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Just in case anyone needs to know this today.

Sleepswithbooks Yeeesssss!!!!!! 2w
TheBookHippie 🎉🎉🎉🎉 2w
KadaGul It would be great to have this holiday 🎄 every 3 months instead of once ☝️a year. Personally, I celebrate this holiday 🎄 every day. (edited) 2w
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MaGoose Yeah, I could celebrate this holiday every day 🥳 😆 2w
dabbe #woohoo! 🤩😂😀 2w
Hooked_on_books I just consider this to be every day. 2w
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Giveaway 🎉🎊🎁 celebrating my new cohosts!!

If interested comment below your favorite read of February! I‘ll choose a random winner tomorrow! US only due to shipping costs and these are super heavy!


dabbe Thanks for the opportunity, and YAY to @TieDyeDude and @Read4life! #thedynamictrio 💚💚💚

Favorite February book: THE SIGN OF FOUR by AC Doyle. #sherlocked #NoPlaceLikeHolmes
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks @dabbe 💙🫶🏻📚 3mo
Read4life @dabbe #thedynamictrio 😁😁😁 Great book choice, too! 3mo
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CoffeeNBooks The Vacationers by Emma Straub 3mo
dabbe @Read4life 😘 3mo
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks @dabbe Yay!! You are the winner 🎉🎊 I will mail them this week 📚💛 3mo
dabbe @Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks #woohoo! Thank you so much! 🤩💚🤩 3mo
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The Sign of Four | Arthur Conan Doyle
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Thanks for the tag, @Cupcake12! 😍

1. Get an ultrasound (fun!/#notreally), write #LitsyLove letters (definitely fun!), clean & organize the house (not so much fun), read (always fun!).
2. I barely do. Crap is everywhere! Hence my plans in #1. 🤩
3. Currently on the seedy side of London in the 1880s with Holmes and Watson in the tagged book.

Play? @AmyG @aroyse @AnnR @CBee @Eggs @TheSpineView @The_Penniless_Author

AnnR Ha! We have very similar plans this week, including getting an ultrasound later this week. I know it isn't fun but somehow it seems better than a CT scan or MRI. Good luck with your imaging. I hope all is well. 🤗 4mo
dabbe @AnnR You are so right. Just a little cold jelly, right? My cardiologist is checking my neck for plaque; we're hoping I can stop taking aspiring. 🤞 I hope yours goes well, too. ❤️💜🩷 4mo
AnnR Oh, I'm sorry. I've had that done before and it is a pretty quick ultrasound. Fingers crossed all looks good. My ultrasound is heart related too. 4mo
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AmyG Thanks for the tag, friend! Hope the ultrasound goes well. 😘 (edited) 4mo
Cupcake12 Good luck for the ultrasound, thank you for joining in. Your letter is in the post today x 4mo
Read4life I hope all goes well with the ultrasound. I‘m in London with you! #NoPlaceLikeHolmes 4mo
dabbe @AnnR Fingers crossed for you, too. 🤩 4mo
dabbe @AmyG Thanks, m'dear! 🩷💜❤️ 4mo
dabbe @Cupcake12 Thanks! So is yours! 😘 4mo
dabbe @Read4life #woohoo! Thanks, m'dear! I hope you're liking this H&W adventure! 🩷💜❤️ 4mo
Eggs Thanks for thinking of me 😘 4mo
The_Penniless_Author Thanks for the tag! 😀 4mo
dabbe @Eggs ❤️💜🩷 4mo
TheSpineView Thanks for the tag!😘 4mo
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Wintergames | Litsy Litsy
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Stay up (I‘ll be woken up by all the “fireworks” at midnight anyway)
Champagne flute 🥂 (or my alcoholic support bear)
Couch 🛋️
Slippers 🥿

My days of being dressed up and running the streets for NYE are over 👵🏾 but I‘m totally okay with making a good meal and a signature drink (this year it will be sparking cider and caramel vodka) and waiting for the ball to drop.

#WinterGames #UglySweaterSquad #USS

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All's Well | Mona Awad
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Catie, I just opened your lovely gift. Thank you so much! This book has been on my TBR for a long time, and now I get to read it in 2024! #woohoo! I'm so grateful to have found you through #LitsyLove and look forward to our continue friendship through our letters. Wishing you and Abbey the happiest of holidays in your new home! 💙❄️💙

catiewithac Happy holidays! 5mo
dabbe @catiewithac 🎄❤️🎄 5mo
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Untitled | Unknown
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I hope I end up going somewhere that I can build a snowman, not happening in Phoenix, Az.
I like fuzzy socks and/or slippers. Depending on how cold.
Same with gift wrap vs gift bag. Situation appropriate. I‘m not as good at gift wrapping as I would like to be!😁
Thanks for the tag @Eggs
Everyone play! #TLT #Thisorthat

dabbe You could go up to Flagstaff! And it's raining this morning! #woohoo 💙❄️💙 5mo
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Wintergames | Litsy Litsy
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#WinterGames #USS

FYI, Week 3's game's end date has been extended! #woohoo!💙❄️💙

AnnR Yay! So helpful to have the date extended. Whew! 🙂👍🎄 5mo
dabbe @AnnR 🤩😍🤗 5mo
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This was my first “Sherlock” book. Do not rely on me to solve any crimes 😬. I gave it a so-so because I‘m not a huge mystery fan.

#wintergames #USS #UglySweaterSquad
I have little detective skills, but I am proud of my point check in number: 13,758! 🥳

dabbe When I taught SH to my students, I discovered that a big trait in a detective story is that we are NOT supposed to be able to solve the crime; that's why the detective is so brilliant and usually odd. We're just the Joe Schmoes sitting on the couch, eating potato chips while the detective tells us how he easily solved the crime. And yes, we usually feel stupid afterwards. And #woohoo for your points! 💙❄️💙 5mo
AnnR Way to go! 👍📚🎉 5mo
NikkiM5 @dabbe were you looking at me through my window 🤣🤣🤣 5mo
dabbe @NikkiM5 Nope. I was looking in a mirror at myself! 🤩🤣😍 5mo
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Wintergames | Litsy Litsy
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#WinterGames #USS

Hi, Ugly Sweaters!
Posted above is the game for Week 3! How many words can you create from this sentence: MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY HOLIDAYS WINTERGAMERS? The words do not have to be holiday related, and points are limitless! Note those S's! So, 10 points for winter and another 10 points for winterS! #woohoo

Have fun, and have a fabulous week! P.S. Remember to post your tally for 12/1-12/17 and tag me! 🎄❤️🎄