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This book was a bit of a roller coaster. The beginning was a high for me, getting to know Oscar and his strict religious father as well as Lucinda and her mother. These formidable years were probably my favorite part of the book. As the two main characters grew I lost interest, there was so much introspection. I normally like a book that is all about the journey and not the destination but this one had too much of a journey for me. #1001books

Disgrace | J. M. Coetzee
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This is a brilliant novel. David Lurie has lost touch with the world around him when he is dismissed from his University in Cape Town after an affair with one of his students. He knows he is wrong but he doesn‘t realize HOW wrong in South African society that is passing him by after the end of apartheid.
Lurie is annoying and sometimes likeable but he is above all human. #1001books

A Severed Head | Iris Murdoch
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What a strange book. Six people in London, living a merry go round of relationships. With eachother. They are so unlikable, all of them. And stubborn and vain and stupid. Murdoch did a great job making me feel this way but in the end it‘s certainly not my favorite book by her.

#1001books #stdb2018 #ATY2019 Book inspired by something borrowed

Reviewsbylola Yeah the characters sound very frustrating! 8h
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The Iron Heel | Jack London
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This socialist novel is very different from the Jack London stories with which I‘m familiar. I‘ve been listening to it the last few days on my walks.

#Reading1001 #TBRTakedown June 2019
#1001books #Hoopla #audiobook #audiowalk

CafeMom Looks like a lovely place to walk. 1d
Daisey @CafeMom This section is not very long, but it is lovely! 🌳 🌳 21h
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Chess Story | Stefan Zweig
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I‘ve narrowed my wishlist down to these three nominations for July for #NYRBbookclub. 😃

Bonus for anyone working on the #1001books list... these are all on it. @BarbaraBB I‘m really hoping you haven‘t read all of these! 😬

Voting is open, friends.

merelybookish Ooh fun picks! I've never read any Zweig so my vote is 2d
Theaelizabet I‘ve read and loved The Summer Book, and Dead Souls has been on my TBR forever. So... 2d
sisilia Chess Story! ☺️ 2d
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Leftcoastzen They all look good 2d
LeahBergen Yayyyy! Great picks! I have Chess Story on my list for the ‘Z‘ category of this year‘s #LitsyAtoZ so that‘s my vote! 2d
LeahBergen I‘ve read The Summer Book and it‘s lovely! 💕💕 2d
mklong @LeahBergen Seconded! But, since I‘ve read that one, I‘ll vote for 2d
vivastory Fantastic picks Jenni! I vote for 2d
Suet624 Chess story! 2d
batsy I've already read The Summer Story and loved it 💜 Happy to read either one of the other two but my vote is for 2d
Lcsmcat Not voting, but I found Dead Souls really funny. 2d
BarbaraBB Such good choices! I have read The Summer Book and Chess Story and especially looooved the latter, so I want you all to read it. However my vote goes to (edited) 2d
BarbaraBB The one who has read almost all 1,001 books is @Liz_M. I am curious to see if she missed one of these! 2d
Liz_M @BarbaraBB 😜 I have, in fact, read all three of these. Summer Book is lovely, but I vote for Chess Story -- I think it will be more interesting to discuss. 1d
saresmoore I loved The Summer Book and I‘ve had Dead Souls on the TBR for many moons. Buuut, I‘ma have to vote for 1d
MicheleinPhilly 🤔Tough one. My vote is for 1d
Rachel_nyc This is such a tough one! I‘ll be happy with whichever wins but I‘ll vote for The Summer Book. 1d
emilyhaldi Sorry I missed this vote but apparently I wouldn‘t have made much difference with this one!!! Chess Story it is 😁 1d
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“What might save us, me and you
Is if the #Russians love their children too”

I really grew up scared to be in the middle of a war between the super powers. Sting‘s lyrics felt so true to me. Of course the Cold War became the subject of many spy novels too. I had to read this one for the list of #1001books and it was, unexpectedly, very good!

Cinfhen I‘m pretty sure I saw the film. 3d
Freespirit I liked this book a lot 3d
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Gone with the Wind | Margareth Mitchell
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Confession: I have never had any desire to read GWTW (or watch the movie). I decided I was going to tackle it this year as one of my #1001books for 2019.

I started it last night on audio, and I am SO HOOKED. Already into Part II and I‘m struggling to make myself read my other books.

God‘s nightgown... all the heart-eyes. 😍

BookDragonNotWorm I love this one, but it's one of the rare instances where I like the movie better. 5d
Godmotherx5 I started it as a read-a-long with The Book Cougars @chris.wolak and @ReadingEnvy Unfortunately, I fell behind but I‘m still intrigued. Halfway through the audio at this point. Enjoy it! 5d
LibrarianRyan The first 200 pages are so boring but after that, can‘t put t down. 5d
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Melissa_J I loved this book! Strangely though, I didn‘t like the movie 🤷🏻‍♀️ 5d
Ashley_Nicoletto I never had any desire to read this either, but once I did I became slightly obsessed. It‘s so good. 5d
sprainedbrain @Ashley_Nicoletto Your posts had a lot to do with me deciding to finally read it! 5d
Ashley_Nicoletto @sprainedbrain ☺️ I‘m so glad you‘re enjoying then. 5d
ReadingEnvy @Godmotherx5 it's so long in audio but I can see the appeal! 5d
ReadingEnvy Well fiddle-dee-dee, I had such a hard time reading anything else while I read this, and for a few days after. 5d
Bookartbookmarks So many people have recommended this to me and no idea why I‘m so hesitant. You‘re inspiring me to pick it up. 5d
sprainedbrain @ReadingEnvy I wish I could have read along with you... that was such a terrible time for me to keep up with anything. So, I‘m fashionably late. 5d
sammisho Read it in fourth grade for the first time. Thank god for that school librarian who let me check it out way more times than usually allowed to let me finish it! 5d
TorieStorieS This is one of my favorite books!! I don‘t even know how many times I‘ve read it!! I‘m so glad you‘re enjoying it!! ❤️❤️❤️ 5d
BethM I‘ve never read or watched- am I missing out? 5d
sprainedbrain @BethM I can‘t comment on the movie (I may watch it after I finish the book), but the book is really, really good. 5d
HKGirl YES. I never had a desire to read it either, but some here on Litsy (her handle escapes me at the moment) started a read along, and I thought "Why not?" And then I was hooked. So good. So much more than I expected it to be. 5d
rubyslippersreads I read this for the first time in sixth grade and have probably read it at least 30 times since then. 😊 #teamrhett 5d
BarbaraBB I‘m happy you are loving it! 5d
HOTPock3tt This is one of my moms favorite books... she loves the book and the movie so I grew up watching the movie with her (or at least being in the room) every single year it came on TV (every Easter I think 🤔) and it STILL has never held an appeal for me personally 🤔 Glad to hear you are enjoying it!!! I think I‘m still not there yet 😅lol! (edited) 4d
sprainedbrain @HOTPock3tt I think if I had grown up watching the movie that often I would be the same! To be honest, I‘m still not sure I will watch the movie. I‘m sort of ashamed to admit it, but classic movies of that type/era really never have done anything for me. 😬 4d
HOTPock3tt @sprainedbrain Me either. I think it‘s the era. It‘s never done much for me either. (My mom is just addicted to pretty much ALL classic novels!! 🤣) But I‘m glad to hear that the book is so addictive, it makes me think maybe it deserves the hype it‘s always getting 🤔 4d
readordierachel I've never had any desire to read it either. You're making me rethink that! 4d
BilboBookends ITS SO GOOD 😍😭😍😭 4d
Peddler410 I read it the summer between Sophomore and Junior year in high school. I loved it and plan to reread some day. 4d
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Drop City | T. C. Boyle
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Lots of #FrenchKissingInTheUSA in this book about a hippy commune, moving from California to Alaska. At least, I hope that‘s what they‘re doing on this extremely ugly cover!
#wanderingjune #1001books

robinb 🤣🤣🤣😳😳🤭🤭🤭 6d
Cinfhen 😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤷‍♀️ 6d
erzascarletbookgasm Oh that cover! 😆 6d
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BookwormM That is one ugly cover 6d
Kalalalatja Oh no 😂😂 6d
Cathythoughts 😳😬😂 6d
Freespirit Not sure what‘s happening on that cover😳 6d
batsy 😂😂😂 6d
BarbaraBB @Freespirit I‘m not sure if I want to know 😂 6d
Soubhiville Ugh, that‘s not the cover I had... this might win an awful cover award! 5d
readordierachel That is quite a cover 🙈 5d
AceOnRoam We call that a plumber's crack in Australia 😂😅 4d
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Scribd has combined books 2-3 and books 4-5 on audio... I would give Candle in the Wind 4⭐️ and the Book of Merlyn 5⭐️. Neville Jason‘s narration was fantastic and I highly recommend the audio for other #1001books enthusiasts looking to check The Once and Future King off their list.

The final books are melancholy, but when old Arthur returns to Merlyn for some last learning, it‘s beautiful.

We should all learn from the goose people!


Daisey Wow! You blazed right through these in no time at all. 6d
sprainedbrain @Daisey they are fairly addictive! My house got extra-super clean this weekend. #audiocleaning 6d
Daisey @sprainedbrain Good to know! I‘ll keep audio in mind for these. 5d
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Asphodel | Hilda Doolittle, Robert E. Spoo
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An autobiographical novel written in the 1920s but not published until after the author's death. It details the experience of a young female expat in France and London. The style is difficult to follow -- mostly stream-of-conscious, only obliquely referencing reality (so maybe it shouldn't have been my end of day with a glass of wine book?). The writing is beautiful but I never had a grasp on the events alluded to or felt any emotion. #1001books

Liz_M #Reading1001, 2.5 🌟 6d
BarbaraBB That happens a lot to me while #reading1001... having no clue nor any emotion 😂 4d
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