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Tornadoes! | Gail Gibbons
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Tornadoes are funnel-shaped clouds that can cause massive destruction on the ground. Their winds can swirl faster than 260 miles per hour! Using her acclaimed combination of clear text and detailed illustrations, Gibbons explains how tornadoes form, the scale used for classifying them, and what to do in case one should be near you.
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Tornadoes! | Gail Gibbons
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Today‘s #bookmail is very welcome! I missed my favorite used book sale because I was working and then mostly struck out at my fave used book store, so I did some online shopping instead. (Book Outlet order still to arrive)

Last night a probable tornado hit our neighborhood, and while we had no damage we haven‘t had electricity for the past 15 hours, and no estimate on restoration. So I‘ll be back on tomorrow or so!

RaeLovesToRead FARSEER TRILOGY!!!! 😁💕💕💕 10mo
LeahBergen Eek! I‘m happy to hear you‘re okay. 10mo
Ruthiella Hope the power comes back soon so you have heat and light to read! 10mo
ravenlee Thanks @LeahBergen @Ruthiella everything‘s going well now and when we came home from dinner out the power came back on, too! Now the house is cooling down and the humidity is dropping (from about 85%!). We might actually get some sleep tonight. 10mo
ravenlee @RaeLovesToRead yes, you and a couple other Littens got me too interested to resist! 10mo
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Tornadoes! | Gail Gibbons
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Okay not book related, but we spent about 25 tense minutes in our basement around one am while waiting out a tornado warning. Luckily it passed over us, but oh wow was it loud! Colby here was nervous, but he thankfully both dogs did pretty well with everything. Now time for bed, and I may read a little. 😰😴 #DogsOfLitsy

wanderinglynn So glad y‘all are safe. Poor Colby ❤️🐶 2y
Megabooks Hugs! That‘s scary. Glad you‘re okay! 2y
Soubhiville Yikes! Glad it passed you by. 2y
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DivineDiana Frightening! Happy all is well. 2y
TheSpineView Happy to hear it passed you by! 2y
aa_guer2021 So glad it passed you by! 2y
DaveGreen7777 Glad you‘re okay now! 🙏 2y
Tera66 Glad you are safe, friend! 2y
TheRiehlDeal Same here in Liverpool. My Dad woke everyone up and we headed down in the basement. Better safe than sorry. 2y
tracey38 Glad all ended up ok! Poor pup. 2y
GypsyKat @TheRiehlDeal Yes exactly! Also I forgot you were a local! I love knowing there are local Littens! 🥰 2y
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Tornadoes! | Gail Gibbons
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Tornadoes! | Gail Gibbons
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Tornadoes: they are spooky, loud, and fierce. Still, what really are they? In this NF book by Gail Gibbons, Tornadoes! explores what a tornado from the very start of how they form to the technology that allows us to learn more about this particular natural disasters. I believe PR can be a good approach to help develop fluency with the aid of a peer.

JoslynB https://www.readingrockets.org/strategies/paired_reading
UDL principle 8.3 foster collaboration and community and EL 23 structure advance organizers consisting for new terminology that learners will encounter in the new lesson vocabulary to be reviewed will work well with this type of book to foster a pleasant reading experience. #ucflae3414su20
DrSpalding There are so many text to self and text to world connections that students can make with Gibbon‘s nonfiction books! Another excellent resource! 2y
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Tornadoes! | Gail Gibbons
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They are willy nilly 4 deep. My daughter talked me into quasi alphabetizing

MegaWhoppingCosmicBookwyrm LOVE those shelves!! ❤️😱❤️ 3y
Bookishlie Thanks ikea is my friend. And my darling husband was like “you have room for more.....l 3y
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Tornadoes! | Gail Gibbons
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Last night a tornado ripped through Jonesboro, AR and destroyed our mall. I live about 40 minutes away, but I would go to the mall almost every weekend. This is where Barnes and Noble used to be. I am heartbroken for the community. Honestly if it wasn‘t for the virus shutting everything down I probably would have been there during the tornado. Only 22 injuries and no deaths. This could have been so much worse.

vivastory That's terrible 😞 3y
NikkiKey94 @vivastory it is. And so heartbreaking! Not only did it destroy the mall but so many homes. 3y
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Tornadoes! | Gail Gibbons
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Tornadoes written and illustrated by Gail Gibbons is an NF children‘s book. This book provides information on the different types of tornadoes and where they occur. I would use this book for a story telling to a class of k-2. This book provides facts on tornadoes and shows how destructive they can be. #ucflae3414f19

Erinehart A UDL strategy that I would use for this book is 2.5 “illustrate through multiple media.” By providing images while reading this text can get the students more engaged throughout. 3y
Erinehart An ESOL strategy that I would use is #15 “reinforce the key ideas you present again and again”. Doing this will allow the ELL to hear the same thing repetitively and will give them a better opportunity to comprehend it. 3y
Erinehart http://www.atozteacherstuff.com/Themes/Tornadoes/index.shtml
This is a great resource that can be used by teachers when teaching about tornados. It provides many different lesson plans relating to tornados.
DrSpalding We briefly discussed her in class! She has an amazing website to support her books. 3y
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Tornadoes! | Gail Gibbons
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So we got hit by a mini-tornado last Sunday. Vast branches down but no one was hurt. The entire neighborhood looked like - well, if it was hit by a tornado. Trees ripped up, thrown onto houses, cars, fences blown away. Thankfully only minor damage to roofs and gutters mostly. We got lucky... but still working on cleanup. But we have power and internet, yay!

Photo of my back yard.

GingerAntics We‘re surrounded by tornadoes right now. So far it seems they‘re avoiding us for the time being. 4y
Gezemice @GingerAntics oh no! Be safe! 4y
Melkyl I‘m glad everyone is unharmed. 4y
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Louise Glad you are safe! 🍀 4y
ScientistSam Glad you're ok! 4y
AmyG Oh my! Glad you are ok. 4y
GingerAntics Seems to be moving out. Damage seems to be minimal. Glad it‘s just a mess to clean up. 4y
Gezemice @GingerAntics Glad to hear you are ok! 4y
Lcsmcat I‘m so sorry! We got hit by one in 1999, and it‘s such a mess to clean up! 4y
GingerAntics Glad you guys are okay. It‘s been a crazy 2 weeks of tornadoes and floods. 4y
Crazeedi Oh no! So many tornados and storms! Several towns in our area are seriously flooded. Hope your clean up goes smoothly, glad no injuries! 4y
CouronneDhiver Oh dear. Glad everyone is safe though 4y
TheSpineView Wow! Just glad you are safe! 4y
Gezemice @Lcsmcat I never thought we would be hit by one! The last one in the area was in 1996. Thankfully not too bad. 4y
Gezemice @Crazeedi Thanks! Sorry you have them, too. Weather is getting crazier! 4y
stacybmartin So glad you stayed safe! We had an outbreak of 13 tornadoes Monday night in Ohio just north of me. Very scary!! 4y
BarbaraTheBibliophage Wowza. Glad no one was hurt. 4y
Gezemice @stacybmartin oh no! Very scary indeed! 4y
sprainedbrain I‘m glad you‘re ok and the damage was minimal... this weather is beyond nuts. 😟 4y
kspenmoll I am glad you are safe and well. How scary! 4y
Riveted_Reader_Melissa I‘m still so glad you were all ok. 4y
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Tornadoes! | Gail Gibbons
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I just wanted to let everybody know that me and my family are safe from the tornadoes that ripped through Dayton and the surrounding counties last night. Many people that I know have lost things. Some people have lost everything. It was a terrible storm.

Today the storm has passed, but I'm asking for prayers and good wishes for those who were less fortunate than me and my family. 💗🙏💗

#DaytonTornadoes #XeniaOhioTornadoes

BeansPage @Chelleo do you want to get a group check-in going? 4y
Mitch Thinking of you. ❤️❤️❤️❤️ 4y
cobwebmoth Glad you're okay. The storms went just north of us, but the area where my in-laws live has a bunch of damage. 4y
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MelissaSue81 Glad you are safe. 💗 4y
BeansPage @cobwebmoth you and @TK421 are the first ones I thought of. I'm so glad you guys are safe 💗💗💗 4y
Andrew65 Great to hear you are okay. Snding my thoughts and best wishes to everyone that was in its path. 4y
AmyG Omg...I was thinking of you. Happy to hear you are safe...and praying for those who were hit. 4y
marleed I‘m glad you‘re okay. I‘m getting my basement bag right now as we look to have severe weather today. I have a basement so all is well for me. 4y
Jee_HookedOnBookz So so happy that you and your family are safe! Praying for all those who are affected 🙏 4y
eri.reads So glad ur ok! Prayers 🙏 for you and all those who have lived through it with no losses and with losses. God bless. 4y
TheSpineView So glad you are safe! Prayers for everyone! 4y
SconsinBookyBadger Oh wow I wasn‘t aware of any tornadoes. Glad you‘re safe and sending hugs to those affected. 4y
BookwormAHN I'm do glad you and your family are safe 🍀 4y
Eggs 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 for all 4y
TK421 I'm glad to hear that you are ok. Those were some nasty storms last night. I've never ever heard of a tornado hitting that part of Dayton before. There is a ton of damage from Dayton all the way up to Celina. 4y
Clwojick Glad to hear you‘re okay. 💕 4y
gradcat So glad you‘re okay, Tamara. We just went through a series of these tornadoes, though I don‘t think we were hit as hard. Thinking of you & all of your fellow Daytonians, hoping everyone pulls though it all. ♥️ 4y
JacqMac So glad you‘re ok. I have a friend there and her family and home are ok, too. It was a mighty scary storm. 4y
jb72 I‘m glad to hear you‘re okay. My daughter lives up that way and she said one touched down just a few streets away. 4y
tammysue So happy to hear y‘all are safe and okay. Sending prayers to everyone in its wake. 🙏🏻🙏🏻 4y
tdrosebud I'm glad to hear you're okay! Tornadoes can be so frightening and can hit so quickly. I've seen a lot of pictures of the damage since I'm just down in Cincy, also alot from Celina since it neighbors my hometown. First thing I did Tuesday was check on my parents. 4y
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Tornadoes! | Gail Gibbons
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Looks like storm season is officially underway! M HATES when the tornado 🚨 go off on my phone, so we are hanging out in her closet (because she wants to, not because we are in any immediate danger 😂 ), reading books together.

I‘m trying to convince her this would be the perfect day to start Anne of Green Gables. 😃

suvata Stay safe 5y
Andrew65 Best of luck and stay safe. 5y
monkeygirlsmama Tornado season sucks. Be safe and have fun. 5y
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Sarah83 Stay safe 5y
Jas16 Stay safe 5y
TrishB Hope all is well 💕 5y
tournevis Bunker down and stay safe! 5y
Mdargusch I hate tornado season. Stay safe! 5y
Stephanie-Anne Enjoy the time together, and stay safe! 5y
MallenNC I hate it too! I'm hoping it all passes by safely 5y
DGRachel Bailey and I spent the tornado warning time in my closet. I HATE Spring storms. Stay safe! 5y
alisiakae @suvata @Andrew65 @monkeygirlsmama @Sarah83 @Jas16 @TrishB @tournevis @Stephanie-Anne Thanks! Storm has mostly passed. We‘re good! (edited) 5y
alisiakae @MallenNC @DGRachel I LOVE thunderstorms!! Unless they are in the middle of the night. This one wasn‘t so bad. How did Bailey handle the thunder? 5y
DGRachel The thunder was muted in the closet and I used bacon to bribe her to come into the closet with me, so other than not wanting to be in a confined space, she did well. 😂 5y
tammysue Oh no.. stay safe!💞 5y
alisiakae @DGRachel did you have very much damage on your side of the county? We had a likely (but not yet confirmed) 🌪 3 miles from our home, it knocked down a whole barn at a local farm. Amongst other damage. 😞 But the worst of it seemed to completely miss my neighborhood. 5y
DGRachel @4thhouseontheleft Thankfully, I think the worst went north of me. I saw about the barn on the news, but I didn‘t realize that was close to you. I‘m so glad you were spared, too. 5y
LeahBergen Yikes!! 😮 5y
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Tornadoes! | Gail Gibbons
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Life in Mississippi 😯

Tamra Crazy weather - you get tornadoes and we‘re having a winter storm. 😑 5y
Cinfhen Stay safe everyone 5y
bookishunicorn Praying for y'all! We're already under a tornado watch here in Alabama 🙄 5y
ghosthost Yikes! Stay safe. We‘re getting ice today. 5y
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Tornadoes! | Gail Gibbons
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At my parents' house today, helping to clean up after a tornado took out their garage and patio Thursday night. They had several boxes of old books in the upstairs of the garage that ended up all over the yard. I'm sorting through books from when I was a kid and from when my mom and dad were kids. Most are ruined by rain and wind, but it's still been fun to look through them.

What a mess! 🌪

mabell So awful! Sorry to hear about your old books! 😞Fortunately it was just the garage and everyone is safe. Scary! 5y
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks So sorry!!! I'm glad everyone is safe!! 5y
JacqMac That's sad. But I'm glad everyone is ok. 5y
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Centique Poor books! I'm glad your family is safe though 💕 5y
sprainedbrain @mabell yes, we are counting blessings... the house wasn't damaged and no one was hurt. ❤️ 5y
Avanders Oh scary! Glad everyone is ok! 5y
Sace 😨 Glad everyone is safe. 5y
Scurvygirl Wow! So scary! Sending good thoughts!!💚 5y
Cconnolly Maybe some can be saved? Hope the weather holds for your clean up 5y
Tamra 😱 5y
RealBooks4ever Ugh! So sorry to hear. *hug* 💜 5y
MallenNC So sorry! That is scary but I'm glad everyone is ok. 5y
DHill What a thing to go through. Glad everyone is okay. 5y
Zelma Omg, so glad you and your family are all ok! 5y
Suet624 I can't imagine being anywhere near a tornado. Glad you all are okay. 5y
dariazeoli I'm sorry the books are ruined. But I'm glad everyone is ok! 5y
AmyG Oh wow. Glad you are all ok. Books can be replaced. 5y
Peddler410 So sorry about the tornado...glad everyone is okay. 5y
DebinHawaii So sorry about the tornado--I'm happy you are all OK. 💜 5y
balletbookworm Yikes! I'm so glad your parents are OK! 5y
UwannaPublishme Oh my! Sending hugs and prayers to you and your parents. Glad they are okay. So sad about the books too. Hope you can salvage some. 5y
Cspen113 So sorry about the damage. Glad everyone is ok though!! 5y
Lmstraubie Oh no!! So sorry 😕 Hope everyone is safe & the damage was minimal. 5y
Lcsmcat Major sympathy! We were hit by a tornado in '99, and what nobody tells you is how dirty EVERYTHING gets. Our house held, but everything inside and out was covered in mud. 5y
bookwrm526 Oh so sorry! Hope the insurance responds quickly 5y
shanebeth happy your family is safe! 5y
Cortg How scary! I'm glad everyone was ok. 5y
Caryl So sorry! Glad everyone's safe. ❤️ 5y
OrangeMooseReads Glad they are safe 5y
minkyb So glad nobody was injured. 5y
TheRiehlDeal So sorry this happened to you (and your books). Hope everything turns back to normal quickly. Sending good thoughts. 5y
Dragon Thank goodness your family is safe but sorry for the damage. 🐉 5y
silentrequiem So sorry about the tornado but thank god no one was hurt! 5y
mrp27 Oh no! So scary, glad your family is safe. 5y
sprainedbrain @Lcsmcat how terrible! We just can't believe how quick and random it was.... mom says the storm was over in like 3 minutes, and the way it took some stuff and didn't touch other things right next to the garage is crazy. 5y
melbeautyandbooks Happy to hear that everyone is OK. 5y
Lcsmcat @sprainedbrain It is so random! I'm glad your folks are ok and that their house survived. 5y
AmandaL Oh no! Glad everyone is okay. 5y
JaclynW Yikes! How scary! I'm glad everyone was okay! 5y
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Tornadoes! | Gail Gibbons
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This is a real-life picture from back in the day. Incredible, isn't it?! Nature is truly something to behold. So, which book(s) can you see this scene taking place? And which characters can you see here? #MrBookWantsToKnow

TheBookAddict Oh my, how are they not afraid to just be standing there so close to it?!? Such a terrifying but amazing sight. And I'm with @Riveted_Reader_Melissa . It's the only book with a tornado, that I can remember. 6y
Indexasaurus Where the Heart Is, by Billie Letts 6y
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Riveted_Reader_Melissa @TheBookAddict Run Dorothy and Toto...and you people in the picture too! 6y
booksandsympathy This was the first book I thought of. 6y
PenguinInFlight @Riveted_Reader_Melissa that's the one I thought of, too! I love that book. ❤️📚 6y
[DELETED] 206653737 First thing I thought of 6y
LitsyGoesPostal 😊👍🏻 6y
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Tornadoes! | Gail Gibbons
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The baby was playing in her room this evening, and this is what she did. What surprises me is that I heard NONE of this. I guess she just couldn't figure out which book to read and gave up...

Joybishoptx I know the feeling! 6y
KCorter Oof, does that look familiar... at least she loves books! 6y
Peddler410 My daughter was about 15 months old when she emptied three of five book shelves into her crib! When I went in to check on her she was sitting in the middle of the pile, quietly reading 😊My husband moved the bookshelf after that...not because of the books, I was worried about the stability of the shelf. 6y
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Josie @Peddler410 haha omg I would have loved to see that! I have to keep my little one out of my office because my bookshelves aren't anchored to the wall! She wants in there so badly. 6y
britt_brooke Love it! 6y
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Tornadoes! | Gail Gibbons
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What a start to a #24in48 weekend. First off ended the day with the beginning signs of a cold. Then was awaken to tornado warnings going off. Then loss of electricity(just heard it will be out all day) Third really need coffee to help me stop coughing. Would be a perfect day to read if I had coffee and didn't feel like junk😷😞

NCNY Feel better and stay safe! 6y
Laura317 Oh my! Glad you're ok. Get that coffee and feel better soon. 6y
Jlee745 Thank y'all! No coffee till electricity comes back on 😞 don't have energy to leave to go to Starbucks 6y
Jlee745 Yay electricity is back on.. coffee in hand and a book 6y
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