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Agnes Grey | Anne Bront
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#pemberlittens the votes are in! Starting on April 1 we will be reading Agnes Grey! I‘m so excited to read this with you all, chapter a day, with alllllllll the hashtags! #letsdothis #notnow #inApril drop a comment if you want to be included! I‘ll be tagging everyone who read Middlemarch with me, but everyone is welcome! #warning #myhashtagsareridicous #theyarealsospoilers

IndoorDame Yay!!! I‘m in! 3w
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megnews I will try to join in if I can keep up. 3w
CoffeeNBooks I'm going to join you all and try to keep up! 3w
TheBookHippie Count me in 3w
peanutnine I'm in! 3w
BarkingMadRead 😍😍😍 3w
wordslinger42 I would love to join in!! 3w
dabbe Heck yes, I'll join! 3w
kwmg40 Please include me! 3w
Librarybelle I‘m in! 3w
Ann_Reads Please add me. Thank you! (I do hope to read it with you all in April but my schedule is up in the air right now.) 3w
willaful put me in coach! 3w
mcctrish Please add me 3w
BarkingMadRead 😍😍😍 3w
Bklover Heck yeah! 3w
Ruthiella Please include me #Lovethehashtags #Keepemcoming 😂 3w
BarkingMadRead 😍😍😍 3w
Kristin_Reads This has been on my TBR… I‘m in!! 3w
BarkingMadRead 😍😍 3w
TheAromaofBooks I'm in for this one!! I weirdly liked The Tenant of Wildfell Hall, so I am interested to read this one! 3w
BarkingMadRead 😍😍 3w
julieclair I‘m in! 3w
BarkingMadRead 😍😍 3w
AnneCecilie I would love to join in on this one. 3w
Morr_Books Hooray! I would like to join! 2w
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