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📽Anyone else watching and enjoying this show? I have been absolutely loving it.

📚Which leads me to my request: does anyone have any Gilded Age era books they can recommend to me? Both fiction and nonfiction. I‘ve been researching but always enjoy hearing recommendations from others. Please share or tag a book set in this time period you recommend!

#recommend #sharingiscaring ❤️ #gildedage

AmyG I am really enjoying this show. The dresses! I love seeing what they wear. 11mo
Jess_Read_This @AmyG Yes! The fashion is just incredible! I really hope the costume designers get recognized for the amazing work they have done. I also love seeing the kitchens with the tiles, copper pots, and the elaborate table settings. 11mo
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Julsmarshall I‘m loving it too! And thanks for that link, @Jess_Read_This ! Checking it out! 11mo
Jess_Read_This @Julsmarshall Awesome! I‘m posting one more link too that has a few different books on it than the first one. Let me know if you read/recommend any of them! 11mo
Jess_Read_This I‘ve just ordered this one too- 11mo
Jess_Read_This Nonfiction: I‘ve started listening to this one. It‘s fascinating. And the references to Austen‘s characters in the intro was well done. More of a lead up to the Gilded Age heiresses and the end of the debutante around 1914. (edited) 11mo
Dragon I binge watched 4 episodes yesterday. Joanna Shupe writes Gilded Age romance novels , I heard about the HBO series on her Instagram 11mo
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Look what I picked up from the charity bookshop today ❤️#ReadingAfrica2022 and #takesplaceonatrain #pop22

TrishB You got your perfect volunteer role! 13mo
BarbaraBB That looks fantastic. I love Theroux‘ train travel books. Will get me a copy too! 13mo
Cinfhen I will send it to you when I‘m done @BarbaraBB #SharingIsCaring 13mo
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Librarybelle Great find! 13mo
Cinfhen For sure @TrishB I put $ in the till every time I go in!!! 13mo
Cinfhen I‘ve found a few for #ReadingAfrica22 @Librarybelle it‘s a great resource 🥰 13mo
BarbaraBB That‘s so sweet but PLEASE don‘t feel obliged to do so much each time I like your books ❤️ 13mo
Cinfhen It‘s honestly my pleasure @BarbaraBB I love passing books around 🥰 13mo
BarbaraBB Well, thank you. I love it too. The sending and the receiving 🤍 13mo
squirrelbrain You could probably tick off most of Africa with that one! 13mo
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Hey folks, it's that time again. Nothing like seeing a shelf stacked full of books! Let's see those shelfies! #showmeyourshelfies

@Cinfhen @sprainedbrain @pareads @Bklover do you guys want to play along and share your shelfies?

pareads Yes, thank you for the tag! Your shelves are gorgeous! I‘m still building my physical collection because I have away a bunch of books before we moved out of state 😅 2y
Cinfhen Wowza!!!! That‘s AWESOME ❤️my shelves are crap 💩 I‘m not a book saver .... I tend to release my books back into the wild 😜 #SharingIsCaring 😂 2y
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A Visit from Santa Claus | Clement Clarke Moore
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I must have been a good girl!! I don‘t even celebrate Christmas and Santa still paid me a visit❤️Thank you SO MUCH for the awesome, wonderful generous gifts @TrishB @CarolynM I feel so lucky and humbled to be part of this great big Litsy family xxxx and thank you for the lovely note my dear @BarbaraBB 😘 #SharingIsCaring 🙏🏼

CoffeeAndABook That‘s amazing!!! 😜 I‘m glad you‘re showered with festive Litsy love like that, you‘re such a supportive positive ray of light 🌟 I hope you‘re having a good week!! 😎🦄💝💫 3y
Cinfhen Met with friends yesterday, have a wedding tonight, friends are coming for the weekend ~ im keeping busy @CoffeeAndABook Hope you‘re having a wonderful time as well 😘😘 3y
CoffeeAndABook That sounds like fun!! We‘re doing a very relaxed low key Christmas celebration at my parent‘s house. They‘re so sweet, I‘m trying to soak it all up. And there‘s lots of good food and ... well more good food. Tonight - cheese fondue! Hope you have a glittery happy time tonight!! 3y
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BarbaraBB Well a card obviously travels faster than a parcel! Have happy days with your friends and family ❤️❤️😘 3y
Cinfhen Nothing says family gathering better than cheese fondue @CoffeeAndABook 3y
Cinfhen I can‘t figure out the postal system @BarbaraBB 🤷🏼‍♀️but was happy to get your warm wishes before 2020 😜😘 3y
Megabooks I hope you get my card before Chanukah is over!! 🤦🏻‍♀️💞 3y
Cinfhen Still got 4 days to go @Megabooks 💕💕💕💕💕 3y
CoffeeAndABook @Cinfhen The fondue was cozy & delish!!! And crazy heavy. I‘ll never eat food again!!!! How was your wedding? Have your friends arrived? 3y
Cinfhen Wedding was LOTS of fun!!! Great band @CoffeeAndABook my friend arrives tomorrow 🤗Glad your Christmas celebration was perfect 🥰 3y
CoffeeAndABook Ha, that wedding sounds great 🎶 Did you dance the night away?? Enjoy having your friend over 🤩🤩 3y
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Cats on Instagram | @Cats_of_instagram
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@allureofbeauty This is Rudi you can share him with me.
He wakes you up in the morning wanting his food, he has to be under the covers at all times, he waits at the top of the stairs for you after work and he just about eats anything. We want to ease your pain 😍🥰❤️❤️❤️😺🐈🐱🐱
#catsoflitsy #sharingiscaring #mycatyourcat #cats #Rudi ❣️

Chrissyreadit 🧡❤️🧡❤️🧡😍🥰 3y
allureofbeauty He looks lovely 3y
Dragon 😻 3y
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Heroine | Mindy McGinnis
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Thanks, once again, for the well wishes! The mri was fine. I purposefully haven‘t looked at the results. The dr should call Monday with plans.

#botm and WS arrived!! 🎉🥳🎉 What to read 🤔

Tagged: I think the Great American Opiate Novel is YA 4⭐️
Care & Feeding: would love to continue passing on this complex debut. Contact info 🔽 3.5⭐️
On the Clock: just as good on audio 5⭐️ READ IT!
Ugly & Wonderful: Definitely weird, but good. Oh Wavy! 4⭐️

Megabooks Contact me at booksandcooks.litsy at gmail dot com if you‘re interested in continuing the journey of The Care and Feeding ARC around Europe, Israel and North America. You just have to promise to continue! #sharingiscaring #bookmail And thank you @Cinfhen for sharing!! (edited) 3y
Cinfhen First, I‘m glad you‘re feeling ok & you‘re able to read 💖and I love that you‘re passing along Care and Feeding!!!! #SharingIsCaring @Hooked_on_books started this #GivingTrain 🚆#SetYourBooksFree ☺️ 3y
Megabooks @Cinfhen omg, Cindy. Reading is all that is keeping me sane now!! So glad to continue this book‘s journey!! Thank you @Hooked_on_books 🤗🤗 I loved the beginning but felt the end was rushed. Still a pick, though! 3y
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julesG Glad to hear your MRI went well. Keeping my fingers crossed for good results. 3y
Hooked_on_books I‘m glad to know it‘s been passed along! I love it when books are shared. @Cinfhen 3y
Megabooks @julesG Thank you so much. 😊 3y
Cinfhen I agree, book had lots of potential but it was a little “unpolished “, especially towards the end. Maybe the author tried to do too much🤷🏼‍♀️ I‘m glad books are helping xx thinking of you and praying you have a complete recovery. 😘😘 3y
Megabooks @Hooked_on_books Thanks for starting this! 💙😁 Willing to pass it to anyone who is interested, even internationally. I enjoyed the book. I felt the ending was a bit rushed, but she‘s definitely an author to watch! 3y
Megabooks @Cinfhen thank you so much! 💙💙 3y
k.reads.5 Glad it went fine! Loved American Panda and Wonderful Things! 3y
Megabooks @k.reads.5 American Panda is my new audiobook. So far, it‘s really cute! And thank you! 3y
Reviewsbylola Just now seeing this. Glad to see your MRI was fine! 3y
Megabooks @Reviewsbylola Thanks!! The CD of it arrived at the dr in Dallas after he closed, so no more news today. Thank you so much for The Dutch House!!! Glad you got my email. 💙 3y
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#RedRoseSeptember Just some of the books I‘ve received from my wonderful friends #AllAroundTheWorld #LittensAreTheBest #SharingIsCaring 🙏🏻💋🌍💕📚Thank You @LibrarianRyan @Hooked_on_books @TrishB @Cathythoughts @GatheringBooks @AmyG @erzascarletbookgasm @Booksnchill @Bklover @Kalalalatja @Jas16 @BarbaraBB And thanks to my many other generous kindhearted friends who‘ve gifted me books, bookmarks, notes, cards, totes, mugs and awesome stationery❣️

arlenefinnigan ❤️ 3y
GatheringBooks awesome!!! 3y
Kalalalatja 💕💕💕 3y
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TrishB Lovely 💕❤️ 3y
Jas16 💜💜💜 3y
AmyG 😘😘😘 3y
Bklover ❤️🧡❤️🧡❤️🧡❤️🧡❤️ 3y
LibrarianRyan 😁👍🏻❤️ 3y
Cinfhen I feel super lucky to be part of this community 💕💕💕Thank you so much for enriching my life and making me giddy for a visit to the mailbox xxxx @Bklover @LibrarianRyan @AmyG @Jas16 @TrishB @Hooked_on_books @Kalalalatja @GatheringBooks 3y
erzascarletbookgasm So much ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜💗 from around the 🌎! 👏🥰 3y
Cinfhen Right @erzascarletbookgasm It‘s pretty awesome 🥰 3y
Cathythoughts So lovely ♥️ 3y
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#BookMail from the wonderful and incredibly generous @TrishB I thank my lucky stars everyday, that I‘ve discovered so many amazing people through a simple app about books❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️#LittensAreTheBest #SharingIsCaring 🙏🏼🥰😘

Crazeedi Great selection! How wonderful ❤ 3y
erzascarletbookgasm Wonderful! 💗👏 3y
TrishB 😘 it‘s a wonderful place ♥️ 3y
LeahBergen How nice! 😍😍 3y
Kalalalatja Lovely! 3y
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I wanted to love this book but I just never got there. I think when you read so many books a character has to grab your attention to really make a lasting impression & unfortunately all the characters just bled into each other. Plus the story felt like a bad Oxygen Channel TV movie. An upstanding community couple is incarcerated after embezzling funds from a local charity they run. The story focuses on the aftermath from different family members.

Cinfhen It‘s heading to you next @Megabooks #SharingIsCaring 3y
Megabooks @Cinfhen Thank you so much! 🤞🏻🤞🏻 I‘ll like it more. 🙂 3y
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Cinfhen I think you will @Megabooks given our current track record 😉😁 3y
Megabooks @Cinfhen Lolololol!! 😘😘 3y
Hooked_on_books You‘re welcome! I had the same response to it. I think this author has potential but needs to work some things through. 3y
BarbaraBB Great review though 💕 3y
LiteraryinLawrence I agree! So much potential but just didn‘t do it for me. 3y
Cinfhen Definitely potential @Hooked_on_books you could see the talent was there @LiteraryinLititz she just needed a bit of fine tuning Thanks @BarbaraBB 3y
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