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DISCUSSION POST!! Welcome to the #LosersClub open discussion for #SongOfSusannah
Please be mindful of spoilers. We have new readers to King who haven‘t read all of his books. When referencing his other work, please keep this in mind for our new-to-King friends. Don‘t forget to tag each other in the comments so your friends can see your reply. Have fun! #StephenKing #KingFromTheBeginning #ConstantReader #ReadAlong #BuddyRead #BookDiscussion

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ErinSueMreads I seriously forgot how absolutely bonkers most of this book is. I was still reeling from wolves of the calla and then get dropped into this 😂😂 no matter how many times I read wolves of the calla and this one it's like my brain just keeps finding more tidbits hidden in this universe. 7mo
BarkingMadRun @ErinSueMreads omg all the little Easter eggs make me so happy! 7mo
ErinSueMreads Yes! I think my brain like really started noticing them but wolves of the calla I remember stopping and being like wait wtf did I just read???? And reading it over again to make sure. That was pretty early in my Stephen king reading so rereading them now I'm just like holy crap how much did I miss the first time 😂😂😂 I can't wait to read the dark tower now 7mo
BarkingMadRun @ErinSueMreads I‘m rewatching Haven right now, which is based on Colorado Kid, and there are soooooo many little tidbits that I totally missed the first time. I‘m loving it 7mo
ErinSueMreads Someone just suggested that to me! (I think it was you actually upon further consideration) 😂😂😂😂😂☠️☠️☠️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️ @BarkingMadRun 7mo
BarkingMadRun @ErinSueMreads 🤣🤣🤣🤣 7mo
ErinSueMreads Ok but the one thing that always really messed with me was the whole pregnancy storyline 😱 7mo
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Just a reminder that February‘s #LosersClub read is #SongOfSusannah! Put your library holds in now, search your shelves, or buy a new copy, and check back on or about February 19th when we begin reading this one. Discussion will be in March 2022.  #StephenKing #StephenKingInOrder #KingFromTheBeginning #ConstantReader #ReadAlong #BuddyRead #BookDiscussion #ghosthostpost

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Song of Susannah | Stephen King
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Hey #EpicKaTetRead-ers! How are ya'll doing with #SongOfSusannah? Are you enjoying it? Is everyone caught up?
#EpicBuddyRead #TheDarkTower #Roland #StephenKing

Sadly I have had no time to read much this year. Hoping to read some today but we'll see how the chips fall.

BookwormM Have to confess I haven‘t started yet but I will start soon 4y
BookwormAHN I started a few days ago. I'm not exactly sure where I am since I'm listening to the audio book, but so far its been really good. 4y
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PaperbackPirate I‘m still on Wizard and Glass but thank you for tagging me. I‘ll catch up to you later! 4y
TK421 I haven't started yet. I have one other book left to finish before I start this. 4y
MinDea Well I am glad we are all in the same boat! @TK421 @PaperbackPirate @BookwormAHN @BookwormM! 4y
TrishB Not started yet, but will be done by discussion time 👍🏻 4y
tonyahoswalt Still way behind, but please keep tagging me 4y
Jovy Have not started either! Will get to it next week 😅 4y
ScientistSam Still way behind, but appreciate being tagged! 4y
collegecatlady I‘m still on Wolves of the Calla but I‘ll get caught up eventually! 4y
MinDea @collegecatlady on a different note someone is sending you a make up package for #FeedAReader. Should be there around end of month. Again, I'm so sorry for the issues you've had with this swap. 😫 4y
Andrew65 Still not been able to start this yet. Currently reading two Chunksters, 944 Pages and 768 Pages. When I have finished these I shall get to it and read through and catch up. 4y
Andrew65 @TrishB Ditto! 4y
Andrew65 @MinDea 😂😂😂😂Looks like a similar theme for all of us! 4y
collegecatlady No problem! Thanks for letting me know! 4y
MinDea @Andrew65 I'm honestly relieved we're all in the same boat cause I am so behind and I really wnat to catch up! 4y
Andrew65 @MinDea We‘ve still got over a mo th to finish this book and it is shorter than the previous ones. I‘m sure I‘ll finish by 17th Feb. 4y
AnansiGirl Glad to know we‘re all on the same path with this one. I was slammed with overdrive/libby ebooks I was on wait list all downloading on the same day and Song of Susannah keeps getting shoved aside. 4y
BookwormM Is there any update on when we will hit the final book? 4y
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Song of Susannah | Stephen King
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MinDea I hope to spend some time before this one starts to catch up!!!! 4y
Andrew65 And so it begins. 😂🤣😂🤣😳 4y
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MinDea @Andrew65 🤣🤣🤣🤣 I gave everyone the holiday off. 😂😂 But then chop chop! 😆😆😆 4y
Andrew65 @MinDea Will be interesting to see where it heads next. 2019 is the year we finish it! 4y
MinDea @Andrew65 😱😱😱 I have to catch up so that I can join the discussion. These last 2 books are 🤨😏😒😭😲😲😲😲😲🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯 4y
Andrew65 @MinDea Hopefully you will get some time over the holiday period 😊 If I hadn‘t done them in audiobook format I might have struggled to keep up. They certainly explore every emotion! Also 🤯🤯🤯 as you try to work out what timeline we are on! 😂😂😂 4y
MinDea @Andrew65 I try to do audiobooks but end up having to return them before I finish them. Hope your job is settling down too! 4y
Andrew65 @MinDea Still very intense but off for a couple of weeks but will spend some time in next week to enable me to catch up without other people being around. It hurts, but think I will have to compromise on some of my reading in the new year. I used my credits to buy the audiobooks so can revisit them at some point in the future. (edited) 4y
MinDea @Andrew65 credits? Do you do audible? I have been thinking about doing audible.... Glad you get a couple weeks off though! Sound alike you need a break! 4y
Andrew65 @MinDea I tend to go in and out of audible, but felt I was working so hard I should treat myself and bought a year‘s credit package (24 credits for just over 640, but where possible try to buy when 2 for 3, or get one free special offers). Bought these credits in April and currently got 8 credits left, then will try to cancel as sometimes give you a special offer to get you to stay. Don‘t like the monthly commitment as not as good value. 4y
Andrew65 @MinDea Definitely need a break. Off since Thursday night and keep falling asleep reading over the past three days, which sums up the exhaustion. Hope you get a break. 4y
MinDea @Andrew65 that makes sense! Maybe I'll try to join when they have a deal going on! 4y
BookwormAHN I also use my Audible credits for these. Audible can be expensive but I think its worth it, especially with Stephen King. 4y
TrishB Will be joining in👍🏻 4y
BookwormM Bring it on 🤣🤣🤣 4y
AnansiGirl Jumping into this book as soon as I finish WotC 👍🏻 4y
Jovy Almost at the finish line! Let‘s do this!! 4y
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Song of Susannah | Stephen King
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