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Wicked: Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West | Gregory Maguire
When Dorothy triumphed over the Wicked Witch of the West in L. Frank Baum's classic tale, we heard only her side of the story. But what about her arch-nemesis, the mysterious Witch? Where did she come from? How did she become so wicked?Gregory Maguire has created a fantasy world so rich and vivid that we will never look at Oz the same way again.
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This is my fall TBR. While I might not read all of them and I may read books not on here, this is a list for me try to get through. If anyone wants to #buddyread any of them with me just let me know.

ShelfRighteous Wow that's an impressive pile🤩 6d
RachelAmphlett I loved The Woman I Cabin 10 - left me with a book hangover for 3 days!😂 6d
Q84 @ShelfRighteous let's see how many I can actually get threw🤫😂 6d
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Q84 @RachelAmphlett I'll try to make it one of my first reads. I've been wanting to read it but something else always grabs me. You know how it is with a neverending tbr. 6d
AsYouWish Wicked and Practical Magic have been on my TBR list for a long time!! If you are serious about a Buddy Read, I would love to read either one of those. 6d
Q84 @AsYouWish they are both of the top priority. I would seriously love to buddy read. Although I have never done one before. If you wish to contact me by email we can discuss it. Its shereadsbooks2 at gmail dot com 6d
Marina_h That's an impressive collection but good choices 😊👍 6d
Underqueen The night circus is my second favourite book ever 😁🌃🎪 I hope you enjoy it. 6d
Alicepondpoe I just bought Wicked from our annual library sale. I've never done a buddy read either, but when you get to that book I'd be down for a buddy read! 6d
RachelAmphlett @Q84 oh gawd, yeah 😂 6d
AsYouWish E-mail sent, sorry if I rambled a bit!! 6d
Q84 @Marina_h thank😀 6d
Q84 @AsYouWish Not rambling at all. I enjoyed reading your email😀 and I look forward to more. 6d
Q84 @Alicepondpoe if you would like to do a buddy read with us please email me at shereadsbooks2 at gmail dot com 22h
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Last day of #colormepretty! It‘s #secondarycolors!

I really like the Handmaid‘s Tale TV show, but I haven‘t read the book yet. Same with The Darkest Minds. Wicked I‘ve tried to read, but I was at the beach and it didn‘t hold my attention. I LOVE the musical though. My Sister the Serial Killer is a book I‘ve seen a lot on here, and I can‘t wait to get my hands on it.

#tbr #moviebooks #tvshowbooks #tvshow #movie #musical

emilyrose_x I love Wicked the Musical so much, but I really struggled to read the book... 3w
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I finally read Wicked. Even though I knew what happens to the Wicked Witch at the end I really enjoyed how the author made it all come together.

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The sun‘s starting to go down so I‘ve moved fireside #24b4Monday

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I didn‘t get any reading done at my kids‘ track meet this morning, but now I‘m hunkered down in my yard‘s one shady spot and am ready to get back to it. #24b4Monday

justanothermusing This was my exact view awhile ago sans the flaming towel why the kiddo played in the pool. I 💕 lounge chairs. 4w
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On my way to see Wicked. I love this show so much!

Slajaunie I saw it a few years ago in New Orleans. My daughter and her friend loved it. 1mo
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Just got home from.seeing Wicked for the first time. It was amazing! I spent lots of dollars on things I really didn't need! #noregrets

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Happy Mothers Day! It's Wicked time 🧙‍♀️

AlaMich I saw that in Chicago a long time ago with Ana Gasteyer from SNL. It was so much fun. Enjoy! 3mo
ravenlee I absolutely love this show! I‘ve seen it twice and it just gets better. 3mo
Schnoebs Love this musical! I still need to reread the book. I read it in like 7th grade and didn‘t get it really but now I probably would 😂 3mo
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Kshakal I love this show so much!! 3mo
Whimsical.Curiosity @AlaMich oh I bet that was lovely! One day I'd like to go there just for a show. 3mo
Whimsical.Curiosity @ravenlee agreed! I saw it maybe 10 years ago and was just an enthralled this time around. My husband was glued to the production. 3mo
Whimsical.Curiosity @Schnoebs it makes you want to re-watch The Wizard of Oz with true perspective. 3mo
Whimsical.Curiosity @Kshakal it was so good!! 3mo
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Am I the last person on Earth to read this?

marleed Welcome to Earth! 3mo
Birdsong28 No I am!! Lol 😂😂 Seen the musical tho 📚📖 3mo
SleepyDragon I haven't read it either, though I once gifted it years ago and recently bought a used copy.
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“People always did like to talk, didn't they? That's why I call myself a witch now: the Wicked Witch of the West, if you want the full glory of it. As long as people are going to call you a lunatic anyway, why not get the benefit of it? It liberates you from convention.”

#QuotsyMay19 | 3: #Rejection

📷: Made with Typorama

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I kept reading, hoping this book got better as I went but it just dragged on and on and on and on and on.......... It felt like this story could have been told in half the pages

cherinium I can't say how happy I am to see someone that shares my opinion. I loathed that book! It was so popular when it came out that I felt like an outcast. I DID like the musical, though. (My friend had to drag me there kicking and screaming). Go figure. 5mo
jessinikkip @cherinium I always feel bad when a lot of people like a book or play ot something and I dont. Glad to see Imn ot the only one. I just really coukdnt get i to this one and enjoy it. It was bad. I kept hanging on hopung for imprivement 5mo
iread2much I never liked this book and couldn‘t finish it it‘s nice to find someone else who disliked it n 5mo
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jessinikkip @iread2much its always nice to not be alone. I finished it but barely. I almost bailed so many times 5mo
iread2much @jessinikkip you are a much harder soul than me! I tried the stepsister book too, I got a bit further in that one, but still couldn‘t finish it. 4mo
Fridameetslucy I couldn‘t get through it either. I taught a college level course for 12 years in fairytales folklore and myth and I was sooo psyched for his books - but I just can‘t get through them. Hmmm ... 4mo
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1/5⭐ The 1st 20% about Elphaba's parents had no point, no trajectory, & was bizarrely, jarringly sexual. For a book supposedly about the Wicked Witch, we don't get her perspective until 25% of the way in & never an explanation for her green skin or water weakness. I skipped to the end to see if it got better, but no, the surface-level incoherent narrative didn't resolve itself in any way. #fantasydragon #adventureathon #fantasyadventureathon

rubyslippersreads I 💚 the musical, but not the book. 5mo
hissingpotatoes @rubyslippersreads I'll have to watch it! Also your user name is on point ☺ 5mo
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I never use the words humanist or humanitarian, as it seems to me that to be human is to be capable of the most heinous crimes in nature.


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Day 9 #LiteraryLuck
Here are some of my #GreenReads and blueish-green reads from my collection.
@Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks @vkois88

Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks Wow!!!! That‘s a lot!! 🙌🏻🙌🏻💚💚 5mo
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Unfortunately, I have not seen the musical Wicked... yet. Had no idea what to expect from this #fairytaleretelling . I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the writing, and how much I was drawn into the story of the green skinned Elphaba. An intelligent, brave woman who wanted love. Of particular interest was her fight for the rights of Animals, and her relationship with Glinda. #booked2019

Zelma I feel like it‘s not a majority opinion but I loved this book (and have no desire to see the musical). 6mo
DivineDiana @Zelma I loved the book too, and I am also a huge musical theater fan! 6mo
lahousewyfe I loved the book and the musical. If you like musical theater, go! Such a fabulous soundtrack and spectacle! @DivineDiana @zelma 6mo
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Melissa_J I loved this one! I‘ve seen the musical three time, so I obviously loved it too 😊 6mo
Mtroiano The musical is so good! 6mo
LA1 I wish I could see the play!! Love the book!! 6mo
Cinfhen The show was quite spectacular but I‘ve never read the book😥 6mo
Alexander_Meng Saw the musical in December 2017 in London. It was amazing! 6mo
DivineDiana @LA1 I hope you do! ❤️ 6mo
rohit-sawant Enjoyed this book, too! 6mo
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Today‘s #audiowalk through a small neighborhood park. A selection of street signs. #litsywalkers #litsywalkersbingo #streetsign

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A short walk, but I‘m glad I did it! #litsywalkers #litsywalkersbingo #playground #audiowalk

Wife 🌹 6mo
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Early #audiowalk before the snow began. Love this unusual fence. #litsywalkersbingo #fence #litsywalkers

julesG Very unusual fence. 😍 6mo
Wife 🌹 6mo
Kaye 🌟 6mo
DivineDiana @julesG I thought so too! 6mo
DivineDiana @Wife @kaye ❤️❤️ 6mo
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Today‘s #audiowalk to a historic church with its own cemetery. Some of the stones are no longer legible. #litsywalkersbingo #tombstone

Wife 🌹 6mo
RachelO Lovely photos! 6mo
Kaye Beautiful 6mo
Crazeedi I love walking through old cemeteries 6mo
Cathythoughts Amazing pics ♥️ 6mo
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Walked on the campus of the historic Haverford College today. Founded in 1833, many of the OLD (Bingo Square) buildings have been preserved. Here are views of two of them. #litsywalkers #litsywalkersbingo

Kaye Wow, just beautiful ! Great walking numbers today too ! 6mo
DivineDiana @kaye Thank you! I walked with a friend and the weather was beautiful! The time flew by! 6mo
cariashley My husband *almost* went there. I‘m glad he didn‘t since we never would have met if he had ☺️ 6mo
DivineDiana @cariashley It‘s a well respected college, but I‘m glad he chose a different one and met you! 👏🏻👍🏻❤️ 6mo
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Yesterday‘s #audiowalk. No time to post. Time spent celebrating Valentine‘s Day! This neighborhood shop was in the spirit, displaying an abundance of celebratory #flag (s) ! #litsywalkersbingo #litsywalkers

Kaye Isn‘t that cute ? What sorts of things do they have here ? Good job on the walk ! 6mo
DivineDiana @kaye It is a lovely curated shop with fresh flowers, plants, baked goods, candles and small decorative home items. We purchased our Christmas tree, wreath and fresh garland there this year. Owned and operated by two sisters from the neighborhood. 6mo
Kaye It sounds neat. Does your whole town have little places like this ? Maybe I‘ll try to think of someplace to walk today with something interesting. 6mo
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Tanisha_A What a cute shop! 6mo
Wife 🌹 6mo
RachelO That‘s really sweet! 6mo
DivineDiana @kaye This shop is just a few blocks away. There also are a few restaurants. To access the part of town where there are more cute shops would be a much longer walk. But maybe, I can work up to that! 😉 6mo
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While out on my #audiowalk, I noticed quite a few cars in a parking lot with their windshield wipers raised up in the air! New to me. Thinking it has something to do with preparing for more snow which is in the forecast?!? #litsywalkers #litsywalkersbingo #unusual

JamieArc Helps to keep snow from getting clumped on the wipers so they don‘t just streak slush back and forth on your windshield 😊 6mo
DivineDiana @JamieArc Thank you! 👍🏻 6mo
AmyG Or, so they don‘t freeze to the windshield if you get ice. 6mo
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DivineDiana @AmyG I think this trick needs some marketing! 6mo
booksbrewsandbooze Yup, it‘s so the wipers don‘t freeze to the window ❄️ 6mo
Kaye Yep. That‘s to prevent your wipers from getting frozen to your windshield. Good job on the walk. 👍🏼💖 6mo
DivineDiana @booksbrewsandbooze @kaye That was the first time I had ever seen this trick! 😮 6mo
umbrellagirl We do this too ❄️🌨 6mo
booksbrewsandbooze @DivineDiana It‘s going to be life changing! 😂❄️ 6mo
Suet624 Yup, I do it when I hear it‘s going to sleet so they don‘t get stuck to the windshield. 6mo
mrsmarch When I see windshield wipers up, I take a second and third look at the weather forecast! Usually means more freezing rain and sleet than powder! Then again living at the coast we‘re in that “cross-over” zone where snow changes to freezing rain, then rain, and back again. 6mo
CouronneDhiver I always giggle at those cars because I‘m not convinced it makes a difference at all. 😂 6mo
DarcysMom I have never seen that before! My Southern California is showing. 🤣😂 6mo
ValerieAndBooks Yep, this is a trick I learned when we moved to Michigan from California 😉 6mo
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I found the perfect green item for #litsywalkersbingo while on my #audiowalk today. #litsywalker

“It‘s green,” he finally said. “Nanny, it‘s green as moss.” #greenitem
“She‘s green,you mean. It‘s a she, for heaven‘s sake.” #Elphaba

Kaye Good one ! 6mo
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Love this map of The Land of Oz! #maps

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New car “read”! I also Have the physical book, so I‘m planning on alternating between the two. #booked2019 #fairytaleretelling #mountTBR

wen4blu 17 discs? I don't remember the book being that long! 6mo
Cinfhen Ludington!!!!! 6mo
DivineDiana @wen4blu I was surprised! 6mo
DivineDiana @Cinfhen 😉📚😘 6mo
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#sundayfunday @sebrittain

I don‘t read a lot of these but I have read some really good ones now I think about it. Wicked is one of my favourite novels of all time, and I also loved Home Fire (retelling Antigone), the Penelopiad by Margaret Atwood, the Song of Achilles, Ragnarok by AS Byatt, Dream Angus by Alexander McCall Smith. Come to think of it, the whole Canongate Myths series is amazing!

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#MusicalNewYear Does anyone else miss Glee??? I REALLY loved that show and how awesome that both Idina Menzel and Kristen Chenoweth have co starred!!!!! https://youtu.be/z3H-Nbfdpas
Haven‘t read this #FairyTaleRetelling suggestion for #Booked2019 🤩❣️

GatheringBooks i absolutely loved glee as well! my daughter and i watched every episode together. 😍 7mo
Cinfhen I tried to get my kids to watch with me but that wasn‘t really happening @GatheringBooks 😂😂 7mo
Reggie This book is in my top 10 of all time but will admit it feels like you‘re wading through a swamp because his writing is so dense. 7mo
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IndoorDame Yes! Great show 7mo
ReadingOver50 Seen Wicked twice. So amazing 7mo
BethM I loved Glee! I also second @GatheringBooks about this book. Weird, so weird, and intense by really good! The play and the book have very little to do with each other. 7mo
TrishB Have never watched it (you know me and telly hardly ever meet!) 7mo
Cinfhen You should binge watch @TrishB it was insanely good 7mo
Cinfhen Wow!!! @Reggie your all time Top 10 that‘s quite an endorsement #stacked 7mo
Cinfhen I feel bad about Corey Monteith & Mark Salling 😢😢😢😢 @BethM @IndoorDame 7mo
Cinfhen I‘ve only seen Wicked once @ReadingOver50 but I took my kids and it was the first time they got really excited about theatre!!!! 7mo
Christine I do miss Glee!! I watched the Versace American Crime Story to get my Darren Criss fix...while the show/his performance were excellent, they did not exactly scratch the musical theater nerd itch! 😆 7mo
Reviewsbylola I couldn‘t get into this book and I‘ve never seen Glee. 😬 7mo
vivastory I haven't read this book, but I've heard good things about it 7mo
Cinfhen I need to watch that show @christine I‘ve heard it‘s excellent!!! He‘s such a genius 7mo
Cinfhen Glee was so much fun @Reviewsbylola it had all the HS drama with an amazing soundtrack sung by the actors!! It just worked for me 7mo
Jee_HookedOnBookz Loved the book but would lurrrve to watch the musical too!! 7mo
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Karkar Love fairytale retellings. Especially if they are not all happy endings. 🤓 7mo
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks I need to read more of these!! 7mo
bullbunny I tried with Wicked, it wasn't grabbing me.. 7mo
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Loved this #retelling of the Wicked Witch of the West! Didn't know it was a series until at the very end 😅

#ANewChapter @vkois88 @Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks

Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks 🖤🖤🖤 7mo
BooknerdsLife I've only watched the musical 💚 but have this book sitting on my bookshelf for ages! 😅🙈 One of these days...I'll get to it... I promise....😆 7mo
Jee_HookedOnBookz @BooknerdsLife 😁❤️👍🏼 7mo
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Day 10 #adventrecommends @emilyrose_x

So much love in this post for my recommendation today. The book is amazing; I love "otherside of the tale" stories and this delivers. The musical though...wow! I love the music and the theatrical experience, I've seen it 3 times and I'd go again & again in a heartbeat

#Musicals #Wicked #Books #BookNerd #ReadABook

Klou This is a musical I haven't seen, but REALLY want to! 8mo
gradcat Look at Kristin & Idina...wonderful! (edited) 8mo
emilyrose_x I love Wicked so much, especially the music. It gives me goosebumps! 8mo
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JaneyWaneyB @emilyrose_x Me too it is music that raises the spirits. Defying Gravity gives me goosebumps every time 8mo
JaneyWaneyB @Klou go and see it! You will love it everyone always does 😁 8mo
JaneyWaneyB @gradcat I wish I could have seen them on stage that would have been amazing. The UK casts have been brilliant but something phenomenal about Idina and Kristin 8mo
Klou @JaneyWaneyB I definitely will at some point!! 8mo
Andrew65 Guess what! I need to read this. 😳 8mo
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Galinda didn‘t see the verdant world through the glass of the carriage; she saw her own reflection instead. She had the nearsightedness of youth.

II. Gillikin

Librarybelle Welcome to Litsy! 9mo
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Chelleo Welcome to Litsy! Hope these #Litsytips by @RaimeyGallant http://bit.ly/litsytips and #LitsyHowTo videos: goo.gl/UrCpoU are helpful. Follow @LitsyHappenings to find out about various challenges, buddy reads, meet-ups and swaps taking place.
RaimeyGallant Welcome! 9mo
Eggs Welcome to Litsy 👋🏻🎈 9mo
CoffeeNBooks Welcome to Litsy! 📚 8mo
Leftcoastzen Welcome to Litsy! 8mo
BridgetteM Welcome to Litsy! 8mo
cassiopia Welcome to Litsy 💜 8mo
CarolynM Welcome to Litsy 🌼 8mo
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I always love a book that takes a classic story and tells it from a new perspective. Although, I will admit that I like some of the changes that the musical makes better. 🧹💚🙊

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Rereading a favorite!

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Not a 🤳 person. But here's my daughter and me in NYC this summer. We spent one glorious day there! Couldn't score Hamilton tix but Wicked was pretty darn good.

robinb Great photo! 9mo
saresmoore I love it! 9mo
GypsyKat Great picture, and I love Wicked! 💚 9mo
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batsy Love the pic! Happy smiles 💕 9mo
Tanisha_A A happy photograph! 👍🙂 9mo
BarbaraBB Happy pic ! So cute 💕 9mo
Cathythoughts Gorgeous ❤️❤️❤️ 9mo
kspenmoll What fun! Great photo! 9mo
LeahBergen 😍😍😍 9mo
readordierachel What a cute photo! 9mo
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Thank you so much for the #bookitforward haul, @Valink ! Looking forward to digging back into Oz!##


Valink Enjoy!! 10mo
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Not an #evilwoman after all. #defyinggravity #popular perspective is everything. #octoberxfiles

ThatBookishGal Might be one of my favorite books!! My interpretation of the book changes each time I read it! 10mo
Cinfhen Love the hashtag 😊 10mo
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I still haven't ever read Wicked, but my husband loves the series. I'll read it someday. I found this image and really loved it. #Elphaba #witchyreads

hmgbrdhart This is the only book I ever bailed on. There was too much world specific terminology that wasn't explained or couldn't be readily ferreted out by context clues. I got frustrated and quit. 10mo
booksandsympathy @hmgbrdhart That sucks. I almost bailed on his retelling of Cinderella, but powered through and enjoyed it in the end. 10mo
booksandsympathy @hmgbrdhart Also, I can't believe you've only bailed on one book! 😳 I used to not, but if it doesn't hold my interest or something in it really bothers me, I don't hesitate to bail anymore. There's still only 3 or 4 books I've done that with. 10mo
Linsy That is a great cover! I haven‘t read yet either, but posts like these remind me I need to!! 💚 10mo
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#Witch books from my read list.

#blackcatchallenge @Clwojick

post image

#BlackCatChallenge #Witches

One of my favorite literary witches, Elphaba 🧙‍♀️

Clwojick I love this one ❤️ 10mo
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Still on my Witchy TBR! #Elphaba #WitchyReads

Mandigolightly I love that case! 11mo
GingerAntics That is the coolest case!!! 11mo
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I‘ve never seen the show (I don‘t live under a rock, I swear), but I read this book years ago and loved it. #Elphaba is a bad ass witch who knows how to resist.

Also, with the stunning amount of hypocrisy and bullshit going on in DC right now, I‘m feeling pretty wicked myself. 😡 👿


Chrissyreadit I‘ve seen it twice on Broadway and agree-Elphaba is one awesome badass. #readresistrise 11mo
monalyisha Hmmm! I thought I had no interest in this series & now I‘m seriously rethinking! 😱 11mo
sprainedbrain @monalyisha I can‘t speak for the rest of the series... I have them, but have never read them. But I loved Wicked! 11mo
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Andrew65 I‘ve never seen it either! 11mo
Maria514626 Oh my goodness. Needed to see this today. Going to the library site right now. 11mo
Maria514626 Aha! Ebook is available! 👏👏🤛🤛 11mo
APLitlife My favorite broadway musical! The book is quite different from the show, though. 11mo
sprainedbrain @Maria514626 Thank goodness for instant book gratification on a day like today. I hope you enjoy it. 11mo
JaclynW Wicked is my second favorite musical. I enjoyed the book too. Elphaba is my favorite! This political climate has me feeling *wicked* as well!! Grrr! 🧙‍♀️ 11mo
Reggie One of my favorite parts of this book is where her and the Vinkus are underground rebels.... and then he disappears. 11mo
sprainedbrain @Reggie Ha! Not a fan of Fiyero? 11mo
Reggie No, it‘s that they were in love and Elphaba who always seemed to be second best, to a sister, to a man both her parents loved, finally has someone to herself, even if he was married. And then I felt like it was strengthened by the work they felt they were doing they thought would make their world a better place. And then I was so hurt for her when he died. This book is one of my all time faves. 11mo
sprainedbrain @Reggie I just love Elphaba... Maybe I haven‘t read the other books because they aren‘t about her? Have you read the rest of the series? 11mo
Linsy I need to read this! I love the music, but haven‘t seen the musical either! 😈 11mo
Reggie I haven‘t read any of the others in the series. I kinda feel like this was so great that the others would be a let down. P.s. someone just won a jackpot here at my casino from Iowa. 11mo
sprainedbrain @Reggie Exactly how I feel! And I wish that was me. 😂 11mo
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I was so close to the book store, I just had to stop in. Can you believe these were all bargain priced?! #winning

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It‘s either a pick or a pan for this one. No compromises. Just like Elphaba herself.

It‘s completely different from the broadway show but also very similar. Full of drugs, sex, politics, philosophy magic and religion, it invokes conflictual questions with no provided answer. The ending is far from satisfying. The writing style is hard to get into and I don‘t think I understand half of it. Still, it got a pick from me. Weird.

Suzze I tried. I really tried. Nope. 11mo
pppooraikul @Suzze Don‘t force yourself! If it doesn‘t work, dump it. Tbh, I didn‘t expect to finish it this time. (My first attempt was six years ago. 😂) I only picked it up again when I was about to put it into my DNFs. Oh, irony. 11mo
Zelma I am one of the few that absolutely loved this one. Looking at racial issues with the animals and economic systems with the emerald mines? Yes please! 11mo
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BethM Super weird. And lovely. It makes you think and feel, while leaving you a bit perplexed and off kilter. Loved the series. (edited) 11mo
pppooraikul @Zelma @BethM Yes! 😁 Have you guys read the sequels? Are they as good? 11mo
BethM I have. They only get more complex but I really loved the series. 11mo
pppooraikul @BethM Thanks. I‘ll definitely check them out. 😊 11mo
Zelma @pppooraikul I haven‘t but I am really weird about series. I rarely read more than the first book in a series or trilogy. Usually it is enough and I don‘t need to continue the story or live in the world more. It‘s an odd reading habit, I know. 11mo
pppooraikul @Zelma It‘s weird indeed! I‘m leaning more towards conquering every book in a series. But I guess we all have preferences. 😉 11mo
Zelma @pppooraikul 😆 I know it‘s strange. I also don‘t finish books. 😱😉 11mo
pppooraikul @Zelma I‘ll keep my eyes on the ones you‘ve finished then bc they must have something special to keep you reading! 🤣 11mo
Zelma @pppooraikul heh, I read some stinkers, but I have no problem abandoning books right away if I know they aren‘t working or my style. 11mo
pppooraikul @Zelma You know, it‘s actually a habit that those with overwhelming TBR pile wish for. Mine is hopeless because I cannot bear to stop reading the book even if I hate it. 😂 (edited) 11mo
sprainedbrain It‘s been years, but I loved this one, too. 11mo
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I‘ve given up halfway once but I want to give myself a second chance. Also, I dearly need a company to keep me awake during the flight this early. 😴

BethM It's really weird but that's why I loved it. 11mo
pppooraikul @BethM Yes! I find all the political and ethical issues rather weird, yet intriguing. Last time I read I must be too naïve for all that. ? 11mo
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Although I love the musical I cannot being myself to read this book... so many people struggle through it and I don‘t want to ruin it for myself! #slow #readingresolutions @Jess7

rubyslippersreads I 💚💚💚 the musical but wish I‘d skipped the book. 12mo
Jess7 I didn‘t like the book, but LOVED the musical! 12mo
Cheshirecat913 I read the book before the musical came out. I liked the book and have read a few others of his but it is definitely not the musical other than the basic outline of the story. 12mo
Emilymdxn I adored the book actually, which isn‘t that common I realise - it was so different from the musical that I sort of don‘t associate them together at all, they‘re just a book I love and a musical I love separately. It‘s possible to enjoy a lot (if you enjoy dense prose) if you don‘t expect it to be too much like the musical! 12mo
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This is one of the few times that the book is not better. I finished it only cause I bought it. Ugh. Just not for me. No interest in the plot. The characters yuck. Not a gifted storyteller.

Shemac77 Agreed! I disliked this immensely. 13mo
rubyslippersreads Agreed! The musical is SO much better! 💚💚💚 13mo
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This book enlightened me as to how it must feel to be someone who doesn't enjoy reading, the torture of having to trudge through each page wondering if it will ever end. I had such high hopes. The concept was great but the execution was poor. I really did want to like it but found the plot to be confusing with large gaps in time ignored and the ending was rushed. I did enjoy the satire over all but a big bust for me overall.

Blueberry Haha, I loved it! Better than the musical. 14mo
Loric @Blueberry Wondering if I would have enjoyed it more if I'd read and not listened.... 14mo
Blueberry That happens to me too so I rarely listen to books anymore. 14mo
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#witch #coolbooks @Linsy #wicked
I have the other books but they aren‘t the matching design. Apart from Harry Potter (of course!!) these are the only books I have with witches.

Linsy I have the first on my Kindle. I‘m assuming from this that you really like them. Might need to bump them up my TBR! 14mo
Ke633 @Linsy Ha! They actually aren‘t my favorite but I wanted to finish the series and found them on sale at a bookstore. 14mo
Linsy @Ke633 Ah, good to know. Would you recommend the first one? 14mo
Ke633 @Linsy I really liked the musical so I read the books. I‘ve never reread them.. they are a bit strange and often crude. If you can look past that the story is good. 14mo
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Is it bad that I actually liked the musical better 🙈🙈

JanJan Me too! :) 14mo
ofclumsywords I did too! I couldn‘t finish the book, it was too weird! 14mo
wanderinglynn They did an excellent job on adapting it for the theater. But the book could‘ve used some editing. It‘s a bit dense. 14mo
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TheBookKeepers I love the musical & the concept of all his books sounds great, but the writing style is too dense for me to truly enjoy! I read Wicked & started the sequel but ending up not finishing 14mo
WeeWeegieBookworm I'm not alone, yeah! 😁 I ended up moving to the audio verison becasue it was dragging. I thought it was just because it was the start but the pace was the same the rest of the novel. Though, to be fair, I did overall enjoy the story. It just took some time to get there 😂 14mo
ravenlee I hated the book; I looove the musical. The book was too weird, too dense, and had too much cruelty for me. 14mo
rather_be_reading no it dragged for me too 14mo
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Excited to start this today! I got it from a secondhand bookstore for only $4.50! What a deal! #secondhandbooks

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