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Young Adult Literature: From Romance to Realism | Michael Cart
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We're in hour 33, I've logged 14 hrs. Hitting 24 hours is doable, but will require caffeine! ☕☕
This is also my entry for the hr 30 challenge. This is the MG/YA section of my shelves and it's only about 1/2 the MG/YA books I own... as you can see, I read a lot of books that are "too young" for me ?

Books.Bottles.and.Babies It's hard to narrow down a favorite, but obviously HP & Narnia are up there! I read more YA than MG, but now that my boys want to read w/me I've found a whole new love for MG! #ireadya #ireadmg #24in48 @24in48 4mo
jmtrivera They're gorgeous! 4mo
Lucy_Anywhere I'm in awe of your bookshelves (and a little jealous!) 4mo
chaoticgoodhufflepuff I love your shelves! So beautiful! ❤️ 4mo
BooknerdsLife Love your bookshelves 😍❤️❤️ Hahaa same here! 😂🙈 I‘m too old for YA but my excuse is I read them so I can recommend to my teenage kid & some of them are really good books! 4mo
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Making notable progress on my physical TBR stacks! Happy happy happy 😃


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The young adult section or Teen Scene at my local library is so amazing! Look at this super sweet idea they had for Valentine‘s Day. ❤️ #librarygirl

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TheReadingMermaid yEEEaaaah!! Haha thank you for entering and much luck to you sweetheart 🤗 9mo
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Clearly the color of YA ... is black!

Lovesbooks87 So pretty!! 💜😍💜😍💜😍 10mo
Jennick2004 😱💙💜 10mo
MellieAntoinette @Lovesbooks87 I love my library!! Are we aloud to say that?!?! 10mo
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MellieAntoinette @Jennick2004 It‘s like the little black dress. Works on everything! ♥️ ♥️ 10mo
kristincatastrophic It's so beautiful! 10mo
MellieAntoinette Thank you! Venom‘s a little angry on the lower left hand corner. His shelf is empty and he‘s on fire about it! 🤣🤣🤣🤣 @kristincatastrophic (edited) 10mo
laur89 Book shelf goals! Those hanging prints are so cute! 10mo
Jee_HookedOnBookz 😍😍😍😍I'm. Envious!! And I love those hanging prints too! 10mo
MellieAntoinette @laur89 Thank you so much! I think they both came from owl crate! Maybe they‘ll post them in the shop! 10mo
MellieAntoinette @Jee_HookedOnBookz Don‘t you just love a good library! I want Belle‘s, but this one works too! 😍😍😍 10mo
Jee_HookedOnBookz Yes to yours and Belle's! Mine is a mess! 😅 10mo
tracey38 I also love ypur shelves! 10mo
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@Eyelit shared this and I thought it was hilarious.

Mine is Honor Roll, My Butt & Other Intangible Things. 🤣

What's yours?

Naj Chemistry, The Sun, and other intangible things. Sounds good TBH! 13mo
JoScho Happy Endings, Vampires, and other Royal Bastards 😂 13mo
KrystleTheBookSlayer Honor Roll, Spies, and Other Side Effects of Being 16 13mo
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Bookjunkie57 Happy Endings, Hate, and other Statistical Improbabilities 😂😂 13mo
AmberWB Boys, Fairy Princes and other things the Fairies Stole😁 13mo
IamIamIam Summertime, My Butt and other things that the Fairies Stole! 🤣🤣🤣 13mo
Emma3 Cake, Liberty and other lies I‘ve believed 13mo
CarolynM Boys, Assassins and Other Side Effects of Being 16 - sounds like something I might read😂 13mo
julesG Girls, Vampires and other Skullduggeries 😂😂 13mo
RavenLovelyReads Boy Bands, My Butt, and Other Things Im Over ....sounds pretty accurate....let me start writing ✍️ 13mo
RavenLovelyReads @KrystleTheBookSlayer That‘s hilarious! 😂 13mo
Rudis Boy Bands, Fairy Princes, and Other Reasons no one will talk to me 😂😂 13mo
MirrorMask Happy Endings, Hate, and Other things that are better in Space 13mo
Michollio Boy Bands, Hate, and Other Reasons I'm Banned From the Library 13mo
Maria514626 Cake, Frida Kahlo and Other Royal Bastards. 😂😂😂 I love this so much! 13mo
kristincatastrophic Love, Nikola Tesla and Other Alternatives to Necromancy! Sweet 13mo
Bookishthoughts Girls, hate, other lies I've told😃 13mo
CouronneDhiver Macchiatos, Frida Kahlo and Other Things I‘m Over 😆 13mo
mermer87 Cake, Totalitarian Regimes and Other Reasons No One Will Talk to Me 😂 13mo
Lisaw13 Boy Bands, Wizards and Other Lies I've Believed 🤣 13mo
madamereadsalot1 Macchiatos, Liberty, and Other Alternatives to Necromancy! 13mo
SaunteringVaguelyDownwards Happy Endings, Wizards, and Other Statistical Improbabilities! 13mo
StillLookingForCarmenSanDiego @Rudis I think yours is my fave. I Lol'd pretty good. 😆 13mo
RedxoHearts Macchiatos ,Frida Kahlo and Other Natural Disasters 13mo
RedxoHearts LOL my mom's cracks me up though. Hers is Cakes, Vampires and Other Things That Happen at Midnight 13mo
lynneamch Boy Bands, Assassins, and Other Unbreakable Laws of Nature. This is fun. I have to share it with my YA granddaughters. Thanks! 13mo
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"Chemistry, Fate, and Other Bad Ideas." What's your YA title? #ya #bookmeme

Readingismyescape Love, Frida Kahlo and other things that nearly killed me. 🤣🤣 13mo
Andrea313 @Readingismyescape I would read that madcap adventure! Hopefully it'd be full of romance and feminist art history. 13mo
Readingismyescape @Andrea313 This was fun. Thanks for sharing. 13mo
Andrea313 @Readingismyescape Thanks for taking part! This is a fun one. :) 13mo
Cadyly Chemistry, Hate, and Other Natural Disasters! 13mo
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Goodreads has a blog post: 11 ways you know you're a YA reader.
I especially like the three above.

See: Goodreads.com/blog/show/1362-11-ways-you-know-you-re-a-ya-reader

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Some of the MG/YA novels I read recently-loved them all

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Alright Littens YA Wednesday is on hiatus right now until I get back into the swing of school... aka get my life together lol
Don‘t worry- we will be back with a splash soon!! 💜📚

JoScho The struggle is real right now for us teachers!!! 1y
LaurenReads Right?!? 8 days in and I‘m exhausted 😂 1y
hermyknee I can‘t even right now 1y
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TheFunkyBookworm @JoScho @LaurenReads @hermyknee hang in there girls- we will make it!!!! 1y
tjwill Totally relate. 1y
Daisey I know the feeling! 1y
Peddler410 I run two middle school libraries! I get it! 1y
Ddzmini Cool it‘s always a mad house at the beginning of school anyway 😝 1y
ravenlee Good luck! We‘ll give you some time to catch upon all the suggestions you‘ve already gotten. 1y
Biensoul Have a wonderful kick-off to your school year!! 1y
Peddler410 I hope your first semester of the school year went well. I miss YA Wednesday —😊 (edited) 10mo
TheFunkyBookworm @Peddler410 it went 😂 but I‘m feeling more comfortable now- should I bring it back?! 10mo
Peddler410 I‘d love it to come back ... I can help if you want. 10mo
tjwill I‘d be willing to help if you want to bring it back but need assistance! 8mo
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Happy YA Wednesday- late, yet again 😬
I don‘t know about you but these first couple weeks of school have me losing my mind! Lol

Today‘s post is inspired by all of my boy students arguing over who was going to get their hands on the ONE graphic novel in my classroom library first! Load me up on suggestions to beef up my collection!

Create a new post with a pic/tag of a YA graphic novel. Be sure to tag me @TheFunkyBookworm and use #YAWednesday

LibrarianRyan You‘ll get my posts tomorrow 1y
TheFunkyBookworm @LibrarianRyan great- I always look forward to your posts! (edited) 1y
tjwill Yeah, I‘ve been so off my Litsy game because school life is hectic. I love graphic novels so I‘m bummed that I missed this one. I‘ll have to look through the posts and see if I have anything unique to add. 1y
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Hello YA Wednesday! 🎉
I‘m way late due to being a teacher in the middle of back to school bliss- but I made it!

In honor of the new school year I want to know either:
A- Your fav book you read in middle/high school
B- Your child‘s fav book they have read in mid/high
C- Your fav book to read with your students

Create a new post with a tag/pic of your chosen book and be sure to tag me @TheFunkyBookworm and use #YAWednesday

Peddler410 This is the hardest yawednesday yet 😂 1y
Daisey Fun topic! I think I‘ve decided on this, but I may just wait to post until I‘m working in my classroom tomorrow and can get a photo. 1y
DaveGreen7777 I didn‘t read this for school, but when I was in middle school, I read “And Then There Were None” by Agatha Christie, and I was so blown away by it, that was the book that turned me into a full-fledged bibliophile! That book literally changed my life! 😀 1y
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Let‘s kick off another edition of YA Wednesday!! 🎉

For better or worse I‘ll be embarking on several adventures today so why not tie that into today‘s topic?!

Create a new post with a pic/tag of a YA book that fits the theme of “adventure”- so many great options for this one!
Be sure to tag me @TheFunkyBookworm and use #YAWednesday 😊

Wishing you all fab adventures today, Littens! 💜

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Happy YA Wednesday Littens! 🎉🎉🎉

Today‘s topic was inspired by my excitement to see Dave Matthews Band in concert tonight! Always my favorite summer event 🎵 🎶

Create a new post featuring a YA book that has music as a theme/focus of the story. Remember to tag me @TheFunkyBookworm and use #YAWednesday 💜🎉🎶

Liatrek They are so great live! I‘ve seen them three times always excellent❤️ Have fun! 1y
TheFunkyBookworm @Liatrek yes!!! I think this is our 7th time seeing them..... so excited and hoping for a great set list! 1y
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YA Wednesday Round Up!
Thanks to all who participated 😊

Daisey I was so busy yesterday, I missed this completely! I‘ll have to go back and check out the posts! 1y
LibrarianRyan I honestly could not think of any comedy that wasn't middle grade 1y
TheFunkyBookworm @LibrarianRyan Middle Grade is always cool to lump in there as well- I just feel like most of the middle grade I run across is more suited to 6th grade and less so the older end lol 1y
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TheFunkyBookworm @Daisey yes! Lots of good ones! 1y
LibrarianRyan @TheFunkyBookworm yeah, and the things I can think of are that way. Series. Would make a nice Hi-Low 1y
LibrarianRyan Series. Very Sandlot like. 1y
LibrarianRyan How could I forget this. It's like reading a reality TV show that mixes miss Congeniality and Lord of the flies. It even has commercial breaks. 8th + 1y
LibrarianRyan Anything Carl Hiassen. He has one teen book and the rest are adult or middle grade. But they are usually fun. His teen book is not as funny as his others. 1y
TheFunkyBookworm @LibrarianRyan Gordan Korman is always a great choice!!! Def will check out the other two- Beauty Queens sounds right up my alley 😂 1y
LibrarianRyan Didn't make me laugh out loud but it did a few of my staff. 1y
TheFunkyBookworm @LibrarianRyan I LOVE Hiaasen!!!! Just read Razor Girl and laughed out loud the entire way through- def adult but highly recommend! 1y
LibrarianRyan @TheFunkyBookworm I have a galley copy from BEA16. It was one of a few to survive the flood. I just have read it yet. 1y
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Happy YA Wednesday!!!! 🎉 🎉 🎉

This week‘s genre is COMEDY!!!!
It‘s time for a mid week pick me up so share those books that have made you giggle, laugh out loud or snort obnoxiously (in a good way)! 😂😂😂

Create a new post with a tag/pic of a YA book that fits today‘s genre. Be sure to tag me @TheFunkyBookworm and use #YAWednesday

Let‘s share some laughs today 😃

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Another great week of #YAWednesday in the books!! Thank you to all who participated!
I‘m trying to think of the best way to share all these recommendations with my kiddos this school year. Maybe I‘ll create a binder with sections for each genre/category and include a list of recommendations for each that they can reference? Also thinking about doing an interest survey that would allow me to make specific recommendations based on their answers 🤔

tracey38 I missed this yesterday. Another YA paranormal abiut ghosts is 1y
TheFunkyBookworm @tracey38 someone posted about that one too! On my list! 1y
LibrarianRyan If you Pinterest, you should check out some of my boards. I have specific read a like boards. I used to make these lists in great eye catching print outs, but then started adding them to Pinterest for the library. Patrons loved it. 1y
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TheFunkyBookworm @LibrarianRyan I am not usually a pintrest gal, but for that I will be!! Thanks for the tip!!! Are you under the same name on there? 1y
LibrarianRyan @TheFunkyBookworm I'm. It sure I have the print files but if I will look. I use Pinterest because I could have it show up in the libraries website. And I could have multiple categories etc. and I could set the links to match our online catalog. 1y
Weaponxgirl Have you looked at the Alex award before? It's an award for books that are written for adults but that are good for young adult readers too. I love some of their recommendations 1y
TheFunkyBookworm @LibrarianRyan that‘s awesome- I‘ll be checking it out! Thanks!!! 1y
TheFunkyBookworm @Weaponxgirl I‘ve never heard Of that but I def will check it out! Thanks! (edited) 1y
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It‘s hereeeeeee- YA WEDNESDAY in the house!🎉
I just love a good ghost story, so this week‘s topic/genre is..........Paranormal YA Books! 👻

Create a new post and tag/picture a YA book that fits this week‘s genre. Be sure to tag me @TheFunkyBookworm and use #YAWednesday

Let‘s continue to spread that Litsy YA Love! 💜

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GUYYYSSSSSS!!!! Just got this email from Barnes and Nobel- 20% off select YA new releases, YA series buy 2 get 3rd free AND YA paperbacks 3 for $20!!! RUN RUN RUNNNNNN to your nearest B&N! Unless you live in Tampa, walk so that I can get there first! 😂

tracey38 Thanks for the heads up! 1y
BibliOphelia Hi, Tampa! I‘m in SWFL (Pine Island). 1y
Jess7 Book Riot is doing a $500 giveaway for YA books too if you‘re interested! 1y
See All 8 Comments
TheFunkyBookworm @BibliOphelia Hi Pine Island! 👋🏽 1y
TheFunkyBookworm @Jess7 I already entered!!! 🤞🏽🤞🏽🤞🏽 1y
TheFunkyBookworm @tracey38 no problem- gotta share the savings! 😂💸 1y
Beachesnbooks Oh man I'm in trouble 😂 1y
TheFunkyBookworm @Beachesnbooks I know me too!!! Can‘t wait to head over there this evening- good thing I just got paid 😂 1y
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WOOHOOO!!! Congrats to @Bkwrm7 for winning the #YAWednesday Giveaway!!! Please email your address to KatMurphy728@gmail.com so I can get your copy of Puddin‘ in the mail!

A big thank you to all who participated- thanks to you guys my TBR list just keeps on growing!

JoScho Congrats @Bkwrm7 💖🎉💖 1y
Kaye Congrats 👍🏼 1y
Geeklet Congrats @Bkwrm7 :) 1y
See All 9 Comments
MirrorMask Congrats @Bkwrm7 !!!!! 1y
Bkwrm7 Thank you!!!! I'm so excited! 1y
ElishaLovesBooks Congratulations @Bkwrm7 🎉🎉 1y
AJones Congratulations @Bkwrm7 1y
TheFunkyBookworm @Bkwrm7 I‘m a little jelly that you‘ll be getting the same book I would have chosen 😂😂😂 I got ur email- going to try to get it in the mail this weekend- I‘ll let u know when I‘ve sent it! 1y
Bkwrm7 Thank you so much! It's going straight to the top of my TBR as soon as it gets here! 1y
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Hey Littens! 👋🏽
Just a reminder that this giveaway closes tomorrow at 12pm (est) when I draw and announce a winner!

Want to participate? Create a new post telling me what YA book on your tbr that you‘re dying to read and why! The winner will receive a copy of that book 😀

Be sure to tag me @TheFunkyBookworm and use #YAWednesday Good Luck 🍀

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So, fellow YA readers...

Epic Reads shares the first five chapters via email of new YA releases. Weekly! Here is the link if you are interested


Also! Each email includes a link to the previous chapters so no need to save emails if you can‘t get to it that day. Friday will have the link to all chapters.

You‘re welcome! 😊

TheFunkyBookworm This is.... epic! 😂 love it! 1y
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The book on my #tbr that I am itching to read is Anon Check out Anon. by Diamond McKinney.
I am itching to read this because I watch the Sims 3 seasons of this book and I adore it! Thank you @TheFunkyBookworm for this #YAWednesday 😊

TheFunkyBookworm Sounds like a good one! Thanks for entering! Good luck! 🍀💜 1y
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🎉💥YA Wednesday One Month Anniversary!💥🎉

What is the one YA Book on your TBR list that you are dying to get your hands on?!
Create a new post with a pic/tag of that book and tell us why you‘re itching to read it!

Each participant will be entered into a drawing to win a copy of the book they posted!! The winner will be drawn/ announced at 12pm (est) on Thurs 7/5!

Be sure to tag me @TheFunkyBookworm and use #YAWednesday! Good Luck 🍀

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Giveaway, giveaway, yay! @TheFunkyBookworm #YAWednesday

TheFunkyBookworm Thanks for sharing!!! 🎉💜☘️ 1y
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Ooh, something exciting is going to happen on 4th of July!
Check out @TheFunkyBookworm ‘s profile for more info!

#YAWednesday #giveaway

TheFunkyBookworm Thanks for the repost!! 🎉💜 1y
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@TheFunkyBookworm will be hosting a #giveaway tomorrow, July 4th, in celebration for the one month anniversary of #YAWednesday! Head to her profile for more info and to enter!

Excited and keeping my fingers crossed 🤞🏻🤞🏻

TheFunkyBookworm Thanks for the repost! 💜🎉 Good Luck! 🍀 1y
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@TheFunkyBookworm is doing a #YAWednesday giveaway tomorrow! Check out her page on 7/4 to see what it‘s all about 😁

TheFunkyBookworm Thanks for sharing! 🎉💜 1y
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@TheFunkyBookworm is doing a giveaway tomorrow (July 4th) to celebrate 1 month of #YAWednesday Please check out her posts to see the details! 📚🎉📖🎊

TheFunkyBookworm Thanks for reposting!!! 🎉💜 1y
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Oh yeah! Another giveaway! Check out @TheFunkyBookworm for more details! #YAWednesday

TheFunkyBookworm Thanks for sharing!!! 💜💜💜 1y
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@TheFunkyBookworm is the hostess of #YAWednesday and she is sponsoring a giveaway to celebrate its one month anniversary. See her page for details.

TheFunkyBookworm Thank you for sharing!!! 💜💜💜 1y
CatLass007 @TheFunkyBookworm You‘re welcome! 1y
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@TheFunkyBookworm Is hosting a #giveaway tomorrow for the one month anniversary of YA Wednesday! Keep your eyes 👀 peeled and stayed tuned for details on tomorrow‘s post!!!! Feel free to repost and tag @TheFunkyBookworm

TheFunkyBookworm Thank you for sharing!!! 💜💜💜 1y
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@TheFunkyBookworm is hosting a giveaway ya‘ll! #books #booklover #bookaddict

TheFunkyBookworm Thank you for sharing!!! 💜💜💜 1y
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What?! Check out @TheFunkyBookworm tomorrow for a fun YA giveaway! I love the book recommendations coming forward, too. ❤️❤️ #yawednesday

TheFunkyBookworm Thank you for sharing!!! 💜💜💜 1y
Theshadedbuffalo @TheFunkyBookworm ❤️❤️ my pleasure! 1y
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See @TheFunkyBookworm for more info. She hosts #YAWednesday recommendations each week, and we‘ve been doing them for a month now!

TheFunkyBookworm Thanks chica!!!! 💜 1y
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Hey Littens!!! I‘ll be hosting a #giveaway tomorrow in celebration of the one month anniversary of
YA Wednesday!!!
Keep your 👀 peeled and stay tuned for details on tomorrow‘s post!
Feel free to repost and tag @TheFunkyBookworm for an additional entry into tomorrow‘s giveaway! 💜

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Thank you to all who participated for another great installment of #YAWednesday! I knew non-fiction could be a bit of a head-scratcher but you guys came up with some awesome options as always! Stay tuned for next week... 💜📚

AJones Awesome choices everyone! Sorry I didn‘t get a chance to participate. I will try better next week. 🙃 1y
Peddler410 Great representation! I‘m so glad to have stumbled across the #. 1y
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🎉Welcome to Week 3 of YA Wednesday!🎉
Today has been so crazy I literally forgot it was Wednesday! 😱 This week‘s genre is YA Non-Fiction...I know, I know- this might require some thinking, but you guys haven‘t let me down yet!

Create your own post with a tag/pic of a YA book that fits this genre and be sure to tag me- @TheFunkyBookworm and use #YAWednesday

Lovesbooks87 Thanks for the tag! I haven't read any non-fiction YA, but I am very curious to see what everyone recommends! 1y
TheFunkyBookworm @Lovesbooks87 I‘ve not read much either so I figured it would be fun! Also I mailed out ur book yesterday (sorry so late 😬) should be there in about a week bc I sent it media mail! 1y
Lovesbooks87 @TheFunkyBookworm it's okay! Thanks again! 1y
See All 7 Comments
JoScho Thanks for thinking of me but I haven‘t read any ya non-fiction. 😊❤️ 1y
Daisey Oooh, I‘ve been thinking this tag would be tricky while I‘m away from my classroom library this summer, but I brought home a stack of nonfiction and historical fiction books to share with my nephew. Looking now . . . 1y
guinsgirlreads I definitely have never read YA non-fiction either! I‘ll have to research 😝 1y
TheFunkyBookworm @JoScho @guinsgirlreads that‘s okay- me neither! Lots of great options posted so far! 1y
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Thank you for everyone who participated in Week 2 of YA Wednesday!!! You guys are awesome and my lists are getting longer and longer! Stay tuned for next week 💜🎉

ravenlee I am LOVING this thread! So fun to be part of it. 1y
TheFunkyBookworm @ravenlee I‘m so glad!!! I‘m loving it too 💜📚 1y
Ddzmini @ravenlee I‘m also loving it 😋 1y
TheFunkyBookworm @Ddzmini 🎉🎉🎉 1y
75 likes4 comments
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🎉Welcome to Week 2 of #YAWednesday🎉

This week‘s topic is books that celebrate culture and diversity. I‘m lucky to work at a school that has an incredibly diverse population and I‘d love to add more books to my shelves that reflect and celebrate that diversity!

Create a new post post with a pic/tag of a YA book that fits this topic and be sure to tag me- @TheFunkyBookworm and use #YAWednesday
Let‘s spread the Litsy YA love!!! 💜

Weaponxgirl Thanks for the tag. I don't read much ya but would it be ok if I posted "adult" fiction that I think might appeal to y/a readers instead? 1y
TheFunkyBookworm @Weaponxgirl of course! 💜 1y
AJones Thanks for the tag!💛💚💙 1y
RainyDayReading Hmm having a hard time coming up with something for this one. Most diverse YA I know about are all contemporary which isn‘t a genre I read... 1y
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A huge THANK YOU to all who participated in the first ever #YAWednesday!!! So many GREAT suggestions that I can‘t wait to share with my students and read myself! Sorry I couldn‘t fit everyone‘s post in the collage above- there were just too many- great problem to have 😜 Stay tuned for next week....

JoScho Great collage! 1y
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🎉Today is the first official YA Wednesday post 🎉This week‘s genre is mystery/thriller.
Create a new post with a pic/tag of a YA book that fits this genre and be sure to tag me- @TheFunkyBookworm and use #YAWednesday
Let‘s spread the Litsy YA love!!!

Ddzmini Will do 1y
Drnkpnkprincess 👏🏼👏🏼 on it! 1y
RainyDayReading Oooo so many options! Going to have to browse my shelves when I get home 😁 1y
See All 7 Comments
TheFunkyBookworm @RainyDayReading can‘t wait to see what you pick!!! 1y
TheFunkyBookworm @guinsgirlreads I know ur a thriller lover like me! Do you have any YAs to throw into the mix? 1y
Clare-Dragonfly Oh, I love YA! Unfortunately the first YA mystery that comes to mind is one I hated. Must ponder 🤔 1y
TheFunkyBookworm @Clare-Dragonfly haha well if you can‘t think of one you love, just use the one you hate- I‘m sure someone somewhere enjoys it! 1y
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Hey Littens! I‘d like to gauge the amount of interest in participating in the post above 😊 I‘m a teacher needing to cultivate some new YA titles to add to my lackluster classroom library and I‘m thinking this could be a fun way to do it! I would share the topic each Wed and people could create a new post spotlighting a YA book that fits! Please let me know if you‘re interested and be sure to tag anyone you think may be as well!

JillPill Sounds like a great idea! 1y
Slajaunie Sure! 1y
See All 39 Comments
Ddzmini Wait it‘s Monday 😳🤔 1y
TheFunkyBookworm @Ddzmini lol I know- I‘m just putting it out there now and if it seems people are into it, I‘ll make the first post with a topic this Wed 1y
MirrorMask Sounds great! It needs a hashtag #YAWed or #YAWednesday 1y
TheFunkyBookworm @JillPill awesome thanks!!! 1y
TheFunkyBookworm @MirrorMask def- I just updated the graphic with #YAWednesday 😀 1y
Readergrrl Yes! I‘m always looking for new titles and to share those I‘ve enjoyed!! 1y
CoffeeNBooks Sounds great! I'm in! 1y
CoffeeNBooks @LiterRohde Would you be interested in this? 1y
TheFunkyBookworm @Readergrrl @CoffeeNBooks Awesome!!! 🎉🎉🎉 1y
LiterRohde Sounds good to me! Thanks for the tag @CoffeeNBooks! 1y
emtobiasz Sounds like fun! How old are your students? 1y
staci.reads Great idea. I'm in. 1y
hermyknee I‘m in! 1y
TheFunkyBookworm @LiterRohde @staci.reads @hermyknee yaaaasssss 🎉🎉🎉 1y
TheFunkyBookworm @emtobiasz 8th grade but the “middle grade” books just don‘t cut it for them and I simply refuse to be stuck recommending the Bluford series anymore! Lol 1y
Ddzmini I know @TheFunkyBookworm I was just messing with you hope people will participate 😋 1y
TheFunkyBookworm @Ddzmini 😂🤣😂thanks!!! 1y
Drnkpnkprincess I‘m in! Well, I‘ll do my best at least!! 1y
ravenlee Sounds great! I'm in. @jwashreads are you interested? 1y
RainyDayReading Sounds like fun! 1y
AmberWB I am in! 1y
BridgetteM Love this idea! I am in! 1y
MissAimz_55 I'm in!! 1y
jwashreads @ravenlee I am so interested!! Count me in!! 1y
Mrs_Black Love it. 1y
Daisey Sounds like a great idea! 1y
tjwill I would participate. I read and buy a lot of YA. 1y
LibrarianRyan Love to help. 1y
TheFunkyBookworm @MissAimz_55 @jwashreads @Mrs_Black @Daisey @tjwill @LibrarianRyan This is why I love this community!!! Thanks guys! 🎉🎉🎉 1y
TheFunkyBookworm @BridgetteM 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽😊 1y
Peddler410 I participated for week three. I‘m a middle school librarian and this is s great project. 1y
TheFunkyBookworm @Peddler410 thank you!!!! My YA list is exploding and I love it! 1y
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HELP, Friends! I've been rediscovering (and loving) YA lately and I'd love some recommendations! I'm a fan of Rainbow Rowell, recently devoured Eliza and Her Monsters and Simon vs the Homo Sapiens Agenda, and am enjoying A Million Junes now. Got any recs for me so I can line up some library holds? 🤗 #YA

Jess7 I think this one looks good 2y
Jess7 Also heard good things about this YA from the #allthebooks podcast 2y
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swishandflick @Jess7 I read Love and Gelato a while back! It was cute. I'll look into Revenge, thank you. 😄 2y
ErinSueMreads I really liked this one but it‘s pretty dark! 2y
swishandflick @bunny Thank you!! Just stacked it 🙌🏽 2y
swishandflick @ErinSueG Thanks! I read that one a while back but might need to revisit! 2y
StillLookingForCarmenSanDiego I'm digging the Throne of Glass series, as well as the Dust Lands Series. 2y
readordierachel The Upside of Unrequited by Becky Albertalli was fun 2y
TheKidUpstairs If you haven't read it yet, The Hate U Give is fantastic. So is Brittany Cavallaro's Holmes and Watson series, the first is 2y
Mc_cart_ny Second the rec of Upside of Unrequited and also Simon is Homosapiens Agenda (movie Love Simon is based on). Both are great! 2y
Mc_cart_ny @Merethebookgal I think you might have some good recs 😁 2y
CoffeeNBooks Simon vs. The Homo Sapiens Agenda, Learning to Swear in America, Nearly Gone, Tell Me Three Things, Every Last Word, and An Abundance of Katherines 2y
swishandflick @ReadOrDieRachel @Mc_cart_ny Ooh, thank you!! I loved Simon vs Homo Sapiens Agenda so I'll def check this one out! ❤️ 2y
MicheleinPhilly Have you read this one? I read maybe 3 YA books a year and I absolutely adored this: 2y
booksensation The sun is also a star is one of my favorites! 2y
swishandflick @TheKidUpstairs I've read The Hate U Give and it was great. I'm intrigued by A Study in Charlotte, stacked! Thank you 🤗 2y
readordierachel @MicheleinPhilly I bought Georgia Peaches as a kindle deal not too long ago. Glad to hear it's good!! 2y
swishandflick @MicheleinPhilly I haven't read it yet but this is a great reminder because I actually already own it! Bought the e-book on sale a while back 🙈 2y
swishandflick @booksensation Yes! Loved that one! 😄 2y
Bookish_B I'll Give You the Sun by Jandy Nelson, If I Stay by Gayle Foreman, Beauty Queens by Libba Bray (a little feminist YA), and The Serpent King by Jeff Zentner 2y
MicheleinPhilly Girl, that‘s the story of my life. 2y
Redwritinghood I just finished Long Way Down and it was great. 2y
shutterbug_mama 1.Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe 2y
Literary_Siren I absolutely love this series! So witty and sassy! Gena Showalter is a very versatile author. 2y
Literary_Siren This is also a really good book that I recently read. 2y
shutterbug_mama Oops, I wasn‘t finished! ;) The Lunar Chronicles series, A Court of Thorns and Roses (series), A Conjuring of Light series, We Are Okay, Heartless, My Lady Jane, Caraval, Six of Crows duology, The Sun is Also a Star, I‘ll Give You the Sun, The Hate U Give, I could go on...lol enjoy! 2y
Bianca Since you like Rainbow Rowell 2y
Bianca One of the best YA sci-fi I've ever read 2y
youneverarrived The Miseducation of Cameron Post, Lies We Tell Ourselves, Only Ever Yours & When Dimple Met Rishi are all good! 2y
SandyW The Green Rider series 2y
SandyW The trilogy ➡ 2y
mrp27 (edited) 2y
Kristy_K Zappia‘s (Eliza and her monsters) other book was enjoyable too. 2y
DyAnne Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe. (If you are into audio, Lin-Manuel Miranda reads it. ❤️) 2y
curious_niffler The Gentlemen‘s Guide To Vice and Virtue by Mackenzi Lee😊 2y
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Just signed up for another postal book club! 😁 Tomorrow is the last day! Organized by @Tiffy_Reads (link is on her page, I couldn't copy)

aroc I signed up! 2y
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DragonAuthors Lol I got young adult, then took it again with wildly different answers and got young adult again. A third time though, I got western. Still, I think it's rigged. 😂🤣😂 2y
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Sharpeipup I got Romance 2y
Purrfectpages I got Young Adult too 2y
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I feel like this when I ask where the young adult section is and the person asks if I'm a teacher while giving me a weird look. I'm 25 that is still a young adult right?

TommieMarie74 I think 25 is still young adult or close enough, anyway. Imagine being 43 and asking where the YA section is. They assume it‘s for my child, I‘m sure. Lol 2y
Eggs I'm 66 and still ask for YA section 2y
k.reads 😂 2y
AmandaL I'm in my 40s and this is exactly what it feels like when I go into the YA section at my library 😂 2y
hyperhawk I'm pretty sure I will always look for the young adult section. I'll probably get weird looks my whole life 2y
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Young Adult is my go-to for stress relief, and I seem to be binging on it lately. Here is my current YA TBR in the order I plan to read them.... Actually, I've already finished the top two.

And I evidently have a library book hoarding problem?

erinreads I recently read Eliza and her Monsters and it was SO good. 💕 2y
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