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So happy to clear the board last month! And cleared 9 books from my #MountTBR Can‘t wait to try to do it again in December! #BookspinBingo @TheAromaofBooks

TheAromaofBooks YAY!!! Fabulous month!!!! 26m
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Read to cover #Guadeloupe for #ReadingTheAmericas2023 @BarbaraBB @Librarybelle.

A police procedural set in #Guadeloupe. A female body of a tourist is found on a nudist beach, and it is discovered that she has been raped and murdered. This murder is investigated by Algerian-French judge Anne Marie Laveaud. This book meandered a bit too much for me and was much longer than it needed to be. It was okay but nothing to write home about.

Andrew65 This book is available to download free from Audible if you are a subscriber.

9th book finished during #NovelNovember

24th book finished in November #Rushathon @DieAReader @Ghabi4Roses

#SeriesLove2023 @TheSpineView
(edited) 7d
DieAReader 👋🏻Another one off #MountTBR 😂 7d
TheSpineView Every book can't be a winner. Hope the next is better. 7d
Andrew65 @DieAReader You might enjoy it more than me. 7d
Andrew65 @TheSpineView This is true, it was okay but wouldn‘t read another one. Too many other better books out there. 7d
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Zoe's Tale | John Scalzi
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Say it with haiku. 😆 Love is worth the risk of being cubed.

julesG 😂😂😂 2w
julesG And, you're posts still aren't helping erode #MountTBR 2w
Robotswithpersonality @julesG All part of my evil plan! 2w
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The Daily Doctor was supposed to be published last year in September, but was pushed back to August 2023. One of my longest standing pre-order ever.

Came across Mother Tongue by accident and I can't wait to read it (let's not start kidding ourselves, it's going to live on #MountTBR for a while first).

ravenlee “Awesome! I‘m so happy this book arrived I‘ve been dying to read it I can‘t wait to start it” as I put it on the to-read-soon-but-we-all-know-it‘s-eventually shelf so that in a few months (or years) I can pick it up and say “Awesome! I‘m so excited to read this I‘ve been waiting so long!” 2mo
julesG @ravenlee 🤣🤣 2mo
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Not a sentiment I often see expressed.

julesG Did I mention that your posts don't help shrink #MountTBR? 3mo
Robotswithpersonality @julesG *evil laugh* My diabolical plan is working! 📚 3mo
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Ok, this is just ridiculous. #mounttbr #bookhoarding

Bookwormjillk I thought I was doing better until I added up how many audio and e-reader books I have 🤦‍♀️🤷‍♀️ 3mo
kspenmoll I am too scared to count & face my mountainous TBR! 3mo
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Neither one of these novellas are in the database (likely because only on Audible) so I tagged another of Correia‘s books (which I also liked).

Take one gritty, hardened cop + corrupt justice system + gangs & corporate overloads and then set it in space a lost colony on a super deadly planet where not everything is what it seems. What you get is a fun SciFi murder mystery! And Oliver Wyman has the perfect voice for a gritty, hardened detective.

julesG Sounds interesting. Lynn, you're not helping with #MountTBR. 😁 3mo
wanderinglynn @julesG they‘re short! About 5 hrs (on 1x speed) for both. I listened to both on 1.4x speed and I finished both in about 3.5 hrs. #enabler 😆 3mo
julesG You're terrible 😁 3mo
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Slaughter | John Lutz
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#Wardens2023 #DoubleSpin(June) #ReadMyRoom #RushAThon #SeriesLove2023 #20in4

My before bed start for tonight. New series (& possibly the author as well, not sure tbh) to me & totally out of sequence. Another #ImpulseBuy sans GR referencing beforehand🤦🏻‍♀️ This is #10 & will yay or nay whether I hunt the series down to start from the beginning, or not.

TheSpineView Enjoy 3mo
Monica5 I have heard his books are good, but I haven't read him. Let me know what you think of him, please. 3mo
DieAReader @TheSpineView ☺️❤️‍🔥🤓📚 3mo
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DieAReader @Monica5 I will for sure! If it helps, I Did a deep dive through my ‘Read‘ GR folder & although it‘s not marked, I believe I read & enjoyed #2. Likely one of the reasons this one was bought (name familiarity usually. = 🤗💸📚)🤣🤷🏻‍♀️. Authors I like stick in my head and often add to #MountTBR like that lol.🤫🤓 3mo
TheAromaofBooks Woohoo!! 3mo
DieAReader @TheAromaofBooks ❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥 3mo
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The Square of Sevens | Laura Shepherd-Robinson
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I'm going to quote from the historical note:
"[...] mythical and magical, a sweeping Dickensian story with a twist. [...] a large family and a disputed inheritance, plus fortune telling in the age of Enlightenment."

5/5 Stars

Thank you, @Oryx for meeting at House of Books and Friends in Manchester otherwise I might have missed this gem.

#RushAThon @DieAReader @GHABI4ROSES @Andrew65

DieAReader 🥳🥳🥳 4mo
jenniferw88 You know the author is Tony Robinson's (aka Baldrick) daughter, don't you?! 4mo
julesG @jenniferw88 No, didn't know that. Not important to enjoy the book. 😁 But good to know should I need it for a pub quiz. 4mo
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julesG @jenniferw88 I find it much more interesting that I know who Baldrick is. 4mo
jenniferw88 @julesG 😂 I didn't know until Dad read the tagged and told me. 4mo
julesG @jenniferw88 That's the one I haven't read yet. Recently read her debut novel (from #MountTBR) and really liked it. She puts a lot of effort into historical accuracy, which I truly appreciate. 4mo
jenniferw88 @julesG I've read Blood and Sugar, need to read Daughters (and Square)! https://www.express.co.uk/entertainment/books/1231923/Laura-Shepherd-Robinson-be... 4mo
Oryx That amazing feeling of finding a five star book by accident almost. That's great 😃 4mo
Andrew65 Sounds interesting. 3mo
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Voting is now open for the September selection of the #LitsySciFiBookClub Pick from among the books pictured above, and place your choice in the comments. In the event of a tie, I will case the deciding vote. Otherwise, I will not vote. Voting will be open until Friday.

@Larkken @Deblovestoread @bnp @ravenlee @Johanna414 @ozma.of.oz @julesG @sebrittainclark @BookBelle84 @Readergirl @CSeydel @Roary47 @Books_et_al @Lizpixie @Ruthiella

Ruthiella I vote for 4mo
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wanderinglynn My first choice is Ancillary Justice. My second choice is Some Desperate Glory. 4mo
Roary47 My first vote is for Hail Mary, second vote the cruel stars. 😍 4mo
julesG 1) Archive Undying
2) A Pale Light in the Dark
3) Some Desperate Glory
Basically all the books on #MountTBR 😜
ravenlee I‘ll go with Some Desperate Glory. 4mo
CSeydel If we get multiple votes, I‘d pick Time Out of Joint, then Hyperion. 4mo
LeticiaToraci Could you please tag me too? I would like to participate. 4mo
LeticiaToraci I vote for Project Hail Mary. 4mo
TheSpineView @LeticiaToraci Sure thing!🤩 4mo
ravenlee @CatLass007 this is the scifi group. 4mo
CatLass007 @ravenlee Thank you! Looks exciting! 4mo
CatLass007 @TheSpineView Would you please add me to your list of people to notify? I love science fiction! I have no opinion about what to focus on in September. I want to read them all! 4mo
TheSpineView @CatLass007 Gladly!❤️📖🚀 4mo
CatLass007 @TheSpineView Thank you!🔭🔬 4mo
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