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The art style is very simple, but classic. There‘s something a little old school and retro about it that I liked.

As for the storyline, I was very intrigued by it. It‘s fast paced and there‘s a lot of mystery and fantasy action and adventure that kept me turning the pages.

Full review: https://oddandbookish.wordpress.com/2022/01/08/review-mao-vol-1-mao-1/

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I started reading the first book in this series just over a week ago because it had Christmas in the title, for #WinterGames2021, but have fallen in love with this series and now starting the fifth and final book. Will be sorry to finish the series.

All five books in the series are freely available on Audible if you are a member.


SamanthaMarie I read Cupcakes for Christmas, it was really lovely. I'll have to read the others sometime as well. :) 9mo
Andrew65 @SamanthaMarie Cupcakes for Christmas is in the follow-up series Return to Willoughby Close, the first series, Willoughby Close, starts with (edited) 9mo
SamanthaMarie Ooooo!! I didn't realize. I'll have to check that one out. Thank you!!! 9mo
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PageShifter Wow it is always so awesome to find a series you love!! 9mo
Clwojick I love falling in love with a book, only to find its part of a series! 9mo
Andrew65 @PageShifter @Clwojick This was one of those unexpected things and love that when it happens. 9mo
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Winners: A Novel | Danielle Steel
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#TeamGameSleighers here is the final tally for #WinterGames2021! While we may have come in behind the other team we really did amazingly well! We had some of the highest totals to ever come out of the event so be extremely proud! I love hosting this event because I really get to see true Litten Team Spirit🥰 A special congrats goes out to @aperfectmjk for being our team‘s top earner for the 2nd year in a row! Malina you‘re a true star! And 👇

StayCurious Congrats to @wordslinger42 for coming in not far behind! She worked so hard along with Malina that I am giving her the awesome prize for the year. Girls, contact me at lebretonr87@gmail.com to talk prizes😊And as always thank you to my fabulous cohost without whom none of these events would be possible @Clwojick - until next year everyone! 9mo
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slategreyskies That was so much fun!! I‘m glad I got to take part!! ❤️💚✨ 9mo
wordslinger42 Oh my goodness, thank you so much!!! 😊❤ Congratulations, @aperfectmjk 🥳🥳 This was such a fun event to participate in!! 9mo
BayouGirl85 Wow. Good work everyone. I had a blast with this event. 9mo
SeaToSkyes Congratulations everyone!! 9mo
vonnie862 This was my first time participating and I had so much fun! Great job everyone! 9mo
aperfectmjk Yay!! Way to go my birthday buddy Alexandria! @wordslinger42 you did amazing also! I love this event, and I love Litsy! My love of reading just continues to grow and grow with each passing year that I am a part of this community! Thank you Renee @StayCurious for being such a wonderful host and organizing this with Cassandra! 9mo
SusanLee Congratulations! 9mo
IndoorDame I had a great time this year! Thanks for juggling this on top of baby‘s first Xmas! 9mo
Kimberlone Thank you for hosting again! I feel awful I never reported my final points…the first week of January has been such a blur. Got back from vacation, got sick and tested positive for COVID, and have been taking care of my bf who was much sicker than me, while also trying to work from home. Ughhhh what a *great* start to 2022 :/ 9mo
Pigpen_Reads It was so much fun!! 9mo
j9brown Congrats to the winners! 🎉 Another fun year, thanks for hosting, love this event 😄 9mo
Deblovestoread Congrats to the top point earners! 🎉 9mo
MatchlessMarie Thank you for hosting! It was a lot of fun!! Happy new year 🎊 9mo
Moony Thank you for hosting!!!!! It was so much fun. 9mo
CaitZ Congrats to the winners! Thank you for hosting. I always enjoy the challenge 9mo
maich Congrats to the winners. It was fun to play and see other posts. 9mo
bthegood congratulations @aperfectmjk and @wordslinger42 and all of our team - it was fun - thank you for hosting @StayCurious 9mo
Crazeedi Congrats to everyone! And Renee a special thanks to you, I'm so sorry I really didnt do much this year 9mo
Moll Amaaazing!! Thanks for hosting guys!! @StayCurious @Clwojick 9mo
Moll Amaaazing!! Thanks for hosting guys!! @StayCurious @Clwojick 9mo
kwmg40 Congratulations to the winners, and thanks for hosting @StayCurious! 9mo
DebinHawaii Thank you for hosting! This was my first year taking part & I enjoyed it! 🤗 9mo
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Untitled | Unknown
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Winter Games 2021 totals:
Final week: 468 points
Grand total: 5028 points

Thanks for adding some fun during what‘s been a very busy and at times stressful holiday season!


Untitled | Unknown
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I almost forgot to post my #WinterGames2021 total! I got 15,012 in the last week, totaling 83,961 points total. Thanks again @Clwojick & @StayCurious for the incredible games!!! I had loads of wintry fun.

Also, I had to share this tea set my sister got me for Christmas. It's just so pretty!

StayCurious Great job! 9mo
Lucy_Anywhere That tea collection 😍 I really like Pukka teas but they are an expensive treat in Bangkok 9mo
Clwojick Amazing job! 9mo
Kimzey Congrats on the points total! Nice tea collection! What a great gift idea. 9mo
DivineDiana What a lovely gift! I am going to look for this as a gift for my daughter who loves Pukka teas! 9mo
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Winter Games | Rachel Johnson
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#wintergames2021 #mistletoemaniacs points total is 1,822. Had a great time doing this @Clwojick @StayCurious

Clwojick woohoo! 😍 Way to go! 9mo
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Untitled | Unknown
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Final points tally for #MistletoeManiacs and #WinterGames2021!

Week 5: 591 points

I listened to the two All Out of Bubblegum episodes of the Cool Kids Table podcast, the four Kringle Kross episodes of The Lost Library podcast, and watched The Muppets Christmas Carol, A Christmas Story, and Klaus.

Thanks to everyone for another fun winter season!

Clwojick woohoo! 😍 Way to go! 9mo
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Blaming my lateness for #wintergames2021 on road trips! Sorry @Clwojick !

My combined total for weeks 4 and 5 ( I missed posting for week 4) is 6217 🎉

Thanks for hosting, @Clwojick and thanks for the fun fellow #mistletoemaniacs! Hope I did you proud.

Clwojick woohoo! 😍 Way to go! Thank you for joining us! 9mo
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Oopsy just realised I never posted my last week of #WinterGames2021 score. Thanks to game 5 and a book full of snow was able to gain some extra points. So much fun being in #MistletoeManiacs. Thanks for all your hardworking and support @Clwojick

Clwojick woohoo! 😍 Way to go! Thank you for joining us! 9mo
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Winter Games | Rachel Johnson
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And my last #pointswrapup for #WinterGames2021 for #MistletoeManiacs was 5,258pts! Which gives me a Grand Total of🎉🎉🎉44,365pts🎉🎉🎉for the whole month. A lot less than last years total but this year was a hell month with new babies, my health, my dads first Xmas without my mum. There was a lot. I had a blast and look forward to next years games, fingers crossed I‘ll be more organised!🤞Thanks go to our leaders @Clwojick & @StayCurious ⭐️⭐️

StayCurious You did so well! 9mo
PageShifter Nice! 9mo
Clwojick woohoo! 😍 Way to go! Thank you for joining us! 9mo
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