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Fifty Shades of Grey
Fifty Shades of Grey | E. L. James
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"MORE THAN 100 MILLION COPIES SOLD WORLD WIDE. b> b>Now a major movie starring Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson, directed by Sam Taylor-Johnson. When literature student Anastasia Steele interviews successful entrepreneur Christian Grey, she finds him very attractive and deeply intimidating. Convinced that their meeting went badly, she tries to put him out of her mind until he turns up at the store where she works part-time, and invites her out. Unworldly and innocent, Ana is shocked to find she wants this man. And, when he warns her to keep her distance, it only makes her want him more. As they embark on a passionate love affair, Ana discovers more about her own desires, as well as the dark secrets Christian keeps hidden away from public view "
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Google tells me that this is the woman responsible for the worst piece of writing I have ever had the misfortune to read . Not so much a #NotSoFavoriteAuthor as one whose writing I detest!

#GratefulReads @Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks @OriginalCyn620

Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks I totally agree!!!!!! 2w
Stacypatrice Finally!! I never knew what the author looked like 😂 “She murmured.” Oh for the love of all things written, let me never read that line again!!! #used100timesinShadesofCrap 2w
OriginalCyn620 Ha! You‘re not wrong! 😝 2w
marleed Oh my gosh, I‘m 100% in agreement. I even read The Mister simply to see if years and income allowed her writing workshops and better editors... Not so much :( 2w
Slajaunie I never read her books. My daughter warned me in advance. 2w
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Fifty Shades of Grey | E. L. James
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😳😆👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 #LitsyHumor

Texreader 🤣🤣🤣 4w
julesG 👏👏👏😁😁 4w
Hooked_on_books She‘s a genius! I love this. 4w
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BookwormAHN Brilliant 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 4w
AmyG Ha! 4w
StillLookingForCarmenSanDiego The hand cuffs! 😂👌🏼 4w
Eggs Great!!! 4w
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Fifty Shades of Grey | E. L. James

Watching Fifty shades freed on my day off and I can't help but think that Jamie Dornan, is more believable as the serial killer he played on The Fall then he is as Christian Grey.

Fifty Shades of Grey | E. L. James
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“I've kissed a prince, Mom. I hope it doesn‘t turn into a frog.”

#ColorMePretty | 25: #Monochromatic

📷: Made with Typorama

Fifty Shades of Grey | E. L. James
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🤣🤣 i love my facebook flashbacks

Texreader 🤣 5mo
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This trilogy quickly comes to mind even though I have not read it.
#LetsTravelJuly #shade

(☝️google pic)

OriginalCyn620 😊📚🖤 5mo
CarolynM I skim read the first one - that was enough😳 5mo
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Fifty Shades of Grey | E. L. James
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Nope nope nope. I didn‘t think there could be a more annoying character than Ana until we met her “inner goddess”. I was rolling my eyes so much while listening to this that I thought Christian was gonna come spank me. Nothing about this book is good and I‘m shocked that it made it on to the Great American Read.

Ericalambbrown It really is just awful. 🤣 Somewhere in the vast hellscape that is the internet there is a video of Gilbert Gottfried reading some of the saucier bits from the book. It‘s pretty funny. (edited) 5mo
GloVerdino @Ericalambbrown I‘ll have to see if I can find it, that sounds more entertaining than the book was! 5mo
Ericalambbrown https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=XkLqAlIETkA I had to revisit it today for a giggle. 🤣 5mo
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GloVerdino @Ericalambbrown hysterical! I love the looks on the listeners faces! 5mo
Ericalambbrown @GloVerdino So glad you enjoyed it! It gives me the giggles 😃 5mo
Valink This was such a terrible series!!! 5mo
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Fifty Shades of Grey | E. L. James
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I don‘t know If hating this book makes me a really bad female, or a great one. 🤪

Fifty Shades of Grey | E. L. James
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Finally went back and re-read Fifty Shades...

We all know what it‘s about, right?

Definitely not one of the best books ever written. Although, I will admit, there were parts I did enjoy.

Overall, the writing style was poor and it was highly repetitive.

Ana‘s character drove me crazy. She is too indecisive and insecure. I just wanted her “inner goddess” to make a decision! Christian‘s character growth was fine, but could have been stronger.

theresidentromantic Check out the Shadowlands series and Laura Kaye's Blasphemy series. Safe, Sane, Consensual, and fun. Not whatever this is supposed to be. I promised you'll have a better time ♥️ 6mo
suzie.reads The writing in these books is horrific, it's more about the content for me lol 6mo
SilverShanica Check out Kushiel‘s Dart if you want a well written, well developed story with excellent depictions of consensual sex and BDSM. Also has a great storyline with political intrigue, a courtesan who is also a spy, and strong female power in leading characters. 6mo
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Not as kinky as I expected and weak protagonist

Fifty Shades of Grey | E. L. James
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Would you rather....

Oh my gosh that was a hard choice!!

tournevis Having done the first, and we are still friends, it's not that bad. 7mo
Clwojick Oh my god 😂 50 shades 7mo
QueenJen Totally going with the favorite author!! 😉🥂 7mo
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Fifty Shades of Grey | E. L. James
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I LOVE romance—but you‘ll NEVER find me reading these.😑 #neverever #anglophileapril

Samplergal Awful stuff. 8mo
TheLudicReader The writing is awful. 8mo
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Jaimelire I tried to read the first one, but I stopped because the writing is horrible. 👎 8mo
Mdargusch Oh yes ! I and so on this never ever train for these books!!! 🙅🏼‍♀️🙅🏼‍♀️🙅🏼‍♀️ 8mo
Leelee08 @Jaimelire It‘s sooo bad.😖 8mo
Leelee08 @Mdargusch 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻🤢 8mo
TheLudicReader Well considering the source material, @Leelee08 , it‘s no wonder. 8mo
Leelee08 @TheLudicReader Very true🤔 8mo
That-Bookish-Hiker I read the first one but couldn‘t finish because the writing was terrible. 8mo
Leelee08 @That-Bookish-Hiker I feel ya. 8mo
Reviewsbylola Same. I just can‘t. The writing is not for me and tbh the whole subject matter doesn‘t interest me either. My husband told me all the guys at work were speaking of the wonders of this book and the intimacy it inspired in their homes. 🤣🤣 8mo
Leelee08 @Reviewsbylola I think Outlander does a much better job in the “inspiration” department than 50 Shades ever could.🤣💚🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 8mo
emilyhaldi CRINGE 😖 8mo
RadicalReader @Leelee08 What‘s been your favorite book of all time? 8mo
Leelee08 @RadicalReader I don‘t think I could ever pick just one!🤣🥰 8mo
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Fifty Shades of Grey | E. L. James
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I tried to read this, I really really did. But I honestly couldn‘t get into it at all!

MoonWitch94 The first one is awful. Ana is a terrible character and really annoying. But, 50 Shades actually started out as Twilight fan fiction, so no wonder! I actually enjoyed the series as a whole, but, there are a lot of problematic issues. The novels were more enjoyable for me from Christian‘s POV in the other two books. 8mo
Darklunarose @MoonWitch94 the fact it‘s twilight fan fiction to start with is why I picked it up 😊 I loved that series, it was the books I wish were around when I was 14 and 15. Even my husband loves twilight lol! My kids not so much anymore! But I couldn‘t get into it which made it super hard to continue reading. Funny thing is when I started adding past books on here I really thought I didn‘t bail much, but apparently I do more then I thought! 8mo
MoonWitch94 @Darklunarose I ❤️ Twilight! I hated Bella, however. Ana in 50 Shades is an updated Bella. It‘s hard to get into. My Mom read them first and kept saying “keep going, keep going.” If not for her, I would‘ve bailed on this book too! Bailing is hard for me to do, so sometimes I just finish a book because I don‘t want to leave it unfinished. Have you read anything else by Stephenie Meyer? I tried but I don‘t like her writing style I guess 🤷🏻‍♀️ 8mo
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Darklunarose @MoonWitch94 I keep thinking I will try the host but have not got around to it! Honestly it‘s the vampire thing that draw me to twilight. I was the goth teen, always in love with vampires and paranormal! 8mo
MoonWitch94 @Darklunarose I hear ya! 8mo
BooknerdsLife @Darklunarose Oh gosh! I‘ve bought all three books cause my friends kept telling me how much she loved it ...but I couldn‘t even get through the first half of book one!!! Just thought the writing was so bad 🙈🙈😅 8mo
Darklunarose @BooknerdsLife exactly. I just couldn‘t do the writing of it! That‘s exactly it! Chapter two. I got to chapter two! 8mo
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Fifty Shades of Grey | E. L. James
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Just over halfway through this book. Don‘t wanna put it down but I have to go back to work.

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Some books I just feel weird reading in public... #awkwardreads #literaryluck @vkois88 @Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks

Stacypatrice Agree 😂 9mo
JuliaTheBookNerd Haha, totally agree with this one! That‘s why I love my kindle for these kinds of reads 😳 9mo
vkois88 This one... oh boy, this one 😂😂😂 9mo
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Fifty Shades of Grey | E. L. James
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julesG Good pick! 9mo
Cinfhen Agreeing with @julesG 💚 9mo
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post image
JoScho That‘s what I‘m talking about! 9mo
Craftylikefox I would read that! 9mo
tracey38 😂😂😂 perfect! 9mo
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Maggie_Reads Yeah baby!!! 😂😂😂 9mo
imitelis 🤣 9mo
wordzie 🙏❤ 9mo
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Fifty Shades of Grey | E. L. James
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Valentines Day bookish humor! 😂😂😂😂

Lovesbooks87 💜🤣💜🤣💜🤣 10mo
OrangeMooseReads ❤️ 10mo
BarbaraTheBibliophage 🤣🤣 10mo
Forgetmenot2 😂🤣 10mo
Craftylikefox 😂😂 10mo
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Fifty Shades of Grey | E. L. James
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1. I see nothing redeeming about Fifty Shades of Grey.
2. Salty. Especially popcorn.
3. Herman and Esther. John and Gladys.
4. Gremlins. And E.T..
5. London.

Chrissyreadit My grandparents were John and Gladys too. 10mo
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1. I thought the tagged book was ridiculously, hopelessly bad—but more power to Ms. James for making a ton of money!! 💰
2. Salty 🥜🥨
3. Fred, Mattie Bell, Alan & Josie (I never met Fred—he died before I was born) 👵🏻👴🏼
4. Clarence the Cross-Eyed Lion 🦁
5. Venice, Italy in a gondola 🛶

Velvetfur Oh gosh I used to love Clarence too, I'd forgotten about that, thanks for reminding me! Also, I wouldn't even bother with 50 Shades as I've heard in many places that it's very badly written, as in full of spelling and grammatical errors - can you confirm...? 10mo
gradcat @Velvetfur You remember that movie? Oh, joy—I figured no one would know what I was talking about! 50 Shades was awful in all the ways you mention. I was driven to read it because she helped an entire genre to enjoy better sales. Sylvia Day was delighted by it (she writes erotic novels as well), and after I read an interview with Day, I gave 50 Shades a shot. But that was it, I never read another one nor did I see any of the movies. 10mo
Dragon Love ❤️ Clarence 🦁 10mo
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gradcat @Dragon @Velvetfur Yay! Another Clarence the Cross-Eyed Lion fan!! 😁😍❤️ 10mo
Velvetfur @gradcat Oh yes, is never heard of Sylvia Day until I started seeing her books prominently displayed and I thought it would have something to do with Shades. I could somehow tell her novels would be better! Good to see we all loved Clarence too! 10mo
Velvetfur Oops - *I'D* never heard of.... Speaking of spelling mistakes...! 10mo
gradcat @Velvetfur I do think Day is supposed to be a much better writer. I‘m not opposed to erotic novels, and I do think James shed some sunlight on some BDSM activities that probably should be shown for what they are: private acts between consenting adults. There just seemed to be an air of the salacious about her books, plus they are poorly written to boot! 10mo
Velvetfur @gradcat Ugh, sounds awful, I won't be wasting any time on the books or the films! Thanks for the insights 👍 10mo
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Fifty Shades of Grey | E. L. James
This post contains spoilers
show me
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This might be a slightly unpopular opinion, but I just couldn't get myself to like this book. I think that if the author wanted to write an erotic romance, she could have just done that without justifying any irrational and stalkerish attitude with love.
He is troubled. She is dumb.
I started the second book to see if it could maybe make me change my mind but it didn't happen.
Sorry, not sorry.

Leniverse I don‘t think you‘ll find it such an unpopular opinion amongst Littens. I have the impression that people who love this series are people who don‘t read much. (Although I‘m sure there are exceptions it does seem to be the general rule.) 10mo
KathyWheeler I haven‘t read these books but just from the trailers I saw for the movie, I thought the male character was a stalker. 10mo
SailorMoon @Leniverse I think the same. Especially because it was not well written, in my opinion 😅 but who am I to judge? It's just the impression I had... and I am glad to know I'm not alone!!! @KathyWheeler I also find him to be quite a stalker and I don't like how he treats her like a prostitute! 10mo
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Leniverse I recommend reading Jenny Trout's blog posts about the book instead. She did a chapter by chapter thing back in the day, and it is hilarious. Makes for much better reading. I guarantee you won't regret it. I laughed so hard I cried. 😂 10mo
whippoorwill815 Oh you are not alone on this! 10mo
SailorMoon @Leniverse I will!!! Definitely! Thanks 😉 10mo
SailorMoon @whippoorwill815 glad to hear it!!! 10mo
SailorMoon @Leniverse OMG that blog is amazing! I read her rewriting of the first chapter and I am still laughing 🤣 btw I also thought she was as stupid and useless as Bella Swan. I must have read somewhere that 50 Shades was a sort of rewrite for Twilight. (I must say I liked Twilight though) 10mo
Leniverse I thought the first Twilight book was alright, but I regret not stopping there. I hated the rest of the series. But yes, that blog is hysterical. 😂 Hours of great entertainment there. 10mo
SailorMoon @Leniverse I liked the first three books of the Twilight saga, but I didn't particularly enjoy the last one. Eclipse is my favourite. I'll keep on reading the blog tomorrow, thanks for the suggestion!!! Sleep tight...or you know, have a great whatever-time-of-the-day-is-where-you-live 🤣🌙 10mo
Leniverse Same to you! Here it is I-should-have-been-in-bed-long-ago-but-it‘s-readathon-so-just-one-more-chapter time. 😆 10mo
SailorMoon @Leniverse sounds about right!!! 😉 sleep tight! 🌙 10mo
Kelly_the_Bookish_Sidekick I heard a radio host reading snippets of the first book and I've never been able to up the books since hearing the very bland and vanilla S&M depictions. And let's be honest...if Christian Gray lived in a trailer or a shack in the woods, it would be an episode of Criminal Minds. 10mo
SailorMoon @Kelly_the_Bookish_Sidekick totally! And a really good episode too! 😱🤣 10mo
KathyWheeler @Leniverse Omg! I just went to that blog and read her chapters 1 and 2 recaps. They were great! 10mo
Leniverse @KathyWheeler 😁👍 10mo
TheBogwitch You‘re not alone. 10mo
AyaOfSiwa I stopped to read on second book. Can't continue reading. 10mo
SaunteringVaguelyDownwards Yes, 50 Shades is literally Twilight fanfiction with the names changed. I did my grad school transmission history project on it, and found a blogger who had run 50 Shades against Twilight in the TurnItIn plagiarism software and found a 90% similarity! 10mo
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Fifty Shades of Grey | E. L. James
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1. DNF the tagged. Glad I got it from the library. It went back fast!
2. Usually pack, occasionally buy.
3. Scholastic competition where my family showed up unexpectedly and when I spotted them in the audience my mind went blank in the middle of an answer. Was not expecting to see them 🙄
4. My pets
5. Navy Crime

@howjessreads #FriyayIntro

Megabooks 4 👍🏻 10mo
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I hope I‘m not spoiling it for someone but the part that weirded me out was Mr.Gray rubbing his wife belly after they had sex and the baby was moving and his wife smiles and says “ the baby must like sex too!”
😲 WTF!?!

TheReadingMermaid Hrmmm... That's kinda weird 😬 11mo
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Fifty Shades of Grey | E. L. James
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Couldn't help myself sorry to all the fans out there

Fifty Shades of Grey | E. L. James
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Kalalalatja This sounds like the worst thing in the world! 12mo
HufflepuffGirl90 😂😂😂 12mo
julesG 😂😂😂😂😂 12mo
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Naj This is GOLD 😂😂 12mo
JaneyWaneyB oh 😳 wait 😂🤣😂🤣 it's an improvement on those books 😄🤣😂😁 12mo
Chrissyreadit Yes! The best way to listen I‘m sure!!!! 12mo
Eggbeater That's hilarious! 😂 12mo
AmyG Hahaha! 12mo
tournevis I wouldn't listen to it, because no, but the dissonance is marvelous!!! Made my morning. 12mo
ravenlee 😂😂😂 12mo
GripLitGrl 🤣😂🤣 12mo
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Fifty Shades of Grey | E. L. James
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Christian Grey = #justacreep . #NoFemmeber

Cinfhen Ha!!! Haven‘t thought about this book in a long time!!! Well played 13mo
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks Yes!!! 🤢 13mo
Cathythoughts I only got past the first few pages .... but , yes , perfect for this prompt 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻 what a creep 13mo
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Moray_Reads I've read one paragraph (cunningly chosen by my younger brother for maximum ick) but I'm still 100% with you on this one! 13mo
CarolynM Yep, definitely! 13mo
Billypar Never read it, but saw some of the movie, and if you watched scenes of it with him out of context, definitely seems like a movie about a rich serial killer, like American Psycho 😬 13mo
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Fifty Shades of Grey | E. L. James
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Alien feeling❤️

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Day four of #bannedbooksweek I‘m showing of Fifty Shades of Grey. One of my favorite series. This book is constantly being challenged. Most recently in 2016 (I think 🤔) for....wait for it....”very, very erotic, with all kinds of sex, sex sadism and masochism. And concerns of being poor literature” (ila.org). I bet you didn‘t see those reasons coming!•
#fiftyshadesofgrey #eljames #challengedbooks #kuehlerbookstop #bannedbookbonanza

Judybskt I got some flack when I let my daughter read this in high school. 🤷‍♀️ 1y
KuehlerBookStop @Judybskt ☹️ I‘m sorry. I feel like if you felt your daughter was mature enough, it shouldn‘t have mattered. 1y
Judybskt @KuehlerBookStop Exactly!! 😏 1y
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Fifty Shades of Grey | E. L. James
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Went to see The Book Club last night. The story is about a group of friends who have been in a book club for 40 years and they read this book. I really disliked this book but it was fun to see how it empowered these women to make changes. It's a great cast and a fun movie with a few easy laughs

Fifty Shades of Grey | E. L. James
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Look what I found collecting dust at my work.

Fifty Shades of Grey | E. L. James
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I saw this on Facebook and had to share it here 😂

It‘s true though, why pay good money for bad fan-fiction when there is great stuff out there. 😉

Insightsintobooks I have never read 50 shades of Grey, and don't plan to especially if, as this paper says, it romanticizes abusive relationships. 1y
GingerAntics @Insightsintobooks it‘s basically twilight fan fiction. That‘s how it started. She took the abusive relationship from that series and turned it into campy pseudo-BDSM that annoys people who actually know anything about BDSM. I‘ve avoided it like the plague no matter what some of my friends have done to get me to read it. 1y
BarbaraTheBibliophage Hear hear! 1y
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Riveted_Reader_Melissa @Insightsintobooks I don‘t want to influence anyone‘s reading. I have read it. When it was the darling book with tons of press I wanted to see what the fuss was about. I can honestly say there is a lot of very controlling behavior in this book. I felt like book 1 was a huge Red Flag & the heroine should have run as fast as she could the other way, but many people loved it & loved the male character. I agree with the note, there are better books. 1y
Riveted_Reader_Melissa @GingerAntics Sadly I liked Twilight more, which has a horrible rep too. At least Bella stood up to Edward‘s controlling, saw her own friends anyway (Jake), had the baby he didn‘t want, etc. She was a stronger character to me and didn‘t let Edward dictate everything. And at least Edward was controlling to protect her from supernatural beings she couldn‘t fight herself yet. Christian wanted to control her friends, she workplace, everything... (edited) 1y
Riveted_Reader_Melissa @GingerAntics ...with just the motive they he knew better than her what was good for her, or her guy friends liked her too much. Plus he used sex as a punishment, and worked overtime to isolate her from her friends.... so big no for me. (edited) 1y
GingerAntics @Riveted_Reader_Melissa I read twilight. I think it was an escape at that point in my life. I couldn‘t get enough of it at one point. It is what it is. I haven‘t read it in a really long time. I‘ve definitely found other things to spend time reading. In 50 shades I heard something about a creep tampon incident and it was just like ew that sounds like some of the horrible twilight fan fiction that‘s out there. 1y
GingerAntics @Riveted_Reader_Melissa Really? Yeah, that‘s just messed up. I thought of checking it out when it was the book of the day. I‘m happier and happier that I never did read it. It disturbs me the number of women who want a man just like Christian Grey. Eh. 1y
GingerAntics @Riveted_Reader_Melissa honestly, I‘m continuously surprised the number of teenaged girls in controlling/abusive relationships that honestly believe they are going to marry this guy, even after he‘s done something horrible to her. 1y
Riveted_Reader_Melissa @GingerAntics I found Twilight at a similar time, and although I could understand some of the criticisms that came later with the movies (he‘s sneaking into her house and watching her sleep- Stalker!), they made much more sense to me as a paranormal romance, but wouldn‘t have worked in a human romance (same with the blood drinking too, by the way). Vampire isn‘t human, shouldn‘t have human norms. 1y
Riveted_Reader_Melissa @GingerAntics I still like Twilight, and think Bella got a lot of flack that her counterpoint didn‘t as much, even though to me she was a much stronger character. And yes, 50 Shades started online as Twilight Fan-fiction. 1y
Riveted_Reader_Melissa @GingerAntics And for 50 Shades it was covered under the, they are in a BDSM relationship, so he‘s allowed to.... it‘s ok because she signed a contract. 1y
Riveted_Reader_Melissa @GingerAntics I was much less creeped out by the (I‘m paraphrasing here) ‘let‘s take your tampon out and have sex in the shower anyway‘, than say the ‘you didn‘t let me put my hand up your skirt at the dinner table (while we where having dinner with my parents at their house for the first time) so to punish you we‘ll go out to the boathouse and I get to fuck you, but you don‘t get any pleasure or get to come because you defied me.‘ 🤮 1y
GingerAntics @Riveted_Reader_Melissa eh yeah that is worse 1y
Riveted_Reader_Melissa @GingerAntics Yes, I find that very scary too. They all think that they can change him with love and/or that they deserve it too because they misbehaved in some way. That if they are just more ‘perfect‘ he‘ll be awesome too. That‘s truly frightening. 1y
GingerAntics @Riveted_Reader_Melissa exactly. I don‘t want to imagine how some of these relationships are going to end. It‘s sad, because usually it is the sweetest people being treated the worst. 1y
Riveted_Reader_Melissa @GingerAntics And by staying through bad behavior it gives the partner the idea it was ok, it wasn‘t that bad because you stayed, and if you‘ll stay through that you‘ll continue to stay, and then it escalates because they feel entitled to treat you horribly. Meanwhile the sweet one is thinking if we can just get through this he‘ll get better, it will get better, if only I‘d done x,y,z it wouldn‘t have happened. 1y
GingerAntics @Riveted_Reader_Melissa exactly! I hate seeing these kids start that cycle so early. I went through it as an adult and that was bad enough, but to try and navigate that as a teenager? I just can‘t imagine. I wish there was a way to get these kids to believe that their boyfriend doesn‘t get a say in who they spend time with, whether or not they study, what school they go to. It‘s nuts. 1y
Riveted_Reader_Melissa @GingerAntics Yes! I thought it would get better just as women got more independent, instead of expecting them to get married, stay married, and therefore put up with their husband/boyfriend‘s faults. But that really doesn‘t seem to have had much effect...except that they are talking a bit more openly about their bad relationships. Society still has a lot of work to do in making young woman feel worthy of respect, to feel that they are at least 1y
Riveted_Reader_Melissa ...as important as their partner is and their wants and needs are equal to his. 1y
GingerAntics @Riveted_Reader_Melissa unfortunately I think we still have to get some parts of society to understand that. 1y
lynneamch I agree about not wasting time reading the book. But, if you get a chance to see the spoof, Shades of Gray: The Musical, it is hilarious! 1y
its_npl Good work are to be appreciated. Like Anastasia Steel there are people out there didn't know about BDMS Relationship only.. So reading a book you gain something out of it. 1y
LA1 Wow! 12mo
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Fifty Shades of Grey | E. L. James
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That feeling of dread when you see someone has tagged you in a Fifty Shades of Grey post. #SayWhaaaaaat?! Oh, it‘s just today‘s #crimesagainstcovers theme. Whew!

IheartYA 😂😂😂 1y
booksandsympathy Ha! 😁 1y
ErinSueMreads This is my favorite post of the day 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 1y
See All 6 Comments
Crewgurl Amazing 😂😂😂 1y
Maewyn Hilarious!🤣 1y
LibrarianRyan Hahahahah 1y
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Fifty Shades of Grey | E. L. James
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It‘s the last day! Noooo! You have all been fabulous. Our last topic is “What book have you been tempted to wreck?” Don‘t day you haven‘t. We all hate a book desperately at some time in our lives. Mine is without a doubt Fifty Shades of Grey.

Bonus huzzahs if you tell me the devious ways you would hypothetically wreck it 😂 you know...if you could bring yourself to. #crimesagainstcovers #devilsadvocate

Meaw_catlady Everything I‘m thinking of is very political. And I want to burn it all along with my bras... so who wants to join? 1y
Quirkybookworm Oh, girlfriend, I'm SO with you on Fifty Shades of Grey. It is poorly written. I even stopped at Chapter 3 and said wtf did I just read? Actually, I can write a book on 1001 Ways of Destroying 50 Shades of Grey but then I'd have to buy 1001 tacky books! 1y
Gina 50 shades was boring for me but she is a novice writer. I really didn't like Eat, Love, Pray. She just cried through the whole thing and she got the book deal for the book before she went on her sojourn. So it felt somewhat inauthentic to me. Wild did a better job of telling that story as she wrote it decades after the fact. 1y
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KatieCarpenter Lol I don‘t think I have ever wanted to destroy a book! Even ones I hated. (edited) 1y
jb72 @Gina I felt the same about Eat, Pray, Love too. A bit whiny. Her Big Magic book is rather good though. 1y
jb72 @Quirkybookworm I did not read the book. I had a friend begging me to read it. So I went and read some reviews which included an excerpt....all I can say is yuck! What in the heck and who does that?!?! 1y
rubyslippersreads I know someone who takes every free copy of FSOG she sees and throws them in the recycling bin. 1y
jb72 @ErinSueG I have not read FSOG (the initials alone look like a sex kink). This is one book I‘ll never read not even on a deserted island. I‘d take the pages and write my own story. 1y
Gina @jb72 she is a good writer. No doubt about it. I will have to try Big Magic and see if that speaks to me. Thanks for tag 😁 1y
tournevis I have done harm to a lot of books in the past, usually by flinging them to the wall or rendering them. They deserved it. 1y
blondie Me, Earl and The Dying Girl. I can't even remember why I hate it so much. 1y
Andrea4 I HATED this with a passion...does running it over with my car seem too on the nose? 1y
ladyneverwhere Gone Girl. I don't know if I've ever hated a book more 🤬 1y
ErinSueMreads @ladyneverwhere ohhhh me too!!!!! 🤮 1y
TK-421 I don't think I've ever had such a hate-on for a book that I considered destroying it, but there are a few I wanted to fling across the room! 1y
jmofo I don‘t have a picture, so I‘ll just comment. I am not a big returner...I figure buyer beware, mostly. But I returned my audio version of Time Traveler‘s Wife. (I might lose some good will here, now, but it is true.) @ErinSueG (edited) 1y
Mamashep Don‘t have a picture of the book but I was so mad when I finished The Historian that I wanted to throw it at the wall as hard as I could. I had been so into that book and I HATED the ending. 1y
ErinSueMreads That is just the worst when t ends so poorly!!! @Mamashep that one is on my TBR so I‘ll remember not to be too distraught! That‘s a big book to go through a wall 😂 1y
Mamashep @ErinSueG right?! I think the wall might have suffered more damage than the Book if I‘d done that! 1y
Meaw_catlady So that‘s a no on the bra burning? Shame 1y
ErinSueMreads @Meaw_catlady oh no we are definitely still on for bra burning. The cheap ones anyway.... 1y
Meaw_catlady @ErinSueG it‘s like when we were at coyote ugly and I refused to throw my bra on the bar cuz expensive lololol 1y
ErinSueMreads @Meaw_catlady yasssssss!!!! 1y
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Fifty Shades of Grey | E. L. James
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Here‘s the deal. Someone should have handed James a thesaurus. This book reads like a YA BDSM fan-fiction. I think James has a witty sense of humor but, much like Anastasia, I kept rolling my eyes. Also, I read Twilight and I kept saying things like, “Okay, EDWARD.” 😂🤣 Overall, this was like all popcorn fiction. It‘s not good for me, but Imma eat all of it... #GreatAmericanRead #GAR

ErinSueMreads HAHAHAHAHA! This is the best description to date. 1y
AshleyHoss820 @ErinSueG 😂😂😂Thank you! I was like, “how many times are you gonna use ‘hot‘ to describe everything!?” But, God bless her, she made a go of it and now she‘s a billionaire. 🤣😂 (edited) 1y
ErinSueMreads Insert any of 100 words though hahahaha. 1y
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AshleyHoss820 @ErinSueG 😂😂😂 1y
Ddzmini Agree 😳 1y
FaeNoir The fact that it was originally bdsm fanfiction makes this review even more golden. 😂♥️ 1y
AshleyHoss820 @FaeNoir Right!? Maybe, because I was aware of that, I just couldn‘t let go of that thought! 😂😂😂 1y
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Fifty Shades of Grey | E. L. James
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I KNEW better! I‘ve avoided this book bc I thought it was overly hyped and hated how it was treated as if it was the 1st erotica book ever written (especially after having been on the Zane train years ago). I was waiting on a few audiobook holds to come in and this fit the #LitsyByTheNumbers challenge & is also on the #GreatAmericanRead list. Audiobooks can usually hide bad writing some but this narration highlights the awful writing. 🤦🏾‍♀️

ErinSueMreads Soooooo bad! 1y
Chelleo @ErinSueG 🤢🤮😂 1y
ErinSueMreads Legitimately some of the worst writing I‘ve ever read and it gets worse the farther into the series you get. I can‘t understand how it became so popular or how I made it through all the books. #ocd 1y
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Chelleo @ErinSueG I was ranting to @Leftik who informed me that it was created as Twilight fanfic and was self-published after it picked up an online following. I‘m not a stickler for “good” writing but this was r e a l l y bad. The narrator made it worse because she overacted and it didn‘t sound natural or conversational. I‘m done. The series isn‘t getting any more of my time. 1y
ErinSueMreads Smart decision. They aren‘t short books either and coming from first hand experience your time is much better spent 😂. A bad narrator is almost worse than bad writing for me. 1y
TheBookbabeblog84 The audio book is rather awful. However, Darker and Grey are a hell of a lot better. I preferred them to the original series. 1y
Chelleo @ErinSueG Yes, the audiobook was 19 hours!!! 1y
ErinSueMreads Holy crap! That‘s a good chunk of time! Good article! 1y
theresidentromantic If you were trying to read this series for how famous it is, I totally get that. If you were also curious about the erotica portion of it, I recommend Club Shadowlands or Blasphemy. Both are great series that treat the BDSM scene with research and respect and have some relationship goals to boot. 😊 1y
Chelleo @theresidentromantic Thanks for the tip! 1y
BookFreakOut I second @theresidentromantic about Club Shadowlands, I loved them all! The first one or two are not very long but they get more in depth as the series progresses and characters have overlap between books. Trust, respect, humor, oh and plenty of sexiness. 😙 1y
Valeka I tried to read it but the writer in me couldn‘t take it. I was less than a chapter in and wanted to take out my red pencil to make edits!! 1y
Burghbookaddict Yeah, its pretty bad. I didn't finish either! 1y
RidgewayGirl I tried the book back when everyone was talking about it and I couldn‘t even make it to a sexy scene. It‘s not well-written. 1y
Chelleo @RidgewayGirl I didn‘t make it to any of the racy stuff either. 1y
tournevis I read two chapers. The first and one in the middle. The writing as atrocious. This is why people think fanfiction is badly written (when a lot of it is fine and some of it os excellent) Deplorable and very dangerous kink practices. Bad! 1y
Mdargusch That‘s how I felt about The Shack. I couldn‘t get past the awful writing. I haven‘t even attempted this one. 👎🏼 1y
Trismegistus The ONE good thing to come out of these books was the parody video with Gilbert Gottfried doing the audiobook narration. 🤣🤣 It is worth watching. 1y
Tameeka Idk how I made it to the end of this book. There‘s so much wrong with it. 1y
Leftik Yessssss 1y
Valeneayar1 Lol this book was pure garbage 1y
Valeneayar1 And not just because it was erotica. Just the way it‘s written. The storyline. Everything. Pure and utter. Garbage. 1y
onthevalentine Thirding (is that a word?) the Club Shadowlands series! 1y
NursInterrupted Literally the worst thing I have ever read that was a “bestseller” absolute garbage. It was a DNF for me too if I didn‘t have it in e-format I could have thrown it in the fireplace 😂 1y
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Fifty Shades of Grey | E. L. James

Read the online version. I fell in love with the story.

Fifty Shades of Grey | E. L. James
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You can bet your sweet behind that Mr. Grey is not going to say #Iwanttoholdyourhand 🙅‍♂️


Cinfhen Maybe after it‘s handcuffed to the bedposts 😉 2y
Kalalalatja @Cinfhen true, you only need one hand to hold the whip, so technically he could use the other to hold hands 😄 2y
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Cinfhen Hahaha 😂😂🤣 2y
Cathythoughts Very good 😂😂🤣 2y
JazzFeathers 😂😂😂 2y
BarbaraBB Haha! Very smart 👍 2y
writerlibrarian Clever you. 👍🏻 2y
GypsyKat Hahaha! 🤣 2y
CoverToCoverGirl Clever! 😂 2y
Centique 😂😂😂 2y
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Fifty Shades of Grey | E. L. James

For years I avoided this book because a friend of mine told me that it was complete and total garbage. While other friends thought it was a good book. I went ahead and got it because it was on sale for 1.99 as an ebook. I guarantee you that if this was not 1.99 I would not have purchased it. This was a total DNF for me a little over 1/2 way through. Poorly written, annoying characters, boring repetitive story. Don‘t bother.

Chelleo I‘ve been avoiding this one myself 😬 Welcome to Litsy! Hope these #Litsytips by @RaimeyGallant http://bit.ly/litsytips and #LitsyHowTo videos: goo.gl/UrCpoU are helpful. There‘s so many fun things to do: book exchanges, buddy reads, photo challenges and more! Check out @LitsyHappenings for details. #LitsyWelcomeWagon 2y
NursInterrupted Thank you! 2y
RaimeyGallant Welcome! 2y
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Eggs Welcome to Litsy 👋🏻😊 2y
NursInterrupted Thank you so much everyone!! So nice to be in a place with other book lovers! Still getting the hang out everything. 2y
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks Welcome to Litsy!!!! 2y
Jess7 Welcome to Litsy!! 1y
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks What area of nursing are you in? I‘m in the er. ☺️ 1y
asiriusreader Welcome to Litsy!! 1y
rather_be_reading welcome to litsy!! 📚🎉📚 1y
NursInterrupted @Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks I work in telemetry eventually I‘d like to move to cvicu 1y
StillLookingForCarmenSanDiego Welcome to Litsy 👍📚 1y
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Fifty Shades of Grey | E. L. James
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We had a blast with movie promo for #BookClub 😄😄 #BookCon2018 #BookCon

rustoryhuf I‘d love for my book club to watch this together 😀 2y
Cathythoughts What does anyone think ? Is it good ?? 2y
mrozzz 😂 2y
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GripLitGrl @rustoryhuf it would make a fun book club movie outing for sure👍 2y
GripLitGrl @Cathythoughts haven't seen it yet a bunch of us are going in a couple weeks. I'll update you after i see it. It got great reviews from people at BookCon though. 2y
Felso I saw it yesterday, really funny. 2y
GripLitGrl @Felso 🤗🤗 So glad I keep hearing how funny it is 2y
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Fifty Shades of Grey | E. L. James
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Watched Book Club movie yesterday with a good friend and LOVED it. I don't care what any reviews have to say, good or bad.

mrozzz Really! Oh good 😊 2y
Betty Do we have to read 50 Shades of Grey in order to understand and enjoy the movie? 2y
Ruri_kaichou It just looks so fun and fluffy. 2y
Beckys_Books @Betty nope - you just need a basic awareness about the plot. I haven't read it. 2y
My_darcy I completely agree that the movie was good. I just got done watching it and it was great. I love how they used Fifty Shades of Grey, and how they voiced an uncommon opinion about it. It truly is a love story. 1y
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Fifty Shades of Grey | E. L. James
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I‘m sorry, but I‘m #thunderstruck that this made the list for the Great American Read. I do have to give this franchise credit, though...it certainly took many people out of their comfort zones in reading choice. I work in a very conservative county, and we couldn‘t buy enough books to fill the demand. I‘ll never forget the sheepish looks and whispered asks as people came up to the staff desk requesting a copy. #getmovin

Godmotherx5 I was disappointed by its popularity. 2y
Kappadeemom That‘s why I read it on my Kindle 😂❤️ 2y
Laughterhp I‘ve never read it and don‘t want to, but I was very surprised it made that list too! 2y
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julesG @Laughterhp There have to be examples of bad writing, too. 😀 2y
LaurenReads I‘m always happy when people read - what disappointed me was how many people thought this book was a good example of the genre...after many of my friends read it I was able to give them recommendations of really well written books in the genre - and now I have more book loving friends to talk to 😀 2y
eanderson 🤣 I am confused by this too! I‘ve had a ton of people saying I should read this book and they would act like I was wrong in not wanting to waste my time with this series. 2y
Librarybelle @Godmotherx5 @Kappadeemom @Laughterhp @julesG @LaurenReads @eanderson I read the first two in the series and hated both MCs so much that I just couldn‘t stomach the third book. As much as I am displeased to see it on the list, it also shows me that the list came from people of all different reading interests...it wasn‘t filled with classics and scholarly works. Overall, a nice sampling of popular works and classics. Though, 50 Shades...🤷🏻‍♀️ 2y
Cinfhen It did get people reading!! So that‘s a plus 😂 2y
TiredLibrarian The list is basically a popularity contest (see link), not a "best" list, and you have to admit it was popular! I read #1 & the writing drove me insane. But: at my library I had people who hadn't read a book in years come in asking for it, and the sequels, and then other erotica, chick lit, romance... I can't hate on a book that turned a lot of people on to the joys of reading! Re: the list http://www.pbs.org/the-great-american-read/about/show/ 2y
Cathythoughts Yes ! This certainly has caused a sensation. The writing was not for me .... some people think it‘s a good read 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻whatever works ! 2y
MicheleinPhilly @eanderson SOOOO many women in my office were reading this and couldn‘t understand why I wasn‘t. “But you read everything.” No, no I don‘t. 2y
Librarybelle @TiredLibrarian Please don‘t think I‘m discounting the book because I didn‘t like it! I know how much this book meant to those who loved it and brought people back into reading. As a librarian, I too saw this every day. I‘ve been greatly interested in the GAR since it was first mentioned, so I knew it wouldn‘t just be a selection of books based on what a few thought. I guess I‘m just amazed at how popular it became and still is. No offense meant! 2y
Librarybelle @Cathythoughts I think that‘s the beauty of reading - everyone can read the same book but each have a different reading experience. 2y
TiredLibrarian @Librarybelle No offense taken! 😀 Just funny how a meh book can have such a positive impact in many ways. 2y
julesG @TiredLibrarian Agree to that. The book got a lot of people reading. 2y
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Fifty Shades of Grey | E. L. James
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Congrats @MatchlessMarie on 1,000 followers!!! My literary sin would be I reread fifty shades of grey at least one every three months when I get into a literary funk but never put in my goodreads that I‘ve reread it! #1kgiveaway

Liatrek Lol 😊 I‘ve re-read the series twice. 2y
BiblioLitten 😁 that's a good one. 2y
MatchlessMarie 😂 shoooot I try to add every book to Goodreads even if I have to go into stealth mode to do it. I think my most embarrassing title was “Tales from Beneath Your Mom” which was a bio about Blink 182 🙈 2y
its_npl Exactly when you aren't in mood to read anything. Grab Fifty Shades Trilogy😉😉.. 😋😋 1y
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Fifty Shades of Grey | E. L. James
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I'm diving in to see what all this fuss is about....

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Fifty Shades of Grey | E. L. James

Keep me interested!

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Today, Great American Reads PBS published their list of 100 books and @4thhouseontheleft has created the #GARbingo challenge!

I‘ll be running three cards for a total of 59 books this summer. Some are true TBRs, some are re-reads (initially read in high school and now I can‘t remember much, if anything,) and some represent unread books in a series (e.g. I may have read the first book in the series but not continued.)


Jess7 How to do you get a bingo diagonally since your card isn‘t even on all sides? You have 4x5 2y
Dogearedcopy @jess7 I‘m pretty much play Blackout Bingo, using the cards as a reading list, so I‘m not really concerned about not being able to get a diagonal Bingo! Of course, I‘m rather notorious for undisciplined reading, so much so that my “X”s will be all over the boards with no Bingo of *any* kind! 😂 (edited) 2y
4thhouseontheleft @Dogearedcopy Yep, I am also quite good at X‘s all over the place with no “Bingo”. 😂😂 2y
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Ugh ! Not cool ! Made me really sleepy at some parts ... wondering how it became the eat seller !