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Slump!: A Study of Stricken Europe To-day | Hubert Hessell Tiltman
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Welp, it‘s been a month, and aside from a few ebooks checked out from the library, I‘ve hardly read a page. I can finally feel the read urge creeping back (thank god!), and I‘m planning on only gardening and reading this long weekend. Fingers crossed that I can move my total up by more than 2 or 3!

CareBear I‘ve been feeling the exact same way and am also hoping this weekend involves some intense reading time! 4mo
LauraBrook @CareBear I‘m glad I‘m not the only one slumping it! Let‘s hope we can both get some pages in! 4mo
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Here's a picture of peanut. With the exception of a few books, this month has been a total slump. I've lost all interest in my hobbies as I deal with severe work and personal stress. Help! How do I get motivated to do something I enjoy again?

Chrissyreadit I listen to bookish podcasts when I‘m struggling (which is very often lately). They are entertaining and often inspiring. 5mo
8little_paws @Chrissyreadit that's a good idea! 5mo
Annl I have a ginger called peanut butter. 5mo
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kspenmoll Cutie!! 5mo
Dragon I listen to audiobooks from my library app. I focus on historical romances because there‘s always a happy ending. 😻🤗 5mo
Jsara5761 I usually try to find an easy win for whatever hobby I‘m struggling with. Like with reading I‘ll find a short, but good read and that‘ll usually help me through my slump. 😊 5mo
Darklunarose Beautiful peanut! I hope things ease up soon for you. Sometimes you just have to take a break from everything and breathe, but we all know that‘s easier said then done. 5mo
CuriousG I've been in a slump too for 6 months due to work stress/other issues, but I find one if the few things I can get through is a really good memoir or biography (Educated, The Trauma Cleaner, The Glass Castle). I mostly listen on audio while I drive to/from work each day - I find it helps me decompress from work stress. I still can't focus enough to sit and read at home for more than 5 minutes. Best of luck to you - hope the stress eases up soon 5mo
8little_paws @CuriousG yes the one book I really connected with was a biography! 5mo
Megabooks Cute kitty! I‘m sorry you‘ve been stressed. Biography works for me too. Also audiobooks while doing something with my hands, coloring, crocheting, cooking, etc. The three Cs! 5mo
cdreincarnate Have you read “Miss Buncle‘s Book”? I read it a few years ago and found it to be a great palate cleanser 5mo
8little_paws @cdreincarnate I haven't! I'll have to Google 5mo
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I've been in a bit of a reading slump lately. Though I've knocked out several romance novels this month, I have a couple of books that I just can't seem to get interested in—even though they're good! Lies Sleeping is out tomorrow and I really hope that's going to be the one to pull me out of this.

What do you all do when you find yourself struggling with a slump? I'd love some tips!

Samplergal I reread a favorite. Or a really short book. Or an audiobook. Or a beachy book. It‘s not easy to break through. 10mo
janeycanuck I use it as a chance to catch up on all the other stuff I‘ve been neglecting - a couple of days of doing stuff I don‘t want to do is usually enough to get me wanting to pick up a book again 🤪 10mo
bunny @Samplergal Thanks for the suggestions! Maybe I'll try a novella or something. 10mo
bunny @janeycanuck Lol, this is a great suggestion! If I spend a little time catching up on the laundry, that will make reading look fantastic by comparison. 😉 10mo
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🍄Can I do both
🍄Cooking, definitely
🍄I wish I knew, since I‘m in the biggest book slump I‘ve been in for quite a while. I‘m just not stressing about it, and watching lots of World Cup matches.

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I‘m leaving for vacation tomorrow morning and probably won‘t get that much reading done....will be with friends. Also have had a hard time after a big audio book and book-book marathon. Sigh.

AND my #litfluence is stuck at 2,499!

Samplergal Well we can get your litfluence up. Get a pure beach 🏖 book. Something made of marshmallow fluff. Usually gets me moving. 1y
Lcsmcat Or re-read something you love. That‘s my preferred method. 1y
LMJenkins You guys rock. 💛⭐️ 1y
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CherryPie Don't read anything! Not even a summary of an episode of a TV show. Absence, heart grow fonder, yada. 😊 Good luck! 1y
wanderinglynn Think of it this way: you‘ll have fun & then come back refreshed & ready to dive into a new read. 📚 1y
Quasifesto That picture makes me itchy. 1y
lyradora Read something out of your comfort zone? Or the literary equivalent of comfort food: what you read when you were stressed and needed to feel better. 😊 1y
StillLookingForCarmenSanDiego My go to is YA. They're usually quick, positive, predictable reads. But it gets me over the hump. 😊 1y
StillLookingForCarmenSanDiego Or like they said ⬆️ don't read at all over you're vacay. Just reset. 👙🌞 1y
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Why am I in a freaking slump?! Help!!!!

Samplergal Pick something that you‘ve loved and try to re read. Take an afternoon cozy up, no electronics and some nice soft music a room away. It worked for me. Maybe it will for you too. 1y
Laalaleighh Try a genre that you don‘t usually gravitate towards? 1y
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Ugh!! I'm in the middle of three books and none of them are really grabbing my attention 😩I fear a #ReadingSlump is on the horizon 😧😢send help!!! #BlameItOnTheMigraine 🤕

SilversReviews Pretty photo. 2y
AmyG The slump. 😪 2y
Christine11 I hate that - it‘s so annoying when you so want to enjoy something but nothing is keeping your attention properly! I hope you start enjoying one of them soon ! 😊 2y
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Hollie I‘ve been in a reading slump for while, those are the worst! 2y
Cinfhen Thanks for the sympathetic shoulder @AmyG @Christine11 @Hollie it‘s frustrating😝 2y
RebelReader Bail on 2 of them. I‘m not a Guterson fan so I would choose that one for sure. 😂 Then go buy a new book or choose one on you TBR pile that you are looking forward to and start that. I‘m having the opposite problem, I have 3 started and all are good and don‘t know which one to finished first! 🤔Good luck! I hope you climb out of your slump soon! 😀 2y
TrishB I‘d just stop all and try something completely new! 2y
erzascarletbookgasm Don‘t read any of them! Choose another read that catches your fancy. Or stop reading for a while. Do something else, like binge watching, perhaps. 2y
Cinfhen Thanks for all the solid advice @TrishB @RebelReader @erzascarletbookgasm I‘m afraid to try something new because it‘s me...I‘m just in a funk... #brainfarts 😳😖I think @erzascarletbookgasm is right...need to not read...maybe an audio book or Bravo TV 2y
Cinfhen @RebelReader what 3 are grabbing you right now?!?! 2y
RebelReader @Cinfhen I just finished The Burning Girl by Claire Messud and the other 2 are The Women at the Castle and A Little Life (edited) 2y
Cinfhen I have women at the Castle on my shelf and I‘ve read ALL .... I‘m on hold for Burning Girl from the library @RebelReader 🙌🏻💕 2y
LauraBeth Oh no! We just binge watched the new Queer Eye and really enjoyed it! Watch some tv for a while 💕 2y
Tamra How about an audio? 2y
saresmoore Read something fluffy! 2y
saresmoore Hang on... @LauraBeth NEW Queer Eye?!?!?! 2y
LauraBeth @saresmoore yes! And get this - it‘s BETTER than the original! They filmed it in a red state and actually manage to have some deep conversations about sexual identity and race. Get your tissues ready because we cried through almost every episode. It‘s on Netflix. 2y
saresmoore @LauraBeth You just made this day so good! 🙌 2y
Cinfhen Love you two @LauraBeth @saresmoore I'll be checking it out 😘 2y
Cinfhen I'm going to OverDrive to check out the audio selections @Tamra any favorites you can recommend??? 2y
Tamra @Cinfhen welllllll.......my favorite is Lincoln in the Bardo, but people are deeply divided on that one. 😏 The Help, Diary Of a Part-Time Indian, Our Souls at Night, Louise Penny Gamache series, Ocean at the End of the Lane, All the Way Down (which I think u just read?), Anna and the Swallow Man. That‘s off the top of my head. 2y
Cinfhen Thanks for all the suggestions @tamra 🙏🏻and yes, I LOVED 2y
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I really don‘t want to call it a reading slump because it‘s literally only been three days, but I haven‘t really read a single page this week. I finished a book on Saturday, but I‘ve tried to start like six books now with no luck. Now in my prime reading time, I‘m cuddling on the couch with my husband, watching Frasier. I guess there could be worse things. 💕

Reviewsbylola I hate when that happens. I get cold sweats when I think I‘m entering a slump. 😂 2y
erinreads @Reviewsbylola I‘m kind of bummed about it, but I‘ve already read over 100 books this year so I just keep going back to my book log to remind myself I‘m not a total loser, hahahaha. 2y
emilyhaldi My husband and I ❤️ Frasier!!! 😆 2y
mrozzz 🤷🏼‍♀️ if you've read 100+ you might just need a break! Try again tomorrow 👍🏻 2y
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