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Long Lost | Jacqueline West
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From my TBR #BeginsWith

kplovesbooks This cover. 😍😍 1d
Eggs Gorgeous 🌿🌱 1d
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks Cool cover!! 20h
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The Worst Guy | Kate Canterbary
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What I‘m reading this weekend. Both main characters are circling 40.

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Edgewood: A Novel | Kristen Ciccarelli
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I enjoyed this YA fantasy with some romance thrown in. Emeline is an up and coming singer/songwriter with big dreams from the small town of Edgewood. She moves away from her Pa to pursue her career but is mysteriously/continuously summoned by the Edgewood forest (a place of danger/other-worldliness) each time she sings. She returns home when her ill Pa disappears and tracks him down in the King‘s City in the forest. What follows is adventure, ⬇️

robinb romance and heartrending choices made to save those people/places she loves most. A great story about what we‘re willing to sacrifice for love and truth. Glorious cover. #coverlove ❤️ Out 3/1 3w
MeganAnn This cover is gorgeous! 😍 3w
robinb @MeganAnn Exactly!! 3w
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Winter in Sokcho | ELISA. SHUA DUSAPIN
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Molly is the only one who got me books for Christmas! 😉 She‘s such a thoughtful dog! 😂

The tagged was the national book award winner for literature in translation, and I‘m excited to give it a shot.

Voices is on @vivastory ‘s #NYWD22 list, and I‘m hoping to get to it in January.

Does anyone else‘s pet give them presents or are we just a weird family? 🤔

Chrissyreadit I love that your pet got you gifts! 3w
Ruthiella My dog and cats are not so thoughtful! 😂 3w
DGRachel Not weird. The dogs always give and receive presents. 🥰 3w
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vivastory Molly did a great job! 🎁📚 3w
AmyG Ha!!! 3w
QuietlyLaura Way to go Molly! ☺️👏 3w
TrishB We all get a card and pressie off the dog! 3w
DivineDiana Molly is so thoughtful! 🐶 3w
Cinfhen Miss Molly is so clever!!! She knew just what u wanted 😉 3w
Cinfhen The cover for your tagged book is AWESOME 3w
Megabooks @Ruthiella maybe put a note in front of their food bowls. 😉😁 3w
Megabooks @DGRachel @TrishB isn‘t it fun? 😁 we‘ve done it as long as we‘ve had one. 3w
Megabooks @Chrissyreadit @vivastory @AmyG @QuietlyLaura @DivineDiana molly does have excellent taste, and it‘s always fun to see what the dogs “pick”! 3w
Megabooks @Cinfhen I have so much #coverlove for that one! Hopefully molly will continue to know how to work the book depository site! 😂 3w
Chelsea.Poole Great choice, Molly! 🐶 3w
Megabooks @Chelsea.Poole yes definitely! I‘m excited! 3w
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Footsteps in the Dark | Georgette Heyer
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I thoroughly enjoyed this mystery. Perfect read for a cozy stay under blankets Day, with murder, secret passages and questionable side characters. Anyone and everyone is suspect but the residents are not sure of what they suspect, only that a ghost may not be a ghost. Also my November #bookspin

mabell Love this one!!! (Obviously 😆) 3w
Chrissyreadit @mabell Im pretty sure it was from you! And you are why I started reading Heyer- I loved this one too! 3w
LeahBergen And a pretty cover, too! 3w
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Chrissyreadit @LeahBergen I def have #coverlove. Im going to keep an eye out for older copies though of more Heyer books. They are just perfect to sooth my soul. 3w
TheAromaofBooks Woohoo!!! 3w
mabell Ha, did I send this?? That‘s hilarious and slightly embarrassing 🤣 But I‘m so glad you enjoyed it! 3w
Chrissyreadit @mabell don‘t be embarrassed- I forget who was sent what all the time! But I associate Heyer with you- and love Heyer at this point! 3w
mabell 🥰🥰🥰 3w
mabell Also, in our TINY house, I‘ve lost your wrapped Christmas book!! I was trying to find the right size box to send it, and now I have no idea where it is. These three plead innocent 👨🐶🐶 … 3w
Chrissyreadit @mabell ha! There‘s always next year 😘😘 3w
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Overall I enjoyed this YA adventure featuring Sena, a 17 yo who lives on an ice planet which boasts one big event yearly, a dangerous wolf-sled race across a frozen tundra to reach deposits of sought-after exocarbon. She is orphaned at 12 when her mothers are killed during the race. She finds herself unwillingly drawn into the race and ends up fighting for her and her teammates‘ lives. Filled with great geographical descriptions and exciting ⬇️

robinb adventures, this is a story of resilience, courage and finding one‘s family. It‘s also a great story of the bond between human and animal. It was a bit of a slow starter, and I did get frustrated with Sena at times for committing the same mistakes over and over again, but I found it a very good debut. 4/5⭐️ #coverlove 1mo
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What a weird, delightful little book of stories! I can‘t remember the last time I read a book chockful of magical realism. Kawakami wrote these interlinking stories with such a straight face that by the end I was halfway convinced that this town and its folk really did exist! Also, incredibly funny! Laugh out loud funny. #japan


BarbaraBB Just bought this one too. #coverlove 1mo
sarahbarnes Oooh, I‘ll have to check this one out! 1mo
EvieBee @BarbaraBB That cover is amazing! 1mo
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EvieBee @sarahbarnes I hope you like it! 1mo
Megabooks I saw this on Instagram but was on the fence. Stacking now. 1mo
EvieBee @Megabooks I hope you like it! I saw it on YouTube last year and have been patiently waiting for its release here. 1mo
ju.ca.no Oooh I need to read this!! 1mo
EvieBee @ju.ca.no These stories are great and less than 3 pages a piece. 1mo
ju.ca.no @EvieBee Sounds good! I love her books!💙 1mo
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It came. Love the cover #coverlove should be a nice tale for me and kids #childrens #magic #cat #witch #adventure

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