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The Family Tree by Nicole Mabry, Steph Mullin
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The Sun Down Motel by Simone St. James
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Follow Me, Like Me by Charlotte Seager
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Lotte Laserstein by Alexander Eiling, Elena Schroll
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Attachments: A Novel by Rainbow Rowell
Untitled | Unknown
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Everything is overwhelming and things are crazy so I‘m going to take a break from everything but I will be back when I can. See you soon 😘

MySharonaK @Yuki_Onna I‘ve been trying the text you but the texts won‘t go through, not sure why ❤️ 3y
MegaWhoppingCosmicBookwyrm Totally understand needing breaks. Stay safe and take care of yourself. Hope to see you soon. 🤗❤️ 3y
DrexEdit Take care. 💗 3y
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SamAnne Take care. 3y
Yuki_Onna @MySharonaK I was just writing you a quick mail to ask you whether you got my texts... The telepathy between us, right? 😋 😘 Good to hear they at least reached you, even if your answers don't reach me... 🙃
If things are still so overwhelming, then I'll better won't tell you about my condition... I can't burden you even more right now...
Please do mail or text or call me whenever you like, even at night, ok? I'm there for you if I can help! 💕
MoonWitch94 ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Sending you peace! We‘ll be here when you‘re ready to come back. 3y
Trashcanman I totally understand, I hope pops is doing well and your mom too. I also hope you are as well. Wishing you all the best 3y
Librarybelle ❤️❤️❤️ 3y
BarbaraBB Take care, we will be waiting for you and thinking of you 🤍 3y
Trashcanman Is he able to go home?? 3y
Leslie_Ak2Oh Taking care of yourself is #1 in life. So, hope things work out the way you need them to and that you‘re doing well. 3y
dariazeoli Stay safe and take care of you! Sending good thoughts to you and your dad. 3y
Bookwomble Take care, SK. Keeping you and your dad in my thoughts 💗 3y
eeclayton Take care ❤️ 3y
Lreads Take care of yourself. We will always be here for you. 💕 3y
Cupcakesbookishreviews Stay safe and take care ❤️ 3y
Sharpeipup Hugs. 3y
Ruthiella Take care! ❤️❤️❤️ 3y
TheNeverendingTBR Hope you're okay! 💙 3y
Megabooks 💜💜💜 3y
bthegood Take care of yourself, and hope your dad is doing ok. 3y
Tera66 💙 3y
Veebee Take care and best wishes for your Dad ⚘⚘⚘ 3y
Atticus6905 Be well and stay well 🙏 3y
Nute Thinking of you and missing you on Litsy! Hoping that you are okay. Sending well-wishes, peace vibes and hugs. Take Care!💕 3y
Bookwomble 💖 1y
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Alphabet of Thorn | Patricia A. McKillip
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I can‘t stop crying 😢.My mum informed me that my dad is in the hospital after being hit by a car (hit and run) while cycling. He has 5 broken ribs, broken collarbones and a pneumothorax. Being far away is tearing me apart. I want to send him some books, similar to the tagged book (in the picture it‘s dad with the book I sent him a few months ago), any suggestions please? Thank you friends ❤️ hoping for some good news🙏

Cupcakesbookishreviews So sorry you and your family are going through this. I hope your dad recovers soon. Sending prayers ❤️ 3y
Bette That‘s shocking! I hope he gets well soon. 🙏 3y
Gissy So sorry about this. I hope he recovers soon!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ 3y
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MySharonaK @Cupcakesbookishreviews thank you so much ❤️ really appreciated ! 3y
MySharonaK @Bette it is shocking! I‘m still in disbelief. Thank you so much, I really appreciate it ❤️🙏 (edited) 3y
MySharonaK @Gissy thank you very much, really appreciated 🙏❤️ 3y
Librarybelle Sending positive thoughts ❤️❤️❤️ 3y
MySharonaK @Librarybelle thank you! I appreciate it so much! 💜🙏 3y
Trashcanman Wishing him the best possible outcome. Positive thoughts to you and yours. ❤ 3y
FelinesAndFelonies Oh no! Sending him healing vibes and positive thoughts to you. 💜 3y
kwmg40 So sorry to hear this news. I hope he recovers soon. 3y
MySharonaK @Trashcanman thank you for your words! Deeply appreciated 💙🙏 3y
MySharonaK @FelinesAndFelonies Thank you very much! I appreciate it so much 💜🙏 3y
MySharonaK @kwmg40 thank you, i really appreciate it! 💚🙏 3y
FelinesAndFelonies This genre is way out of my zone but my daughter recommended The Angel of Crows and The Priory of the Orange Tree? (I think that's what it was.) I'll let you know if she thinks of any others. 3y
Prairiegirl_reading I‘m so sorry!!! I have no book recs, just healing wishes. 💜 3y
CoffeeNBooks Oh no! I'm so sorry! Sending positive thoughts to your dad for a quick recovery!! 3y
MySharonaK @FelinesAndFelonies that‘s so kind of you and your daughter 💙💙 thank you 3y
MySharonaK @Prairiegirl_reading deeply appreciated, thank you so much 💙🙏 3y
MySharonaK @CoffeeNBooks thank you! I really appreciate it 💜🙏 3y
Deblovestoread Sending prayers for a speedy recovery. 3y
MySharonaK @Kdgordon88 I so appreciate it! Thank you ❤️🙏 3y
CoverToCoverGirl Sending positive thoughts, hugs and wishing him a quick recovery. 💜 3y
MySharonaK @CoverToCoverGirl hugs back! Thank you so much, I needed that 💚🙏 3y
TiminCalifornia Sending good thoughts for your Dad and his recovery. 3y
MySharonaK @TiminCalifornia thank you so much! I really appreciate it 🧡🙏 3y
ValerieAndBooks Best wishes for your Dad‘s healing 💖 3y
MySharonaK @ValerieAndBooks Much appreciated! Thank you very much 💖🙏 (edited) 3y
DogMomIrene Sending healing thoughts to your dad! 3y
MySharonaK @DogMomIrene thank you so much ❤️🙏 I appreciate it! 3y
BennettBookworm Sending healthy wishes and prayers! 3y
Tera66 💙🙏 3y
MySharonaK @BennettBookworm Truly appreciated! Thank you very much 💛🙏 3y
MySharonaK @Tera66 💜🙏thank you 😘 3y
Ruthiella I‘m so sorry! I‘ll be keeping you and your dad in my thoughts. ❤️❤️❤️ 3y
LazyOwl My thoughts are with you and hoping he has a speedy recovery 💕 3y
MySharonaK @Ruthiella thank you so much! I really appreciate it 💖🙏 3y
MySharonaK @LazyOwl I appreciate it, very much! Thank you 💛🙏 3y
Scochrane26 Hope your dad recovers quickly ❤️ 3y
MySharonaK @Scochrane26 thank you so much! I appreciate it ❤️🙏 3y
bookishcow Sending you prayers to your dad ❤️ 3y
MySharonaK @redlotusdesignz thank you, I really appreciate it 💖🙏 3y
JessClark78 Hope he has a quick recovery. ❤️ 3y
MySharonaK @JessClark78 I appreciate it, thank you! He must! 🙏💜 3y
Christine So sorry - sending healing thoughts. 3y
MySharonaK @Christine deeply appreciated! Thank you so much 💙🙏 3y
Reggie Omg, I‘m so sorry to read this. Sending him and you good thoughts. 3y
audraelizabeth Id recommend the symphont of ages series by elizabeth haydon. The black jewels series by anne bishop. The chronicles of elantra by michelle west or sometimes michelle sagara west. Im so sorry, i hope he gets better soon. 3y
Lreads I‘m so sorry this happened! Sending prayers and healing thoughts. 💕🙏 3y
MySharonaK @Reggie thank you very much ❤️ I really appreciate it! 🙏 3y
MySharonaK @audraelizabeth Thank you so much for the recs and for the kind words I truly appreciate it 💖🙏 3y
MySharonaK @QuietlyLaura I truly appreciate it, thank you so much 💛🙏 3y
Bookwomble Wishing your dad a speedy recovery, SK ❤ Thinking of you and your family 💗 3y
Jari-chan Truly sorry to hear about your dads accident. Wishing him all the best and that he's better soon! ❤️ 3y
MySharonaK @Bookwomble Thank you so much ❤️ I really appreciate it 💚🙏 3y
MySharonaK @Jari-chan I truly appreciate it, thank you. I so hope he‘s better soon 💜🙏 3y
bthegood sending hugs - 3y
MySharonaK @bthegood thank you! hugs back!💖 3y
Veebee Prayers and best wishes for the speedy recovery of your Dad. Visualizing and believing that he is getting better will send positive vibrations of healing to him🌹🌹🌹 3y
MySharonaK @Veebee Thank you so much! I am going to do just that 😘🙏❤️ 3y
Yuki_Onna @MySharonaK Oh goodness! Yesterday seems to have been a terrible day for you and me...😢😢 Sending so many prayers and good wishes to you and your dad and your whole family!!! I'm hoping so much for his speedy recovery!!! Love and support 💞💞💞 3y
MySharonaK @Yuki_Onna oh no I‘m sorry to hear you also had a terrible day yesterday 💖😢 do you want to tell me about it? (Maybe email?) Thank you so much my fiends I feel the love and support ❤️❤️❤️I so appreciate you x 3y
Jessieleah I‘m so sorry to hear this. I wish him a speedy recovery! Hang in there ❤️ 3y
MySharonaK @Jessieleah Thank you so much!! really appreciate it 💖😘 3y
erzascarletbookgasm Oh no! So sorry to hear this. Sending healing wishes for a quick recovery ❣️ 3y
MySharonaK @erzascarletbookgasm Thank you! I‘m still in shock. I appreciate your words ❤️🙏 3y
AmyK1 I‘m so sorry. Hope he has a quick recovery. 3y
The_Penniless_Author Oh God, that's terrible! Best wishes to you, your dad, and the rest of your family. ❤ 3y
MySharonaK @AmyK1 Thank you! I appreciate that so much 💜🙏 3y
MySharonaK @The_Penniless_Author deeply appreciated! Thank you so much 💖🙏 3y
Redwritinghood Oh no! I hope he recovers quickly. 3y
MySharonaK @Redwritinghood thank you so much, I appreciate it 💜🙏 3y
Palimpsest @MySharonaK How horrible! I‘m so sorry this happened and hope he recovers quickly. Sending positive thoughts for him and your family. 3y
MySharonaK @Palimpsest It is horrible 😢 thank you, I appreciate it so much 🧡🙏 3y
Trashcanman How is he doing? 3y
MySharonaK @Trashcanman thank you for asking! He‘s doing pretty much the same (which is positive in a way cause it‘s also not worse). They haven‘t decided yet regarding the operation but fingers crossed he won‘t need it 🧡🤞 3y
Trashcanman @MySharonaK I'm crossing mine to wishing him the best and I hope they catch the person who hit and ran 3y
Yuki_Onna @MySharonaK Fingers crossed so much for your dad!🤞 'Course I'm going to tell you about it, dearest - but only within the next days, because there is next to no Internet access where I currently am. Thinking so much about you and your dad! ❤ Let me know asap when there is some change! 3y
MySharonaK @Trashcanman thank you! 💜 3y
Angeles Best wishes for a quick and full recovery for your dad. My only suggestion given his injuries is to go for audiobooks so he doesn‘t need to hold up a heavy tome. Libro.fm allows you to gift audiobooks or subscriptions of the service for a few months so he can pick what he likes 3y
MySharonaK @Angeles thank you so much, I really appreciate it ! I didn‘t know about Libro.fm, does it work internationally? 💛🙏 3y
Angeles Yes according to their website. I am pasting what they posted in their website Where is Libro.fm available?

Anyone can buy audiobooks à la carte and purchase gift memberships, which can be bought for yourself or for others. The monthly membership is currently available only to customers in the U.S. and Canada. The Libro.fm community includes listeners from all over the world
Angeles How do I know if an audiobook is available in my country?

Since publishers often restrict where certain audiobooks can be sold, you‘ll be notified after you enter your credit card information if an audiobook is not available for purchase in your country (and of course, you won‘t be charged should that be the case). You can also search for audiobooks by country: Search here and select country availability in the filter
MySharonaK @Angeles thank you so much for taking the time and effort to find the answers! I really appreciate it and I think you‘re right and it‘s the best solution in his condition ❤️💖 3y
Angeles Best wishes ❤️ 3y
Meredeez88 Best wishes for your dad, so sorry for what he‘s going through! Sending healing energy to you and your family! ❤️ 3y
MySharonaK @Meredeez88 I really appreciate it! Thank you so much ❤️🙏 3y
CarolynM Sending lots of healing vibes to your dad and hugs to you 💕 3y
MySharonaK @CarolynM thank you so much! Hugs back 💜🙏!! 3y
Freespirit I hope your dad is ok. He looks very fit so that will help him get through this! 3y
MySharonaK @Freespirit thank you 💖 yes, you‘re right, he is into marathons and triathlons and even did the iron man competition a few times 🙏 3y
Trashcanman How's Pops doing? 3y
MySharonaK @Trashcanman thank you for asking 😘 still no change but the doctors are speaking about the possibility of releasing him over the weekend 🤞 3y
Trashcanman Still wishing you'll the best, I was hit by a car when I was 15 while riding a bike. Spent 16 days in the hospital. Then months more in physical therapy. I hope he gets to go home soon. 3y
MySharonaK @Trashcanman Thank you! I‘m so sorry to heart you‘ve been through this horrible experience too 💜 3y
BookNAround I‘m so sorry this happened to your dad! I hope he‘s improving. I remember loving the Dragonsinger series by Anne McCaffery. They might be up his alley. 3y
TheRiehlDeal Hope he makes a full recovery! 🤞 People who hit and run are the worst! At least have some dignity to stop and make sure the person is alright. And also call the police to say you hit someone and turn yourself in. 3y
Bookwomble 💖 1y
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The Memory Police | Yoko Ogawa
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I feel that my words won‘t do this novel justice. It‘s a rare beauty, a haunting tale that manages to stay quiet and gentle while letting the horrors creep in. It broke my heart but then also hugged me. When finished I felt that I wish it was longer. A true gem.

Gissy I really loved that novel and it broke my heart. Beautifully written. 3y
MySharonaK @Gissy Yes that‘s how I feel too ❤️ 3y
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Israel | Amy Rechner
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Upper Galilee, northern #Israel #foodandlit

Texreader Lovely!! Especially reading about Galilee right now! Thank you!! 3y
MySharonaK @Texreader thank you! Which book are you reading ? ❤️ 3y
Texreader @MySharonaK Michener‘s The Source 3y
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MySharonaK @Texreader Is it good so far? 3y
Butterfinger Gorgeous!! 3y
MySharonaK @Butterfinger thank you! 💚 3y
Texreader @MySharonaK Yes. Very descriptive of the country and of course it‘s history of religions. Christianity has just been introduced and I‘m almost halfway through 3y
MySharonaK @Texreader sounds interesting ! 3y
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Israel | Amy Rechner
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My mum‘s amazing vegan stuffed peppers 😍 to me these are not just part of Israeli culture but also part of my own childhood #israel #foodandlit

Chelsea.Poole Oh yum!! 3y
MySharonaK @Chelsea.Poole 😍 3y
Catsandbooks Beautiful colors!! ❤️🧡💛 3y
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CaffeineAndCandy Looks super yummy 😋 3y
Jari-chan Nomnom 🤩 3y
Graywacke Yum! 3y
Come-read-with-me Looks delicious! 3y
Palimpsest Yum! 3y
MySharonaK @Catsandbooks yesss! ❤️🧡💛 3y
MySharonaK @Jari-chan 100% ❤️ 3y
MySharonaK @Come-read-with-me it‘s so delicious 💜 3y
IuliaC My childhood too 😍👍 my mom stuffs them a mix of rice and vegetables 3y
MySharonaK @IuliaC that‘s so cool! 🥰 Is your mum Middle Eastern/ North African? 3y
IuliaC @MySharonaK No, she's Romanian, this dish is very popular throughout Romania; I guess it was brought in this region during the Ottoman empire 3y
MySharonaK @IuliaC interesting! my mum is originally Romanian as well! (From Botoșani) 3y
IuliaC @MySharonaK Wow, the world really is a small place 🥰 3y
MySharonaK @IuliaC It is ! 🥰 so cool 3y
Yuki_Onna @MySharonaK Ohhh, yummy!!! And vegan (I'm vegetarian) as well! 😍 Can you send me some, dear? 😋 😘 3y
MySharonaK @Yuki_Onna Darling! Why am I not surprised of this another similarity? It‘s amazing really that you are veggie too ❤️I‘m sending some stuffed peppers your way and hugs too! 😘😘❤️ 3y
Yuki_Onna @MySharonaK OMG - you are veggie, too??? I cannot believe it... 😁😳 Received the peppers and hugs already... 😋Love and hugs your way!!! 🤗😘🤗 3y
MySharonaK @Yuki_Onna yes!! 😀😀 thank you ! They‘ve arrived safely. Lots of love ❤️❤️❤️ 3y
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A Brief History of Underpants | Christine Van Zandt
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#ABriefHistoryofUnderpants #NetGalley

Thank you NetGalley for this one!
It was such a hilarious book. Filled with interesting facts, funny puns and great illustrations. This one is for kids and for the grownups who read it with them alike. Who knew underpants have such a history 😂

Aye Pluto | Leah Goldberg
post image

#wondrouswednesday thanks for the tag @ast_arslan 💜

1. Israel
2. Wales, United Kingdom
3. One younger brother
4. The tagged book

I tag : @yuki_onna @coreyanne @ddbookreviews @skurg if you feel like playing

MySharonaK If you‘re curious about the book, you can watch this video where the book is being read in English : https://fb.watch/4T4wBL-o0z/ 3y
Eggs Thanks for joining in 💕💕 3y
MySharonaK @Eggs 🧡🧡 3y
Yuki_Onna @MySharonaK ❤Thank you for the tag, dearest! I'm excited for this one!❤ 3y
MySharonaK @Yuki_Onna ❤️❤️ I‘m looking forward! 😘 3y
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post image

Jerusalem in the snow, picture taken from Mount Scopus. #Israel #foodandlit

Butterfinger Wow!! 3y
Texreader Amazing!! Thanks for sharing! 3y
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BarbaraBB Fantastic. That won‘t happen often! 3y
MySharonaK @BarbaraBB 🧡 very true, it‘s magical when it does! 3y
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Israel | Amy Rechner
post image

Beit Hillel, moshav in the north of #israel Mount Hermon in the background. #foodandlit

bthegood This looks beautiful. 3y
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Blind Date: Sex and Philosophy | Anne Dufourmantelle
post image

Wow so exciting! Thank you @Tattooedteacher for the amazing parcel! I can‘t stop smiling ❤️😍

Tattooedteacher Wow! I think that was super fast. I‘m so glad it arrived quickly. I hope you enjoy it. ❤️ 3y
MySharonaK @Tattooedteacher thank you so much ❤️ loving it! 3y
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rather_be_reading tht tea sounds delicious!! 3y
CaramelLunacy @MySharonaK I've been really interested in that one. Hope you enjoy (and tell us all about it!) 3y
MySharonaK @CaramelLunacy thank you! Will do 🌸 3y
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Israel | Amy Rechner
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Sunset in Tel Aviv. #israel #foodandlit

Butterfinger Gorgeous!!! 3y
MySharonaK @Butterfinger it is ❤️ 3y
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Butterfinger I just told my 18 year old that I want to travel to Israel for my retirement in 8 years. I have really enjoyed exploring it through book and food. 3y
Bookwormjillk @Butterfinger I was just thinking that when I get vaccinated I need to take an around the world trip 😂 3y
MySharonaK @Butterfinger that‘s lovely really, makes me happy to hear! 👏 I think you are going to love it, it is a beautiful country! I don‘t miss living there but I do miss it (does that make sense ?) 3y
MySharonaK @Bookwormjillk stop by in Wales? 3y
Butterfinger Yes. I'm reading Jesmyn Ward's Men We Reaped and she says multiple times how she loves and hates Mississippi. I get it. I do. 3y
MySharonaK @Butterfinger Complicated places can do this to us. How is the book? I think I‘m going to stack it ☺️ 3y
Bookwormjillk @MySharonaK I would love to! I spent a week in Wales in college and have always wanted to go back. Such a beautiful country. 3y
MySharonaK @Bookwormjillk 😍 yay! Hope you can visit again 3y
Butterfinger It's a hard read, but really a worthwhile read. 3y
ReadingisMyPassion My favorite city in all the world 3y
MySharonaK @ReadingisMyPassion ❤️ have you been there many times? 3y
Veebee The children playing with parents and grandparents on the beach, people dancing in groups , the lovely music in the background and a long relaxing stroll are my favourite memories of Tel Aviv. And yes, the fruits were just delicious ! 3y
MySharonaK @Veebee that‘s beautiful!! 💚😍 3y
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Poems from the Diwan | Judah (ha-Levi), Gabriel Levin
post image

Growing up in #Israel you are introduced to this poem pretty early on in school. Written by Yehuda Halevi (1075-1141) in Spain, a love and yearning poem for Israel. #foodandlit

Butterfinger This is so beautiful. 3y
Texreader Thank you for sharing. I‘ve read a bit of the history of Spain during this time period so this really resonates 3y
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TheBookHippie Love this!!! 🤍🤍🤍 3y
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post image

#InventedByAnimals #NetGalley

What a treat it was to review this one, thank you #NetGalley! It‘s such a lovely book about animals that inspired the technology we have now and will inspire the technology of the future, all while being mindful of the impact on our planet and how we can protect it more. The book is interesting and funny and I hope it‘s going to be translated into many languages. Total pick!

TheRiehlDeal I love the cover! So cute! 3y
MySharonaK @TheRiehlDeal right? It caught my attention right away 😍 3y
Yuki_Onna Awwwww.... 😍 3y
See All 6 Comments
MySharonaK @Yuki_Onna my friend! ❤️😍 3y
Tattooedteacher Oh this looks and sounds so good. 3y
MySharonaK @Tattooedteacher it is, and funny too! 3y
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Two-Week Wait: An Ivf Story | Luke Jackson, Kelly Jackson
post image

#TwoWeekWait #NetGalley

Thank you NetGalley for the privilege to review this graphic novel.
This is a heart-warming and heart-breaking (both at the same time) graphic novel.
Kelly and Luke Jackson are letting us in on their private journey through infertility, ivf, hope, dreams and heartbreaks. The art is simple but beautiful and the artist depicts emotions perfectly. I recommend this to anyone really as it‘s also about love and dreams ❤️

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Israel | Amy Rechner
post image

Look what is about to go in oven! This is the Challah bread, eaten mostly on the Sabbath or with Friday night dinner. It‘s sweet and comforting and goes with anything, from jam to shakshuka to spicy Moroccan fish (recipe in comments). #israel #foodandlit

Texreader Challah bread is so yummy 3y
MySharonaK @Texreader it is! 😍🥖 3y
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Buchbeeg Oh I've wanted to try making this for so long! I just made Platzek for the first time this Easter so I feel a little more confident in my bread making..... 3y
MySharonaK @Buchbeeg ohh I love platzek! How did it turn out? Good luck on making your first Challah ❤️ 3y
Nute Gosh, I just want to hang out with you...talk books and eat homemade bread!💕🥖🙂 3y
MySharonaK @Nute yes please!! I want that too 💜👭 hopefully someday! 😘 3y
Come-read-with-me This looks fantastic! 3y
MySharonaK @Come-read-with-me thank you! 😘 3y
Buchbeeg @MySharonaK Not as good as my Great Aunt Helen's....but good for a first try lol 3y
MySharonaK @Buchbeeg wish we could try each other‘s cooking through Litsy ! 3y
Buchbeeg @MySharonaK oh my gosh that would be awesome! 3y
UwannaPublishme 😋😋😋 3y
Tera66 They look beautiful! 3y
MySharonaK @Tera66 thank you 🧡 3y
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A Horse Walks Into a Bar | David Grossman, Jessica Cohen
post image

What can I say about this book that means so much to me? To me this is Grossman at his finest but it‘s also Israeli literature at its finest. In this short novel we go through the rollercoaster of collective and personal trauma in a way that only Grossman can do. (International Man Booker winner of 2017) #Israel #foodandlit

AnneCecilie I hope to read this book this month. 3y
MySharonaK @AnneCecilie I hope you like it 💚 I find it so powerful 3y
BarbaraBB I liked this one too but prefer his other books. 3y
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MySharonaK @BarbaraBB which one is your favourite? 3y
BarbaraBB My number one is the fantastic 3y
BarbaraBB And I also loved 3y
MySharonaK @BarbaraBB love them both! Have you watched the movie of 3y
BarbaraBB No! I didn‘t know there is a movie! 3y
MySharonaK @BarbaraBB it‘s from 2006, I thought it was good 😍 3y
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Tiras Ham | Miriam Roth
post image

Blast from the past! Little me in Israel reading my favourite book as a little child. This book is called Tiras Ham (Hot Corn) and tells the story of a group of friends walking the streets and singing about hot corn and looking forward to having it. This book was probably my first favourite book and made me nag my parents everyday for some corn on a cob. #Israel #foodandlit

Texreader How adorable!! 3y
MySharonaK @Texreader thank you 💕 3y
Butterfinger So precious. 3y
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Jessieleah So cute!! 3y
MySharonaK @Butterfinger thank you ❤️ 3y
MySharonaK @Jessieleah thank you! 😘 3y
Ruthiella What a cutie ! 😀 3y
MySharonaK @Ruthiella thank you 💚 3y
Yuki_Onna Awwwwww... (Sorry if this makes you feel like I'm talking about a baby kitten... 😝) You were and are and always will be such a cutie! 💞 3y
MySharonaK @Yuki_Onna aww thank you my friend! (I want to be baby kitten! 😻) lots of love to you 😘🌷💕 (edited) 3y
TheBookHippie This is just so cute. 3y
MySharonaK @TheBookHippie Thank you! 💜 3y
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Israel | Amy Rechner
post image

To me Israeli food is home and Israeli snacks are a big part of it. This snack is called Bamba, it‘s made from peanuts and I can say with confidence it‘s the most loved Israeli snack. Whenever I get a parcel from my loved ones in Israel, I know they are going to send some Bamba too. This one was sent by my lovely grandma last month ❤️ #israel #foodandlit

Yuki_Onna @MySharonaK Looks delicious! ❤Yumyum... 🍿Much love to you! 😘 3y
MySharonaK @Yuki_Onna ❤️❤️ thank you! And much love to you my darling 😘💕 3y
Smrloomis Cool, it‘s made out of peanuts or something peanut related right? I think I read about it because Israelis don‘t have a lot of kids with peanut allergies... something like that. 3y
See All 9 Comments
MySharonaK @Smrloomis yes you‘re absolutely right! it‘s made from peanuts and because Israeli children eat Bamba from a pretty young age, peanut allergy is not as common there 3y
Smrloomis @MySharonaK thanks! I really wish I could remember where I read that 😂 but glad it‘s at least true! 3y
Butterfinger I hope I can find some. 3y
MySharonaK @Butterfinger I think you can find Bamba on Amazon US :) 3y
Butterfinger @MySharonaK @AmyK1 I just ordered some from Amazon. 3y
MySharonaK @Butterfinger awesome! Can‘t wait to hear what you think 😍 3y
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Just before we are leaving #Ethiopia and moving to #Israel I thought I‘d recommend this Israeli Tv series that combines a little bit of both. Nevsu (means soul in Amharic) is an Israeli sitcom about a mixed family of Ethiopian Jews and Ashkenazi Jews, as they navigate through prejudices and clash of cultures. The series won the international Emmy, it is partly in Hebrew and partly in Amharic but there are subtitles too :) enjoy! #foodandlit

ReadingRachael Thanks for sharing! 3y
Texreader How cool is that?? 3y
MySharonaK @Texreader right?? So cool!! 3y
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Freshwater | Akwaeke Emezi
post image

The wonderful @readordierachel has not only made my day, but my month ❤️ so excited and looking forward to starting this. Thank you Rachel 😘🙏

readordierachel Yay! I'm so glad it made it to you. Enjoy ❤ 3y
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post image

After seeing how I‘m so focused on Ethiopia in the past month, my husband surprised me and made us this lovely Ethiopian red lentils dish with a fresh injera! ❤️ #ethiopia #foodandlit

MommyWantsToReadHerBook Ooh, looks lovely! Recipe? 😜 3y
Butterfinger How sweet!!! 3y
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MommyWantsToReadHerBook @MySharonaK thank you! Now I want to learn to make niter kibbeh and berbere! 3y
MySharonaK @MommyWantsToReadHerBook the berbere is so nice and spicy! Hope you enjoy 😍 3y
Texreader Yum!! 3y
MySharonaK @Texreader it really was! We agreed we are now going to have it more often 3y
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post image

This one about the history and tradition of tea in Japan is free for Kindle today. Enjoy 🍵(link in first comment)

MySharonaK @Yuki_Onna my dear you may be interested in this one 3y
Yuki_Onna @MySharonaK Looks so good, dear! 🙏 Let's see when I'll be able to read again... 😩 Have you read it?
I still have the two books ready for youand STILL wasn't able to post them... SORRY, my darling! I'll get them to you soon (hopefully 😰)! 💖
MySharonaK @Yuki_Onna not yet but I got a copy and hopefully will be able to get to it soon! Please don‘t worry my darling 💕 it‘s ok 🌷😍😍 3y
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Hi, Cat! | Ezra Jack Keats
post image


Yuki_Onna 😂 🤣 3y
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Unknown Book 7535597 | Unknown Unknown
post image

Thank you for the tag @Eggs ❤️
1. Right now the book by my bed is Woman with Birthmark by Håkan Nesser.
2. I normally organise by genre and in the genre I organise alphabetically.
3. Sadly all my books are in boxes atm so I‘m using @Eggs shelfie.

I tag : @readordierachel @Yuki_Onna @WormForWords

Yuki_Onna @MySharonaK 💕Thank youuu for the tag, dearest! I only saw it right now... I'll play it asap!
Why are all you books in boxes, btw? 📚 Are you moving? Or redecorating?
Lots of love to you! 💞
MySharonaK @Yuki_Onna 💕💕 our landlord is renovating the house and the workers took all the book shelves down! Lots of love my friend 😍💙 3y
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post image

The best coffee I‘ve ever had. Ethiopian coffee is like no other! #foodandlit #Ethiopia

Cathythoughts I‘d love to try it 👍🏻 3y
MySharonaK @Cathythoughts hope you can! You won‘t regret it, the smell is divine too 3y
Texreader What a great photo! I don‘t like coffee but you‘re almost making me want to try Ethiopian coffee! 3y
MySharonaK @Texreader aw thank you ! I think that you‘ll love the smell even if you are not a fan of coffee 3y
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post image

Back before there was covid my dad came to visit us and we all enjoyed a wonderful injera and the best coffee I‘ve ever had, at an Ethiopian restaurant. Can‘t wait to go there again #foodandlit #ethiopia

A Good Man | Ani Katz
post image

First and most importantly, this is a well written thriller, it took me a bit to get into but then I devoured most of the book in a day. The downside is that the matter of fact way of telling the story as well as the predictable ending left me feeling underwhelmed.

WormForWords I must say, I got very excited when I saw ‘MySharona‘ because that‘s my name and I usually use that as a username as well and I‘ve never seen another!! 😅🥰 3y
MySharonaK @WormForWords wow now I‘m very excited! Never met another ❤️❤️ 3y
WormForWords My grandfather named me after the song. So exciting to finally meet another!! I‘m over in Australia but it‘s very exciting to meet you! ✨ 3y
MySharonaK @WormForWords So good to meet you!!!I‘m in the UK 💕 3y
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My Dark Vanessa | Kate Elizabeth Russell
post image

I can‘t remember the last time I cried so much while reading a book (and then after finishing it). This one is a painful read, haunting even, but it is also beautifully written and asks very important questions.

Yuki_Onna @MySharonaK So true.
And so good to see a post from you today! Still not able to express myself in talking atm, but I think about you a lot ❤
MySharonaK @Yuki_Onna my dear! I think of you a lot and want you not to worry about being able to speak, I will be here/email for when you are ready ❤️ sending big hugs 💕💕🌸🌸 3y
Yuki_Onna @MySharonaK My sweetheart! ❤❤❤ 3y
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MySharonaK @Yuki_Onna ❤️👭❤️ 3y
SabGinesi This is on my TBR!!! 3y
MySharonaK @SabGinesi I‘m looking forward to reading your review after you finish 🌷 3y
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You Let Me In | Lucy Clarke
post image

I like that it keeps you guessing and that there are a few surprises! At first I was put off by these different narrators but it actually what did it for me in the end. Can you please recommend another Lucy Clarke that you liked?

LitStephanie Is this a mystery novel? 3y
MySharonaK @LitStephanie yes it is 😊 3y
LitStephanie Great, I have really been enjoying escaping into a good mystery lately! 3y
MySharonaK @LitStephanie I feel the same! 😘 3y
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Sometimes I Lie | Alice Feeney
post image

I think so-so is the best description for this one. Some of the twists are good and thought-through, some feel rushed and meh. I think I am going to give the TV series a try when it's out because I want to see if they are able to improve the meh bits and focus on the good ones. What did you all think about Sometimes I Lie?

LazyOwl I didn't mind it. I read it a while ago for book club, but in saying that I don't read much in this genre, so my expectations are not too high. I didn't realise there was a TV series. I will have to check it out. 3y
MySharonaK @LazyOwl the series is with Sarah Michelle Gellar as the main character but I‘m not sure when it‘s going to be released 3y
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The Discomfort of Evening | Marieke Lucas Rijneveld
post image

Finally finished this book. I could barely stomach it, literally it made me feel queasy and nauseous. Not only is it an uncomfortable read it‘s also disgusting and has everything in the world that is triggering and upsetting. The author is talented, because her ability to tell a story in a fresh and believable way, however, I won‘t recommend this book to anybody. when I finished I was so glad to return the book to the library and be off with it

Texreader Thanks for the warnings! I‘ll have to steer clear and of this one! 3y
lazydaizee This book sounds like it could be upsetting for the reader. I like to read to escape , so I will not be reading this . 3y
MySharonaK @Carolyn60 that‘s exactly that! , not only is there no escapism but it has cruelty and abuse 3y
See All 6 Comments
charl08 I've yet to hear a positive review of this one! 3y
Soul What is it exactly about? 3y
MySharonaK @Soul it‘s the story of a family living in rural Netherlands and how they deal with grief over the death of the son 3y
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Untitled | Unknown
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Thank you @The_Penniless_Author

1. The last one was a book I bought for my daughter Walls - Emma Fischel

2. No but I plan on buying quite a few soon as the holidays are approaching

Do you want to do this? @Karisa @Carolyn60 @Bookishgal71

TheSpineView Thanks for playing! 😊 3y
Rosiewilly8 I‘m doing this too 3y
See All 8 Comments
Leslie_Ak2Oh 1) a whole series about warrior cats for my daughter. 2) no, but it‘s the season 😉 3y
MySharonaK @Leslie_in_AK warrior cats sounds exciting! 3y
WJCintron 1. The Queen's Gambit (sooooo good, currently reading)
2. YES!!! 😃
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post image

That‘s what friends are for ❤️ (sorry I haven‘t been posting anything for a while, I have a bad virus that is refusing to leave and so I‘ve been mostly in bed for the past few weeks and not able to read at all - missed being here very much)

CarolynM Hope you feel better soon💐 3y
MySharonaK @CarolynM thank you so much 🌷😘 3y
Mrs_B Get well soon ! 3y
See All 32 Comments
LazyOwl Feel better soon 💕 3y
CaitZ Hope you feel better soon 3y
kspenmoll Get well soon- sounds awful! 3y
JessClark78 Hope you feel better soon. 🌸 3y
JacqMac I hope you feel better soon. 3y
claudiuo I hope you get well soon. We need you around here! 3y
MySharonaK @Mrs_B thank you 😘 3y
MySharonaK @LazyOwl thank you! 🌷❤️ 3y
MySharonaK @CaitZ thank you 💜 3y
MySharonaK @kspenmoll thank you! Yes I‘m soooo over this 😂🌷♥️ (edited) 3y
MySharonaK @JessClark78 thank you ! 💐💜 3y
MySharonaK @JacqMac thank you !🦋🌹 3y
MySharonaK @claudiuo aw thank you! You made me smile 😍😘 3y
Tanisha_A Get well soon! ❤️ 3y
eeclayton Feel better soon! ❤️ 3y
MySharonaK @Tanisha_A thank you! ♥️ 3y
MySharonaK @eeclayton thank you!! 💝 3y
Kelly_the_Bookish_Sidekick Being too sick to read is such a bummer. I hope you feel better soon. 🌻 3y
MySharonaK @Kelly_the_Bookish_Sidekick it is!! Thank you ♥️🌹 3y
Jess861 Feel better! 3y
MySharonaK @Jess861 thank you! 💐 3y
UwannaPublishme Hope you‘re feeling better! ❤️ 3y
MySharonaK @UwannaPublishme thank you 💜!! 3y
Sace I missed this 4 days ago, but this is such a lovely post. I'm glad you are feeling better and hope you continue to heal. 3y
MySharonaK @Sace thank you for your sweet words! I am on the mend (hopefully!) hope you‘re doing well ❤️ 3y
Yuki_Onna @MySharonaK Oh dear, how could I possibly miss that post? 😓Hope you feel much better by now! I haven't forgotten about you, dear, it's just been a very strange time... 🥴I'm on that island with limited internet access again...I'll write to you as soon as possible-I've got so much to tell you! ❤ 3y
MySharonaK @Yuki_Onna thank you for writing my dear friend ❤️ hope you have a lovely time on the island and that you are feeling much better! Can‘t wait to have a long chat with you 💐😘🌷❤️💕 3y
LisaD Feel better @MySharonaK! ❤️💐❤️ 3y
MySharonaK @LisaD thank you!! ♥️💕🌹 3y
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It‘s October!!! 🍂👻🎃

Clwojick Me! 3y
Fantasy_bookworm relatable 3y
Read-y_Picker I feel seen. 3y
sharread Meeeee 🤣😁❤👍🧟‍♀️🧟‍♂️👻 3y
IzzyBarlow Spoopy cute things are perfection.
you hear me? P E R F E C T I O N
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Once You Go This Far | Kristen Lepionka
post image

I *LOVE* this series! I found myself so invested in the book and in Roxane‘s character and I just can‘t wait for book 5. Go read this series ❤️

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Untitled | Unknown
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Thank you for the tag @Sharpeipup
1. Rarely actually
2. Coffee most of the time, tea when it's cold or when I've had too much coffee

I tag @Yuki_Onna @Soytoosaucy @readingwino @JonathanVera if you feel like doing it :)

TheSpineView Thanks for playing! 📚❤📚 3y
Yuki_Onna 😍 Thank youuu for the tag! 💞 Your answers are perfect (mine are going to sound similar...)! 😅 3y
MySharonaK @Yuki_Onna ❤️❤️ I knew you‘re a coffee lover too 😍 3y
See All 37 Comments
Yuki_Onna @MySharonaK 🤗 ☕ Coffee!!! *Yum*
How are you, dear? I had to undergo my first Covid-19 test on Monday... A not so pleasant experience... 😣 Got my result yesterday - Negative, thank God... 😊
MySharonaK @Yuki_Onna oh no! I‘m sorry you had to go through that, but so glad it was negative! Are you feeling unwell dear? ❤️ I‘m the same more or less as I was last time, my health is really giving me some grief at the moment 3y
Yuki_Onna @MySharonaK Oh no, dear! So sorry you're still not feeling well! I hope there are better times to come soon! ❤ ❤
Jep, I'm on sick leave at the moment because of some virus infection. Not that bad, I've had worse, but I have such a headache, I cannot concentrate at all... 😣

Do you plan on participating in any readathon in October, by the way? October is one of my fav months - spooky season, yay! - and I hope I'll feel better by then...
MySharonaK @Yuki_Onna thank you darling and for you as well! I‘m sorry to hear you‘re feel unwell and that it‘s hard to concentrate❤️❤️ hope you get better soon 🤞🤞. Actually I‘ve never participated in a readathon and I‘m not sure I know what they are (?) but I do love spooky literature and movies! 3y
Yuki_Onna @MySharonaK Grrrr, my computer keeps crashing... 😣 I've already got a new one, but I'm too lazy to set it up and to transfer all my data... 😅 So I keep using the old one, and that has one of its bad days today... 😩 Sorry to keep you waiting... 3y
MySharonaK @Yuki_Onna don‘t worry at all! But tell your computer to stop causing troubles! 😘 3y
Yuki_Onna @MySharonaK I'll try to tell it that,yep! Let's see what it says back...😆
Just talking to you makes me feel better, dear! ❤
Well, every readathon has its own rule... The general purpose is to read as much as possible and to have fun! And since you like thrillers, too, I thought we could do a readathon together in October! What do you think?👻
MySharonaK @Yuki_Onna I feel the same! ❤️ and yes that‘s a great idea, I‘m excited! 🧙‍♀️💀👻 3y
Yuki_Onna @MySharonaK ❤❤❤!!!
The easiest thing will be to participate in #Screamathon - the only thing you need to do is to post your TBR before October 1st (the spookier the better! 💀) and to tag 4thhouseontheleft on #Screamathon-related posts.
The funniest would be, however, if you signed up for #Scarathlon2020! ('cause I participate, too! 🌞) I'll happily explain you the rules (now that I finally got them myself... 😅)
MySharonaK @Yuki_Onna ooh thank you so much! I‘m excited and yes I‘ll join the one you are joining ❤️❤️❤️ 3y
Yuki_Onna @MySharonaK I'm sorry, my pc just refused to work yesterday. It took me so long to get it back running after each crash, so I gave up eventually. 😵Today it seems to work a bit better... How was your day? 3y
MySharonaK @Yuki_Onna ❤️ how are you feeling? Are you on the mend from the virus you‘re having? I‘m the same as yesterday but perhaps less fatigued. Glad your pc is a little better behaved today ! 3y
Yuki_Onna @MySharonaK 👍 Less fatigued is always good! 😅
The virus... It seems to behave a bit like my pc - sometimes good, sometimes not so much... 🙄 Still some headache, dizziness and feeling unwell... Thanks for asking, dear! 😘 I somehow made it to the library today to pick up some books I requested, but now I feel like... 😖 Brrr...
MySharonaK @Yuki_Onna 😍 now that you have your books you can stay in and rest, is it stormy there too? 3y
Yuki_Onna @MySharonaK Yes, that's the good part. I'm soo looking forward to reading in my bed tonight! 😄 Oh yes, it started raining heavily about two hours ago here. No storm yet, thank God, because my hubby is still at work. Once he is safely home, it's ok for the storm to start... 😅 I love having quiet evenings in when there's rough weather outside... Has it been stormy for some time in Wales or has it also started tonight? 3y
MySharonaK @Yuki_Onna hopefully your hubby gets back before it starts to be stormy! Yes, it has been stormy tonight, it started today around noon time I would say, it‘s so odd, as a couple of days ago it was about 22 degrees! 3y
Yuki_Onna @MySharonaK I hope so, too! ... -Yes! It's been the exact same here, we've also had exceptionally warm and nice days till today at about noon - some people still went bathing in lakes yesterday! And today at noon it started getting cloudy. Strange... But I guess it's becoming autumn finally... Do you live at the coast or near to the border of England? 3y
MySharonaK @Yuki_Onna the coast but not the far west end. I would say South-West Wales. 3y
Yuki_Onna @MySharonaK Yay, both from the south-west! >South-West Germany here. 😁 Do you live at the seaside then? How cool! That's a dream of mine, living at the cast with the sea nearby... *sigh* Unfortunately I live pretty much inland, it's about 800 km to the sea from where I live... 😞
Are you still interested in doing the 'buddy-readathon' in October? That would be so cool!
MySharonaK @Yuki_Onna 800 km from the sea is too far! I‘ll send you sea vibes 🏝😘 yes I am interested ! Can you give me your email please and we can talk about it in length there ? ❤️ 3y
Yuki_Onna @MySharonaK Thank you!!! I love sea vibes! 😍 Just what I need...
Is there a way to send each other private messages? I'll gladly give you my email addy, but I'm afraid I'll be getting spammed by strangers if I just put it here... ?
MySharonaK @Yuki_Onna yes I know what you mean!! Sadly I don‘t think there‘s a way to send private messages 🤔 3y
Yuki_Onna @MySharonaK Hmm.... 😬 The solution I could think of: Are you also on LibraryThing, the 'parent website' of Litsy? (It's free as well. I am, with the same username.). They have a 'private message' option. ... 🌞 3y
MySharonaK @Yuki_Onna I‘ll try there then 🤞 3y
Yuki_Onna @MySharonaK How cool! 💗 3y
Yuki_Onna @MySharonaK You can put an open comment on a member's wall, but you can also tick the 'private comment' box... 👍 3y
MySharonaK @Yuki_Onna done 🌺 3y
Yuki_Onna @MySharonaK Thank you so much! Got it! 💗 Sent you my email addy as well. Shall we write to each other tomorrow? Because I'm sooo tired... I need to go to sleep. 😴 I'm going to write you tomorrow, IF my *dear* pc is willing to work properly. ... 😁 😁 Good night, dear! 😘 3y
MySharonaK @Yuki_Onna thank you! Yes let‘s talk tomorrow dear. Sleep well and hope you feel better tomorrow 😍😘🏝 3y
timeisfleeting I love treasure hunting for books! I like both tea and coffee while reading-- just depends on my mood. 3y
MySharonaK @timeisfleeting where do you usually book hunt? 3y
timeisfleeting @MySharonaK-- I look for books everywhere-- library sales, garage/yard sales, rummage sales, thrift shops. Sometimes I find them in unlikely places. I recently went to a building supply/closeout store (someplace I wouldn't normally expect to find books) and the owner had piles of brand-new books. When I asked how much for them-- he said they were free, take what I wanted. They were all historic or fiction-- nothing to do with building/renovating! 3y
MySharonaK @timeisfleeting wow amazing! A gift for the book lover 😍 3y
timeisfleeting 😊 😊Yep-- @MySharonaK-- the unexpected finds in out of the way places sort of feel like stumbling upon buried treasure, or Christmas X D 👌 3y
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The Dutch House | Ann Patchett
post image

It took me a while to write this review, I‘m not sure why. I found The Dutch House beautiful (and look how beautiful the cover is too), it talked about things that are important to me and some of the things I fear so I guess it felt close to home. I recommend it to anyone who wants to read something beautiful

HOTPock3tt I adored this book! ♥️ 3y
MySharonaK @HOTPock3tt isn‘t it just beautiful? ❤️ 3y
tangled_mind I wish to read this book now after reading your review thanks! 3y
See All 6 Comments
MySharonaK @tangled_mind great! Can‘t wait to read your review on it 3y
tangled_mind @MySharonaK I will surely read and review this 3y
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Arven 1: Eragon | Christopher Paolini
post image

Thank you for the tag @philonist

1. I am a cat person. I like dogs and think they're super cute but cats have my heart

2. grateful that my daughter went back to school today and even though she was very nervous she said she had a brilliant day!

I tag @readingover50 @geemom1118 @wonderlandmind if you feel like doing 😃

kspenmoll 😻😻 3y
Cosmos_Moon Yay for kids being back in school! My two boys are just getting through their first week. 3y
See All 10 Comments
MySharonaK @Cosmos_Moon how did it go for them? 3y
Cosmos_Moon I think it‘s been okay. It was rough on me... they moved school start time from 8:40 to 7:20, so that‘s been hard. 3y
MySharonaK @Cosmos_Moon that‘s really challenging! Especially for the parents. Ours was moved forward to 9:10 3y
Cosmos_Moon Yes, and it‘s not like our work days have gotten any shorter... they still have to be in aftercare many days til 5 or 6 and we‘re still doing the same amount of after school activities that can go until after 9. It‘s really been a tough week adjusting from being out of school since mid-March. They announced the time change at the end of may when everyone had already been out of school a couple months. 3y
MySharonaK @Cosmos_Moon yes exactly! It takes a lot of adjustments 😓is it going to stay 7:20 for the rest of the term? 3y
Cosmos_Moon Yes, it was a change across the school district. We are the largest district in the state. They made HS later and elementary earlier. 3y
MySharonaK @Cosmos_Moon 😓 oh no 3y
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The Family Upstairs | Lisa Jewell
post image

The book is really good and the more it progressed the more I was unable to put it down (reading until 4 am?), however after it was all finished I felt a bit underwhelmed and that the story itself was better than its conclusion. I‘m giving it a pick anyway because it‘s worth reading and really grabs the reader! Do you have any recommendations on the Lisa Jewell I should read next please? (Already read Then She Was Gone)

ReadingisMyPassion On my TBR list 3y
MySharonaK @ReadingisMyPassion hope you enjoy it! I would love to know your opinion on this one ❣️ 3y
Redy2trvl I enjoyed Girls in the Garden. Quick, suspenseful read. 3y
MySharonaK @Redy2trvl thank you! I‘m gonna check that one out 💐 3y
Soul There's only book I read in suspense .... that's...."the girl on the train" ...it was quite thriller but I hope there must be better one's... any recommendations? 3y
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Untitled | Unknown
post image

thank you for the tag @Coleen_Nieto

1. I would say about once a week
2. Wow at least 20, probably more... 😮

I tag @wastedmindsx @Hilary427 @Bhawinnie @Stephani06

The Riddle-Master of Hed | Patricia A. McKillip
post image

Thank you for the tag @sharpeipup

1. The Beatles - Oh Darling!

2. My 5 and a half months of shielding because of the corona virus are finally over and I could leave the house this week!

I tag @Therewillbebooks @laurenmreviews @CatGusMax @NataliePatalie if you feel like doing it 😃

Cosmos_Moon Yay for getting out in the world! I hope we can all return to our regular lives and routines soon. 4y
MySharonaK @Cosmos_Moon yes! I hope so too.❤️ 4y
Ruthiella I love Oh Darling too! 4y
See All 6 Comments
NataliePatalie Ooo have fun in the outside world! Stay safe 😷 4y
MySharonaK @NataliePatalie thank you 💐 you too! ❣️ 4y
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The House on the Lake | Nuala Ellwood
post image

It is hard to do something new and refreshing in this genre, and I think this one manages to do something different. This one is not perfect, there are some flaws and some of the twists were only ok, but it still manages to hold your interest and makes you think about right and wrong and how the line between them is very blurry at times.

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Untitled | Unknown
post image

Thank you @Dazen for the tag! ♥

1. Tickets to see King Crimson (twice!)

2. My family and especially my dad

3. I am a translator and what I like most about it is the exposure to new worlds and new information

I tag @MynameisSnow @Yuki_Onna @UwannaPublishme @Soytoosaucy

MynameisSnow 1. Rollerblades when I was about 12. Went all over town in them all summer. 2) My mom- she had the best reading voice and was so animated about it when I was little. She used to read me nursery rhymes 3) I‘m an account manager for a janitorial supply company and. I love talking to my customers each day (edited) 4y
MynameisSnow Translator would be a neat job. Wish I was bilingual! 4y
MySharonaK @MynameisSnow thank you for answering, I love reading your answers! Rollerblades were really amazing, sometimes I wish I still had those. If you could know another language, which one would you choose? 4y
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MynameisSnow @MySharonaK hmmm either Italian or Russian. They both sound so beautiful. I took German in high school but I don‘t remember anything. What languages do you speak? 4y
MySharonaK @MynameisSnow I would love to know some Russian too! It‘s such a beautiful language and it‘s got some of the best idioms. I speak English, Hebrew, some Dutch and ASL 4y
MynameisSnow 💕 4y
Eggs Great responses 👏🏻📚🤗❤️ 4y
Eggs @MynameisSnow Thanks for joining in 👏🏻📚❤️ 4y
Yuki_Onna @MySharonaK Thank youuu for the tag!!! 😍 I'm too late to answer this week though, so I'll play as soon as possible, dear! 💐
So cool you are a translator, btw! That used to be one of my dream jobs for a long time... Hebrew is such a great language as well! I took a Hebrew course once back at uni but didn't get along with the teacher and quit and that was that... Have a great evening! 💙
MySharonaK @Yuki_Onna lovely darling! Looking forward to reading your answers 🌹😻 hope you can do some Hebrew lessons in the future, it‘s a very hard language but you speak German so I‘m sure you‘ll ace at it too. Have a wonderful night 😘😘😘 4y
Yuki_Onna @MySharonaK Thank you! The same to you! ❤ 4y
Yuki_Onna @MySharonaK ...and thank you for the sweet compliment! Talking to you always puts a smile on my face! ❤ Have a good night! ❤ ❤ 4y
MySharonaK @Yuki_Onna ❤️🧡💛💜 4y
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Just finished the excellent HBO documentary series based on Michelle McNamara‘s book and I have to say that I highly recommend it. The series focussed on both the hunt for the Golden State Killer as well as Michelle‘s life and journey. Gripping and yet touching

MynameisSnow I enjoyed the book as well. I think I'm one episode away from being done with the documentary. Boy she was quite a cocktail of pills. I felt really bad for her, I felt like she was trapped by this whole mission, and while I am glad that she put so much into it, I feel bad for the darkness she lived each day. 4y
MySharonaK @MynameisSnow I feel the same as you and agree with all you‘ve said. I think it was more consuming than she had ever imagined 4y
Kimberlone I haven‘t watched the last episode yet, but the documentary series did a great job of delving into the GSK case, as well as incorporating Michelle‘s research and life 4y
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CaramelLunacy I haven't seen this, but was fascinated by the book 4y
Gaylagal2 I just loved every minute of HBOs docuseries on Michelle McNamara. It will probably be ties now with The Trials of Gabriel Fernandez by Netflix. 🤙 4y
MySharonaK @Gaylagal2 oh I haven‘t watched the Gabriel Fernandez yet. But now after what you‘ve said I really want to 4y
NataliePatalie Oh I didn't realize the series was out! I read the book awhile back. It took place around my hometown 👀 4y
MySharonaK @NataliePatalie 😮 was the case still talked about in your hometown before the book came out? 4y
NataliePatalie Yes! Especially once the mystery was solved! Crazy stuff 😳 4y
MySharonaK @NataliePatalie really crazy! 😥 4y
rather_be_reading theres a series!!? 😮 4y
MySharonaK @rather_be_reading yes, and it‘s very good! 4y
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Thank you for the tag @MoonWitch94

1. The tagged book is probably the one I enjoyed most so far in 2020. It was dark, eerie and with twists I could not predict.

2. Normally yes, I love doing that, but I had to stop doing this for a while because my tbr is getting to the point that I will have to live to 560 to finish all of it. 😂

I tag @nosferatu @bookadict @pratham49 if you want to play ♥

TheSpineView Thanks for playing! 🤩📚 4y
Soul 1. Five feet apart 3y
Soul 2. Always 3y
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Don't Trust Him | Lisa Cutts
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Thank you for the tag @aperfectmjk

I only just started Don't Trust Him but so far I'm feeling 😁 about it!

I tag @Yuki_Onna if you feel like doing it

Yuki_Onna @MySharonaK Thank you for the tag! 😍 Will play that next tuesday! 👍 Have a great second half of the week! 4y
MySharonaK @Yuki_Onna thank you! You too ❤️🥰 4y
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The Family | Louise Jensen
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This is an interesting mystery novel. I was sure I got it all figured out and even thought it was going to be a rip-off of Fog Island, but it managed to surprise and have a few interesting twist and turns. While it wasn‘t as creepy as I wanted and I did guess some of the twists, it was creepy enough and thought provoking enough for me to give it a ‘pick‘. (Also it takes place in Wales!🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿)

Yuki_Onna 👋 Wales! 🤘 4y
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Cats on Instagram | @Cats_of_instagram
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Hope you feel better soon Maya ❤️ here‘s a picture of Giles in the recycling bin (he‘s a funny cat!) , wishing you full recovery as soon as possible

Gissy So cute!😻💚💚💚💚 4y
MySharonaK @Gissy thank you so much 💚💚💚💚 4y
IuliaC Oh 😍 4y
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savvyliterate Awww he is so adorable! Feel better, Maya! (edited) 4y
MySharonaK @savvyliterate thank you! Giles is such a sweet cat 😻 4y
OnlyYoo Is your cat named after the Buffy character? 4y
MySharonaK @OnlyYoo no, actually. My 8 year old daughter picked the name (“because it‘s a posh name!” - Her words) and we said yes because of the character from Buffy and the brothers Giles who started King Crimson 4y
OnlyYoo Haha posh name is as good a reason as any! It is a very sweet name 4y
Gissy Those beautiful green eyes💚 4y
MySharonaK @Gissy 💚 thank you! Just had a staring contest with him (and I lost...!) 4y
UwannaPublishme 😻😻😻 4y
Nute OMG! What a super cute photo! Hey Giles!😺💛 4y
MySharonaK @Nute ❤️😻👋 4y
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Good Girl | Mary Kubica
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As far as the story goes it was pretty interesting (though I didn‘t really care for the parts told from the detective‘s POV). Though a bit predictable at times and not exactly a thriller I did enjoy the story and how it unfolded. The big problem I had with the book is that the tone felt racist at times.

MySharonaK It was also very far from being pro-choice (I felt the author lectured the reader about that) 4y
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The Girl in the Woods | Patricia MacDonald
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In the first few chapters the writing felt quite childish and unedited for me, and just as I was about to DNF it gotten much better. The problem for me with this one is that the twists were not surprising and most of them were sort of predictable. However I would like to try another book by this author that perhaps would be a better fit for me.

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