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Getting to Know You!
Getting to Know You!: Rodgers and Hammerstein Favorites | Richard Rodgers
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A picture book features the lyrics to sixteen songs from Rogers and Hammerstein's popular musicals, including favorites from South Pacific, Oklahoma!, and The King and I.
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Really anything can be bookish if you overthink it enough 😜 Other things I like are puzzles, stickers, pens, funkos, enamel pins, mugs, reading lights, etc. While I am intrigued by booksleeves, I‘ve never tried them before. I try my best to stalk and find things based on my victim‘s interests hehe. I‘m in my hurty 30‘s so I also love bath bombs/salts/bubbles, face masks, etc. #LittensWantToKnow

Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks 💜💜💜 2w
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#WondrousWednesday @Eggs

1. Snap from my last trapeze class! 🤸🏼‍♀️
2. Kindness and a good sense of humor 🤗
3. Walking over sewer grates 🕳️ What if they don't hold?? 😳
4. Portland, Oregon. My boyfriend and I have been planning a vacation there for almost 2 years now. It keeps getting postponed for various reasons, most recently covid 😞

MegaWhoppingCosmicBookwyrm Your photo is so cool!! 😱 1y
wanderinglynn Trapeze class?!? That sounds amazing! Go you! 1y
Laughterhp My dog doesn‘t like walking over sewer grates either. When he was a puppy his foot fell into the hole so now he avoids them! 1y
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Eggs Trapeze class! Good for you! I can relate to the sewer thing, especially the grids where you can see through to the depths😳 1y
peanutnine @MegaWhoppingCosmicBookwyrm @wanderinglynn thanks!! Aerial is so much fun! I work on silks as well, which is really my favorite 1y
peanutnine @Laughterhp aww poor pup. That is exactly why I avoid them lol 1y
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#WondrousWednesday @Eggs
1. Peanut was my nickname as a child and 9 is my favorite number. It's been my go-to username for years.
2. I love reading with my boyfriend on opposite couches in our sunny den 🌞
3. The Phantom Tollbooth, it was so whimsical!
4. 2 people, me and the bf, 4 cats 🙀 and 1 doggo 🐾

Eggs 💙💙 Phantom Tollbooth 💚💚. Thanks for playing ❤️📕❤️ 1y
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1) Changed recently from Readage to Pages For Breakfast (my blog names); Pages For Breakfast because I'd rather read than eat!

2) SAHM and lovin it

3) Not much has changed, honestly. Just reading more and living life

4) One book I'm currently reading: "The Tudors" by G.J. Meyer

5) Just keep swimming...


Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks 💛💛💛💛 2y
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1. Special education teacher
2. Ellie Alexander and Amy E. Riechert
3. One cat... chewie
4. Projects around the house and reading of course
5. Bad attitudes
6. Anything bookish
7. Painting and scrapbooking
8. Anything broadway
#litsylovegettingtoknowyou @TheBookHippie @Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks

Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks 💗💗💗 2y
Crazeedi I have a room filled with scrapbooking supplies! 2y
Kshakal @Crazeedi me too!! 2y
Seekingtardis Broadway 😍😍 2y
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1) RN in an outpatient endoscopy unit. We‘re doing cases maybe 2 days a week so I have lots of time at home!
2) Impossible to narrow down! George R.R. Martin, Jacqueline Carey, Guy Gavriel Kay are probably my top 3.
3) One adorable rescue mutt named Dawson.
4) Reading (of course!), exercising, jigsaw puzzles, trying to cook more.
5) Tailgating and lazy spelling/grammar! Your/you‘re, there/their/they‘re, lose/loose, etc.

Lesanne 6) I used to collect various things but as I get older I try to decrease the amount of stuff in my house! 7) Choral singing, puzzles. 8) Also difficult to narrow down! Civil Wars, Amos Lee, U2, Ola Gjeilo, Ramin Djawadi. (edited) 2y
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2. I have no favorite author.
3. No pets, but my bf has a cat 🐈
4. Ordering Overdrive books for patrons and social media! Also just watched Star Trek First Contact last night.
5. Lip smacking.
6. Owls.
7. Coloring.
8. Mogli (similar to Enya)
@Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks @TheBookHippie

TheBookHippie Ohhh lip smacking 😫 2y
Megabooks Hey! I had a letter returned that I sent to you. I checked the address against the one in the doc and it was the same. Can you send you address to megabooksreads@gmail.com? Idk what went wrong! 💖💖 2y
Moonprismpower @Megabooks my PO Box was weird about two weeks ago. You should be able to resend to the same address I‘m still receiving mail😀 2y
tdrosebud Yay for owls!! 2y
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1)Special Education Teacher 13 years.Prior:Hospital Blood Lab Assistant,Medical Assistant,Daycare Director, Paraprofessional.
2) can‘t choose
3)Our precious Emily Dickinson & Edgar Allan Poe cats.😻😻
4)long distance teaching,meetings with staff, walking, family walks, TV, reading, decluttering,
Talking with sibs & friends.
5)students not picking up after themselves!
6) Shells, rocks, bookmarks

Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks Thanks for what you do ❤️❤️ 2y
Suet624 Daycare director! 2y
kspenmoll 7)hiking, visiting historic landmarks, state & National parks, traveling,gardening (in pots), bring a good neighbor (edited) 2y
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kspenmoll @Suet624 Many many years ago in Brighton & Weymouth,MA. (edited) 2y
Amiable Bless you! Special ed is a tough profession that requires a person with a big heart and nerves of steel. Thankful that there are special folks like you who can do it. ❤️ 2y
kspenmoll @Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks Awww... coming from you that means so much Misty!💕💕 2y
kspenmoll @Amiable Thank you so much for your kind words and thoughts. I am so lucky in that my job is a great fit for me and I have a wonderful staff to work with! I can‘t help but love my students. Miss seeing them so much! 2y
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks @kspenmoll awww sending love to you ❤️ 2y
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Great idea from @Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks

Some obvious, others less so, some trivial and random (kinda like me)

tracey38 Love how you made your list! 3y
bibliobliss @tracey38 Thanks!! 😉 3y
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• Getting To Know You 2020 •

1. Stay-at-home Mama
2. Cat: Milla
3. Fave Genre: Fiction
4. Fave Author: John Irving
5. Fave Bookish Item: None
6. Almost never, but I have
7. Coffee
8. Yes, I keep a record of the books I read
9. Fave Color: Blue

@TheBookHippie @Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks

Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks 💙💙💙 3y
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1. High school English teacher
2. ZuZu, she's a nine year old shih tzu
3. Historical Fiction, and Fantasy (love it when the book is both)
4. Deborah Harkness
5. Loads of bookshelves
6. Sometimes
7. Coffee
8. Yes. I have a pinterest board for every year from 2011 on.
9. Lilac

#gettingtoknowyou2020 @TheBookHippie @Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks

Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks 💜💜💜 3y
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1. Admin assistant + freelance mapper/writer • 2. Not yet. Hopefully in 2020! • 3. Fantasy and romance • 4. Hafsah Faisal, Tasha Suri, P Briggs, Laini Taylor, Kristin Britain... • 5. Books? Also quilts and a crackling fire w/ good friends. • 6. Yas! It feeds my soul :) • 7. Tea, please! • 8. Only on Litsy. • 9. Shades of red or green.

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1. Librarian
2. A cat (she won‘t let any other animals in the house)
3. Fiction in general (depends on my mood)
4. Neil Gaiman
5. Booksleeves
6. No
7. Coffee
8. Yes!!
9. Black


Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks Thanks for playing 🖤 3y
Chab256 Black is my favorite color too...which people often find odd when I tell them. 3y
TheLibrarian @Chab256 It‘s the best! And people find it odd when I tell them too. My husband keeps telling me it‘s not a real color and to pick a different one. 3y
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1) Library technician

2) 4 black cats - Lucy Fur, Whiskers, Dieter, MacGruber

3) Horror

4) Stephen King

5) Books 🤷🏼‍♀️

6) Nope

7) Coffee, all day, every day

8) Yes, Goodreads. Considering an alternate format this year.

9) I like hot pink.

@TheBookHippie @Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks


Bookzombie Love the names of your cats! 3y
WJCintron Nice meeting you! We have a lot in common lol😄😂🤣. I use two apps. One is Handy Library and that one is great because it lets you scan a book/ISBN and tells you immediately if you already have it or not. That for me is the real deal because it keeps me from buying multiple copies of a book by mistake. Also you can search by author and search online and within your own library. I really recommend it. 3y
WJCintron I also use Memento. That one is great for creating SO MANY LISTS & COLLECTIONS!! 😃🙌 You can name them whatever you like and add the books you need, your favorite books, I even have a list of the books I need to buy from a series or the hardcovers I still need etcetera. You can even make a list and collection of movies, and other things. Recommend it 100% 3y
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Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks My cat is black!! Fiona 🖤 3y
NeedsMoreBooks 😻😻 3y
Reagan @Bookzombie thank you! Their names all fit their personalities to a tee 😂 3y
Reagan @WJCintron oh I have never heard of those! I will have to check them out. Memento sounds right up my alley! 3y
Reagan @Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks oh I have such a soft spot for black cats. I just love them. 3y
WJCintron @Reagan 👍👍😃 3y
Amiable Love the black kitties —I have one, too! 😻 3y
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1. Teacher/Teacher Librarian 29 years 🤯
2. Dog (Lily) and two kitties (Sadie & Pouncer)
3. Cozy Mystery, Historical Fiction, Memoir
4. Too hard!!!
5. Bookish T-Shirts
6. Sadly no, but one day
7. Tea
8. Yes! Love looking back over my year in reading.
9. Deep red

#gettingtoknowyou2020 #litsylove

@TheBookHippie @Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks

kspenmoll I enjoy the genres you chose too! 3y
Lmstraubie @kspenmoll What are some of your favorite cozy mysteries? I'm always looking for new ones. 3y
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1. Teacher to 12 2 year olds!
2. A cat and a dog
3. YA
4. Jodi Picoult Karen M. McManus
5. Bookmarks and book sleeves
6. No
7. Neither only drink water
8. Yes
9. Pink and Purple


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🤓 Anything savoury, salty, or vinegary. 🤓 Yes because I can‘t drive and read at the same time 🤓 A friend‘s wedding 🤓 Zero because no one ever gives out salty treats on Halloween 🤓 All shades of blue 🤓 #friyayintro. 🤓@howjessreads

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❤turning 30
💛overnight stocker/wal-mart
💙she/her(creepy one)
💜Bookful - thought of I have full of books to be read lol thought beautiful then book / ful Bookful.
#Litsy #nowyouknow

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1. An hour from everywhere Ohio
2. 40
3. I sell tractor parts to angry farmers.
4. I've been married to @cobwebmoth for 17 years.
5. He/him, hey you, many more names I can't post on Litsy. 😀
6. TK-421 is an ill fated storm trooper from Star Wars. I forgot to add the hyphen. @TK-421 did it the correct way.
#gettingtoknowyou @JoScho

Daisey As a farmer's daughter who has often helped with maintenance and repair, I found that job description rather amusing. 3y
TK421 @Daisey harvest has been rough this year. Everyone is tearing up combines right now. 3y
BethM 1 and 3 make me laugh- I‘m rural and a farmer‘s daughter 😂 3y
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JoScho Thanks for sharing ❤️ 3y
Daisey I believe it. We‘re not tearing up the combine, partially because there were almost no crops due to flooding, but some of the other equipment is taking a beating as we work on clean up and repair this year. 3y
Chrissyreadit Love 6! 3y
sprainedbrain Angry farmers. 😂 3y
Centique Oh I love the angry farmers quip too 👏👏 3y
TheAromaofBooks Ohio, where you either live in a city, or an hour from everywhere lol 3y
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Doing this for my new #lmpbc group!
1. Wisconsin
2. 32
3. Working in criminal justice.
4. Married 6 years to the man I‘ve been with 11.5.
5. She/her
6. I joined Litsy within the first 3 months or so therefore it‘s a cool story!....... it‘s my name 😂

Avanders 😂 my username is equally cool 😁 3y
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Central Scotland
Just turned 50 earlier this month
Run my own pet care business.... So walking doggies, tickling cats and occasional feeding giant African snails!
Been with him 21 years so daily eye rolling 😉
As long as it isn't 'it' we're all good
I'm Ali and my dad used to sing the Ali Bali Bee song to me when I was little (is that just a Scottish song??) + 146 is my house number


AmyG Giant African snails...what do they eat? 😳 3y
Balibee146 @AmyG mostly green and some other fruits 👍👍 3y
LauraBeth Me thinking I knew Balibee146 but realizing I knew nothing about Balibee146...😀❤️ 3y
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Balibee146 Awww lol @LauraBeth I almost feel mysterious 😘😘 3y
ErickaS_Flyleafunfurled I want a giant African snail SO MUCH!! 3y
Balibee146 @ErickaS_Flyleafunfurled its an experience! 😁 3y
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1. Philadelphia, PA! Cheesesteaks, Rocky, and water pronounced the correct way.
2. 34 years old. Birthday is April 11th!
3. I typically read over my lunch breaks as a Kindergarten teacher - luckily I frequently use the wonderful (and free) Libby app!
4. Happily living in our house of one year with my boyfriend of five years.
5. “She” is fine by me.
6. I‘m very simple...



1. Bloomington, IL
2. 48
3. I work as a corporate researcher.
4. Happily single!
5. She/her
6. Technically my parents came up with my handle 🤣

Lena_Moore And a fellow Aries! Love it ! 3y
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❤️ Hurricane, West Virginia
💛Project Manager....need a side hustle for books though
💜just “call me Ishmael” favorite line from one of my favorite books

Chrissyreadit Is your favorite book Moby Dick or Ishmael by Daniel Quinn? 3y
ChasingOm My hometown! ❤️ 3y
britt_brooke You‘re a good sport. 👏🏻 I like your handle and swear to one day finally read Moby Dick. 3y
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❤️ Omaha, NE
🧡 38? Yes, 38. I forget sometimes.
💛 I‘m a Registered Dietitian
💚 Married for almost 4 months
💙 She/her
💜 My first and middle name


JoScho ❤️❤️❤️ 3y
InBooksILive I forget how old I am everytime someone asks!! I have to ask whoever I'm with, like umm 27? They'll be like no dude your 29 🤷🏻‍♀️ 3y
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❤️West Michigan 🌷🚣‍♂️

🧡By birthday, 57. Physically, I feel much younger most days 😅 40ish 😁 Mentally/intellectually, I feel like I have lived several lives so, much older!
💛I built and steward 2 little free libraries so I get a lot of books through them. I love my local library for hard copies & audiobooks & I use NetGalley frequently for digital arcs.
💚 Widowed 7 1/2 years ago.
💙 She/her/Mom/Nonnie/Boook Fairy
💜 After my LFLs

marleed I would love to have a mid century modern LFL because there‘s some very cool mcm houses in my neighborhood! 3y
JoScho ❤️❤️❤️ 3y
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Native new Yorker

CaliforniaCay Welcome to litsy! 3y
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❤️ Texas 😊 🧡 31
💛 I am a pharmacy tech in a very busy pharmacy 💚 Married almost 7 years 💙 She/Her/Mom/Queen 👑 💜 I‘m a mom...and I read....soooo. Yea 😂🤷‍♀️. #gettingtoknowyou

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❤️ Coastal North Carolina, USA
🧡 33
💛 This year, I‘m reading from my home library; my work is mostly domestic, volunteer, and child-centered with a dash of aspirational writing
💚 Married for 12.5 years
💙 she/her
💜 My best friend‘s nickname for me, Sar (rhymes with Tsar), my middle initial (E), and a combo of my maiden name initial (S) with my married name (Moore) which evolved into our family nickname of “S‘Moores”


LeahBergen I had always assumed that “Sares” was a diminutive nickname for Sara. 😄 3y
saresmoore @LeahBergen My best friend‘s name is Samantha and I was always so envious of all her potential nicknames. She obligingly came up with Sar when we were about 8 and she‘s called me only that ever since! 3y
LauraBeth @LeahBergen same! I‘m like “rhymes with Tsar??!” I don‘t know you! 😂 3y
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LL1964 Love coastal North Carolina, my favorite vacation destination. 3y
LeahBergen @LauraBeth Exactly! 😆😆 It‘s so funny to think that, in my mind, I‘ve only thought of you guys by your Litsy handles for like 3 years. When I went to @shawnmooney ‘s wedding last year, I had to make a conscious effort not to call him shawnmooney all the time. 😂😂 3y
Suet624 @LeahBergen i totally get that, leahbergen. 😂😂 3y
kspenmoll I also envisioned a Sara! 3y
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Thank you for the tag @jenniferw88

❤️ Wiltshire, England
💛I‘m a Financial Data Processor
💚Married to my best friend
💜I‘m a Hufflepuff and a HP nut so Hufflepuffle was the first thing I thought of!


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❤️ Winnipeg, Manitoba
🧡 46
💛 I support people with disabilities
💚 I‘ve been married for 20 years
💙 she/her
💜 I‘ve lived on the prairies all my life


Blueberry I lived sort of close to Winnipeg when I was young. On the American side of the Lake of the Woods. 😀 I also support people with disabilities. My son, and I'm a special ed substitute teacher. 3y
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Thanks for the tag @jessinikkip and fun idea @JoScho !

❤️ Syracuse, NY
🧡 32
💛 I analyze 🧬 in a crime lab...and do a lot of overtime !
💚 Engaged for about 3 more weeks, then we are “almost eloping” at Niagara Falls
💙 she/her
💜 it‘s the name of the road I live on + a nod to the TV show Lost, which I was obsessed with back in the day 😂


ljuliel Congrats on the upcoming wedding 👰🏻 💒 💐 3y
Aloisi_tribe That sounds like the coolest job in the world. And I was also obsessed with Lost. We were stationed in Hawaii during the filming of the fifth and sixth seasons so I got to stalk the sets and visit all the shooting locations. 3y
JoScho Thanks for joining in 😊❤️ 3y
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❤️ Nashville suburb
🧡 37 ... for 3 more weeks
💛 I‘m a stay-at-home-parent with a husband who does not keep track of my book buying (thank the gods) 😆
💚 married for 17 years
💙 she/her
💜 my first and middle names: Brittany Brooke

Thanks for the tag, Jesse! @jessinikkip

Tagging @kaysworld1 @cobwebmoth @CallMeIshmael if you haven‘t participated yet and would like to.

Librariana 🤣😂 I am right there with ya on having a husband who doesn't keep track of mine either 😁 He knows books make me happy and I know tools make him happy! 3y
britt_brooke @Librariana Right?! 😍 My husband spends money on his bicycle, I spent it on books. It‘s a good balance. 3y
Reviewsbylola My Book Outlet order came yesterday while my husband was at work. 🙌🏻🤣 He‘s pretty supportive of my book buying too but still. 3y
britt_brooke @Reviewsbylola They don‘t need to know the details, though. 🤣 3y
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❤ Reading, UK
🧡 23
💛 Just started a new support team job closer to home, was in a catering company in London
💚 Single Pringle
💙 She/her
💜 Had to break away from the old ciaraaawrrr handle I used for everything else and at least pretend to be a grown up 🦖

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❤️ Just outside Myrtle Beach, SC
🧡 32
💛 I‘m a practice coordinator for an internal medicine group at one of our local hospitals- I buy my books used and swap with others on bookcrossing.
💚 Single
💙 The female ones
💜 I didn‘t come up with it, my mom did 😉 - it‘s my name.


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❤️ Zurich, Switzerland
🧡 43
💛 hubs, Kindle Deals, charity shops, giveaways
💚 married for 22 years
💙 she/her
💜 it‘s my name 😊
(I‘m BookishExpat everywhere else, because I‘ve been an expat for 25 years and I am indeed bookish 😄)

post image

For no other reason than I like doing these things,
❤️Gloucester, UK
💛I work as a Financial Controller for a family-run builders‘ merchant
💚I think you‘d call it Living Apart Together; I spend 3/4 days a week with my partner.
💜It‘s been my Twitter handle for 10 years; it‘s my nickname plus the name of my cat.

Tagging a few followers @AppuNthebooks @Viji @royallyregan93 @PageTurner789


post image


🦊 Dorset, UK
🦊 29
🦊 No job, Amazon/Waterstones & charity shops
🦊 Single AF!
🦊 She/her
🦊 It's my first full name followed by the initial of my surname and my house number.

Tagging @Hufflepuffle @erzascarletbookgasm @kaysworld1

cmarie I'm so jealous, Dorset is fab! 3y
Cosmos_Moon ❤️New Orleans. 🧡36. 💛borrowing from the library, used book sales and books my mom sends me after she reads. 💚married. 💙she. 💜my kids names & Moonstruck. 3y
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❤ I live in a small town in Virginia
💗 I am 28
💛 A lot of free ARCs. Right now I work only a couple days a week at a gas station.
💚 Engaged to my best friend @anewton91
💙 He or they
💜 Its a combination of my name's and last initial. Not super creative.


Tagging 3 new followers and any others you want: @TheReadingMermaid @Lena_Moore @whippoorwill815 @britt_brooke @Eggs @JoScho

Lena_Moore Thank you for the tag and it's great getting to know you! 3y
britt_brooke Love getting to know other Littens better! 💚 3y
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I‘m enjoying reading these so I thought I‘d join in!

❤️ Between Mountain View and Volcano on Hawaii Island (the Big one)
🧡 43
💛 I own a flower farm and am trying to build the business, so mostly through the library and savings at the moment.
💚 Eloped earlier this year
💙 The female ones
💜 Hooked on Books was my favorite used bookstore growing up in Colorado Springs. And they‘re still going strong!


Tanisha_A Flower farm! 😍 3y
Texreader Owning a flower farm sounds amazing especially in Hawaii!! 3y
squirrelbrain What @Texreader said! Sounds wonderful! 3y
See All 11 Comments
Chrissyreadit Dream job! 3y
britt_brooke 💚💚💚 3y
Librariana Hooray to all of these! ❤🧡💛💚💙💜 Thank you for sharing! 3y
kyraleseberg Big Island is my favorite place on Earth!!! We plan on retiring in Volcano! And you have my dream job! 3y
LeahBergen Ohhh, I shopped at Hooked on Books this summer!! It‘s a lovely shop. ❤️ 3y
Hooked_on_books @Tanisha_A @Texreader @squirrelbrain It‘s been an interesting ride! It‘s still new for us, so we learn something every day. 3y
Hooked_on_books @kyraleseberg I love Volcano! We actually stumbled into the flower business—Volcano was our planned landing site. Hopefully you‘ll get to retire soon! 3y
Hooked_on_books @LeahBergen Oh I‘m envious! I have such great memories of that place. My mom would only give me 15 minutes inside! (I know, it‘s child abuse.) So I‘d shop my usual spots first while watching the clock then locate her at the 10 minute point and hide from her in more unusual sections to stretch it out. 😆 3y
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❤️Richmond, VA, USA
💛I‘m a library lover, so most of my reading is free/I work as an attendant/respite worker for two autistic teens to pay the bills
💜I like owls, my name is Elizabeth. I use it on all social media (let‘s be Insta friends!)


JoScho ☺️❤️ 3y
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#gettingtoknowyou @JoScho

❤️ Georgina, Ontario 🇨🇦
💗 Turning 34 in November
💛 Library and book buys
💚 Single
💙 they/them - thou/thee
💜 A custom blend of Aloe Vera, Poe's Annabel Lee, and Shakespearean gender-non-specific pronouns 🌿💀

Lindy A very fine custom blend. 👍😊 3y
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❤️Right outside Orlando, Florida ☀️
🧡35 😱
💛Kindle deals, library, BOTM 📚🤓🤑
💚Currently on my 2nd marriage 🤨👪
💙She/her 💃🏻
💜I was mildly obsessed with Justin Timberlake at the time I created my Litsy account, and number 47 is the jersey number of one of my favorite baseball pitchers (Tom Glavine) 😍⚾️😬


Zelma I don‘t think I realized you lived there. I grew up in Maitland. 3y
JenlovesJT47 @Zelma awesome! 😎 3y
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❤️ Sonoma County, Northern California, USA
? 23 years. My birthday is in January
? Audiobooks, beanstack, bookly
? Single. Just looking for good ol fashioned friendship
? She/her/hers
? I'm a millennial, RIGHT BEFORE gen Y, but I was raised on old entertainment instead of mainstream and socialized with adults more than kids my age, hence "old school'

CaliforniaCay I too am a millennial but feel like such an old soul compared to most of my peers 👵🏿 3y
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❤️ Silverdale, WA (across the Puget Sound from Seattle)
🧡 43
💛 attorney for a government agency
💚 single
💙 as long as its grammatically correct and consistent, I don‘t care
💜 my blog (wanderinglynn.com)

Booklover906 Hello! 3y
Amiable I‘m on the same page as you are with pronouns. 👍🏼 3y
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wanderinglynn @Amiable Yay for proper grammar! 🙌🏻 3y
CaliforniaCay I just visited Silverdale recently on a trip to visit my parents in Port Orchard! Great places to shop out there 😁 3y
wanderinglynn @CaliforniaCay So far I‘ve really like it here. (I just moved here in February). 🙂 3y
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Not sure who started this one, but I like it!

❤️ Saskatchewan, Canada
🧡 33
💛 I have a boring office job, which pays my taxes, which support my local library, which is where I get most of my reading material!
💚 Spinster
💙 She/her
💜 From my blog, created to review two hundred books (hecto being the prefix for hundred in the metric system). Now I use it online for any book related account.

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❤ New Brunswick, Canada
🧡 47
💛 I teach High School English so I can read and call it work!
💚 Happily hitched
💙 she/her
💜 I didn't know enough about Litsy to realize not to just use my actual name. 🤷‍♀️


EmilyM Same here on the whole List handle thing! 3y
EmilyM *Litsy 3y
LeahBergen Yep, just used my own name, too. 😆 3y
Cosmos_Moon ❤️New Orleans. 🧡36. 💛borrowing from the library, used book sales and books my mom sends me after she reads. 💚married. 💙she. 💜my kids names & Moonstruck. 3y
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❤️Outside of Philly
💛I‘m the general manager for our local soccer club.
💚Married since 1/5/91
💜Judy basket - because I used to sell Longaberger baskets and that was my email.


JoScho ❤️❤️❤️ 3y
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❤ In the great PNW 🌲 Washington state, to be slightly less vague 😁
🧡 Just celebrated the 2nd anniversary of my 20th birthday
💛 Being gainfully employed by my local library who generously supply me with lots of digital downloads and physical books... and whose paycheck facilitates my trips to Barnes and Noble.
💚 11 yrs of wedded bliss 🥰
💙 She/Her(s)
💜 I'm a librarian; my name is Ana. Blend them together and what've you got? = Librariana!

Hooked_on_books Love your 🧡! 3y
Librariana @Hooked_on_books - a lady's gotta find a clever way of sharing her age! Lol! 🤣😂 3y
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❤️Northwest suburb of Chicago, IL
💜A odd nickname plus my love of music