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Summer Sons | Lee Mandelo
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Getting organized and preparing for all the 2022 reading! I have jinxmoon's #NewYearWhoDis list in my Reading Challenge notebook along with a few from Story Graph. Getting really excited!


monalyisha I love seeing people‘s handwriting. 💕 2d
chasjjlee @monalyisha Oh Lord, this was me trying really REALLY hard not to be sloppy 😂. I agree, everyone's handwriting is unique! 2d
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The Conductors | Nicole Glover
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All of these books from @ozma.of.oz look so good! I already have The Conductors, and the Chambers and Klune are both on my Xmas list. I just read (and LOVED) Middlegame so I'm excited to read more of Seanan McGuire. Also, that cover is giving me serious mid-00s urban fantasy nostalgia! #NYWD22 @monalyisha

monalyisha Nice! I‘m excited to read your review of The Conductors! And both the Chambers & Klune‘s first book were on the list that I created. So good & so comforting, both of them! Enjoy! 💙 (edited) 2w
ozma.of.oz Ah! I‘m so glad you found some titles you liked! McGuire‘s and Pratchett‘s books are the second in their series, just a heads up. I can‘t wait to see what you think! 2w
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Untitled | Unknown
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Oh my! @gissy I'm having an early Christmas with the awesome book choices. Good job @monalyisha I'm loving these choices. #NewYearWhoDis #NYWD22

Gissy I still need to decide which books I will read. You have read many books that are in my tbr and I owned, so those will be my priority. But I will like to try a book that I don‘t have but it is in my tbr and a book that is not even in my tbr but you read it. I can read a book or two per month. I need to decrease that tbr📚📚📚📚🤗 2w
sharread @Gissy Sounds like a 🎵🎶🎵🎶 song. Sounds cool 🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄📚📚📚📚 2w
sharread @Gissy I'm watching a YouTuber that moved to the Dominican Republic and I want to switch locations instead of books. It's beautiful there. We have snow already. 😆🎄🎄 1w
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#TBRPile 📚 “I will always remember exactly where I was and what I was doing when I heard that my father had died.”

monalyisha Hi there! Just checking in for #NewYearWhoDis #NYWD22. I'm hoping you can respond to the email that I sent with your match & your reading list, &/or that you could create a post about which books you're planning to read from their list. Trying to do my best to ensure 100% participation! Hope you're staying warm (& well-read)! 😉 2w
Lucy_Anywhere @monalyisha Hi! Thanks for the prompt. It‘s been a hectic week so creating a post for #NYWD22 is on my to do list for this weekend! 2w
monalyisha @Lucy_Anywhere Sounds good to me! 2w
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I can‘t wait to start reading from your list @Caroline2! 😃 I‘ve read The Name of the Wind and Kindred before and agree that they are great. I‘m a bit of a mood reader, so I‘m not 100% sure which of the others I‘ll start with, but I‘m currently thinking it will be one of these five.
#NewYearWhoDis #NYWD22

JamieArc We Begin at the End seems to be on a few lists! It‘s top of my list for January. 2w
monalyisha I‘m a mood reader, too. 😉 But my vote is for 2w
Caroline2 Yay! I hope you like them! 😃 I‘m a mood reader too so I totally get it! 😉 👍 2w
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Migrations: A Novel | Charlotte McConaghy
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Tentative lineup to kick off #NYWD22 in January. @Karisa's list is amazing and features a lot more that I am 100% adding to my TBR. I love that we've swapped Charlotte McConaghy titles and will each be reading the other from her. Also been so intrigued by this Becky Chambers series, so I'm glad to finally get to it and hopefully make it to Karisa's actual pick, which is the 4th in the series. Great matching yet again, @monalyisha! #NewYearWhoDis

monalyisha Thank you! I loved @Karisa‘s list, too. Enjoy! 3w
Karisa 👏👏Becky Chambers is one of my all time favorite authors. I love that she‘s sci-fi but has an optimistic and expansive outlook on the future. You had books 4 on your list that I‘ve read and loved (Kindred, Cerulean Sea, Starless Sea, Court of Silver Flames)—so I knew @monalyisha had picked the right person for me! I can‘t wait to read your book picks! 3w
Karisa Oh! For the Fire Next Time, I listened to the audiobook, and it was very well done. I loved it so much I bought a hard copy of it too💗 3w
ozma.of.oz I‘ve read everything on this list except for Migrations, and you are in for some amazing reads! 👍🏻👍🏻 2w
TheKidUpstairs The Wayfarers series is so so so so good. 2w
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Salt Houses | Hala Alyan
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Here are my first picks from my fabulous #NewYearWhoDis match, @Singout ! Because I requested a match partner who had a list that was balanced with both fiction and nonfiction, I picked one of each to start off with in January. I already own “Salt Houses” and “When They Call You a Terrorist” was on my TBR, so it was an easy choice! 🙂


monalyisha And -- BONUS! -- both covers are gorgeous! 😍 3w
Amiable @monalyisha They are! It makes me wish I could paint. 3w
JamieArc I really enjoyed Salt Houses. Happy reading 😊 3w
Singout Enjoy! 2w
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New Year Who Dis? | Bitchy Fits
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My first time participating in #NYWD22 and I‘ve got a great match! @NikkiM5 I actually “oooohed” out loud when I saw this list! A few I‘ve read (and loved), but the ones I haven‘t are PERFECT. Sasquatches, Morrison and King, dystopia, and more??? Yes, please!! The hardest part will be picking which to begin first! 😬 Great job with the matching @monalyisha !!

TheLudicReader I am so enjoying looking at everyone‘s lists. 3w
NikkiM5 Yay!! I hope you enjoy your final pick. This is very fun 😁 2w
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Mansfield Park | Jane Austen
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Wishing the year was over for many reasons - 1 being that I‘m looking forward to not being so busy! @Moll has a great list of reads - half of which were already on my TBR!

As in years past, I‘ll definitely be taking this list further into 2022 than January.

Thanks as always to @monalyisha for being a great matchmaker!

#newyearwhodis #nywd22

Moll I hope you love them as much as I did!!😊 3w
TheLudicReader It‘s so much fun looking at these lists. 3w
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