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Chapter 17: History of Helen, part 2…. Mr Huntington Edition! #onlytheoldguyspropose #pemberlittens #chapteraday

julieclair Mr. Huntingdon seems pretty sleazy to me. I can't believe Helen is so head-over-heels for him that she thinks she can change and improve him. 13h
BarkingMadRun @julieclair I know! I‘m legit shaking my head. She‘s pretty young here, so maybe that‘s why, but girl. Have some sense! 13h
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julieclair He's probably her first love, and she has blinding stars in her eyes... 😍🤩 13h
Chili So is Mr. Huntingdon the reason she‘s hiding out at Wildfell Hall? She really should listen to her aunt. 10h
BarkingMadRun @Chili I wondered the same! I guess we will find out soon! 7h
Bookwormjillk I‘m waiting to see how evil Mr Huntington ends up being. (edited) 5h
BarkingMadRun @Bookwormjillk I have a feeling he‘s gonna be a bad guy 5h
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Chapter 16…. The Helen History…. #bore‘em #pemberlittens #chapteraday

julieclair At last we will get to hear her story! As for today's chapter... How glad I am that she refused that odious Mr. Boarham. 😝 1d
Chili She definitely dodged a bullet by rejecting Mr. Boarham. 1d
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BarkingMadRun @julieclair @chili I definitely agree! 1d
ravenlee Ugh - Mr. Boarham makes Mr. Collins start to look appealing! 1d
BarkingMadRun @ravenlee 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 1d
Clare-Dragonfly @ravenlee I was thinking of Mr. Collins too! Mr. Boarham is extremely tedious, but at least he doesn‘t simply refuse to believe Helen, so I‘m not sure who is worse… 1d
rubyslippersreads @ravenlee @Clare-Dragonfly Both gentlemen are awful enough to make remaining a spinster extremely attractive. 1h
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Chapter 15: Gil decides to give Helen a chance to explain herself, but I don‘t think he got what he was hoping for…. #pemberlittens #chapteraday

Clare-Dragonfly Well, he shouldn‘t. Because he‘s an ass. 🙄🙄🙄🤬🤬🤬 3d
TheBookHippie @Clare-Dragonfly 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼😡🙄 3d
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Chili Gilbert seriously needs to go sit in a corner. He‘s a total pain in the ass. Mrs. G doesn‘t owe him an explanation. 3d
BarkingMadRun @Clare-Dragonfly yessssss 3d
Bklover The biggest thing I don‘t understand about this book is why she has any feelings whatsoever for Gilbert. He‘s such an ass. 2d
Ruthiella @Bklover Me too. The only thing I can think of is that in his immaturity, he is malleable. Maybe she thinks she can influence him in a way... 2d
BarkingMadRun @Bklover I agree! I know they had some great conversations, but surely that isn‘t more important than his behavior 2d
eeclayton @Bklover @BarkingMadRun @Ruthiella I agree with you, but remember that we know all of his inner thoughts, while Helen may not. He may have come across as less agressive/possessive/rude during their conversations than he truly is. 2d
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Chapter 14: Gil and Lawrence have a fight, and Gil wins? Just when you think you couldn‘t hate Gil more 🙄🤣 #pemberlittens #chapteraday

Clare-Dragonfly “Oh, I just gave him a little smack with the handle of my whip. No big deal. He‘s overreacting! It‘s all the whip‘s fault, anyway. It has a HUGE METAL HORSE HEAD HANDLE.” 🙄🙄🙄 3d
Chili Gil is totally freaking losing it. 3d
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BarkingMadRun @Clare-Dragonfly I knowwwwww this guy is ridiculous! 3d
Liatrek Like I don‘t know what Helen sees in this guy! 3d
julieclair This was shocking to me! He's out of control. 3d
rubyslippersreads I‘m finally caught up. To put it (very) mildly, Gil is a pill. 3d
Bklover Yep. I‘m with @rubyslippersreads 3d
TheAromaofBooks Definitely not justifying Gilbert, who is spoiled and obnoxious, but seriously Lawrence was being pretty smug and annoying. I kind of wanted to bop him one myself! 😂 3d
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Chapter 13…. Enough said. #pemberlittens #chapteraday

MoonWitch94 My favorite meme of all time! 😂😂😂 Perfect for this chapter! 4d
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tpixie Lol 4d
ravenlee 😆🤣 4d
Clare-Dragonfly If only Gilbert could see it 😂😂😂 4d
Lcsmcat 😂😂😂 4d
sprainedbrain 😂😂😂 4d
Liatrek Lol😂😂 4d
eeclayton 😂😂😂 4d
TheAromaofBooks I WANT to like Gilbert, but he's making it super difficult! 😂 4d
Chili Gilbert is making me cringe. 😬 3d
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Chapter 12…. Gil decides to visit Mrs G and she tells him that she will confess all….. tomorrow. He leaves but decided to go back, and catches her with Lawrence….. #pemberlittens #chapteraday PS… I wanted to just hold with “Helen is a hussy” but I‘m trying not to make snap judgements 🤣🤣

TheBookHippie 😅🫣🤐 6d
Liatrek Gilbert is so dramatic! “Like a passionate child I dashed myself on the ground” “ Torrent of tears” 😣😖😭 lol 5d
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Bklover I am seriously trying to like Gilbert but he is making it difficult! Tantrums! 🙄🙄🙄 5d
julieclair @BarkingMadRun I am convinced Helen is not a hussy (such a fun word!) I'm just not sure what she actually is.... 🤔 5d
julieclair And Gilbert... acting like a Peeping Tom... pretty creepy, actually. 5d
DivineDiana Agree @julieclair! I feel that Helen is a GOOD woman. There is much more to her story! As for Gilbert, I was quite angry that he continued to disregard Helen‘s request to leave. No respect for boundaries! (edited) 5d
Lcsmcat Definitely team Helen here. Gilbert needs to grow up. 4d
Chili Ugh! Gilbert the drama queen. 3d
rubyslippersreads @Bklover I‘m not even trying anymore. 😏 3d
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Chapter 11, abs Gil is being a good “brother” until the vicar comes over and says he tried to put Mrs G in her place. Everyone is gossiping, and now Gil is mad! #pemberlittens #chapteraday

TheBookHippie Everyone is gossiping!!!! 7d
BarkingMadRun @TheBookHippie so out of control! 7d
TheBookHippie @BarkingMadRun it‘s my town in a nutshell 🤦🏻‍♀️ 7d
BarkingMadRun lol @TheBookHippie it‘s like my neighborhood 🙄🙄 7d
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Chapter 9: cattiness abounds when rumors fly about Mrs G, and Gil is mad at everyone! #butaretheytrue #timewilltell #pemberlittens #chapteraday

julieclair Ugh. Cattiness. Why are people always inclined to believe the worst? 1w
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Bklover Gilbert is sooooo self centered! Even when it sounds like he‘s being a decent human being he then throws in a comment that reminds you what a jerk he is! 1w
Bookwormjillk I almost for a minute liked Gil here but then he opened his mouth 😂 1w
Chili @Bookwormjillk 🤣so true!! He‘d be much more likable if he sat in the corner and didn‘t speak. He definitely needs to get off his high horse. 1w
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Chapter 8: Gil is still crushing on Mrs Graham, who still wants nothing to do with him. He brings Arthur a puppy and Mrs G a book, and convinced her to take it as a gift, promising not to expect anything in return. He promises, even though he does want something in return… #pemberlittens #chapteraday

julieclair No way he's gonna keep that promise.... 1w
Lcsmcat @julieclair Nope. He won‘t. But I love that cover on Marmion @BarkingMadRun ! 1w
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BarkingMadRun @Lcsmcat isn‘t it gorgeous? 1w
Chili He is so not going to keep that promise. I wonder how long it will take for him to really step in it. He doesn‘t strike me as the brightest bulb in the bunch. 1w
Clare-Dragonfly Isn‘t it nice to know that Nice Guys have existed for hundreds of years and aren‘t a modern phenomenon? 🙄🙄🙄 1w
Bklover I still have a hard time accepting the “new” Gilbert- I think he‘s still self centered and a bit calculating. 1w
peanutnine @Clare-Dragonfly 💯 this 🙄 1w
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Finally caught back up with #pemberlittens #chapteraday and I‘m loving this book so far ❤️ Mrs. Graham is such an interesting character. Also, I love chapter titles❤️❤️❤️

Graywacke 😸! Cute 1w
DivineDiana Hmm. My copy does not have chapter titles. 🤷🏼‍♀️ 5d
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