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Stephen King: Pet Sematary, Carrie, Night Shift | Stephen King
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Titles include "Pet Sematary, Carrie" and "Night Shift".
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1. Stephen King
2. He likes music. So probably..who are his favorite bands.
3. 250-300?

#wondrouswednesday @Eggs

Eggs Thanks for playing Amy 💗📚👏🏻💗 2w
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So if I want to get a present for a new reader , a friend of my daughter .. who likes a bit of horror . What would you SK fans recommend ..... I love SK , but have not read the real horror ones ... I‘m thinking horror ... not tooooo bad. For an adult ... ?? Thanks x And I‘d love to get them into reading ....
Tall Order ?! !!!

TrishB If they‘re not really a reader then I‘d go for Misery - not our right horror but a great thriller. Most of the out right horror are really big books!! 3w
Cathythoughts @TrishB ok thanks! That‘s very helpful... I‘d love it if he really got into reading ... I‘ll go for that one ... sounds like a good bet 🤞🏻 3w
JillR @cathythoughts I‘ve only read his non-scary but my SK fan husband suggests The Shining... 3w
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BookwormAHN Try Carrie 👻 3w
CarolynM Not my genre at all. Good luck! 3w
sprainedbrain For horror but not toooooo bad, I would suggest the Mr. Mercedes series. 3w
Cathythoughts @JillR sounds good ... he may end up getting more than one book 😁📚 3w
Cathythoughts @BookwormAHN @sprainedbrain thanks for your suggestions guys 👍🏻👏🏻♥️ 3w
Reggie Salem‘s Lot because vampires. Nightmares and Dreamscapes because it‘s a twisted book of short stories and sometimes if they‘re not readers short stories can lure them in. And Full Dark No Stars because it is four novellas longer than a short story and shorter than one of his books and they‘re creepy. 3w
Cathythoughts @Reggie thanks Reggie , I appreciate this 👍🏻 these sounds really good 3w
rohit-sawant Was pretty much gonna say what Reggie said. Short stories are a great introduction to his works as well as novels like Salem's Lot or The Shining. Hope they have a blast reading him! 3w
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Answers below in the spoiler comment! #scarathlon #teamstoker

@thereadingmermaid I think I did pretty well, but had to guess on a few!

Kimberlone 1. It
2. Freddy Krueger
3. Child's Play
4. Silence of the Lambs
5. Michael Myers
6. Seven
7. Jamie Lee Curtis
8. ?
9. Norman Bates
10. Young Frankenstein
11. Scream
12. ?
13. Poltergeist
14. Salem's Lot
15. John Carpenter
16. The Lost Boys
17. Nightmare on Elm St
18. Texas Chainsaw Massacre
19. Popcorn
20. Friday the 13th
21. Carrie
22. Red/Black
23. Carrie
TheReadingMermaid You got a couple wrong there sweetheart but I'll give you 2 points for the effort 😉 you did a great job sweetheart! 1mo
TheReadingMermaid 🧟‍♀️ 1mo
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My library had a book sale this weekend and I was super happy with my finds. My Stephen King Collection continues to grow. It is my goal to one day own all of his works and I with these (as well as all the ones I already had) I would guess I am about halfway there.

Addison_Reads Great find! I have an extra Under the Dome. It's a softcover, used, in readable condition, but not perfect. If you don't have that one I'd be happy to #payitforward and send it to you. ☺ 1mo
jackilynn @Addison_Reads if I didn't already have it I would definitely take you up on that. Thanks for the offer though. It is always nice when us in the book community share our extra/used books. 1mo
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Okay, if you insist. 😈#TeamSlaughter

Cathythoughts 😁♥️ 1mo
Crystalblu Yes, sir! 1mo
Caroline2 Okey dokey then! 😉 1mo
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vivastory Thanks for posting!! This definitely made my day! Going to tag a few of my fellow constant readers @TrishB @sprainedbrain @rohit-sawant @Ashley_Nicoletto @Reggie 1mo
avgeyer @vivastory I am so excited!! 1mo
sprainedbrain Ohhhh yes! 🙌🏻 1mo
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TrishB Yay 🎉🎉🎉 @vivastory 👍🏻 1mo
Ashley_Nicoletto Oh my goshhhhhh. A new Stephen King two years in a row. How did we get so lucky? @vivastory (edited) 1mo
rohit-sawant So pumped about this! 😃🙌🏼 1mo
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What do you think of this ranking? I was surprised at no. 1 (the dead zone), which I haven't seen - not sure I was even aware of it! I need to rectify that and watch it. Without seeing that one, I probably would have put Shawshank or Stand by Me as no1.


JacqMac I think The Shining would be number one for me. And I‘d add Thinner and Needful Things before something like Creepshow. They didn‘t even make the list. And The Green Mile is only 14. I think we need to rewrite the list. lol 3mo
LibrarianRyan @JacqMac I agree. There are plenty I have not seen but this is not my order. For me 1. Stand By Me 2. Green Mile 3. Shawshank 4. RoseRed 5. Deloris 6. Carrie 7. Misery 8. Shinning 9. Stand (only the firs 2 hours, the rest can be pitched). 3mo
Pruzy Stand By Me and It (2017) are the only ones I‘ve seen, but is it just me or are there definite parallels between the two? 3mo
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Reggie Silver Bullet with Corey Haim isn‘t even on the list!!!! Booo!!!! And I can‘t believe they would put this It before the original miniseries. (even if the list says movies) 3mo
Oryx @Pruzy definitely very similar with the kids' friendships 3mo
Oryx @Reggie I haven't seen that one, but anything with Corey haim has my attention. Will have to look out for it. Agree with the miniseries of It - I like the original 3mo
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via Bookstr.com


Je suis un peu ce que mon cousin psychologue pourrait appeler une maniaque. Avec moi, l‘idée la plus simple peut vite dégénérer en une force capable de m‘enlever le sommeil ou de s‘introduire jusque dans mes rêves. Ces passions ( obsessions) se déclarent assez soudainement et sautent d‘un sujet à l‘autre. Comme cette fois où... https://magdaleebrunache.com/2019/07/31/ma-periode-stephen-king/

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When I see there is a movie that I am interested in but didn‘t realise there was a novel of it, I refuse to watch the movie until have finished reading the book. 🤷🏻‍♀️

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This was kind of hard! Had to utilize my Goodreads account. #alphabetbookishquiz

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Massive apologies to all you wonderful #constantreaders for being tardy (again) with this mont‘s open discussion posts. I just completely forgot. I‘ll be doing two posts, one for each of our March books, so look for the next post under a spoiler tag with either #Creepshow or #thegunslinger and join in! The posts are open format, so join in anytime! Thanks for your patience #losersclub 😘😘

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Alphabetised first by author, then series in order and then single titles 💜 plus I have space for at least 15 more books!

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Decided to reorganise my books last night, with a little help from Loki 📚🐶

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Though I have read nothing by Stephen King, I am absolutely in LOVE with this double-sides bookmark from ink and wonder designs ♥️ I‘m using it with my current read, Two Can Keep a Secret by Karen M. McManus

vkois88 That's stunning 😍😍😍 8mo
Velvetfur That's so gorgeous! 8mo
Tamra Oh, that‘s nice! 8mo
JoScho 💚💚💚 8mo
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Erinreadsthebooks "Is this thing on? ? Hello, high school students, college students, people writing an important email, Stephen King once said, "To write is..." ??? 8mo
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On today‘s library trip, I found many book and author suggestion lists. I thought some of you might be in need of new reading ideas, so I‘ll post these one at a time. First are authors for fans of Stephen King.

Victoriahoperose This is awesome. Thank you for sharing! 9mo
JoScho Oh yay! Thanks for sharing Julie ❤️ 9mo
Bklover I love these!!! Thanks Julie. I‘m going to take screenshots of them all!💕 9mo
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Kaye I hope you guys can see them. I‘m trying to make the pics as big as I can and get the whole lists. 9mo
Crazeedi Thanks so much!! 9mo
Linda_Bloodworth_Author This is an awesome list n 9mo
Linda_Bloodworth_Author You know who would be a good addition, Clive Barker. 👍 9mo
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Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks ❤️❤️ 9mo
vkois88 🖒🖒🖒 9mo
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This popped up on my Facebook news feed. It made me giggle, so I couldn‘t help but share. 📚🖤😉

Linear There are so many that make me laugh, I watched a bunch a few years ago and was reduced to a laughing, tearing up, gasping ball of a mess lol 10mo
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“... and sometimes they win.”

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My final King post for the day, I promise. Here‘s an easier to read schedule just for #LosersClub2019. Please refer to this when I slack and forget to post. 😂🤦🏻‍♀️ I will mostly be #ghosthosting not reading along, but I‘ll probably join in for at least a couple of these. Note that March includes a novel and a graphic novel.

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LauraJ Thank you for #ghosthosting! 10mo
BookwormAHN Thanks 🖤 10mo
BookBabe Sweet! Love me some King. I‘m on a bit of a King kick lately. I‘ve only read 2 on that entire list though! Very tempted to join in on this in February and onward. 10mo
Karkar Yes! This year is going to be great!!! 10mo
DGRachel @Readingismyescape Here‘s the schedule for the rest of this year. 10mo
DGRachel @BookBabe Would you like me to add you to the list for discussion posts? You don‘t have to join in every month, just read the ones you‘re interested in. I think there‘s only two or three that I will read and one of those is a reread (Eyes of the Dragon is my favorite King). 10mo
BookBabe @DGRachel yes please! Sorry if it‘s a lot to ask, but please wait until the second book. The January selection is an epic trigger for me. Thank you! 10mo
DGRachel @BookBabe I totally understand. I‘ll make a special note on my saved list to add you in later. I‘m not reading January‘s book, either. 😘 10mo
AnansiGirl Thank you for your hard work and ghost hosting this epic King read along! 10mo
BookBabe 😘🤗❤️ 10mo
Bklover Thanks!❤️❤️😊 10mo
Readingismyescape @DGRachel Thanks again. I just started listening to Pet Sematary, which I borrowed from the library. So I will probably just go ahead and finish it. I do want to reread Cujo but I probably won‘t finish in time. I‘ll participate when I can. 10mo
DGRachel @teainthelibrary Here‘s the schedule for this year. 🤩 Again - it‘s super casual. Read the ones you want to, join the discussion if you feel like it, and just have fun. 😘 6mo
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Pardon the tons of posts today, but I realized if I don‘t do this now, while I‘m thinking about it, I‘ll forget for days. See above for the full list of Stephen King books in publication order and the reading schedule for #LosersClubForever. @TricksyTails did her best to make this legible, but the man is a prolific writer. Best advice is to screenshot this image and then pinch to zoom in. The buddy read includes graphic novels. (Con‘t 👇🏻)

DGRachel Here‘s a list for reference that excludes graphic novels, if you‘d prefer to skip those: https://sk.listsofbooks.com/ #losersclub #stephenking #stephenkinginorder #kingfromthebeginning #constantreader #readalong #buddyread 10mo
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ReadingsByTheC Thank you! Appreciate all the hard work on behalf of us losers! 😊 10mo
DGRachel @ReadingsByTheC You‘re welcome! @TricksyTails did all the really hard work and now that I‘ve fully recreated the images for 2019, it should be even easier for me to keep up. I just need to set calendar reminders for myself. 10mo
daena Thank you for keeping us losers going @DGRachel !!! Looking forward to the 2019 selections! 10mo
DGRachel @Readingismyescape Here‘s the full schedule (at least, through what King wrote early last year when the list was first completed) 10mo
CSeydel Thanks!! I was just looking for this in my screenshots & couldn‘t find it. I‘ve been delinquent on this lately, but I‘m planning to pop back in for at least a couple this year! 10mo
DGRachel @CSeydel You‘re welcome. You can always do a # search for #LosersClubForever to find the full list and #LosersClub2019 to find this year‘s list. :) 10mo
CSeydel Perfect 👌🏼 10mo
Readingismyescape @DGRachel Thanks. This looks like fun. 10mo
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I take a book with me everywhere! In the days before ereaders there were multiple "physical" books stuck in my purse (which is why I always had a huge purse). Now with my Kindle I can bring my whole library with me today as I go on a field trip for work. Pumpkin patch here I come!

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My great grandmother who was born on March 13th also had triskaidekaphobia. I've always liked the number 13 🤷🏼‍♀️
#superstition #BlackCatChallenge @Clwojick

RaimeyGallant New word for me. Very interesting. 13mo
Clare-Dragonfly My husband was also born on March 13! He and I love the number 13. 13mo
ACriner I think it must be one of my favorite words. I love the way it flows from one's mouth. 12mo
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TK-421 Two of my favourite King quotes! 13mo
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rather_be_reading 😂😂 13mo
Robothugs 🤣🤣😂 13mo
Cinfhen He‘s brilliant 🙌🏻 13mo
tammysue 🤣😂😂 13mo
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Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks 😱😱😱 13mo
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#BookHumor 😂👻🤣

thereadingowlvina 🤣🤣🤣 13mo
Linear 😂 13mo
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Unpopular opinion :::::::::::::::::🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️
I really don‘t like Stephen King as a writer in general. All of the books I‘ve tried to read start out ok but the the big reveal or the “big scare” turns out to be some nonsense like a worm something dumb that just makes me mad I wasted my precious reading time on nothing. So rude Mr. King if you are going to be the king I need you to scare the pants off me, please, thanks

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I‘m catching up on this tonight. Any one else watch it?

I‘m on episode 7 now.

#stephenking #castlerock

HatefulGrablin I'm loving it! It really makes me want to read the Stephen King books I've skipped just to see what references I'm missing. 1y
phantomx I'm looking forward to watching it soon! 1y
Jilly6183 It had lofty goals, but I really liked it. And it was beautifully shot. Sissy Spacek is amazing in it. 1y
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SkeletonKey @Jilly6183 - Sissy is probably my favorite part. 1y
SkeletonKey @HatefulGrablin - I really need to catch up on reading them too. 1y
SkeletonKey @phantomx - Hope you enjoy! 1y
ACriner Am I the only one that just couldn't get sucked into this show? 12mo
SkeletonKey @ACriner - I actually can‘t even remember if I finished it, LOL. The tone was a little much for me. It all blended together. 12mo
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1. Tome 📚
2. LOTR 💍
3. Physical book 📙
4. Coffee ☕
5. Stephen King 😨
6. @Violetta 😉
#tuesdaytidbits @JenlovesJT47 #thisorthat

JenlovesJT47 💚💚💚 1y
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alvingregorio This is why I love SK 1y
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Been watching this on Hulu with the hubadub only 2 episodes in but enjoying so far. I haven‘t read all of Stephen King but it‘s fun trying to guess which story has a reference.
#stephenking #thriller #mystery #guessing

Bamazin I take it back, we thought it was going to be spooky and whatnot but no!!! Played again by the name Stephen king, king of wasting my time!!! 14mo
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Happy #ShelfieSunday #AugInBooks18

Here's my King shelf. 🤗


Readingismyescape Ooh. You have Charlie the Choo Choo. 👍🏻 1y
Oryx Nice. I'm not sure i could have Charlie/Blaine looking at me though! creepy 1y
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And this adorable black cat pouch which will be perfect for traveling.

The coffee & James Baldwin bookmarks are a great size for smaller paperbacks (I hate using a large bookmark that is taller than the book), the hand will be so cute sticking out of a book, the floral reading set is pretty & calming and the Stephen King quote is one of my favorite bookish quotes! Axton loves little notepads to bring along places so that is👌#summerbookmarkswap

MeganAnn @erzascarletbookgasm thank you again for everything! You are amazing and I hope you love what I‘ve put together for you as much ❤️ 1y
MaleficentBookDragon Love that pouch. 1y
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The teen and I are catching up this morning. I so wish this was a book. It might give me some idea of what I‘m actually watching.

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#horror #Quotsy #QuotsyJuly18 #LitsyQuoteChallenge

Note: I don‘t know which story this is from. Anyone?

KrystleTheBookSlayer I think it's from Salem's Lot! 1y
jpmcwisemorgan @KrystleTheBookSlayer I think you‘re right. I got it from Goodreads and it had vampire as a tag and that one has vampires right? 1y
KrystleTheBookSlayer @jpmcwisemorgan Yes it is! And I'm pretty sure that's the book that I read the quote in too because it would make sense. 1y
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A big fan of The Ramones, he wrote the liner notes for their 2003 tribute album, We‘re A Happy Family.🎶🎶🤘 I never knew this, but pretty cool

#music #horror #Stephenking #kingfacts #ramones

Guildedearlobe I recently met Joey Ramona at the Trenton Punk Rock Flea Market. He held the door open for us while I pushed one of my guys in a wheelchair into the bathroom and was very friendly. 1y
MStew @Guildedearlobe that's awesome, it's good to know that there are nice famous people still I've heard horror stories on musicians and athlete's being rude . So that's pretty sweet !!!!! 1y
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Working on a new page in my reading journal. It is my goal to one day finally read everything by one of my favorite authors. There are just so many (not to mention he keeps releasing new ones) & I am easily distracted by shinny new books.

britt_brooke Looks great - fun idea! 1y
SilversReviews Looks great. Thanks for sharing. 1y
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We are going in ... come after me if you haven‘t heard from me in 24 hours ... 😳😳

CouronneDhiver Yikes! 1y
Leftcoastzen 😂😳 1y
Leftcoastzen I may start it tonight as well 1y
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BarbaraTheBibliophage @Leftcoastzen It‘s goooood. Might be hard to sleep tonight, though. 1y
dragondrool I'm liking it quite a lot. 1y
ErickaS_Flyleafunfurled Watched the first episode last night! 1y
ErinGoBragh1011 I only saw the first episode I cant wor to watch more. I also like that Shawshank prison is still standing. 1y
Jenny So good! 1y
Tera0707 I just caught up on it tonight. I‘m loving it! 1y
Scurvygirl I watched it twice already, yeah I got issues, it is pretty good. Can't wait for poop to really hit the fan! 1y
ErinGoBragh1011 @BarbaraTheBibliophage I would if it were out before the show. I couldn't read it after watching. I am o. Ep3. 1y
dragondrool @BarbaraTheBibliophage If Stephen King were to write the novelization, yes. If someone else did, probably not, because the voice would feel off. And yes, I'm aware he isn't the writer for the screenplay. 1y
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All a girl needs is a cup of tea and a good book.

RaimeyGallant Truth! And welcome to Litsy! #LitsyWelcomeWagon Some of us put together Litsy tips to help new Littens navigate the site. It's the link in my bio on my page in case you need it. Or if you prefer how-to videos, @chelleo put some together at the link in her bio. @LitsyWelcomeWagon 1y
Averyandabook Aw okay thank you I‘ll check them both out. 1y
Eggs Welcome 🌸👋🏻 1y
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Eggbeater You should join the #losersclub. We're reading and discussing a Stephen King book in order of publication every month. We are currently on #theStand. 1y
StephanieSays The Christine one is beautiful! 1y
See All 14 Comments
trioxin_sematary @Eggbeater Thank you. I'll keep this in mind, The Stand is my favourite novel of all time. I might jump in when you're doing The Dead Zone. 😊 1y
tammysue 😍😍😍 1y
thereadingowlvina I'm almost done with 'Salem's Lot! 1y
ptkpepe98 I'm officially green with envy!👽 1y
trioxin_sematary @thereadingowlvina how are you liking it? 1y
thereadingowlvina @trioxin_sematary It was good although a tad long. But I enjoyed it! 😁 1y
huntersmom1977 😍😍😍 1y
WritethebookAnniemae 👍🏽😎 1y
Joyfulmimi A true collection 1y
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literarywisdom Yay! Welcome to Litsy 😊🎉📚 1y
literarywisdom @trioxin_sematary hope you enjoy it here 😊 1y
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JennyM Welcome aboard! Check out @LitsyHappenings for all the latest Litsy news - photo challenges, swaps etc. Have fun - glad you‘re here 😊 1y
AsYouWish Welcome to Litsy!!!! 📚🎉📖🎊 1y
BookaholicNatty Welcome to Litsy!!!! Loving all your reviews! ❤️ 1y
laurenlovesliterature Welcome! ✌ 1y
DarcysMom Welcome to Litsy! 🤗 1y
PurpleyPumpkin Welcome to Litsy! Hope you enjoy it here. Loving your posts so far and looking forward to seeing more!👍🏽😉 1y
ptkpepe98 Have you read "Dr. Sleep" yet? It was very good. 1y
trioxin_sematary @BookaholicNatty thank you Natalie! 😊 1y
trioxin_sematary @DarcysMom thankya! 🤓 1y
trioxin_sematary @PurpleyPumpkin thanks Kim, that's very kind of you! 😊 1y
trioxin_sematary @ptkpepe98 yes, Doctor Sleep was a fantastic follow up! 😊 1y
ValkyrieAndHerBooks Welcome to Litsy! 🎉📚💕 1y
Jess7 Welcome to Litsy! 1y
trioxin_sematary @Jess7 thank you Jess, have a nice weekend! ☺🔖 1y
Jess7 You too! 1y
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Today I went to the Castle Rock experience at The San Diego Comic Con and it was so creepy and great! I can't wait to watch this series. It takes place in the Stephen King universe.

saguarosally So how do you get the keychain? 😁 1y
Lidia @saguarosally they gave us the keychain when we registered for the tour, it was part of the experience 😊 1y
JoeStalksBeck Hey @Lidia are you still participating in the MFB swap? 1y
Lidia Hi @JoeStalksBeck yes I am participating 😊 1y
JoeStalksBeck @Lidiacreech great! Your match was just concerned that you hadn‘t responded to her emai 1y
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Yes! Count me in please! Thank you @TheReadingMermaid 🤗💕

#3KingsBuddyRead #buddyread #horrorread

TheReadingMermaid Glad to have you with us hun ❤️🦇💕 1y
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Signal boost for my fellow Constant Readers!

LauraJ Nice! I should read (edited) 1y
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