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Foreword and chapter 1: I skipped most of the intro because it seemed like there might be some spoilers. Here we meet Anne Sharpe, Jane‘s somewhat secret friend, who works for John and Fanny…. Also known as Jane‘s brother and SIL, Edward and Elizabeth….. #senseandsensibility #elizabethisfanny #nastyfamily #pemerlittens #chapteraday #jaaaaaames #couldntresist #imdonenow

Crinoline_Laphroaig This great because I just finished 7mo
IndoorDame One of the two intro sections was about the friendship of the co-authors of this book and how they met, not about the subjects so no spoilers there, and it was really sweet. 7mo
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BarkingMadRead @IndoorDame oh that‘s good, I read the part about how they met but it started to look like they were going to break down the chapters, so I stopped! 7mo
TheBookHippie I never read them because too many times SPOILERS 😂 7mo
Caroline2 I often skip intros too because I don‘t want any spoilers. 😆 7mo
Ruthiella I hear you on SPOILERS! It doesn‘t matter that the book has been in print for 100 years…that doesn‘t mean I‘ve read it! 😣 7mo
AllDebooks I avoid intros until I've read the book 7mo
suvata I guess I‘m the odd one, because I read everything from cover to cover in the order it is presented to me. That includes intros, afterwords, and anything but an index. 7mo
julieclair I‘m in ! Please add me to the tag list. And… I never read intros either. Have been burned by spoilers too many times. I go back and read them as an afterword instead. 7mo
BarkingMadRead @julieclair I‘ll add you!! I‘m glad to see it‘s not just me that skips the intro! 7mo
suvata Chapter 1 - why in the world would Cassandra and Fanny burn the letters they got from Jane? It is a good thing that Fannie left behind her journals so we can learn a bit about Jane and Anne‘s relationship 7mo
BarkingMadRead @suvata it blows my mind! 7mo
julieclair @suvata Goid question! I have always assumed it was because they were trying to keep their family life private, and and maybe also to hide any less-than-flattering parts of Jane‘s personality from the public. 7mo
suvata @julieclair Personally, I think she may have been gay and they don‘t want to admit it. That was so forbidden at that time. (edited) 7mo
julieclair @suvata I wondered about that, too. Could she have been in love with Ann Sharpe? That is definitely something the family would have wanted to keep hidden in those days. 7mo
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Crazy Rich Asians | Kevin Kwan
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Now that I gave in to two new purchases at Costco, I just need to work on removing those stickers! #couldntresist

Lynnsoprano Always the problem with the big box stores😕 4y
Lcsmcat Try a hairdryer on low. That has worked for me. 4y
erzascarletbookgasm Use a label remover. Works like magic. 4y
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Kshakal Those earrings are beautiful!! 4y
CoffeeNBooks @Lcsmcat You shared this tip with me awhile back, and I finally tried it, and it totally worked! Thank you!! 4y
DivineDiana @Lynnsoprano 🤷‍♀️🙂📚 4y
DivineDiana @Lcsmcat @CoffeeNBooks Thank you! I have a hairdryer, so will try this first! 4y
DivineDiana @erzascarletbookgasm Where do you buy a label remover? 4y
DivineDiana @Kshakal Thank you! I thought they were similar to the ones on the cover! 4y
erzascarletbookgasm I don‘t know where you can get that in the US. You can also use lighter fluid (like Zippo). Pat a decent amount of the fluid onto the price tag, peel it off using a sharp blade or paper cutter. It also works. 4y
DivineDiana @erzascarletbookgasm Thank you! ❤️ 4y
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Title Wave | Lorna Barrett
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I might have also picked up this shirt from the bookstore yesterday too... #couldntresist

Crimes Against a Book Club | Kathy Cooperman
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Looks like a fun easy breezy read! And it's a free Kindle download with Amazon Prime! #couldntresist

dariazeoli I'm considering this for my Prime download this month! 6y
Josiedlove I down loaded but haven't read it yet 6y
DivineDiana @dariazeoli Couldn't resist! 6y
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DivineDiana @Josiedlove Me either! 😉 6y
ValerieAndBooks I just downloaded this. I was having a hard time deciding between this or Paper Boats. 6y
DivineDiana @ValerieAndBooks I couldn't say no to a book about Book Club! 6y
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But mooommm... everyone else is doing it!! #hp #ravenclaw #couldntresist

maximoffs Are you going to do @hpchapteraday !!! So excited! 6y
the-flashley @steverogers I think so! I've been meaning to re-read them for a while and I think this is a great opportunity to finally jump back in. 😁 6y
NovelGirl82 Not doing chapter a day, because I re-read the whole series at the beginning of the year every year, but I just wanted to stop by to say hi to my fellow Ravenclaw!! 🙋🙋 6y
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maximoffs @The-Flashley yay!! Excited to have you on board. We have so many Claws hahaha 💙 6y
the-flashley @NovelGirl82 hello! 🙋🏻 6y
the-flashley @steverogers I'm not surprised so many of us have found our way to Litsy. It's like the virtual version of our common room. 😂 6y
maximoffs @The-Flashley I'm a Puff haha! But it really is I love it. I feel like I'm sneaking in with snacks from the kitchens 😂😂 6y
the-flashley @steverogers aw! Oh how I wish Hogwarts were real. 😭 6y
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$4 well spent!!! 😂😂😂 #couldntresist

OSChamberlain God, I need to find this! 7y
JenlovesJT47 @OSChamberlain got it "used" on Amazon for a penny, looks brand new! 7y
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