. Bookmark
3. Usually after a chapter
4. Drink
5. Some type of background noise
6. Several at once
7. Everywhere
8. Silently
9. No reading ahead or skipping pages
10. Keep it like new
11. Sometimes I underline
12. @MinDea @TheLibrarian @Captivatedbybooks

Linear I keep meaning to answer this but then I don't. Oh my, that I mean to answer this because this is like the 14th time I've seen it today and I'm probably not going to do it. I think partly because I don't know how it answer most of those questions 2y
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1. Usually either on the couch or in bed.
2. Bookmark.
3. I prefer at the end of a chapter.
4. Yes! Sometimes I even read while I cook.
5. They can be on in the background but I don‘t pay attention to it.
6. One book at home and one audiobook at work.
7. Probably the only place I wouldn‘t read would be a funeral.
8. Silently.
9. Never.
10. Breaking the spine is my version of blasphemy.
11. Also blasphemy.
12. Whoever wants to play along!

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1. Nope although you‘ll typically find me reading in bed, the couch, or a chair. 2. Neither because I read ebooks. 3. I prefer to pause at the end of the chapter. 4. Sometimes 5. I like it quiet. 6. One at a time. 7. Everywhere, though mostly home. 8. Silently 9. No reading ahead! 10. See ebook answer 11. See ebook answer. 12. I‘m not sure who wasn‘t tagged at this point, but I‘ll tag @Debiw781 @Godmotherx5 @tjwill

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1. I read at the table, in bed or on the sofa.
2. Usually a bookmark
3. Hmm. I try and stop at a natural break.
4. Embarrassingly, I read whilst eating breakfast, and at otger mealtimes if I'm alone. Otherwise I might have a hot drink whilst reading.
5. Silence
6. One fiction at a time.
7. Read anywhere!
8. Silently.
9. Yes... I'm impatient
10. My books are often second hand so already worm in.
11. Nope.
12. Tag @Michelle_mck @wormkim

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1. Sofa or bed
2. Either
3. After a chapter or at a white line break.
4. Yes! Coffe or tea and a sweet snack preferably :)
5. Classical music (or BF's soccer matches for white noise)
6. One at a time works best for me, but I have several going now
7. Anywhere that's relatively quiet
8. Silently
9. Only if I don't really like the book to see if it'll get better
10. I try to keep it like new
11. Not yet, but soon!
12. @buecherwurm @hermyknee

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Thank you @Cinfhen for tag
1. In the summer-backyard and when is cold-bed
2. Always bookmark
3. Stop after a chapter, and I really don‘t like books without chapters
4. Both
5. At home I prefer silence, but when I don‘t have a choice, I can read with noises around me
6. Usually one fiction and one nonfiction
7. I prefer reading at home, but I read everywhere
8. In my head
10. Keeping it
11. No
12. I‘m tagging @ofbooksandme

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1: usually my bed
2: both
3: I can stop reading in the middle of a chapter.
4: absolutely! often tea or hot cocoa.
5: no. maybe Handel‘s Messiah during the holidays.
6: many!
7: everywhere.
8: silently, though I do enjoy reading fun passages out loud to friends.
9: I only skip pages if it‘s the Bible and just a long list of names. Or homework.😬
10: keep it as new as possible.
11: never never never.
12: @TheBookDream obviously😂

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1. Anywhere. 2. Bookmark.3. Can stop. 4. Sometimes. 5. Sometimes. 6. Several at once. 7. Everywhere. 8.Silently. 9. Read ahead sometimes. 10. Never break spines. 11. No 12. Just join in if interested!

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1. Usually on the couch or in bed.
2. Neither I read in Kindle
3. I have to finish the chapter, though I have fallen asleep while reading.
4. Drink yes, eat no
5. Music yes TV no
6. Several
7. Everywhere!
8. Silently in my head
9. I never skip ahead unless the book is terrible
10. Keeping them new, but again I only occasionally read physical books
11. No I haven‘t written in a book since college
12. @authorkatekennelly

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1. The Sofa or my Bed
2. Bookmark
3. I like to get to the end of a chapter before I stop
4. Sometimes both
5. Occasionally I‘ll have the TV on with the volume down low
6. One at a time
7. I mostly read at home but everywhere
8. Silently in my head
9. Nope, never!
10. Keeping it like new
11. Nope, Never!
12. I tag @candyelf

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Thanks @Wbabdullah for the tag!
1. On the couch or in bed
2. Either
3. I like to have a break in text or a new chapter
4. Yes to both
5. I have a reading playlist which doesn't contain vocals
6. Several
7. I take a book with me everywhere
8. Both. The hubs likes it when I read to him
9. No
10. All of the new books I buy stay that way.
11. Only if I'm studying
12. @DebinHawaii @BostonBookAddict @Kalalalatja @DuckOfDoom

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1. Usually my reading chair or the couch
2. Bookmark always
3. Just stop reading
4. Usually, but nothing that would get the pages dirty
5. Not music or tv - usually husband playing video games
6. Several at once
7. Mostly at home
8. Silently
9. Not ahead, but I do skip sometimes when I get bored
10. Keeping like new - Hate creases and floppy books
11. No
12. @Pamwurtzler @kitty_reads

Thanks for the tag @DHill

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1. The corner of the sofa or in bed
2. Whatever I can find to mark my place
3. Stop anywhere
4. Snack and drink
5. Usually with the TV on
6. One
7. Everywhere except work
8. Silently
9. Never
10. Break the spine and dog ear the pages
11. Only education books or my French books when I look up words or phrases
12. @breanacamel

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1. Usually in bed but hope to get a super comfy reading chair for a corner of my bedroom.
2. Bookmark usually.
3. I like to stop at a chapter but will stop wherever.
4. I like to, try not to lol
5. Tv on but something I don‘t have to pay attention to.
6. Usually one, sometimes 2.
7. Usually at home.
8. Oh silently for sure.
9. No.
10. Never ever break a spine 😩
11. Wellness books yes but really only highlight.
12. @Debiw781

Debiw781 Thanks for the tag @Bostonmomx2 😊 2y
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1. The yellow chair by the front window
2. I grab whatever happens to be lying around.
3. I try to find a stopping point.
4. Sometimes
5. Never
6. One at a time
7. Anywhere that's quiet
8. Silently
9. Reading ahead makes me feel like I'm missing stuff.
10. I don't intentionally do either, but the way I hold a book doesn't tend to break the spine.
11. Only in the good ones. I like to have a pencil handy for underlining and writing in the margins.

post image

1) No, I'll read anywhere.
2) It depends -- if it is a book I own I fold the pages like the monster I am, if it is a borrowed book then anything handy, bookmark, a clean diaper, doesn't matter
3) Depends on the book.
4) Both
5) TV usually
6) Depends on my concentration level
7) At home and everywhere
8) Silently
9) Sometimes
10) Breaking the spines
11) Depends on the book and why I'm reading it.
12) Open tag -- anyone who wants to

JenlovesJT47 Hi! I emailed you a few days ago, wondering if you could please send me the tracking number for your graphic novel swap package. Thanks! 2y
GlassAsDiamonds How‘s it going over there? Haven‘t seen you in ages, is all okay? Hope just crazy busy. 😊 2y
WarpedSweetness @JenlovesJT47 Sorry I am only replying now. I will send you an email in the next few days. @GlassAsDiamonds Things were not good for a bit, but they're actually getting much, much better. Thanks for checking in. I should be back to posting more in the next few weeks. :-) 2y
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JenlovesJT47 I'm glad to see you back, hope you are doing better! 2y
GlassAsDiamonds @WarpedSweetness oh good!! 😊😊😊 (well, the getting better bit, not the bad bit!). See you around soon I hope 😊😊😊 2y
4thhouseontheleft @WarpedSweetness Just trying to reach you about the Ready Player One #travellingbook? I know @Cinfhen sent it on, have you had a chance to finish it? The next person in the queue to receive it is @TricksyTails. I sent an email a few days ago. I hope everything is okay! 2y
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