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Agnes Grey | Anne Brontë
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repost for @BarkingMadRead:

#pemberlittens the votes are in! Starting on April 1 we will be reading Agnes Grey! I‘m so excited to read this with you all, chapter a day, with alllllllll the hashtags! #letsdothis #notnow #inApril drop a comment if you want to be included! I‘ll be tagging everyone who read Middlemarch with me, but everyone is welcome! #warning #myhashtagsareridicous #theyarealsospoilers

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Agnes Grey | Anne Bront
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#pemberlittens the votes are in! Starting on April 1 we will be reading Agnes Grey! I‘m so excited to read this with you all, chapter a day, with alllllllll the hashtags! #letsdothis #notnow #inApril drop a comment if you want to be included! I‘ll be tagging everyone who read Middlemarch with me, but everyone is welcome! #warning #myhashtagsareridicous #theyarealsospoilers

IndoorDame Yay!!! I‘m in! 2w
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megnews I will try to join in if I can keep up. 2w
CoffeeNBooks I'm going to join you all and try to keep up! 2w
TheBookHippie Count me in 2w
peanutnine I'm in! 2w
BarkingMadRead 😍😍😍 2w
wordslinger42 I would love to join in!! 2w
dabbe Heck yes, I'll join! 2w
kwmg40 Please include me! 2w
Librarybelle I‘m in! 2w
Ann_Reads Please add me. Thank you! (I do hope to read it with you all in April but my schedule is up in the air right now.) 2w
willaful put me in coach! 2w
mcctrish Please add me 2w
BarkingMadRead 😍😍😍 2w
Bklover Heck yeah! 2w
Ruthiella Please include me #Lovethehashtags #Keepemcoming 😂 2w
BarkingMadRead 😍😍😍 2w
Kristin_Reads This has been on my TBR… I‘m in!! 2w
BarkingMadRead 😍😍 2w
TheAromaofBooks I'm in for this one!! I weirdly liked The Tenant of Wildfell Hall, so I am interested to read this one! 2w
BarkingMadRead 😍😍 2w
julieclair I‘m in! 2w
BarkingMadRead 😍😍 2w
AnneCecilie I would love to join in on this one. 2w
Morr_Books Hooray! I would like to join! 2d
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Untitled | Anonymous
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I‘m proud of how I arranged everything in one bookcase. 🥹🙃
What do you think, guys?!
#teammonstermash #scarathlon #tbr #letsdothis

Gissy Perfect!👌📚📚📚😍 6mo
Ruthiella Nice work!👍 6mo
WJCintron @Gissy YAY! 🥹I can‘t wait!! 🙌😃🤗❤️ 6mo
WJCintron @Ruthiella 🥹🙏 thank you ❤️ 6mo
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Project Hail Mary | Andy Weir
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Totally #BlameItOnMeg my #AudioGuru Absolutely outside my comfort zone, but too many positive reviews has me all #LetsDoThis
Also narrator sounds just like Tom Hanks❤️

TrishB Enjoy 👍🏻 2y
Bklover I just checked this one out of the library. Loved his first book; second one was meh (should stick to male characters). Can‘t wait to try this one. 2y
Cinfhen Wow!!! So lucky that your library had a copy available @Bklover 🙌🏻❣️I was meh about his first book, HATED the second so I‘m iffy about this one...BUT so far, it‘s very engaging @TrishB 2y
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BarbaraBB I was triggered too by Meg‘a review. Can‘t wait to find out if you love it as much. 2y
julesG I really enjoyed the book. My son's reading it right now - in German, though. He's enjoying it, too. 2y
Cinfhen It‘s A LOT of science @julesG @BarbaraBB it‘s very clever but I‘m not fully immersed yet....it‘s definitely more like The Martian in its wit and tone. 2y
julesG True. Lots of science, but I thought it was rather well explained. Even the thing with the centrifuge. 😁 2y
Megabooks I hope you‘re still enjoying it! 2y
Oryx It took me until about a third of the way into this before I got completely into it. Then I was hooked. 2y
BarbaraBB I haven‘t read The Martian either. Meg is way more into science than I am so I‘m not sure yet! 2y
Cinfhen @Oryx I‘ve just met Rocky!!! So I‘m assuming things are about to become more entertaining @julesG @Megabooks 2y
Cinfhen I‘m not sure if you‘re gonna love this one @BarbaraBB but the science is easily explained and I appreciate that. You feel smart for understanding, not dumb for not knowing🤪🤪 @julesG and that takes skill as a writer. Andy Weir is quite a genius 🙌🏻 (edited) 2y
julesG I'm pretty sure Weir would have made a great science teacher. He understands that some people struggle with science and explains so that everyone grasps it. And that, as you said, shows genius. 2y
Megabooks His friendship with Rocky is just so fun to watch unfold!! That is the best part of the book, IMO!!! 2y
Megabooks @BarbaraBB While the science is well explained to a native English speaker, I think it may be hard for someone who doesn‘t have a science vocabulary in English. (It is explained to what we would call a “high school level” - what you‘d know by 16 or 17, but if you‘re rusty in English science or didn‘t learn these concept in English, it may be harder.) 2y
BarbaraBB @Megabooks @Cinfhen Thanks for explaining. I think I‘ll take a pass for now 🤷🏻‍♀️ #somanybookssolittletime 2y
Cinfhen I haven‘t listened much today @Megabooks but I‘m looking forward to seeing their friendship evolve 2y
Cinfhen You may want to pick it up eventually @BarbaraBB but I don‘t think you need to rush to read it☺️like you said #SoManyBooksSoLittleTime 2y
Megabooks I didn‘t/don‘t mean to talk down to you @BarbaraBB and I hope I haven‘t offended you. I also know you‘re not a fan of science, but I think you‘d like the music and the friendship between Rocky and Grace. Perhaps in the future, as @Cinfhen said?? 2y
BarbaraBB @Megabooks You didn‘t offend me at all, you were very helpful and I think you‘re right: science in English jargon seems quite difficult. The music and friendship sounds good but I‘ll wait for a while ❤️😘 2y
Cinfhen It‘s a lot of science @BarbaraBB a bit too much for me!! I‘m enjoying the book but I can‘t listen for very long periods of time 2y
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Dune Messiah | Frank Herbert
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I've yet to complete either of my #bookspin picks for June, and my husband and I just started an 1100 page opus for our book club, but #BookSpinBingo sounds like WAY TOO MUCH FUN to pass up. You've done it again, Sarah! @TheAromaofBooks #LetsDoThis 😎

TheAromaofBooks The irresistible challenge! 😂 3y
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Dark Sacred Night | Michael Connelly
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Friend got me hooked on Renee Ballard and FINALLY getting around to book 2 #letsdothis #currentlyreading

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My 2019 wrap up and my goals for 2020! #letsdothis

Riveted_Reader_Melissa I love those goals!! 3y
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Oops. I slept in just a bit(well, a lot)so I‘m only just starting today‘s section of #MrBook1InAMillion #24B4Monday #readathon & #LitsyPartyOfOne Kicking off with this rather battered library copy of Linwood Barclays 2nd novel about a violent home invasion that ends with an entire family dead. But what if the killers got the wrong house? I‘m sitting at just over 18hrs so far, let‘s see how many I can get today! #letsdothis

Andrew65 This was my first Barclay, and was totally hooked on him as an author ever since. 3y
Clwojick Oh, okay. Going to just go ahead and stack this one as well. Thank you. 😏 3y
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On to the next! I would be lying if I said I didn‘t initially pick this up off the shelf just because I liked the cover. #LetsDoThis

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Book club is in 11 hours. (I had to finish another book before starting this one, though. 🤷🏻‍♀️) #LetsDoThis

#BookClubRead #GraphicNovel

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