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@megzlynn - a #shelfie for you! :-) My husband built these four houses ago, and they have been moved and painted multiple times. I wanted something that would hold a lot of books, but also have spaces for other odds and ends. This room also has a table/chairs & a comfy chair + windows & plants - it's absurdly happy in here.

I've tagged one of my favorite books on home decorating as well!!

PS And no, those aren't all the books!!!

jchawkins 😍😍😍 23h
Ronda ❤❤❤❤ 23h
megzlynn That‘s beautiful. I adore the shelves. That‘s for the book recommendation. I‘m a newly wed and this is our first house so it‘s a brand new experience for me! 23h
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TheAromaofBooks @jchawkins @Ronda Thank you!!! 🎉 8h
TheAromaofBooks @megzlynn Aww congratulations on your marriage!! We are celebrating anniversary #9 next month, & still thinking getting married was the best idea ever! :-D Originally we built the shelves to fit in a wide hallway in a house we were renting, so we weren't really thinking of them as forever shelves, but I loved them too much to leave them behind! They're just painted pine 1x6, so fairly inexpensive. The book is one that really inspired & …. 8h
TheAromaofBooks @megzlynn ….encouraged me. The author is a Christian, but even if that isn't for you, I think her overall message of joy & contentment will resonate with anyone. Best wishes as you nest in!! :-) 8h
megzlynn @TheAromaofBooks Happy early Anniversary. I‘ve loved married life so far! I love that the author of the book is Christian was we are also. 4h
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I've made it through the Top 9. Written from viewpoint of 14 year old boy so of course there's going to be 14 year old boy humor & sexual references. Would expect no less. Found it's descriptions of life on 'The Rez' quite depressing. I didn't love it or hate it so calling it So-So.That's strictly for Book Content.
Question: Do you factor in Author's Bad Behavior when you review a book???🤔
#ireadbannedbooks #9

LibrarianRyan I do not factor in author behavior when I review a book. It might cause me to not read their book. But I read this the first year it made the BBL. I agree with you. I can not figure out why people are so hyped over it. I have read better. 1w
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Book #9 in the Modern Mrs Darcy Must Read mystery list. Toby is attacked by two burglars and left for dead. He heads to his uncles cabin to recover and rest. All is well until he discovers a skull in the garden leaving Tony questioning everything he knew about his family and himself. This novel of Tana French‘s is one of her only stand alones.

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Bad Guys #9

#CoverLove #KidsEdition
June 25