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Middlemarch | George Eliot
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#pemberlittens I didn‘t read today‘s chapter yet, I‘m supposed to be home by 1:00 but our latest departure from Orlando is now 2:20 🙄 if I don‘t post tonight, I will double up tomorrow! #thisisannoying #imdonepeopling #delaydelaydelay #prayforme #thisisit #thisishowidie #ofboredom #atleastihavebooks #andakindle #iwontdie #iwillbefine #probably #staytuned

TheBookHippie No worries!!!! Safe travels!! 3w
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TheAromaofBooks Good luck!! Flying always gives me a nervous breakdown 😂 3w
shortsarahrose I was once stuck the the Dallas airport for over 24 hours because of flight cancellations. It was The Worst. Wishing you the best on your travels. 3w
Bookwormjillk Safe travels! 3w
BarkingMadRead Finally boarded! Hallelujah 🎉🎉 3w
BarkingMadRead @shortsarahrose yikes! That‘s awful! 3w
ravenlee Good luck and safe travels! I‘m a couple days behind but will catch up this week (I hope). 3w
rubyslippersreads I am so, so behind. 😔 I‘m enjoying it, and I will catch up, but life keeps getting in the way. 3w
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IndoorDame Such a child! This chapter annoyed me even more than most!!!! 1mo
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TheBookHippie @IndoorDame the book, it almost flew… 1mo
IndoorDame @TheBookHippie 🤣🤣🤣 are you reading the giant purple edition? I can just picture the dent in the wall 1mo
TheBookHippie @IndoorDame Why yes, yes I am… 1mo
IndoorDame @TheBookHippie so worth investing in my pocket sized aqua edition. Infinitely better for flinging about the room 😁 1mo
Kimberlone Rufus Sewell is so handsome! I even liked him as a nazi in The Man in the High Castle show! 1mo
CoffeeNBooks But Will is determined to stay, whatever fire-breathing dragons hiss around Dodo.🐉 Unless those fire-breathing dragons happen to be Casaubon. 😂 How did Will not think that through before showing up at their church?! 🙄 1mo
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TheBookHippie 🏆 for the pic!!!!!!! 2mo
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TheAromaofBooks Poor Dodo!! She tried so hard to do the right thing and it comes back to bite her!! 2mo
BarkingMadRead @TheAromaofBooks and Brooke is so clueless! Ugh! 2mo
Bklover All she had to say was,”But uncle, I didn‘t mean for you to entertain him! I merely asked that you advise him that now is not a good time to visit!” All would be fine. But nooooo, Dodo- just stand there looking guilty! 2mo
CoffeeNBooks I'm curious how this is going to go... surely it won't end well. 🙄 1mo
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Longbourn | Jo Baker
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Chapter 19: Tol comes to Pemberley and he‘s seen James! A pregnant Lizzy wants Sarah to stay, but Sarah wants to go search for James! #runSarahrun #jaaaaaaaames #pemberlittens #chapteraday #willsarahfinallyfindjames #staytuned #onemorechapter #hallmarklastminuteending

julieclair Love your “editorial comment” on the meme! 😂 Surely James will reappear. Right? Especially now that he‘s been sighted by Tol. And I think it was very nice of Tol to tell her. 7mo
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BarkingMadRead @julieclair I couldn‘t resist 7mo
Bklover I agree, @julieclair - it was very kind of Tol to tell her. 7mo
CoffeeNBooks I hope Sarah finds James!! 7mo
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Sense and Sensibility | Jane Austen
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Chapter 30 and Marianne is still crying, Willoughby will marry the boring Miss Gray, and Mrs Jennings loves being at the center of it all. #pemberlittens #buddyread #willthepicposttoday #staytuned

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Treasures from Grandma | Arleta Richardson
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So I opened up my own #etsy shop today. My Grandma Sanders taught me how to sew in many ways from the time I was 8 and up. The name of my shop is an homage to my safe haven growing up. Her big green historical landmark of a house was at the corner of Second and Morris st. In Darlington PA. She passed away 5 years ago. This was the gift she gave me. #staytuned #secondandmorris #justgettingstarted #missmygrandma

blank I used to work in Darlington back in the day! 4y
Itchyfeetreader Good luck will pop by and have a look 4y
kricheal @laurenslibrary what! No way! Where did you work? 4y
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blank @kricheal I worked at Rainbow Vet for a few months waaay back in the day when I could still stay awake for graveyard shifts 4y
kricheal @Itchyfeetreader I'll post another update when I have some item in store. Thanks 4y
kricheal @laurenslibrary I still use that vet even though I'm a half hour away now! If you're familiar with downtown Darlington she lived diagonally across from magee's garage. Big green house. 4y
blank @kricheal So cool! Small world 😊 4y
LauraBrook Off to favorite your shop right now - congratulations! 4y
SconsinBookyBadger I can‘t find your Etsy store. Could you please share the link? 4y
kricheal @AnansiGirl I just started today so I'm working on projects will update again when ready to sell 4y
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Hesitantly listening to this book on audible. It‘s not my comfort genre. So far...

I didn‘t realize it was a Christian Publishing company. Parts are lame. Parts are epic. Parts are insightful. I guess I‘m in a good place to hear this message right now. #staytuned

LoverofLit I had a tough time with this one...I'm curious to know what you think when you finish. 5y
MelAnn Welcome to Litsy! 5y
907Margaret Thank you for your comments! I‘ve had a hard time with this book. It seems very pop-culture and cheesy. Lol. I will finish it before I make any final judgement. I‘m listening on Audible and so my next road trip in a week and I will finish it. 4y
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A Collection of Quotable Quotes | Cameron House, Bookwise International
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For anyone wondering, yes, there will be a Quotsy challenge in September! I'm working on finalizing prompts for #QuotsySept18 right now & hope to have them posted soon! #QuotsyHost #StayTuned