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#teamStoker #Scarathlon

1. Seth Green/Rutger Hauer/Gary Oldman/Bill Skarsgård/Danny Trejo

2. Ghosts/Hobgoblins/Ogres/Succubi/Troll

3. Goblin/Hell Hounds/Ogres/Succubus/Tarantula

4. Godzilla/Hydra/Octopus/Sphinx/Tribble ?

5. Neill Gaiman/Joe Hill/George Orwell/Mary Shelley/T ?

6. Gremlins/Hollow Man/Octopus/Shallows/Tremors

7. In Comments ⤵️

8. Graveyard/House/Ocean/School/Trunk

9. In Comments ⤵️

10. Graveyard/Hospital/Opera/Ship/Train

Riveted_Reader_Melissa 7. Grease/Hamilton/Oklahoma/Seven Brides for Seven Brothers/The Phantom of The Opera? 😂 I‘m sure I‘ll think of a real T later.🤷‍♀️ (edited) 22h
Riveted_Reader_Melissa 9. “Get away from her you bitch”/“Houston we have a problem”/O ?/ S ? / “They‘re Here” (edited) 22h
TheReadingMermaid Okay sweetie I counted up 96 points does that sound right? 21h
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TheReadingMermaid Okay sweetie 92! Thank you for helping me... This game is out of this world!!! 🤪🤪🤪 21h
Riveted_Reader_Melissa @TheReadingMermaid No problem, it‘s almost easier to start with the max. of 100 and minus off 2 for each skipped answer. But then I messed up and counted my The Phantom of the Opera as a T anyway.😂 21h
TheReadingMermaid Oh girl don't count that as a mess up! We have to be creative with our answers 😉 20h
Riveted_Reader_Melissa @TheReadingMermaid well then 94, I guess.... 20h
TheReadingMermaid 🧟‍♀️ 20h
Riveted_Reader_Melissa Ok... last 3 questions! #5 Author T: Tabitha King. #9 Famous Phrases: O: “Of all the gin joints in all the world, she had to walk into mine.” S “Shaken not Stirred”. The final 6 points are mine! 😊 #Thereadingmermaid 15h
Riveted_Reader_Melissa ^ I hash-tagged you instead of @ you above when I finished 😂 @TheReadingMermaid 1h
TheReadingMermaid Haha that's okay I have my own hashtag now 😁 I will add the points to your score honey 🧟‍♀️ 44m
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Wishtree | Katherine Applegate
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This F, written and illustrated by Katherine Applegate, would be perfect for a LC. When a Muslim family moves in across from a wishtree named Red, something terrible happens. Now, Red faces the problem of being cut down and all the animals could lose their homes. In this novel, the characters hope for something better to come along and save the day. Will it? #UCFLAE3414F19

JRone UDL strategy 3.3, guide information processing and visualization are helpful to children when they need to create mental images to guide their thinking and help with comprehension. EL strategy #9, teach notetaking strategies: T-charts, timelines, etc., will help children keep track of what goes on in the book as they read. These timelines and charts would help the students gather and share their thoughts during their LC. (edited) 6d
JRone The lesson plan https://www.plt.org/recommended-reading/wishtree/ helps children use their higher-level thinking to make stories about the trees in their neighborhood and imagine if their was a different ending. 6d
Tinks When I heard about this, I was going to pick it for my LC, didn‘t, but I will surely add this to my collection. Nice post. 5d
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Curating a list of Mysteries and Cozy Mysteries for my October book club's poll. I figure, who better to ask then all of you Littens!! So favorite mysteries, cozies, even true crime!!! That you think would be good for a MOMS Club Book Club :)

Thank you!!

Mollyanna What about Agatha Christie‘s 3w
SamanthaMarie @Mollyanna Excellent suggestion :) 3w
Texreader I‘m really enjoying Ellis Peters‘ Brother Cadfael series 3w
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MicheleinPhilly Elly Griffiths‘ Ruth Galloway series. First book is 3w
SW-T Currently reading Laura DiSilverio‘s The Readaholics and the Falcon Fiasco which isn‘t bad, but a fav was the 3w
Scochrane26 Lady Sherlock series—sherry Thomas!! 3w
BookNAround David Handler‘s Stewart Hoag mysteries are fantastic. He wrote a bunch back in the nineties and then quit. Just in the past couple of years he‘s started writing them again, still set in the nineties, and they are great. The early ones are expensive so just start with #9 The Girl with the Kaleidoscope Eyes. I am a read in order kind of girl but I started there and I don‘t think it made any difference. 3w
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Untitled | Unknown
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