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Sojourner Truth: Ain't I a Woman? | Patricia C McKissack, Pat McKissack
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#MayMoms - Matriarch: Sojourner Truth. Why? Because in 1851 she poised herself in full height at a podium during a Women‘s Convention and permeated the air with the question, “Ain‘t I a Woman?” Because she advocated the abolition of slavery and championed civil and women‘s rights to a nation not ready to accord such basic human principles to all of its citizens/inhabitants/peoples.👇🏽

Nute Because she went to court against an enslaving system and popular frame of mind to demand the return of her young son who had been sold into slavery illegally in the south simply as his mother. Because she did all of that and so much more in the nineteenth century when that shit was hard, unnerving and often life-threatening for black folks. Because her work remains undone.

Photo Credit: Displate Metal Posters Artwork
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TrishB I‘ve read some basic stuff about this lady. Awesome doesn‘t cover it! 2y
Eggs Great choice and beautiful image! 2y
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Centique Your posts for may moms are beautiful to look at AND beautiful to read Kimberley! I need to read and learn about Sojourner Truth and Angela Davis 😍 2y
kspenmoll I treasure your posts. They are so articulate and poetic. Your vision is so creative and inspiring.Thank you.💕💕 2y
Bookwomble Not seen you on Litsy for a little while, Kimberley. Hope you and yours are well. Sending good vibes 💖 2y
Centique Hi Kimberley! Hope you are well ♥️ Missing your beautiful posts xx 2y
vivastory I hope that you are doing well & reading some books 📚 2y
Bookwomble Hey, Kimberley. Still missing your posts. Hope you are well 💝 2y
CBee Hi @Nute ♥️ Hope all is well with you 😊 2y
Deblovestoread Hey Kimberley, thought of you today and hope all is well. Miss you! 2y
Reggie Hi Kimberly!! Somebody brought up The Ruins and I thought of you. Hope all is well, and you are missed! 2y
Chrissyreadit Adding to the people who miss you ❤️ 2y
Amiable I keep checking your profile to see if you‘re back yet. 😕 I‘m on the long list of people who miss you and hope you are well! 1y
Bookwomble 💖 1y
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks Hey!! Just checking on you ❤️ 1y
kspenmoll Thinking of you 12mo
Bklover I miss your posts! 12mo
CBee Miss you, friend 💚 11mo
Yuki_Onna Dear, are you ok? Miss you! 💙 9mo
Bookwormjillk I was just thinking about you 6mo
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Mom & Me & Mom | Maya Angelou
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#MayMoms - Mom in Title: I didn‘t know for awhile that this book was considered a part of Maya Angelou‘s autobiographical series. It makes sense though that it would be since it brings her narrative full circle. Back to the one who gave her life, not created her life, but carried her living self safely inside at the beginning. Though that mother abandons her children (relocates them far from her to live thousands of miles away in another state👇🏽

Nute with their grandmother), they find their way back to one another and to a reconciling relationship. This mother is allowed to assume the position of “gap-stander” as her daughter becomes a mother and faces the challenges of grownup relationships, motherhood and the struggles of single parenting. These two women as mother & daughter and then daughter & mother gain lessons of grace, mercy, compassion, tenderness and care.👇🏽 2y
Nute It‘s a profound journey to come back to the beginning through the lens of forgiveness as a parent child relationship is reflected on.

The entire series is Highly Recommended!
Nute Application: AdobeSpark (quote idea inspired by Amazon page) 2y
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Suet624 Lovely review. 2y
Eggs Beautiful 😍 2y
DivineDiana Your review honors this incredible woman. I was so moved by her life story as told through her books. 2y
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks ❤️❤️❤️ 2y
ValerieAndBooks I‘ve read the whole series 💖 2y
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#MayMoms - Iconic: So many strong and brilliant women from which to choose. An awesome prompt. We need at least 365 days of recognition for female iconoclasm and reformation to political, social and patriarchal structure)!
I landed upon Angela Davis. Definitely iconic! I don‘t know if she mothered a child. I do know that she mothered a movement or at least fanned the flames, nursed it to fruition!👇🏽

Nute Fed its hunger and desperation with her strength of mind and fearless voice. Imagine saying out loud, I refuse to tolerate injustices and accept discrimination and infringement upon human rights, as a female at any time in history. We have so many brave and courageous women to cast our gaze upon. Their conduct exemplary, iconic if we hold it to excellence, possibly veneration.

Photo Credit: Angela Davis portrait - Christina Tarkoff Oil Paintings
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Readerann I heard her speak at a YWCA luncheon last week. She is still amazing and inspiring at age 78! 2y
Eggs I agree Kimberly ~ brave women are magic ✨✨ Eloquent post 👏🏻👏🏻 2y
Deblovestoread Great quote! 2y
Nutmegnc @Readerann omg 😱!!! 2y
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Shakespeare's Sonnets and Poems | William Shakespeare
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Good ol‘ Will came through as he always does. He delivered on my expectation that he and his lovely sonnets could alter my mood and influence my perspective of the day. I didn‘t necessarily require an uplift…more of a new vision. It can be a challenge to a pleasant disposition when warm, bright blue, sunny skies alter to cold, windy, grey overcast skies and snow begins to collect on the delicate stems of your newly planted spring flowers.👇🏽

Nute I tried desperately to recall the exact words of the weather person last week. I could swear that he said, “It looks like we‘ve seen the last of cold temperatures.” He might have added, “but you never know in the Midwest.” Hmm…maybe he said that. He certainly did not say any of the following words, blizzard, heavy snow accumulations, falling tree limbs or power outages. He might have suggested wearing sweaters but not parkas & snow-boots.😕👇🏽 (edited) 2y
kspenmoll Snow?!!! 2y
Nute Oh, well. Will improved my state of being. I never tire of reading his sonnets. They feed some insatiable internal romantic longing for pretty words.
I discovered or claimed a new favorite today. Sonnet Number XXVII so I say, ‘Yay! Let it snow bucketfuls in May!‘❄️🌨⛄️

(edited) 2y
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Yuki_Onna Whaaattt?!? 😲❄ 2y
Nute @kspenmoll @Yuki_Onna Yeah, snow! And lots of it! Guess what? It has all melted now. That‘s how we do it here!😁 2y
UwannaPublishme Hard to believe this crazy weather. 🤪❄️Stay warm! 2y
Cathythoughts Sonnet ❤️ 2y
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Shakespeare's Sonnets and Poems | William Shakespeare
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It‘s 33°F outside. Not that that is shocking news, but three days ago it was 86°F. Yesterday, the weather created a laidback day of reading which felt hypnotic, because my days have been busy and hectic lately, and the feathery snowfall was easy with a slow tempo.
I read a lot, but finished nothing. Hopefully, I‘ll be a more productive reader today. Maybe William Shakespeare and his sonnets can help me out with that goal.

Nute The trees are looking quite spectacular as if they are expecting the stringing of Christmas Lights and the placement of Holiday Presents beneath their branches at any moment now. (edited) 2y
Suet624 Gorgeous photo.. are you in Colorado? 2y
Dragon So much snow ❄️ for May 💚🐉 2y
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Soubhiville Wow, that‘s pretty but seems like a lot of snow for this time of year. 2y
MicheleinPhilly I‘m so jealous! Maybe we can house swap. 😉🥵 2y
MoonWitch94 It‘s 96 today in NJ….I‘ll trade! 🤪 2y
Megabooks Crazy! That‘s a lot of snow for May. 2y
Hooked_on_books Beautiful picture! 2y
Tamra The swings are ridiculous! I‘m still waiting for it to be real spring, not fools spring. 😬 2y
erzascarletbookgasm Wow! So much snow for this time of the year. Looks beautiful though ❄️ 2y
Nute @Suet624 Thank you, Sue!💕 Colorado delivers all four seasons, but not always in their proper time.😆 2y
Nute @Dragon @Soubhiville @Megabooks @erzascarletbookgasm Agreed! A whole lot of snow for this time of year. It‘s happened before, but it is still shocking every time. Midwest weather, for sure!😆 2y
Nute @MicheleinPhilly I‘m definitely down with a house swap if your weather means shorts, t-shirt and sandals!😄 2y
Nute @MoonWitch94 Sunshine with temps in the 90s is my preferred ambiance. I‘m down for the trade!😃 2y
Nute @Hooked_on_books Thank you, Holly!💕 The trees were so beautiful that I kept pulling over on my drive home from work to take pictures. It was a heavy and wet snow…by the next day many trees were actually damaged with snapped branches. 2y
Nute @Tamra We are both waiting on the real deal, Tamra! I‘ll keep you posted for my neck of the woods.😃 2y
MoonWitch94 @Nute Sweet! I‘ll pack my bags 💼 🤪🤣😘 2y
MicheleinPhilly @MoonWitch94 I‘ll give you directions so you can swing by my house and pick me up! 🤪 2y
MoonWitch94 @MicheleinPhilly 🗺 ROAD-TRIP 🥳 2y
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#MayMoms - Groovy: I couldn‘t wait to get to today‘s prompt because ‘groovy‘ is a captivating, super dope word. It drips the vibe of sunshine, frenetic energy and hip/trendy intensity. There was a giddiness in finding (the) someone or some book to fit the description. Actually I had someone in mind the entire time. Author…Alice Walker.👇🏽

Nute She delivers grooviness with a pervasive look and style of those times and these times too. But more than diggin‘ afros, head scarves, psychedelic prints and platform shoes; she (re)presents with a strong awareness of self, potency, depth, color saturation, and an unwavering voice of fair treatment for women and all ordinary folk.
She vibes groovy on all levels 💯
(edited) 2y
Eggs Agree 💯 🙌🏻🙌🏻 beautiful authentic woman👍🏼 2y
Dragon She‘s the epitome of groovy. Great choice 💚🐉 2y
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TrishB What a great summary ♥️ 2y
kspenmoll Perfect pick! 2y
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks Perfect!!! ❤️ 2y
Nute @Eggs I like the use of the word “authentic” when reflecting upon Alice Walker.🙂 2y
Nute @Dragon I agree!🙂 2y
Nute @TrishB Thank you, Trish! Your words are always kind!💕 2y
Nute @kspenmoll Thank you, Katherine! Alice Walker came to mind immediately after reading the print. Awhile ago, I had come across a very cool photo of her wearing a bright colorful head scarf and large dangling earrings with a ‘so what‘ expression on her face, but I couldn‘t find it again on the Internet. This photo works well.💕 (edited) 2y
Nute @Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks Thanks, Misty! I am enjoying the prompts for Hashtag MayMoms.💕 2y
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Floaters: Poems | Martn Espada
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#ThoughtfulThursday Thank you for thinking of me, Samantha ( @Yuki_Onna ) and Missy ( @Bklover )!💕

💠 Tagged

💠 A physical book

💠 I don‘t rate poetry collections by allocating stars. Even if there is only one noteworthy poem speaking to me in the book then I feel like the entire thing was worth the journey to that lovely discovery.

💠 No. I usually write notes on a separate piece of paper and slide it in the back of the book.

Tag: You

Yuki_Onna Of course Kimberley! 🥰 Girl, are you on a poetry kick? Your answers are lovely! 2y
Nute @Yuki_Onna Thank you, Samantha! I always claim poetry as ONE of my many literary loves, but I think that it might be my FIRST literary love. It‘s hard to tell. The journey started with a sci-fi/fantasy addiction way back in the day. It‘s gone many places since then, but it always comes home to poetry. 2y
MoonWitch94 @Nute I love how you rate poetry! It‘s so true; if I can connect with only one poem in a collection, it‘s worth it! Thanks for playing ☺️📚 2y
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Please Look After Mom | Kyung-Sook Shin
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#MayMoms - Lonely:
I guess that every mom is a lonely mom at some time or another. When a child no longer desires to hold your hand while crossing the street. When children choose the company of their friends in place of the company of their mother. When a child opts to attend out-of-state college a thousand miles away from home. When a child declares the discovery of her/his lifetime partner and now the newfound keeper of all👇🏽

Nute their secrets, hopes and dreams. A mother‘s heart requires looking after in the wake of these vulnerable and lonely times. A mother‘s heart then recovers and expands to encompass an ever widening scope of love.

Possibly solitary in this space of time, but no longer lonely…
Eggs Well done 💗💚💗 (edited) 2y
rmaclean4 This is one of my all time top reads! 2y
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Leftcoastzen Lovely post! 2y
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks This is where I am now 💔😢 you always have the perfect words… 2y
Nute @Eggs Pink and green right back at you, Sherri!💚💗💚 And a big smile!😃 2y
Nute @rmaclean4 It seems to be under appreciated or without wide readership. I‘m happy to see your enthusiasm, Rebecca!🤗 2y
Nute @Leftcoastzen Thank you, Linda!💕 2y
Nute @Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks Thank you, Misty! Parenting is definitely a full gamut of emotions. Thank goodness the overload favors the more good feelings ones.🥰 2y
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Blue Nights | Joan Didion
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#MayMoms - Writer: She was the first thought to come to mind after I read the prompt for today. Perhaps because she is one of my favorite writers. Perhaps because her writing abilities can be described as quite brilliant. She demanded an examination of cultural, political and social rhetoric. Perhaps because she was bold and frank in her writings of the 60s and 70s.👇🏽

Nute A daring female writer not afraid to be vulnerable in the assessment of the ordeal and brutally honest in the exposure of the chaos of the counterculture of those eras.
Perhaps though the greatest inclination to first thought is because of the strength that it must take to write about the death of one‘s own child (tagged book).
This is Joan Didion, an American writer, a mom.
(edited) 2y
Suet624 Beautiful post. ❤️ 2y
Eggs RIP Joan 💜💔💜 2y
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jlhammar Great choice. Such a talent. I loved this book and The Year of Magical Thinking. 2y
Nute @Suet624 Thank you, Sue!💕 2y
Nute @Eggs Reverberating emotions, Sherri!💗 (edited) 2y
Nute @jlhammar Yes! A talent that is greatly missed, Jamie.💕 2y
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#MayMoms- Single: Just one of many tough obstacles to single parenting, a mom‘s evening out with girlfriends…reluctancy to participate, after all, who is going to care for baby?
After being convinced that everything will be fine, it goes wrong in the most devastating way. The worst fear for any parent. A different level of fear without a partner to shoulder the burden and pain, when the struggles of motherhood are solitary in their resolution.

Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks 🖤😱 stacked! 2y
Eggs Yikes 😳!! I did read this one …. (edited) 2y
Nute @Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks Can‘t wait to chat with you about this book.🙂 2y
Nute @Eggs Your first post said, “I gotta read this book.” Then your next post corrected that statement to “I did read this one.” So funny to me because that‘s my mode of operation too! I‘ll get to a particular page in a book and get a sudden feeling, ‘Hmm. This seems familiar.‘ My first thought is usually, ‘I wonder if I saw a film adaptation?‘ I never think that I have already read the book. Not until I check Goodreads. Good grief!🥴 2y
Eggs @Nute 🤣🤣 so what does this say about us??? Brain overload? Memory loss? 🤔 2y
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#MayMoms - Courageous: Ellen Ripley was a badass Mom. She risked her life to pluck Newt (a child not of her own blood, but you could tell that a mother‘s heart was gearing up) from the Xenomorph Hive. I remember thinking, “When I have some babies, I‘m gonna protect them from the world & any alien attacks just like her. Straight up courage & bravery.” I‘ve got everything except a BIG gun!🥴

Photo Art Credit: Twisted Art For Twisted Minds - Tumblr

Kayla.Adriena We love Alien! We have a little stuffed face hugger that my daughter loves 😂 2y
Eggs Great artwork 🥰👏🏻🙌🏻 2y
Nute @Kayla.Adriena Face-hugging!😆 That kind of makes that action a little more acceptable…if it wasn‘t for how you end up feeling afterwards!😬 2y
Nute @Eggs I agree, Sherri! It is amazing artwork. 2y
UwannaPublishme Yay Ripley! Love this image! 2y
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A Pageant and Other Poems | Christina Georgina Rossetti
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#MayMoms - Mother‘s Day! Happy Mother‘s Day to all who mother in any capacity!💕

Lines from above:
To her whose heart is my heart‘s quiet home.
To my first Love, my Mother.
I learnt love.
Whose service is my special dignity.
And she my lodestar while I go and come.
And so because you love me, and because I love you, Mother, I have woven a wreath of rhymes wherewith to crown your honoured name.

Nute The heart of the matter:

In you not fourscore years can dim the flame of love,
whose blessed glow transcends the laws of time and change and mortal life and death.

So well said!

Photo Credit: Silhouette PNG Images at TopPNG
Application: AdobeSpark
Dragon A lovely poem ❤️ I love the lodestar image - Happy Mother‘s Day 💚🐉 2y
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Nute @Dragon Happy Mother‘s Day, Friend!🌸 A guiding beacon for when we come and go is always appreciated!💕 2y
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks Love it! Happy Mother‘s Day ❤️ (edited) 2y
Nute @Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks Happy Mother‘s Day, Misty! What a sweet blessing you are to your girls. Enjoy today!🌸 2y
SW-T What a lovely poem! Happy Mother‘s Day, Kimberley. 💝 2y
Eggs Beautiful choice 💗🌹💗 2y
TheSpineView What a great choice for Mother's Day! ❤ 2y
Nute Happy Mother‘s Day, Sallie!💕 So many touchstones in this poem regarding a child‘s affection for her/his mother. 2y
Nute @Eggs Thank you, Sherri!💕 2y
Nute @TheSpineView Thank you, Lisa! It said just the right words!💕 2y
Bklover What a beautiful poem! Happy (belated) Mother‘s Day to you!❤️❤️ 2y
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The Jungle Book | Rudyard Kipling
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#MayMoms - Memorable: This is Raksha, Mowgli‘s wolf mom. She raises him in the jungle. She calls him one of her own. She claims him sibling to her cubs. She exhibits the greatest wisdom in not differentiating between them. The same love. The same loyalty. The same devotion. The same protection. The same kindness. The same generosity. The same everything. She sees herself as his mother. She sees him as her cub. She sees them together as family.

BookDragonNotWorm I love this! I was obsessed with the movie as a kid (I was jealous). Still was when I read Kipling's stories when I got older. 😁 2y
Eggs Beautifully done 🐺 2y
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks Awww ❤️❤️❤️ 2y
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Kayla.Adriena Good one! I love the line Lupita says in the movie, "You are mine to me." ??? 2y
Nute @BookDragonNotWorm I totally get it. I think that I had a mild obsession too! However, mine was with the soundtrack from the old Disney film.🤗 2y
Nute @Eggs💕 2y
Nute @Kayla.Adriena Yes! Powerful scene. “Mine to me. No matter where you go or what they may call you.” Thanks for bringing those words back to me!☺️ 2y
Magpiegem Kipling wrote The Jungle Book at his house in my village. 🥰 2y
DivineDiana @Magpiegem That is fantastic! 2y
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Untitled | Anonymous
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#MayMoms - Readers: I wonder if my Mom read to me. I really don‘t have a memory of it. As a reader myself, it is almost a base level response to this inquiry to say, “Surely, she must have read to me.” But my Mom is not a reader. My childhood home filled with books because I pleaded for their presence as a child in love with literature. I brought Scholastic Book Order Forms home. I asked for a library card. I spent my allowance in the bookstore.⬇️

Nute As an adult still obsessed with reading, I didn‘t know any other thing to do than to try to create readers of my own within my home. Fill the house with books! Everybody gets a library card in toddlerhood! & reading to a child starts before they are born. I remind them often, “I read to you before I saw your face, before I knew you as son or daughter. I read to you while I carried you inside myself with a book propped up on a pregnant belly.”👇🏽 (edited) 2y
Nute Photo Credit and Historical Note: From the Internet -

THE LAMP by artist Romare Beardan was published in 1984. It was commissioned by the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund in commemoration of the 30th anniversary of the landmark case: Brown vs. Board of Education in 1954. The NAACP Legal Defense and Education Fund used this image on their commemorative poster marking the occasion.👇🏽
(edited) 2y
Nute In 2004, "The Lamp" became a United States Postal Service stamp as one of the images chosen for the "To Form A More Perfect Union" stamp collection that recognizes 10 significant benchmarks of the Civil Rights Movement.
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staci.reads My mom is not a reader either...even jokes constantly about how the only book she's ever read was Priscila Presley's Elvis and Me. I've spent years trying to get her interested in different genres with no luck. Luckily for me, my dad is a reader. I can trace my love of books directly to him even though I only remember him reading to us at night a few times. I believe wholeheartedly that helping kids love to read is one of the best ways to ⬇️ 2y
staci.reads Move toward a better world...a world of more empathetic, understanding, critical thinking humans. 2y
staci.reads Thank you for sharing the art work, the story of the stamp, and your own experiences. 2y
Eggs Beautiful art! And I couldn‘t agree more ❤️ 2y
DrexEdit Thanks for sharing your story and this art! Uplifting! My mom was too busy to read to the five of us individually as kids, but we did get bedtime stories read to all of us every night after getting tucked in. One of my great joys is reconnecting with my mom as a reader in the present day. She reads a lot more, for herself and her book group, and I enjoy talking about books with her and catching up on what each of us is reading. 2y
MegaWhoppingCosmicBookwyrm Both my parents would read to me, despite my mom not being a reader. She‘s admitted to not always reading the books I brought her over and over. She says she got tired of reading the same thing a million times so sometimes she‘d just make up a new story as she went. 😅 Me and my husband both read to our unborn baby even though my husband isn‘t big on reading either. He still hopes our children will develop a love for it. ❤️ 2y
Karisa Oh! Beautiful art! I love the colors and patterns. I loved Scholastic book orders too. I‘d pour through the pages circling everything and save every quarter my grandparents gave me to spend on books. My mom has started reading more in recent years inspired by my love of books 💗 2y
jdiehr Love this ❤ My mom, bless her heart, referred to her People Magazines as books. My love of reading must have been something innate inside me. 2y
jlhammar Thanks for sharing. So interesting. Love that art! 2y
The_Book_Ninja I always think that there was a time, and I can‘t remember it, that was the last night I would read to my kids and didn‘t realise it. Awaiting grandchildren with anticipation. 2y
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks Beautiful art! I can‘t remember my mother ever reading to me when I was a child either. But my dad did!! We read The Great Ape over and over! I read to my girls, but unfortunately they are not readers😩 2y
Lauram My mom loved to read but had a chronic illness and never read to me or my sisters. I was so excited to start school so that I could finally learn to read. 2y
Nute @staci.reads I think that your Mom‘s joking is quite funny. If I had only one book to claim to fame, I hope that it wouldn‘t be Priscilla Presley‘s book, Elvis and Me. I am still laughing out loud!😂 Tell your Mom that having one book to claim is better than no book at all.🤣 2y
Nute @staci.reads It‘s good that your Dad is a reader. I wasn‘t lucky there either. I remember seeing my Dad read, but it was work-related, not for pleasure. 2y
Nute @staci.reads We share the same viewpoint on one of the most important reasons for exposing children to literature and I love how you put it, Staci… let‘s move toward a better world because we have filled our children with empathy and understanding and given them much to think about in a critical way and a humane way as they “see” each other, history and this world. Thank you for sharing your early reading experience.💕 2y
Nute @Eggs The prompts are very interesting for this month. Missy ( @Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks ) and you are so creative with photo challenges. I enjoy them a lot. Many thanks to both of you!💕 2y
Eggs We thank you as well for your meaningful participation 🥰🙏🏻🌹 2y
Nute @DrexEdit How awesome is it that your Mom found her way back to reading? I bet that it was always a well-liked pastime for her, but she had to sidestep for a bit while caring for young children. Now it‘s her thing again, and you get to enjoy it with her. I love that she joined a book group. Fun! I love that the two of you have private Mom & Daughter book discussions. So lovely, Diane! Thank you for sharing your early reading experience.💕 2y
Nute @MegaWhoppingCosmicBookwyrm Maybe there is a lost memory buried deep in the recesses of my brain. Honestly, nothing comes to mind. My first memories of reading are my own solo experiences and school-related. 2y
Nute @MegaWhoppingCosmicBookwyrm My son requested Thomas the Tank Engine books over and over and over again. Oh, my goodness! I was undone by that and eventually I did the same thing that your Mom did, I started creating new Thomas the Tank Engine adventures for the sake of my sanity!😆 Tell your Mom I said, “Way to go!” 2y
Nute @MegaWhoppingCosmicBookwyrm Congratulations on your pregnancy! And many accolades for starting the journey to literature for this little one right now. Very exciting, Meagon! Thank you for sharing your early reading experience.💕 2y
Nute @Karisa Mr. Beardan worked with several mediums, but this is one that I am most familiar with, his work in collage composition. Lots of colors and patterns and textures. Visual eye candy! 2y
Nute @Karisa I did the same thing to make selections in the Scholastic Book Order catalog. I would circle the ones that I hoped to get and then start a narrowing process based on how much money I could shake out of my piggy bank.😆 2y
Nute @Karisa Aww! You have inspired your Mom to read because of your love for books! That‘s lovely, Karisa! I‘m gonna continue to hold out hope for my Mom then. Maybe one day.😆 I thought that she was hooked at one time. She seemed really interested in cozy mysteries by Mary Higgins Clark. I read her books as well. I liked that we were on a reading adventure together, but it was short lived. But maybe again, one day! 2y
Nute @jdiehr Reading is reading is reading! More power to your Mom and her comfortable claim on People Magazine.😃 Looks like we are kindred spirits, Jennifer, with a love of reading being an innate fundamental activity. Thank you for sharing your early reading experience.💕 2y
Nute @jlhammar Thank you, Jamie!💕 It was nice to connect to Romare Beardan‘s artwork again. It‘s been some time. I‘m happy that this prompt took me in that direction. 2y
mcipher Wow, this is so interesting! My mom always read to us and we love swapping books now (her mom, too!). My dad isn‘t a reader, but he would read us The Digginest Dog as many times as we liked 😆 I read to my son starting from pregnancy, too - and luckily he has always had diverse reading tastes so we never got stuck in some annoying book repetition 😆 2y
Nute @The_Book_Ninja It‘s almost shocking when we realize that we have experienced a final memory of a thing especially the ones involving children due to them getting older. When was the last time I held his hand as we crossed the street? When was the last time that I braided her hair? The last bath that I helped with? The last push on the swing? The last bedtime reading as we cuddled together? 2y
The_Book_Ninja @Nute yes, exactly 2y
Nute @The_Book_Ninja Gosh! These special things end as we celebrate our children growing up. They stop without our awareness, but imagine how much a parent would fret over the moment if we knew that it was the last time, Jay?😒 Yes! The patient hopeful expectation of grandchildren one day can reunite us with many of these joys!😊 Thank you for sharing your tender thoughts!💕 2y
The_Book_Ninja My pleasure, thank you for responding so thoughtfully. 2y
Nute @Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks I feel like it probably happened, bedtime stories with our Mothers, but we just can‘t grasp the memory of it, Misty. Maybe because it wasn‘t very often or only in the very beginning. idk How lovely it is that you can recall the specific book that your Dad read to you.😊 Was that your favorite book? 2y
Nute @Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks I bet many kids drift away from the reading foundation established in childhood as they become teenagers and young adults. And many of them find their way back especially if they see a parent continuing to enjoy the pleasures of reading. There‘s still hope, Misty!🤗 Thank you for sharing your early reading experience.💕 2y
Nute @Lauram Your memory is so touching, Laura! I am sorry to hear about your Mom‘s chronic illness. There are many reasons that might hinder a parent‘s involvement in foundational childhood exposure to books. Still a reader existed inside you and a wonderful teacher guided your way! Wonderful!🤗 Thank you for sharing your early reading experience.💕 2y
Nute @mcipher How wonderful it must be to come from a multi generational family (on your Mom‘s side) of readers? On occasion, I have approached folks in bookstores when it looks like there might be a family bond. I met three sisters who had exactly the same taste. And a dad and daughter…in the poetry section. I met two elderly women who I thought were sisters but they were actually best friends who had been reading together for over forty years.🤩 2y
Nute @mcipher It‘s pretty awesome that your Dad was okay with reading the same book over and over again. That was a challenge for me sometimes. Eventually I would ‘go off script‘ and make up alternate storylines. That was as much for me as it was for the kids.😃 Thanks for sharing your early reading experience!💕 2y
mcipher Oh I love these stories about readers you‘ve met. So sweet ♥️ As to my dad - it‘s the only book he liked 😆 He always says he read that and Ice Station Zebra, no other books. Bookishness is so much on my mom‘s side!!! 2y
CBee I give all the credit to my amazing mom for my love of reading - she read to me before I was born, after I was born, and also got me hooked on Sesame Street (she claims this is how I learned to read but she never gave herself enough credit). She got me my first library card, bought me all the books I wanted, which was probably expensive considering how much I loved The Babysitters Club 😂 She was everything and I miss her ♥️ 2y
DivineDiana Such a beautiful post and thread to read! 💖 2y
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Because I could not stop at two, but I promise not to advance further to four. Three selections of his work. His genius is before us!

TheSpineView ❤❤❤ 2y
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Further evidence, not to convince you, just to stand by the claim that he was gifted to the world.

TheSpineView Beautiful! 2y
Lesliereads 🧡 2y
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There are so many words that could be said about this poet and his body of work. Words that have been said by so many others. I don‘t think that I have anything new to contribute suffice to say he is a favorite. He was prolific. He was a master of the art form. His poems can truly be described as beautiful writing. You know how some music is beautiful, but then some music is really beautiful. His poetry is REALLY beautiful!

TrishB What a lovely post ♥️ 2y
Cathythoughts ♥️♥️♥️ 2y
Nute Photo Credit: Wallpaper Access
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tenar Great God! I love this poem, thank you for bringing it back into my life today. ♥️ 2y
SayersLover Definitely one of the my favorites! @Nute 2y
TheSpineView This is an awesome poem! 🧡 2y
Leftcoastzen Excellent choice! Made my day. 2y
Lesliereads Ditto what @tenar said! ♥️ 2y
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Complete Poems | Claude McKay
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This is a poem of hoped for NEW joy as soon as the present circumstances are over. A manifested accumulation of joy when ordinary folks turn their faces toward the sun and choose to see the possibility of a brighter state on the horizon. Ordinary folks who despite it all remain hope-filled people. These words say dream and then dream some more and always Dream in Living Color!👇🏽

Nute I want to linger under the influence of the gaiety of this poem, the lovely imagery, but there‘s a ticking at the back of my throat. The slightest of notions that this Harlem Renaissance poem is asking for more, a deeper consideration. The potential of the world, the lovely possibilities of us as a people, after the shedding of “the leaves.”👇🏽 2y
Nute Without fears and prejudices, biases and conditional acceptances, we see beneath the skin, fully into the content of a character and it can be quite lovely there! 2y
Nute Photo Credit: en.Wikipedia.org
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TheSpineView Beautiful descriptions! ❤ 2y
Lesliereads 🤎 2y
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Collected Poems | Robert Hayden
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Sometimes it‘s not the entire poem that makes the breakthrough experience. Sometimes it‘s a single word or the right grouping of words into one mesmerizing sentence or a thought provoking question of questions.

“What did I know, what did I know of love‘s austere and lonely offices?”

I‘ve been asking myself that question since the dawn of this day. I hope that I‘ve said all the Thank-you‘s required of me in their due time

Nute Photo Credit: Wallpaper Flare
Application: AdobeSpark
Readergrrl I love this poem! I combine it with “My Papa‘s Waltz” by Theodore Roethke and “The Tropics in New York” by Claude McKay as an interesting note on perception of childhood when teaching to hs seniors. Some great discussions and inspiration!! 2y
Readergrrl Also “The Lanyard” by Billy Collins 2y
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TheSpineView Powerful poem! Thanks for sharing! 2y
Nute @TheSpineView Thank you, Lisa, for all the poetry that you share on Litsy! Your daily post gives me so much joy.💕 (edited) 2y
Nute @Readergrrl I have read each of the three poems that you mentioned above. I can see how they fit together for academic study. I also reflected on holding on to memories and the comfort of things that are familiar from childhood. Do your students share candidly? 2y
Cathythoughts Wow 💫♥️ 2y
Lesliereads A classic that love!🤎 2y
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#PoetryMatters - Peace:

I hope that you decide to read the poem in its entirety. Some words deserve that request from one reader to another. I hope that it‘s length and it‘s categorization as poetry is not a deterrent for non-poetry readers. Yes, some will say that it is meant to be read at Christmas time, but it seems that there is a need for the true meaning and spirit of Christmas each and every day of existence in this place.👇🏽

Nute It is a message across the age of time. Before wars, during wars and after wars. Even in times of agreement and harmony of spirits that we are reminded to cherish what is before us for often it is brief. The eternal burden of mankind, can we get along TOGETHER? Maya Angelou lends affirmation of the warmth of common courtesies, the goodness of tranquility, the sweet spot of life.👇🏽
Nute Written in 2005.
Published in book format in December 2005.
Read by Maya Angelou at the lighting of the National Christmas Tree (White House) on December 1, 2005.

Full Poem: https://www.oprah.com/oprahshow/maya-angelous-amazing-peace

Photo Credit (starry sky): The Internet
Application: AdobeSpark
BookmarkTavern Lovely. 💙 Thank you for sharing. 2y
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ReadingRachael This is beautiful ❤️ Thank you for sharing 2y
TheSpineView Such a beautiful sentiment! Love this poem! 💞 2y
Leftcoastzen So beautiful! 2y
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Untitled | Unknown
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Thanks for the tag, Sherri ( @Eggs )!💕

It is a duty as a parent to believe that the future state of our world can still be bright and beautiful. It is a responsibility as a cohabitant of this place to choose to contribute to a positive outlook and a caring management. It‘s certainly a dynamic of faith to have hope in God‘s plan of redemption and recovery.

Photo Credit: Pinterest

Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks Love this 🧡 2y
Nute @Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks Hi Misty! Thank you!💕 2y
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Poems for Nighttime | Various Authors
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These are cute little editions of poetry sections from various poets that I probably have already in solo collections or anthologies, but I bought them anyway… just because.

Lindy These look portable; always nice to have some poetry in your pocket. 🌷 2y
Leftcoastzen Nice ! 2y
Cathythoughts So nice 💫 2y
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TheSpineView Love the covers!💜 2y
Nute @Lindy You identified their best asset, Lindy. They fit quite nicely in my handbag. Even though I didn‘t get a chance to explore this loveliness, because I read both of them pretty quickly, one that evening and the other the next morning.😜 2y
Nute @Cathythoughts Yes!💕 2y
Nute @TheSpineView I do, too! And I just noticed that they look very pretty together. (edited) 2y
akaGingerK Those are gorgeous! 2y
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In the quest to get a little more poetry exposure, I‘ve been listening to poetry podcasts and subscribing to Poem-A-Day digital poetry series. It‘s an exciting and fun thing to do for the introduction to so many unknown-to-me poets. This is how I found my way to this poet and this poem. And now I‘m down the rabbit hole after her work.

Photo Credit: National Geographic Kids
Application: AdobeSpark

rockpools That‘s lovely! 2y
Lesliereads I dig this poem!♥️ 🙏🏾 2y
Amiable Love the photo! 2y
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Nute @rockpools Thank you, Rachel!💕 (edited) 2y
Nute @Lesliereads I can‘t imagine how long a phone call would have to be to give us enough time to fully discuss the books that we have in common. It would be such a delightful time, Leslie!💕 2y
Nute @Amiable Thank you, Amy! I hope to visit some new bookstores next Saturday on Indie Bookstore Day. Keep a lookout in your mailbox!💕 2y
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This choice actually happened before the last choice but it was sold out in the bookstore. Today I was happy to see that the stock had been replenished and now, tonight, Ocean Vuong and I shall become acquainted. He is described as one who allows “his personal suffering to connect him to every other fallen, broken, wounded member of our world.” That should mean that he grooves in a way that I can appreciate.
We‘ll see…


TrishB I brought this collection initially for the title! 2y
Cathythoughts I like how he is described ❤️ 2y
PhilipE I loved his novel, On Earth Were Briefly Gorgeous. Tender, funny beautiful coming of age story. I haven‘t discovered his poetry yet. Interested to see what you think. 2y
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Nute @TrishB The poetry seems to starting with the title. Same vibe, Trish!😀 2y
Nute @Cathythoughts I felt like this description of Mr. Vuong instantly connected me as a reader to him as an author.🙂 (edited) 2y
Nute @PhilipE So this is where I‘m starting, with his poetry. This is how I became aware of him. The title of his novel captured my heart. I hope to read it one day soon. Then we can chat, Philip. 🤗 2y
PhilipE @Nute sounds like a plan 2y
MegCaldwell I LOVE this book, and just picked up his new book of poetry Time is a Mother! 2y
Nute @MegCaldwell Right on! I‘m already so excited about his new book of poetry. I‘ll keep an eye out for your thoughts, Meg!😃 (edited) 2y
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It‘s a different kind of poetry, the poetry of slam and spoken word disciplines. It‘s demanding and raw. It‘s urgent and upfront. It‘s abrupt and in your face. It asks for nothing politely. Not even your attention or your time or your willingness to listen. It‘s full throttle, getting to max acceleration as you try to buckle your seatbelt and adjust your positioning, opinions, responses and word choices, as you try to assimilate and hold on.👇🏽

Nute It does not wait for you to catch up. It takes command of your diaphragm and dares you to take an unassisted breath. It takes and it takes and it takes until you are rendered completely an open wound or a sloppy puddle of water on the floor. Until you are face to face with yourself and this poets words and the world about you. It holds no bars and takes everyone prisoner.
It‘s not seeking the face in the mirror.👇🏽
Nute It wants a meetup with who we are when alone in the dark, that thing contained in us which rises to the surface in the still of the night.
This book demanded of me, “Consider the skin you‘re in. Not at the core level, instead at the surface level. How do I move through the world because I‘m black? How does the world react and respond to me as they see my blackness. Am I ever seen in another way because the truth is,👇🏽
Nute I “ain‘t never not been black.” I won‘t ever be not black. What about my beautiful black children? They will be black for all the days of their lives. Will the world see them beautiful within their blackness and beyond?
A reader doesn‘t have to self-define as the target audience for a book like this…an authentic “participant” for what some may describe as the “black experience.” It‘s almost a weak excuse.👇🏽
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Nute I‘m not Jewish. Does that mean I can‘t have an ear for the brutality of the Holocaust? I‘ve never lived in Ukraine. Does that mean that I can‘t relate to the destruction of a country and the loss of a home?
It‘s a human experience. All of it. The reader just needs to be a seeker of truth, in desire of another earth dweller‘s reality, a petitioner of understanding and harmony, in want of inclusiveness for every soul here in this place.👇🏽
Nute I‘m black and yet I seek to gain understanding of the black experience because it is a myriad of things, some of which I have not brushed against in my own living. Gazing upon the walks of life for each person I encounter (living, dead, now, then, in front of me, virtually, a scrutiny of history, etc.), I do not know every story, I may or may not have similar experiences, I may or may not believe in the same values, morals, politics, theology;👇🏽 (edited) 2y
Nute but in the sharing of narratives our degrees of separation are lessened. There is a recognizable common denominator underneath it all.
Highly Recommended!

(edited) 2y
TrishB Wow 😯 what a review! Almost poetry itself. I have stacked because I am very interested ❤️ 2y
Cathythoughts Brilliant review 👍🏻♥️ yes! It‘s a human experience. Stacking 2y
DivineDiana Agree wholeheartedly with @Cathythoughts ! 2y
TheSpineView 👍😊📖 2y
Nute @TrishB @Cathythoughts @DivineDiana Thank you, friends!💕 2y
BiblioLitten Wow! What an amazing way with words ❤️ 2y
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post image

It starts here. A nod to poetry in the month of April. I was planning to start light with moments of gaiety and then go deep, but this book called out. These words cut to the chase immediately. Two poems read and there has already been an alteration to thinking. Was I expecting cheerful amusements after reading the title? Did I catch the meaning behind the redacted eyes of an uplifted child on the cover?

Wading in the deep end…

Cathythoughts Love this title and cover ❤️ (edited) 2y
TrishB Look forward to your review 👍🏻 2y
DivineDiana A powerful cover. A beautiful photo. Awaiting your review. 2y
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Thanks for the tag, Lisa ( @TheSpineView )!💕

It‘s always good to see a smile on Eeyore‘s face. When Eeyore is Googled there is an opportunity to choose optimism or pessimism… looking either for bright yellow sunny days or dismal grey rainy days. I happen to like rainy days every now and then, but today the vibe is sunshine and lots of it.
Maybe Coldplay states it best👇🏽

Nute 🎶 Look at the stars
Look how they shine for you
And everything you do
Yeah, they were all yellow🎵

Happy Day, Litsy Family!💛🌞💛

Eeyore Image: Disney Clip Art
Sun Image: ClipartMax
Application: AdobeSpark
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks I love that song 🎶 💛☀️ 2y
JenReadsAlot I love this! Eeyore has always been my favorite! 2y
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BiblioLitten I love that song too 💛💛 2y
TheSpineView You're welcome! 💞 2y
DivineDiana 💛 💛 💛 2y
Nute @Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks @BiblioLitten I‘m always singing that song especially after random references to the color yellow.💛🙂 2y
Nute @JenReadsAlot I was in a Hallmark store a few years ago and there was a display of mugs themed on Winnie Pooh and his friends. It took me an hour to make up my mind which one to purchase. I finally decided upon Eeyore, because the mug color is a pretty shade of blue and his tail shapes the handle and there is the slightest possibility that Eeyore might be smiling. Oh, my!😁 2y
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Untitled | Anonymous
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Yay! It‘s here!
This is so wonderfully and lovingly wrapped that I almost don‘t want to unwrap it. However, the suspense is killing me, because I really cannot remember which book I selected as the gift. Thank you, Alyisha, for the awesome opportunity to participate in the coolest swap of book ideas and reading moments.

Now to get on with the surprise…

monalyisha Ha! An unintentional & happy side effect of my procrastination. Perfect. 💯 2y
Nute @monalyisha Right on, Girl!😆 2y
ShelleyBooksie Beautiful paper 2y
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Amiable Ha! I‘d forgotten which one I picked, too! 😀 2y
readordierachel The wrapping is just adorable 2y
monalyisha I hope you were pleased with your choice! I remember which book you picked & I‘m excited for you to read it! It‘s an especially good one for April, I think. 2y
S3V3N Cool! I‘ve been missing swaps lately.🤦🏾‍♀️ I‘ve got to stay my active. 2y
Nute @readordierachel I liked the wrapping paper as well. Even when looking at the wrapping paper in front of you, the sprinkles are so realistic… it feels like a handful is there for the taking.🙃 2y
Nute @BeaG I know that school is keeping you busy. I hope that things are going well. Many prayers for focus, energy and stamina. Also some downtime for reading. Take care, Jocelyn!💕 2y
Nute @ShelleyBooksie I agree!🙂 2y
Nute @monalyisha The book choice was perfect for April. Her poet‘s vibe is felt here. I enjoyed it. I haven‘t been keeping up with writing ‘reviews‘ about the books that I have read. I think that is part of the reading slump that I am in. Nothing is as usual…even the aftermath.😐 Thank you for the effort that you put into Who Dis. You are amazing, Alyisha!💕 2y
Nute @Amiable It‘s always fun with the two of us together, Amy!💕 2y
Amiable @Nute 😘❤️ 2y
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Small Things Like These | Claire Keegan
post image

#MarvelousMarch Readathon
I couldn‘t pass up this readathon when I saw the field of daffodils in the invite post! The timing is good. We decided to celebrate St. Patrick‘s Day this weekend so there‘ll be lots of crockpot cooking which leaves loads of time for reading. Who knows what shenanigans I‘ll be up to later on, my brother is insisting that I try Irish Whiskey.☘️🥃😳

The book might seem like it was selected because of the green cover,👇🏽

Nute but it is actually set in a small town in Ireland. It‘s supposedly a story of empathy. That is all that I needed to know.

I‘m starting this March Readathon off in the right way.💚
Andrew65 Great to have you with us, and glad the daffodils captured your attention. 2y
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Open Water | Caleb Azumah Nelson
post image

What words to say after reading this book (pushing 2nd person narration way out of mind)? Only lovely thoughts remain after that action. But really what is there to say after experiencing this book? It is the kind of writing that compels me to look up to the heavens and inquire ‘How does anyone write like this?‘ ‘What gift of gifts was bestowed upon this writer?‘ ‘How does language do what language did here, in the pages of this book?‘👇🏽

Nute ‘How will I ever be the same after this exposure to exquisite brilliance?‘ Is it okay to say EXQUISITE BRILLIANCE in the same sentence? I have little choice…something beyond a wonder happened here between the covers of this slim novel. A love story telling. A measured breath escaping. A mind bending. A soul shattering. A spirit awakening. It‘s almost too deep to really know the truth of the moment, but as the reader I‘m glad I was there👇🏽 2y
Kammbia1 I tried reading this one earlier in the year. I heard great reviews about the book. I will try again. Good review. 2y
Nute (once again kicking 2nd Person POV to the curb…though it gets easier after you catch the rhythm).
I am so grateful to have been there. I will carry these words with me for a long time. I will measure the discovery of love and the keeping of love by this story. I will find a humbled loveliness in the softening of my edges as I hope that the world sees me beyond the color of my skin.👇🏽
See All 31 Comments
Nute I will take the lesson given here of seeing the vulnerability in men (especially young black men) as a sign of honest self awareness and courageous strength in a world that reduces that type of image to weakness.
Highly Recommended!👇🏽
LiteraryinLawrence Awesome review! 2y
batsy Great review 💜 I'll be moving this further up the TBR. 2y
Nute I recommend this book not as just bound paper, ink and words. It is a brilliant and honest self examination, if the reader allows it. It is a brutal scrutiny of how a people are suppose to fair well while carrying the weight of judgement by skin color, if the reader goes there willingly. In addition to its storytelling merits, I recommend this book as a piece of artwork that will live, breath and pulse in your hands as you experience it.👇🏽 (edited) 2y
kspenmoll Gorgeous review.💕 2y
Nute Oh, it was located in the poetry section of my local bookstore. I guess that I get that. It‘s not a versed out novel, but is has a lyrical construct: partial sentencing, metaphorical imagery, delicate language use, etc. 2y
Nute @kspenmoll Thank you, Katherine!💕 2y
Nute @LiteraryinLawrence Thank you, Allison!💕 2y
TrishB Lovely review ♥️ I really struggled with the 2nd person….but the writing is certainly poetic. 2y
Nute @batsy Thank you, Subashini!💕 I would like to know your thoughts on storytelling in 2nd Person POV. It was initially a challenge to the enjoyment of the narration. It took a minute to get with it. I wonder if that is a ‘me‘ thing?🥴 (edited) 2y
Nute @Kammbia1 Thank you, Marion!💕 I hope that you return to this book. I feel that it deserves as wide of a readership that it can get. (edited) 2y
Billypar Wow, excellent review! I love that ecstatic feeling after finishing a new favorite book that has so many reasons to recommend it. I will definitely need to check it out! 2y
squirrelbrain Fabulous review! 2y
Nute @squirrelbrain Thank you, Helen!💕 2y
Nute @TrishB Thank you, Trish!💕 Yeah, the struggle was real. Then I figured out why the use of 2nd person POV. At first I believed that the reader is desired to be a witness to the storytelling. But somewhere in the middle of the book there is an immediate clarity…you, the reader are more than a witness…you, the reader, are involved in the storytelling. The story is yours.👇🏽 2y
Nute @TrishB As love is an every human thing, racism/biases/prejudices are an inescapable tendency/trait/reality that runs through all humanity, heartbreak and death await every individual, joy is a containable possibility for each person….the story is yours, mine…everyone‘s.👇🏽 2y
Nute @TrishB The second person “you” reminds the reader quite firmly, ‘These are your shoes so you might as well walk around in them! This is your face, your heart, your body thus the close examination is of your own vulnerabilities! These are your thoughts so beware of choking and suffocating on your own words!‘👇🏽 (edited) 2y
Nute @TrishB Then it becomes the lesson of the expectations that we have of one another, the truth - can we honestly see each other with value, worth and genuine concern past all the ugly human created barriers, can we love without contingencies, biases, restrictions, lies, fears? 2y
batsy @Nute Definitely not just you! I struggle with 2nd person narration, too. I think it all depends on how persuasive the author is in making me buy the "you", if that makes sense ? 2y
Nute @batsy Yes! That‘s it, Subashini! That is probably when I was able to grab ahold of the rhythm and commit to the story because I was okay with “you” being “me!” Either that or I just decided what-the-heck, just read. There is still some weird type of melding and separation of entities in your mind, but the story becomes everything. Because of that, the journey doable. 2y
TrishB Such a brilliant explanation, I hope we can aspire to those wishes! 2y
Nute @Billypar Thank you, Vinny!💕 I‘m sure that this book will make the end-of-year favorites list. 2y
IndoorDame Wow! Powerful review. Thank you for putting this on my radar! Especially since I normally pass on 2nd person narratives. 2y
Cathythoughts Beautiful review ❤️ 2y
MartinaLove Seems like an amazing read! It's on my tbr now! 2y
S3V3N I really liked this book. 2y
WJCintron WOW your words and thoughts about this book made me add it to my TBR! Thanks for sharing!! 😃 2y
rockpools Your review is incredible - I love your take on the second person writing. 😊I‘m just reading the book now, and I‘m blown away. Stunning. 1y
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The Orphan's Tale | Pam Jenoff
post image

I am not surprised that this book was selected by my irl Bookclub. We read at least 3-4 WWII stories every year. This book hits the flip side, too, because we seem to really like stories about the rescuing of orphaned children.
This is my planned reading for the weekend.
Snow is expected.🌨

Love's Exquisite Freedom | Maya Angelou, Edward Coley Burne-Jones
post image

#AuthorAMonth - February- Maya Angelou:
This poem is represented best in the incredibly beautiful tagged book. The union of artistry on behalf of the poet and the painter is glorious. Today, the attention is given to the poem, but if you are given the opportunity, do spend time with the book, the artwork of Sir Edward Burne-Jones, is breathtaking.👇🏽

Nute The poem is a sort of ode to the power of love. Love as a verb in action with the capability & skillful potential to alter all that is wrong in the world. It declares that we, creatures, who fail miserably at understanding one another become a newly created entity with intended bravery “in the flush of love‘s light.” & this single election, to allow love to be all that we are about gives us the ultimate freedom to be our fullest & best selves.👇🏽 2y
Nute Maya Angelou experienced heartbreaking hardships at a tender age, became determined to overcome the trauma of racism and sampled many occupations in her adventurous lifetime. Thank goodness there was a discovery made at some point that she should write.
Recommending her autobiographical series and her poetry.
Definitely recommending this particular book!

(edited) 2y
TheSpineView Beautiful! I need to check out the book. Stacked 2y
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Cat Among the Pigeons | Agatha Christie
post image

I started watching this last night on PBS, but my mind kept drifting. I was about to give up this time with Hercule Poirot when I remembered that Sharon ( @sharread ) read many Agatha Christie mysteries and seemed to have a fondness for this author. I enjoy Agatha Christie‘s books as well so today for the readathon in honor of the memory of Sharon, this is a shared liking.

#Sharreadathon - February 20th thru February 27th

Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks ❤️❤️❤️ 2y
Bklover Great idea! ❤️❤️ 2y
Nute @Bklover 💕 2y
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Untitled | Unknown
post image


A lighted candle in honor of the memory of Sharon ( @sharread ).
You will be missed.
Your light will shine here always.🕯
Rest In Peace! Soar on angel wings!🤍

Libby1 💔 2y
Aims42 💗💗💗 2y
Trashcanman 💖 2y
See All 14 Comments
Texreader 💙🌸 2y
Wife ❤️ 2y
SW-T 🕯❤️🌸 2y
Nute @Libby1 🤍 2y
Nute @Aims42 🤍 2y
Nute @Wife 🤍 2y
Nute @SW-T 🤍 2y
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Untitled | Unknown
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Just because…
I was on the Internet this morning doing not much of anything, and I came across this quote by Walt Whitman. Certainly, somehow, it was directed.☺️
I thought of YOU. Each of you in my Litsy Family. Each of you that makes every day of my life a better day. Thank you!
Thank you for so much sunshine and warm affection!☀️💛

I think that yellow might be my favorite color again…

Tamra So nice and true! Litsy is a happy place. 2y
marleed I love this! 2y
Centique Oh Kimberley that is lovely - but when I think of sunshine on Litsy I think of you first!!💕💕☀️☀️ 2y
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kspenmoll Such a lovely message! Thanks! 2y
Yuki_Onna You are so sweet!!! 💕💛 2y
Dragon ☀️💛🐉 2y
DivineDiana So nice of you! And I too have been thinking to add more yellow to my life! 💛 2y
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks Awww you are the best and yellow is my favorite color because it‘s a happy color 💛💛💛 2y
Bklover What a wonderful post! I can‘t even guess how many times Litsy has been the place I go when I need to feel worthy, happy, challenged , encouraged, hugged (virtually), smarter, lifted, and like I just plain belong somewhere. And I love yellow!💛💛💛💛 2y
SW-T Kimberley, what a sweet message. You provide a lot of sunshine too! 🌞🌹😊 2y
Nute @Tamra I agree, Tamra. This is a very happy place!☺️💛 2y
Nute @marleed Shared feelings, Marlee!☺️💛 2y
Nute @centique You make my heart go pitter-patter, Paula! Thank you for the joy.☺️💛 2y
Nute @kspenmoll Thank you, Katherine! I‘m so delighted to know you.☺️💛 2y
Nute @Yuki_Onna Thank you, Samantha!☺️💛 2y
Nute @Dragon I have a fondness for dragons as well!☺️💛 Is there a story behind using the word “dragon” as your Litsy handle? 2y
Nute @DivineDiana Let‘s agree to both do that, Diana. Add more yellow to our lives!☺️💛 Cheers to experiencing more joy, more warmth, more hope…feeling more alive and reaching for stars!✨ May I check in with you every now and then? 2y
Nute @Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks It is a happy color, Misty! It was my favorite color for the longest of time. Then I shifted to green and then the moody blues, but now I think that I am one hundred back on board with yellow. Thank you for your kind friendship!☺️💛 2y
Nute @Bklover Thank you, Missy!I feel the exact same way about Litsy! There is something exceptional happening here. It‘s definitely the people. You are a huge part of the happiness! Love those yellow hearts!☺️💛 2y
Dragon Good morning @Nute 💛 - thanks for asking- Dragon 🐉 just popped into my head when I was thinking about my handle 💚 I was lucky 🍀 no one had beaten me to it 🐲 ( perhaps my book hoarding is rather dragonlike) 2y
Nute @Dragon Oh, I like that…book hoarding with fierce dragon-like tendencies! Right on!!!😆 2y
Dragon Thanks 🙏 - I like to think so 💛 2y
Nute @SW-T Thank you, Sallie! What a place of comfort we have here at Litsy. I‘m so happy to know you!☺️💛 2y
DivineDiana So kind of you! Absolutely! 💛 2y
kspenmoll What a lovely post! Thank you for the sunshine! Coincidentally the juniors in my HS are studying his poetry.💛💛💛 2y
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The Book Thief | Markus Zusak
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What a very touching way to remember and honor Sharon, our Litsy family member, who recently passed away. I did not know her well, but what she gave generously to this community will be missed.
Sharon had given 5 Stars to The Book Thief and described it as beautiful writing that captured her heart.
I read this book in her memory ( @sharread ).
Rest In Peace! Soar on angel wings!🤍


Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks ❤️❤️❤️ thanks for sharing Kimberley 💗 2y
TheBookHippie ♥️ 2y
SW-T ❤️ 2y
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Booksarelifeaddict That‘s so sad to hear! But so touching that you read this book for her! I didn‘t know her but this has been on my Tbr for years so I‘ll definitely pick it up soon and read it! 2y
BiblioLitten Beautiful way to remember someone 💕❤️ 2y
CBee I finally read this last year and it will always be a favorite of mine ♥️ 2y
Nute @SW-T 🤍 2y
Nute @CBee 🤍 2y
TheBookHippie ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️ 2y
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Open Water | Caleb Azumah Nelson
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This is simply beautiful. I am refusing more than a few pages at a time so that I can sit quietly with the contemplation of its possibility. Sometimes I am amazed at phenomenal artistry or my sheer luck at witnessing it‘s existence.

2nd Person Point of View is a distraction. It requires a diligent effort to hold onto to the rhythm and flow of narration, but I won‘t let this story getaway.

Now it‘s time to cheer for the Rams in the Super Bowl🏈

Billypar Yeah, 2nd person is an adjustment but agreed that this is a beautiful way to describe the scene and the character's state of mind (or is it 'my state of mind'? 😉) 2y
Nute @Billypar I finally found the rhythm, Vinny. Then it was like there was no other way to narrate the story. Weird! The writing is beautiful. I‘ll try to put a few words on Litsy this weekend.🙂 2y
Nute @Billypar Oh, so funny…the state of mind thing.👆🏽 His? Hers? Or mine? HaHa! 2y
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Billypar It works some kind of weird magic on your brain, right? Sometimes I wish there were more equivalents on film or TV where the camera is the main character's perspective, so everyone else seems like they're addressing you directly. But that's even rarer than 2nd person in books- I almost never see it! 2y
Nute Whoa! I‘m trying to recall if I have ever experienced 2nd person POV on film or TV. The closest movie that I can think of is, The Blair Witch Project. That movie feels like it involves the viewer as a participant and as a witness to the madness. “YOU were there too!”😱 Is there a more accurate example? 2y
Billypar Blair Witch is a great example - I've defended that movie to so many people who hate it, lol. Other horror movies have made good use of it: Creep and Cloverfield are two that come to mind. I don't have a ton of other examples - a few parts of Being John Malkovitch, the Terminator series, and an old film noir Dark Passage. Also one of my favorite Bones episodes from the perspective of the dead child victim. I wish it were used more! 2y
Nute Hmm… Scary movies don‘t often undo me, but I was a bit more freaked out by The Blair Witch Project because of feeling like I was there . When dialogue was spoken with a direct peer into the camera, I felt like it was meant for me and me alone. Thanks for some other examples, Vinny. You have probably lined up my TV viewing for this weekend.😆 (edited) 2y
Billypar Yeah, same with me about scary movies - I'm much more scared by ideas and suspense than the pop-outs with loud musical chords (though, if done right, those can be fun too 😱). Creep is very unnerving. Happy 2nd person POV viewing! 2y
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Open Water | Caleb Azumah Nelson
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I like the cover. Because of the title and the cover, I don‘t want to know too much before I start reading. I‘m curious enough. I brought it home, but not because of the front cover. One of the sentences on the back is what really got me… “a story that pulls the reader close.” Yeah, that‘s what I was in search of, something to provide some type of near proximity to someone else.

Reading this when the day settles into night.

batsy I love the cover and I've got this on my TBR ... look forward to your thoughts. 2y
DebinHawaii That cover is gorgeous and the book sounds really good. 2y
Nute @batsy @DebinHawaii The cover is plain. The title font is simple. The writing is extraordinary! 2y
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The Thursday Murder Club | Richard Osman
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Fun, witty, clever, energetic, bold, daring, engaging, smart, opinionated, intelligent…and at least one was just plain nice. Just a few words to describe the four main characters in this book…along with septuagenarian. That‘s right! Doing the damn thing in their seventies! There was late night escapades, globe-trotting, grave un-digging by flashlights or torchlight or some such thing & a surprising amount of wine & beer consumption in mid-day!👇🏽

Nute Is this how much fun I‘ll be having if I‘m blessed to get to seventy? No doubt, not chasing after criminals or trying to solve murders!😳 But being a 70-years young badass! Good googa mooga! It‘s a long ways off, but this book puts a whole new slant on what to look forward to! To think that I envisioned serene afternoons, porches and rocking chairs. Of course, I have to live in a swanky upscale senior community, I must have a retired secret👇🏽 (edited) 2y
Nute agent/spy/fearless female James Bond-type as my best friend, and I have to excuse a little bit of bourgeois-ness as a cute character trait. HaHa!

Although, the solving of the murders was interesting, it dulled in comparison to getting to know the main characters. That‘s where the jewel of this story is found. It touches on many concerns of aging. The author allowed for dignity and grace there, & in other places lots of humor. You will laugh!👇🏽
(edited) 2y
BethM This sounds so good!! 2y
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TrishB Great review. The second book is even better and I‘m definitely ending up in that retirement home! 2y
Cathythoughts Great review! I couldn‘t keep the plot together in my head , but I loved the characters and the laughs, and heart warming 2y
Nute 👆🏽 So much fun to read! Recommended! (edited) 2y
LKK526 Really liked this book. Read follow up “The Man Who Died Twice” 2y
Nute @BethM It was very enjoyable, Beth! And there is already a second book so more fun adventures. Well, as fun as things can be that revolve around the solving of murders.😉 2y
Nute @TrishB Thank you, Trish!💕 Don‘t think that I didn‘t take note about what retirement home living should look like. Descriptive words requirement in the advertisement: posh and luxurious.😆 I‘ll be on the lookout in the future. Maybe we can be neighbors one day!☺️ (edited) 2y
Nute @Cathythoughts Thank you, Cathy!💕 To me, getting to know the characters was the best part. I thought that the author made them so open and vulnerable and real. I know someone similar in character to each them. Well, except Elizabeth…I don‘t know anyone like her. I would have to know James Bond to make that a factual statement.😉😂 2y
Nute @LKK526 Did you already read the second book? Thanks for the recommendation, Linda. I hope that I can get to it soon!🙂 2y
SW-T Nice review. I‘ve been looking at this one, but was undecided. I‘ll certainly try it now! 2y
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Morning Glory | Lavyrle Spencer
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Thanks for the tag, Lisa ( @TheSpineView )💕

💗 Books always any day and every day! However, I love to gaze upon flowers. They definitely brighten every space.

💗 The tagged book is the loveliest of stories about two lonely people finding their way to love. It was such a surprise read for me because it came as a recommendation from a dear friend to try a genre of literature that I had never really considered. I cherish this story!

Ast_Arslan Thank you for the tag ❤ 2y
BiblioLitten I‘m going to give Morning Glory a try 😊 2y
TheSpineView You're welcome! Thanks for playing! ❤ 2y
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Dragon Sounds good 👍 stacking! 💚🐉 2y
GatheringBooks Woohoo! Thanks for the tag. Love flowers, too! 💐💐💐 2y
Andrew65 Thanks for the tag 🥰 2y
DaveGreen7777 Thank you for the tag! 😁 2y
Nute @Ast_Arslan You‘re welcome, Valentina! btw…pretty name!☺️ 2y
Nute @BiblioLitten I‘m am delighted to hear that, Archana!🤗 Let me know how it goes. This book has a very special place in my heart. I do hope that you enjoy it! 2y
Nute @Dragon Yay! I practically prayed for this romance. Let me know when you get around to it. I would really like to hear your thoughts.🙂 2y
Nute @GatheringBooks @Andrew65 @DaveGreen7777 You‘re welcome, Friends!😀 2y
Dragon Thanks 🙏 @Nute sounds like a good read 💚🐉 2y
PaperbackPirate Happy Valentines Day! Thanks for the tag! 💙 2y
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Thank you for the tags: @Andrew65 @eanderson @TheSpineView @Eggs @EadieB ?

The local meteorologist has promised the return of warmth to my state today. He seems to have made good on his promise as a most wonderful 34°F is expected as the high temp. Already the sun is shining brightly and it feels like kinder feelings are in the air.

Enjoy Sunday everyone!

robinb We are at 50F currently, and it feels like swimsuit weather. LOL 2y
Andrew65 Sun makes us feel so much better, amazing the difference it can make. 2y
Nute @robinb I hear you! Today feels almost like non-jacket weather after the last couple of weeks. lol 2y
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Nute @Andrew65 Agreed!💛☀️💛 2y
Eggs Lovely 🥰 ☀️💛 2y
TheSpineView Great quote!😘🥰😊 2y
LKK526 We are at 78. Come to Florida. We should hold Litsy convention here! 2y
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The Thursday Murder Club | Richard Osman
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At the table with Mom on an unexpected day off from work. Yay, me! And maybe, yay, you, too!☺️ Tons of snow on the ground. Snow is still falling. It‘s an all day affair. I am trying to delay the action of shoveling for as long as possible so I invited Mom to the table for a hot beverage. She elected tea. I think it feels like a hot cocoa kind of day.👇🏽

Nute This book was on the table. She is always curious when she sees the word “murder” in the book title. She wants to know if what I am reading can lead to deviant thoughts & strange behaviors. Who knows, Mom? I think that I can definitely say, ‘at least not thoughts of murder.‘ Good grief! I asked her if a group of septuagenarians posed as amateur sleuths could be up to no good? She thought that was funny.

I might start shoveling snow in an hour…
Bookwormjillk It‘s the shoveling that would lead me to deviant thoughts and strange behaviors! Stay warm! 2y
Lreads I‘m also thinking about shoveling but that‘s as far as I‘ve gotten! 2y
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MrsMalaprop Haha 😄. Love it. Hope you got/get that shoveling done. And look out for those deviant thoughts 😆. 2y
Nute @Bookwormjillk Oh, my goodness, Jill! Your comment made me laugh so hard. I almost choked on my hot cocoa. Sooo funny!!!🤣 Stay warm, too! 2y
Nute @QuietlyLaura Girl, I understand. I delayed until the very last moment of what would be considered the warmest part of the day. Stay warm, Laura!💛 2y
Nute @MrsMalaprop Shoveling is finished for today. And as far as deviant thoughts, if there were any running around in my head, they are frozen now!🥶😆 Stay warm, Serena!💛 2y
LKK526 I loved The Thursday Murder. Club. I feel guilty because it‘s 79 degrees now. Stay warm y‘all and keep reading 2y
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Poetic by the shape and sound of the sentence thus becoming lyrical by construct. I fell in step quite easily with the rhythm of this work simply because I like fragmented thoughts and wildly creative sentence structure causing words to leap and tumble across the page. I like abstraction of thinking that somehow converges clearly on a universal truth or acknowledgment of a common happiness, pain or examination of existence.👇🏽

Nute She accomplishes that magnificently.
Who knew…Barbara Kingsolver…poet!
There is beauty here and I am richer for the discovery. However, there is a missing intensity and depth that is gained in the reading of poetry as the poet‘s words force the reader to search inward and come at the truths of ourselves with an exploration of the naked soul, and this world. Maybe this work was purposely not meant to achieve that specific outcome.👇🏽
Nute But it does the other poetry thing quite nicely…the words roll around very lovely on your tongue and awaken a vivid imagery, the written sharing of her life‘s observances rouses an evocation of a myriad of emotions as so many of the described circumstances ring a sense of familiarity.
I will read more poetry by Barbara Kingsolver if she releases another collection. I suppose that supports a recommendation in and of itself.
Nute #AuthorAMonth - January - Barbara Kingsolver 2y
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DrexEdit Great review! 👍 2y
Butterfinger Awesome review! Your words leap off the page too. 2y
DivineDiana I am almost finished this book, and am in awe of your eloquent praise! 👏🏻❤️👏🏻 (edited) 2y
Nute @DrexEdit Thank you, Diane!💕 2y
Nute @Butterfinger Thank you, Tammy!💕 2y
Nute @DivineDiana Thank you, Diana!💕 How did your reading experience turn out? 2y
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Thanks for the tag @TheRiehlDeal 💕

❄️ I feel like I could hang out with Chef Lillian (tagged book) for long periods of time & be quite happy. Not only would she probably be cooking wonderful meals (a very nice bestie benefit is a friend who throws down in the kitchen🤗), but she was all about good vibes amongst people.

❄️ Rozelle Quinn! It would be impossible to call her friend.

❄️ Friday Eve…the new name for Thursday!😂

Sapphire Rene-Marie Gamache from Louise Penny‘s books. A secondary character and not as quirky as some. Also Annie their daughter. 2y
Eggs Thanks for joining in 🥰📚👏🏻 2y
Eggs @Sapphire great choice! 2y
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Territory of Light | Yuko Tsushima
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#NewYearsWhoDis 2022

Reading your recommendation, Kay ( @kaysworld1 ), between locations while performing Daughter-Uber services for Mom. She always seems to return to the car just as I am reading the loveliest and most delicate of sentences, telling me the next destination when I need a quiet moment. This has a kind of melancholy that fills you with tender reflection. I‘m really enjoying it so far. Thank you for sharing it with me.

monalyisha Beautiful (& funny) post! 💞 2y
Nute @monalyisha Thank you, Alyisha!💕 Girl, that Daughter-Uber service ran all day long. One of us felt worn out afterwards.😆 2y
ReadingRachael This sounds really good to me at the moment! 2y
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#NonFiction2022 Bingo Board: Box - I‘m a Dream:

Freedom for the slave must have seemed the elusive dream. To charter your own course across the hills & valleys of any chosen landscape, to walk unshackled, to talk unhindered, to think out loud & entertain the musings of a carefree created life, to fear not another man‘s control, anger, cruelty and whims must have felt a thing unattainable, a slippery reality beyond reach of brown-hued hands.👇🏽

Nute A dangerous consideration of the ideas of basic birthrights and civilized occupation of lands that claimed a deferential and civil society.

Yet freedom is first nature and strived for in the bleakest of circumstances. To know that someone has obtained that unequivocal thing and now stands tall and brave to demand it for others…well, that entity, that person must become the dream,👇🏽
Nute the hoped for thing, a living, breathing vision of the dream in all its glory, shining like a beacon, signifying that a dream of such unimaginable magnitude can come true.👇🏽 2y
Nute This narrative shows Frederick Douglass as a thinker, a questioner, an observer, a seeker of fair acts & liberties, prosperity & freedom for all peoples. Not a practiced elocutionist. An escaped slave. Just a man, a courageous black man who contemplated life & living…who proffered effective speech of these human privileges without fear of reprisals…compelling a people to hope for the attainment of “the dream.”
Highly Recommended!

1 Box ✔️of 25.
(edited) 2y
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PurpleyPumpkin Excellent review! Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts on this one. Definitely on my tbr. 📚 2y
kspenmoll Fabulous review! I read this a few years ago- his life, endurance… no words. You get at the heart of a book so well- love reading your reviews. 2y
Bookzombie Fantastic review! Like @kspenmoll I love reading your reviews. 2y
TrishB Great review 👍🏻 2y
Deblovestoread Kimberley, wonderful review. I feel your words. Thank you. 2y
ncsufoxes Great review. I read this back in college & have it sitting on a shelf. I need to revisit it. Now that I‘m older & I am looking at our country‘s history with a different lens & understanding, I‘m think I‘ll have a greater appreciation of his life and writing. 2y
Lesliereads Thank you for posting this, Kimberley! Can you believe this is a book I have had for forever, yet, have never read from cover to cover??!! This year! 2y
Riveted_Reader_Melissa Wonderful review! 2y
Riveted_Reader_Melissa And I love how you picked out the dream of this one, so poignant in his own words. 2y
Centique Beautiful review, I need to read this! I was so moved and educated by 2y
Nute @PurpleyPumpkin Thank you, Kimberly!💕 This book waited a long time on my bookshelves to be read by me. I‘m glad that I can now say that I have done so. It‘s an honest revelation of a not too distant past that remains a lesson for a better pathway to the future. 2y
Nute @kspenmoll Thank you, Katherine!💕 In many places of this book, I felt as you stated while reading it. His honest telling of a horrific period in history left me without words to benefit my own emotions. These types of ‘exposures‘ to the past are often bitter, but a necessary step in our learning process as we strive to understand and then better ourselves as people sharing the common goals of a harmonious togetherness and earthly survival. 2y
Nute @Bookzombie Thank you, Margie!💕 It took me awhile to feel brave enough to converse on a social media platform. Litsy is the only place that I do so. I feel comfortable here because of the friendly reception, inclusiveness and a feeling that can only be described as a type of warmth. I am so happy that we have ‘met‘ in this community. 2y
Nute @TrishB Thank you, Trish!💕 2y
Bookzombie I‘m so happy we ‘met‘ as well, Kimberly! 💗 2y
Nute @Kdgordon88 Thank you, Debra!💕 2y
Nute @ncsufoxes Thank you, Jessica! I agree that we should look at history at various points in our own timelines, because our perspectives will be different. Maybe with more maturity, awareness of the ‘real‘ world and a greater capacity to understand the lowdown, there is a deeper understanding, empathy and appreciation for the terrors that some folks experienced, died because of, or survived. There are so many stories to hear/read. So much to learn. 2y
Nute @Lesliereads There are so many books to read, Leslie. Just like on your list of unread books, this book was waiting many years on my bookshelves for the opportunity to be read. I often wonder about the great books that I will never get around to in my lifetime. I saw your post today with a wonderful stack of Alice Walker‘s books. One of them I had actually never heard of. So many books to read, my Dear Friend!💕 I feel like I need to try harder! 2y
Nute @Riveted_Reader_Melissa Thank you, Melissa!💕 I am enjoying figuring out which books might work for the Non-Fiction Bingo Challenge 2022. The prompts are intriguing! 2y
Nute @Centique Thank you, Paula!💕 The voices and the stories from the saddest and most horrific times in history haunt us all the days of our lives. That‘s a good thing so that we never forget the place, the circumstance, the life and the lingering impact. 2y
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Untitled | Unknown
post image

Thanks for the tag, Lisa!💕

❄️ No, I don‘t read ebooks on my phone.

❄️ I do purchase ebooks, but I‘m not very attentive to reading them. I always have a print book with me. When I do reach for an ebook, it is usually on my Kindle Fire. I was a fan of my Nook for a very long time. I miss that device. I am curious about the Kindle Paperwhite, because supposedly the reading experience is glare-free. That‘s helpful.

Tag: @janeycanuck

RaeLovesToRead I love my Paperwhite, although I do still prefer physical books 📚 2y
JenReadsAlot I like the paperwhite for outside cause it doesn't have the glare like the Fire does (which I also use). 2y
TheSpineView Nothing like a physical book! Thanks for playing! 💙📖 2y
See All 8 Comments
MaureenMc I got a Paperwhite recently to eliminate the glare & eye strain from reading on my tablet. So glad I made the investment! 2y
Nute @RaeLovesToRead I keep hearing good things about the Kindle Paperwhite. I do think that it‘s nice to have an eReader as a backup to a physical book. I feel like I‘ll be making this purchase very soon. 2y
Nute @JenReadsAlot Thanks for confirming what I had heard that the Kindle Paperwhite is a closer experience to reading from paper with less instances of glare interference. I hope to purchase one of these in the near future. 2y
Nute @TheSpineView No truer words in regards to the reading experience! 2y
Nute @MaureenMc I hear you, Maureen! I cannot wait until I can second your words with first hand experience!🤗 2y
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Frederick Douglass has made many quote-worthy statements and I often come across the well-known one regarding literacy, “Once you learn to read, you will be forever free.” I can‘t imagine a life without the joy of knowing how to read and the happiness of pursuing literature. However, today, my attention was drawn by this quote, “My hopes were never brighter than now.”👇🏽

Nute Because he experienced a harsh reality and witnessed unchecked brutality, I wanted to know precisely when in his life hope surfaced, peace felt tangible, harmony obtainable and freedom possible and then long lasting.
I‘m reading his narrative.
SRWCF Great photo layout! 2y
Nute @SRWCF Thank you, Shelley!💕 2y
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One Crazy Summer | Rita Williams-Garcia
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1st Book 2022: I return to no excuses. There simply aren‘t any. It takes me awhile. That‘s it! That‘s the answer. Not the reading of the book. The selection of the book, yes…so many days pass by, still I remain undecided. Then once the choice is made, there continues to be an issue with the motivation to read the book. It was simpler here because the cover art drew attention, the interaction between the sisters commanded feelings of affection,👇🏽

Nute the responsibility of an eldest sibling to younger siblings was immediately familiar, the signs of the times in their educational perspective are lessons that just stay in your face no matter how many decades have passed…and then the curiosity about Celine and her motherhood and her essential nature was insanely magnetic, maddening and frustrating (almost incredible and unbelievable) all at once and then suddenly enlightening.👇🏽 (edited) 2y
Nute It‘s children‘s literature from the point of view of a child so the very large issues (life in Oakland, California 1968, being black in America in the 60s, the Black Panther Movement, maternal abandonment, self-sacrifice & the greater good) are looked at through that lens which possibly leaves an adult reader wanting more grit, but that desire is still in good service of the book. It sends us other places in search of answers and information.👇🏽 (edited) 2y
Nute As readers, we are often willing and content with that action.
Highly Recommended!
(edited) 2y
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megnews I absolutely love this series and will read anything by Ms Williams-Garcia. 2y
RebL This book is one of my favorites too. 2y
MaureenMc Phenomenal review! I love this series so much. 2y
Suet624 I had stacked this already, but your wonderful review would have done it. 2y
Bookzombie This is still on my TBR, but I would like to get to it this year. You‘re review is lovely! 2y
Reggie You have no idea how big my smile is as I read this review. So lovely. Stacked. 2y
batsy Lovely, thoughtful review! This book has been on my radar but I'll have to move it further up the TBR after reading your impressions of it. 2y
TheBookHippie My favorite I give this to every teacher I work with !!! 2y
TheBookHippie @Reggie oh you will love it!!! The whole series is just excellent ! 2y
TheBookHippie @batsy you‘ll enjoy it!! 2y
Nute @megnews @TheBookHippie You both along with this well-crafted first book have motivated me to read the entire series!🤗 2y
Nute @RebL We are in good company!☺️ 2y
megnews You won‘t regret it. Enjoy!! 2y
Nute @MaureenMc Thank you!💕 I feel that I will reach the same conclusion once I have read the entire series. 2y
Nute @Suet624 Thank you, Sue!💕 2y
Nute @Bookzombie Thank you, Margie!💕 I hope to continue with the series a little later in the year. Many people are saying that the entire series is very good. 2y
Nute @Reggie Thank you, Reggie!💕 How did the pen in the dryer situation turn out? 2y
Nute @batsy Thank you, Subashini!💕 It seems that we are in for a wonderful reading experience with the entire series! 2y
TheBookHippie Yay!!! Enjoy. It‘s such a wonderful series. 2y
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Yay! For this wonderful gift today! Thank you, Jessica! You selected the very book that I was hoping for and am so happy to receive. It‘s also fitting for the direction that I want to go regarding reading this year, more non-fiction, memoir and biography.

And the sweet surprise of so many hazelnut chocolates to try…oh, the joy!🤗

Many thanks to you, Amy, for hosting such a lovely swap. The timing of opening day is perfect❣️

ncsufoxes Glad that you like everything. Although my husband was a little jealous when I was boxing this up. He was like who are you boxing all those yummy treats up for (peanut m&ms are his favorite). This book is on my TBR too, I‘ve heard great things. 2y
Cathythoughts Lovely ❤️ 2y
Nute @ncsufoxes Have you seen the packaging for candy that states it is for “sharing” purposes? When I see the package size for the M&Ms with Peanuts, I always say to myself, ‘Are you kidding me? This bag needs to be at least 4 sizes larger with an equivalent increase in amount offered. Then we can SHARE!‘😆 Let‘s check in after we both read the book. Thanks for everything!😊💕 2y
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