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I'm getting seriously worried because my mini apartment is getting more and more cramped with books, but I cannot wait to read these beauties...

#sorrynotsorry #morebooks #bookhaul #birthdaybookhaul #tbr #bookstack #bookspines #bibliophile #booklover

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I did not need to visit the bookstore today; however, 15% of my purchase supports my school‘s safe grad. So, like, what‘s a girl to do?

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Cathythoughts 👍🏻😂😂 2w
Tanisha_A 😂 2w
merelybookish 😂🤣 2w
rohit-sawant 😂😂 2w
Reggie Lol 2w
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So have you seen this yet? The announcement of Camp ToB 2019. We have until May 13 to vote for the six Summer reads. The selection is unconventional of course, I‘ve read none except for Daisy Jones! What books are you voting for? #camptob2019


Megabooks Thanks for the tag!! I‘ll have to look! 3w
Ruthiella OMG so excited! Thanks for the heads up! I‘ve not read any but will definitely vote for Trust Exercise since I have it on hold at the library!!! 3w
saresmoore This is so fun! I am intrigued by at least six of the selections. 3w
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merelybookish Yes! This popped up on Facebook. Ive only read one (Lost Children Archive). I mostly avoided voting for some titles: the Marlon James book because I don't want to read it 😬 and Bowlaway because I keep seeing bad reviews. 3w
BarbaraBB @Ruthiella That one sounds good indeed. One of my six votes! 3w
BarbaraBB @saresmoore Such weird choices, but intriguing indeed! 3w
BarbaraBB @merelybookish I voted for Lost Childrens Archive because I have a copy. I don‘t want to read the Marlon James neither and Bowalaway sounds too weird to my taste. I am really curious to see where this will go! 3w
saresmoore @merelybookish @BarbaraBB I agree re: Marlon James and Bowlaway. I‘ll be interested to see what gets chosen! 3w
Rachel_nyc So fun! I haven‘t read any yet but a few were on my radar. I need to look up the others before voting. 3w
merelybookish @saresmoore @BarbaraBB Ive also seen mixed review of Trust Exercise but the criticisms intrigue me. Unlike Bowlaway which just sounds weird 3w
Redwritinghood I haven‘t read any of them, so I just voted for the ones I own and haven‘t yet read. 3w
Suet624 Thank you for tagging me. I got the email about it but I haven‘t looked yet. I‘m very excited. 3w
batsy This is so fun! I didn't vote for the James and McCracken and so I'm relieved to see your comments @merelybookish 😆 I want to read the Luiselli and Choi books. 3w
merelybookish @batsy Im thrilled to see I'm not alone in my opinions! 3w
BkClubCare Yes! I immediately clicked over and voted super quick. Many look great. I really liked Bowlaway 3w
BkClubCare And.... seeing now that many are not interested in Bowlaway. I love quirkiness - it was so right up my alley (ha - bowling reference! #sorrynotsorry) 3w
BarbaraBB @BkClubCare Now I feel tempted to read it just because you like it! 3w
thebluestocking Yes! I‘m so excited! I really want to read Bowlaway but not the James. But other than that, I will just be excited to see what books make it in. It‘ll be a fun way to spend the summer. 💙 3w
minkyb Thanks for posting. 3w
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Starting my next #netgalley book. 😍😍😍 A bus trip is really a great chance for my tbr at #netgalley ... well it would be, if I hadn't already asked for more books. #sorrynotsorry #bookishproblems

Five Feet Apart | Rachael Lippincott
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This is why I can‘t stop buying books! #BookBuyingAddict #CantStop #WontStop #SorryNotSorry #BookNerd 💙📚🤓

QueenJen I decided a while ago that I was no longer going to fight it! 😉🥃📚 it makes me happy in my soul. 3w
CoverToCoverGirl A diagnosis at last! Thank you! 😊 3w
Crazeedi Perfect! ❤ this, I knew it had to have a name! 3w
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West Side Story | Irving Shulman
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When you go to Thriftbooks to order the tagged book, and you also order an additional 19 books. 😂🤣😂 💙📚💙

JennyM Oopsies 😆😆😆 3w
Mtroiano ...that‘s never happened to me 🙈 3w
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AlaMich I‘m going to see WSS performed on Sunday in Chicago! I love the 🎶 from the show. ❤️ 3w
Crazeedi Perfect! Wish I were getting that many books in the mail, that'd be Christmas!! 3w
CoffeeNBooks @AlaMich That's so awesome! 3w
TheSpineView A true Litten!🤣 3w
Leftcoastzen 😂🤣 3w
Jennifer3 ❤️❤️😂❤️❤️😂 3w
Joyfulmimi Ha! Thought it was just me 🤣 3w
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I was pleasantly surprised how funny this book was. Overall, I thought the story was well-done. Good character development and good pacing makes a solid sci-fi novel. My biggest issue with the book was the over-explaining of the science and the in-depth math. Too much math!!!

First book of #maymadness!!! Week 1—book to movie adaptation
And 1st book for #MayScavengerHunt — (1) made into a movie & (2) over 300 pgs.

TheReadingMermaid NICE!!!!! 👍😃👍 4w
julesG There is not too much math in this book. 😛 😁😁😁 4w
Clwojick I seen part of the movie and thought it was actually quite funny. I‘m glad to see the book is written the same! I‘ll have to add it to my tbr 4w
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whatshesreadingnow 👍🏻🙌🏻📖 4w
wanderinglynn @julesG clearly you‘re one of *those* people. (Math people) 😂😂😂 4w
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Readers and Reading | Andrew Bennett
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Hoopiefoot Same. 1mo
JSW @Hoopiefoot I spent all day yesterday doing this and I anticipate a lot of today as well. 🏆 #noregrets #sorrynotsorry #booklife 1mo
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So I went in to pick up the tagged book on hold for me.... #sorrynotsorry #LitsyProblems

GatheringBooks oh wow. the priory looks like a serious chunkster. 1mo
Addison_Reads That's an awesome TBR stack. 😍 1mo
Grrlbrarian It‘s a roach killer all right, @GatheringBooks - 804 pages plus appendices 1mo
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