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A good snow is coming so I have my books ready. #WeekendReading @Andrew65

❄️Code Name Verity #YABuddyRead
❄️Why Goats Smell Bad #Benin #ReadingAfrica2022
❄️Kiya:Rise of a New Dynasty #FoodandLit2022

BkClubCare I adored Code Name Verity! (edited) 1d
Andrew65 I need to read the tagged book. 19h
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When Winter Comes | V.A. Shannon
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When winter comes and they're calling for over a foot of snow, you read and eat snacks. I decided at the last minute to join in the #JoyousJanuary #Readathon @Andrew65
Finish the #YAbuddyread Code Name Verity
Read my library hold Flight of Dreams before it has to go back.
Read two winter-themed books, In an Instant and When Winter Comes.

Andrew65 Great to have you with us. Good luck.😊👍 1d
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Code Name Verity | Elizabeth E. Wein
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Excellently written. Characters that come alive. Heartbreaking.

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Mare's War | Tanita S. Davis
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Books to discuss in February for #YABuddyRead and #MGBuddyRead Let @megnews know if you want to participate. #BuddyRead

megnews Thanks for sharing! 1w
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Code Name Verity | Elizabeth E. Wein
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An example of why I love reading historical fiction—always learning something new. I had no clue about this so had to look it up. Definitely want to do some more reading about it. #YABuddyRead

Crazeedi This was a terrific book and the sequel too 1w
megnews @Crazeedi I‘m loving it and already decided I‘ll have to read the next one. 1w
CaramelLunacy I adored this book and it made me snotty cry onnpublic transport 1w
megnews @CaramelLunacy I‘ve got 100 pages left and I want to keep going but very anxious thinking I know the ending. 1w
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Betty Before X | Ilyasah Shabazz, Rene Watson
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Just wanted to drop a quick reminder for February‘s #MGBuddyRead & #YABuddyRead selections. All are welcome to join!

IndoorDame I‘m excited for these! 2w
TheBookHippie Betty before X I‘ve read a few times I‘ll join in discussion 🙂 I plan to read the other! 2w
JenlovesJT47 Please count me in! 🙋🏻‍♀️ 2w
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Roary47 I‘m in for both. 😊 2w
Chrissyreadit I‘m planning to try. 2w
SamanthaMarie Working on this month's YA right now :) February looks great!! 2w
MehoLovesReading I'm out 2w
BarbaraJean Please do tag me! I feel so overbooked right now that I‘m not sure I‘ll be able to join, but things may feel different come February and I‘d like to jump in if I can. 😊 5d
megnews @BarbaraJean no problem. I decided to be involved in more buddy reads this year and feeling the pull myself. But it‘s been worth it for all the great discussions. No pressure. I‘ll tag you and join when you can! Always appreciate your contributions to discussion 5d
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In love with this imagery. #YAbuddyread

megnews I love Queenie‘s voice in this one and the way she tells the story. 2w
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Here‘s my too-ambitious January TBR!
☀️Klara for #NewYearWhoDis
🎉Wintering for #BookSpin & #NewYearWhoDis
📚Story Girl for #KindredSpiritsBuddyRead
🐺Elatsoe for my IRL book group
🪆Dollmaker for #MGBuddyRead
⛪️Theology book + Dream of God for EfM
🚲Code Name Verity for #YABuddyRead
🪄Magician‘s Land for #DoubleSpin
🫁Exhalation for #NewYearWhoDis
Plus some poetry & other in-progress reads—I probably won‘t finish them all, but will enjoy trying!

SamanthaMarie I just read Piranesi in December and LOVED it. ♡♡ 2w
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Spinning in Time | Joselyn Ignacio
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My #BookSpin this month is the #YABuddyRead and my #DoubleSpin was supposed to be a graphic novel that I read yesterday, but that seemed too easy, so I‘m switching it out for my first novel of the year (which I‘m loving!) so I feel confident these will both definitely get read this month. @TheAromaofBooks @megnews

Soubhiville I love both of these books so much! I hope you‘ll enjoy them! 2w
TheAromaofBooks Yay!!! 2w
BayouGirl85 Cerulean was amazing. 2w
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