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The Other Bennet Sister | Janice Hadlow
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#Pemberlittens in Ch.5 and 6 Mary discovers joy in reading and learning but soon realizes she may need glasses to continue her newfound passion - easier said than done in Mrs.Bennet‘s household! Thank goodness for Mr. Bennet in this case.

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jenniferw88 🤣🤣🤣 I have an eye test in a few weeks' time and the oculist has a sing-song voice - bettER or worse? 3mo
KristiAhlers Man if I don‘t have my reading glasses on it‘s not pretty! 🤣 3mo
AllDebooks This version of Mary is making me really unsettled. She's a shadow in the Bennet household. I know she's not a main character in the original text, but still. I thought it a real shame that she was ignored by Mr Bennet in his library. She would really flourish with a little guidance and support to nurture her new found love of learning and natural curiosity. Not to mention actual conversation. 3mo
Crinoline_Laphroaig @AllDebooks absolutely she would have flourished with a little guidance. 3mo
Crinoline_Laphroaig Not rereading because #somanybookssolittletime but following along w/ discussions. This is when book grabbed me. Went back & looked through my Facebook posts & found this: "As someone who has worn glasses since she was 8 years and reads, I've never hated a fictional character more: "The oculist says she needs spectacles to read, but why, I might ask, does she need to read so many books?” - Mrs Bennet 3mo
mollyrotondo Mrs Bennet borders on being abusive toward Mary. She takes so much away from Mary. No learning. No reading. Your bad at sewing. You are too ugly and glasses will make you uglier so be blind instead. She‘s disgusting. I never really found her to be this despicable in P&P. Hadlow must have really hated her when she read P&P. 3mo
ElizaMarie Ugh this made me so mad at Mrs. Bennet. Poor baby just wants to see!!! 3mo
DebinHawaii @mollyrotondo She is so abusive & Mr. Bennet is so annoying with his neglect.😡 3mo
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Cherish Farrah: A Novel | Bethany C. Morrow
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Eh. This #SocialHorror book was a slow build, but even with the interesting ending, I‘m still not sure it was worth the effort.

Farrah always tries to stay a step ahead of everyone, especially her mother and her best friend Cherish. When her once wealthy parents lose their home, she fights to live with even more wealthy Cherish‘s family. But when a series of “accidents” befall her, she slowly questions if everyone is who they seem. 3⭐️ #pop22

BarbaraBB Your review makes it sound good actually 😂 3mo
squirrelbrain Oh dear, sorry it was a bit meh…. I‘ll unstack it! 3mo
Cinfhen Agree with @BarbaraBB but I‘ll trust your instincts and hold off on this one for now. #SoManyBooksSoLittleTime 💜 3mo
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Megabooks @BarbaraBB @squirrelbrain @Cinfhen yeah, I think it was a bit of finding Farrah very annoying and that being a big deal because of the slow pace. Think The Other Black Girl but with teenagers. Maybe it‘s a thing now?? (edited) 3mo
BarbaraBB I didn‘t like The Other Black Girl either so I know now not to get this one. 3mo
Megabooks @BarbaraBB 👍🏻 3mo
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I have been rushing though books trying to get lots read for #rsoapril2022 these are four of them. All very different. There are a lot of books out there. #somanybookssolittletime

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⭐️⭐️⭐️ I hadn‘t heard of this one, but was browsing “skip-the-line” library options when it‘s cheeky cover grabbed my attention! 👀 A necessary, if sometimes uncomfortable, look at female pleasure. Very science-y, and reminiscent of Mary Roach‘s “Bonk,” but lacking the sporadic humor. While interesting enough, this one could‘ve used some personality. Either way, both titles conjure “Trish the Dish” from “Mallrats,” and I‘m not mad about it.

Cinfhen Meh 😕 probably not gonna happen. #SoManyBooksSoLittleTime 5mo
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Newest addition to my #TBR pile. My daughter just finished it. We have enjoyed this series together but I have three other books I NEED to finish this month and then I start Christmas reading. But I don‘t want to wait until January. What‘s a girl to do? #villains #motherdaughterbookclub #somanybookssolittletime

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This was a good, light book to listen to during all the canine craziness yesterday! Available in the #AudiblePlus library, Adrian is a Hollywood party crasher. The #audiobook is tales of his greatest exploits - from the Golden Globes to a private dinner with Mikhail Gorbachev. A fun book! Worth a #BorrowNotBuy.

Lissy1 Sounds interesting 🤔 I‘ve added it to my long list of things to read 😅 9mo
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The Turnout | Megan Abbott
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Did I really read 7.5 hours of thriller about a real estate property before an actual murder? Why yes I did. Maybe things will finally pick up. 🤷🏻‍♀️ Kinda bored, tbh.

Cinfhen I‘ve only read one book by Megan Abbott and I was NOT IMPRESSED 😬#SoManyBooksSoLittleTime 9mo
Cathythoughts Oh dear ! I hope it picks up 🤞🏻 9mo
Megabooks @Cinfhen I‘ve liked some and not others. I like the atmosphere but sometimes they are too low on action. I‘m glad I‘m listening and not reading. 9mo
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Megabooks @Cathythoughts thanks Cathy! Me too. 9mo
vivastory I love Megan Abbott, but this is typical of her books. They're slow burns for sure 9mo
Cathythoughts @vivastory I just got that one you recommended awhile back …Give Me Your Hand … looking forward to a good old thriller 👍🏻 9mo
TrishB @Cinfhen me too! Can‘t make myself try another yet. 9mo
Megabooks @vivastory yeah, I don‘t necessarily mind a slow burn, but I haven‘t been enjoying them as much lately. I was hoping I‘d get wrapped up in the ballet part, but so much of the tension has to do with a property deed. That was the big disappointment. I was expecting a more adult version of this. 9mo
Megabooks @Cathythoughts you like literary thrillers, so I think you‘ll enjoy it! 9mo
Megabooks @TrishB I looked back, and I‘ve liked 75% that I‘ve read by her. Maybe I‘m not in the right mindset. 🤷🏻‍♀️ 9mo
Cinfhen Hehehe @TrishB I feel ya xx 9mo
Reviewsbylola I‘ve heard such good things! Bummer. 9mo
Megabooks @Reviewsbylola you, like Cathy, enjoy literary thrillers more than I do. It‘s a slow burn that reads quickly kinda like The Push. Just not what I was expecting. 9mo
Megabooks @Reviewsbylola @Cathythoughts I‘m going to end up giving this a mid-range pick!! It was a slow burn but she really brought it together beautifully! @vivastory I‘m glad I stuck with it!! 👍🏻👍🏻 9mo
Reviewsbylola I did enjoy The Push. 🤔 Maybe I‘ll give this one a shot after all. 9mo
Megabooks @Reviewsbylola just tagged you in my review. The last third was fantastic! 9mo
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Peaces: A Novel | Helen Oyeyemi
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Sorry #CampToB21 friends and Helen Oyeyemi! This is a #BAIL for me 😖It‘s also #3StrikesAndYoureOut 😉I just don‘t think Oyeyemi and I are soul mates. I do admire her cover art, though 😍 #SoManyBooksSoLittleTime to read a book that isn‘t connecting/ working

Cinfhen Have you started yet @BarbaraBB ??? 10mo
BarbaraBB I will soon! This will be my first by her but am a bit scared now that you bailed. @Flaneurette and @Well-ReadNeck weren‘t positive either. 10mo
squirrelbrain Oof, I‘m so glad I managed to get this out of the library. I didn‘t want to buy it as I didn‘t think I‘d like it… not even sure if I want to start it now! 🤪 10mo
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squirrelbrain It will be my first book by her too @BarbaraBB 🤞🏻 10mo
vivastory I've read 3 books by Oyeyemi. Two of them I loved & one I felt a bit lukewarm about. (edited) 10mo
Cinfhen I only bought this one @squirrelbrain because it was buy one get the other half off and both books were for #CampToB and not available for me to borrow. I KNEW owning it would be a mistake 😫 10mo
Cinfhen I know lots of readers who LOVE Oyeyemi @vivastory so maybe you‘ll feel differently about this book!!?? 10mo
vivastory Probably. I'm planning on reading it, although I've given up on following #camptob It's impossible for me to chime in with the discussion during the day at work & lately when I get home from work I'm too exhausted. It's on my tbr though 10mo
Cinfhen Ohhh, so do you want me to send you my copy @vivastory ?!?? 10mo
vivastory That's very generous of you, but I actually own this one. Thanks for the offer! 10mo
Cinfhen Sure, lmk what you think when u pick it up @vivastory 10mo
vivastory I will. I'm sure I will get to it at some point by the end of the summer. 10mo
Megabooks I loved What Is Not Yours Is Not Yours @Cinfhen and @BarbaraBB but I was going through a magical realism phase. also read and loved Kelly Link, Helen Phillips, etc. at the time, but Phillips is the only one whose new releases I‘ve kept up with. 🤷🏻‍♀️🤔 10mo
Centique @vivastory @cinfhen I have discovered my best way of reading Oyeyemi is to read it with @Reggie 😉 because the discussion made it much more impactful for me! Haven‘t tried this one yet though. 10mo
Reggie @Centique ❤️❤️❤️ 10mo
Cinfhen Any #BuddyRead with @Reggie sounds wonderful @Centique !!!!! I still credit @Reggie for explaining this book to me 10mo
Ruthiella This was a DNF for me too. I just don‘t get on with her fantastical fiction. 10mo
KarenUK It was a NO for me too! 10mo
Cinfhen I feel better about my decision to bail @Ruthiella @KarenUK I just don‘t get it 🤷🏼‍♀️ 10mo
Well-ReadNeck I didn‘t bail, but having finished, I have to say those of u who bailed haven‘t missed much. I agree with many of you, not one I‘d recommend. There were a couple elements where I thought, hey, this idea has promise, but none of those moments really led anywhere, IMO. 10mo
Cinfhen That‘s a shame @Well-ReadNeck It isn‘t very long so I thought I could give it a go but I realized by page 25, I had ZERO interest on continuing 😜 10mo
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Early Morning Riser | Katherine Heiny
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⭐️⭐️⭐️ This was … fine. Newcomer, elementary teacher Jane, bonds awkwardly with an unlikely group of small-town locals. Though there are several likable characters and complex situations, it all felt a bit too surface-level. There are snippets of several years, which I liked very much, but I needed more details and emotion. Meh.

Cinfhen Too bad… sounds like this had so much potential but just didn‘t get there 😞Not rushing to read it #SoManyBooksSoLittleTime 10mo
KatieDid927 Agreed. 10mo
britt_brooke @Cinfhen Still might be worth checking out, but definitely #borrownotbuy 😉 10mo
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Wild Women and the Blues | Denny S. Bryce
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Here are my unread books from #thebookdrop subscription. They alternate sending me a surprise “Books for Tea” or “Books for Coffee” selection each month. Has anyone read any of these or have recommendations for which ones I should prioritize?? I would love to start making a dent in this stack! #somanybookssolittletime 🤪📚