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On the final leg of the journey…..

#TheDarkTowerSeries #StephenKing #Roland #Eddie #Susannah #Jake #Oy

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Song of Susannah | Stephen King
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Hey #EpicKaTetRead-ers! How are ya'll doing with #SongOfSusannah? Are you enjoying it? Is everyone caught up?
#EpicBuddyRead #TheDarkTower #Roland #StephenKing

Sadly I have had no time to read much this year. Hoping to read some today but we'll see how the chips fall.

BookwormM Have to confess I haven‘t started yet but I will start soon 4y
BookwormAHN I started a few days ago. I'm not exactly sure where I am since I'm listening to the audio book, but so far its been really good. 4y
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PaperbackPirate I‘m still on Wizard and Glass but thank you for tagging me. I‘ll catch up to you later! 4y
TK421 I haven't started yet. I have one other book left to finish before I start this. 4y
MinDea Well I am glad we are all in the same boat! @TK421 @PaperbackPirate @BookwormAHN @BookwormM! 4y
TrishB Not started yet, but will be done by discussion time 👍🏻 4y
tonyahoswalt Still way behind, but please keep tagging me 4y
Jovy Have not started either! Will get to it next week 😅 4y
ScientistSam Still way behind, but appreciate being tagged! 4y
collegecatlady I‘m still on Wolves of the Calla but I‘ll get caught up eventually! 4y
MinDea @collegecatlady on a different note someone is sending you a make up package for #FeedAReader. Should be there around end of month. Again, I'm so sorry for the issues you've had with this swap. 😫 4y
Andrew65 Still not been able to start this yet. Currently reading two Chunksters, 944 Pages and 768 Pages. When I have finished these I shall get to it and read through and catch up. 4y
Andrew65 @TrishB Ditto! 4y
Andrew65 @MinDea 😂😂😂😂Looks like a similar theme for all of us! 4y
collegecatlady No problem! Thanks for letting me know! 4y
MinDea @Andrew65 I'm honestly relieved we're all in the same boat cause I am so behind and I really wnat to catch up! 4y
Andrew65 @MinDea We‘ve still got over a mo th to finish this book and it is shorter than the previous ones. I‘m sure I‘ll finish by 17th Feb. 4y
AnansiGirl Glad to know we‘re all on the same path with this one. I was slammed with overdrive/libby ebooks I was on wait list all downloading on the same day and Song of Susannah keeps getting shoved aside. 4y
BookwormM Is there any update on when we will hit the final book? 4y
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Wizard and Glass | Stephen King
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Hey #EpicKatetRead-ers! I am very behind this week (on reading in general 😆) but wanted to give everyone a chance to talk if anyone wants to discuss!
#TheDarkTower #Roland #Katet #TheDarkTowerChapterAWeek

MinDea Where is everyone in the series and how are you enjoying it? 4y
TK421 I'm still waaaaay behind. I love the insanity that is Blaine. 4y
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MinDea @TK421 Blaine is such a good character. I loved how just crazy he was. He was probably case book psychotic! He had no real rhyme or reason why a train would behave that way yet his backstory made it completely plausible and made sense in the end! 🤯 So good! 4y
tonyahoswalt 2 weeks behind I think. Maybe only one. I did just finish a library book though! Yay, progress! Lol 4y
Jovy I was close to being caught up last week but now I‘m another week off! I agree about Blaine - he‘s one of SK‘s more memorable characters despite his short stint in the book. Love the riddling in the train! 4y
BookwormAHN I'm caught up. I also loved Blaine. He was nuts and extremely entertaining. 4y
TrishB Not started still!! Sorry - life events have thrown me off track a bit...... 4y
MinDea No worries @TrishB. Hope everything is OK! 4y
GrilledCheeseSamurai I'm a week behind now. That's okay though cuz now I get to read more this week. 👌 4y
AnansiGirl Life threw me off track and I got behind . I‘ll be taking a stay-cation midweek and get myself caught up with Roland & Co. adventures. 4y
MinDea @GrilledCheeseSamurai @AnansiGirl I am 2 weeks behind! I picked it up past night but didn't make much progress. Hoping to this weekend. 4y
Andrew65 I am at least two weeks behind 😔, still on the first half of part II but final,y had a chance to pick it up again. Agree though Blaine was the best part of the series so far. 4y
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Wizard and Glass | Stephen King
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Starting this for the #EpicKaTetRead
Does anyone else have this cover? All the covers on Litsy were different.
#darktower #roland #katet #thedarktowerchapteraweek

Bookmark by @Bookartbookmarks Isn't it lovely?

TrishB Haven‘t seen that cover before! 4y
MinDea I have a totally different cover and have never seem that one. I think it is from the illustrations in my book though. 🤔🤔 4y
Bookartbookmarks ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ 4y
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Starting this one for #EpickatetRead! So excited to read this one again. #TheDarkTower #Roland #EpicBuddyRead

Also. This. Just. Happened. #Burley AND #Shadow sitting with me. Together!!! 😱😱😱😱😊😊😊😍😍😍 #CatsOfLitsy #DogsOfLitsy #Shippy @Zelma

Meaw_catlady Awww QTs !! 😻❤️ 4y
CouronneDhiver Aww Good babies ❤️ 4y
Zelma Omg, that is amazing!!!! 😍👏 4y
MinDea @Zelma Burley is being so good with Shadow lately 😍 It's so awesome seeing them getting along now! 4y
Zelma @MinDea you are so lucky! So loving and sweet. 4y
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The Waste Lands | Stephen King
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What do you believe causes things to happen?

Is it Fate? Are your choices and your life written out before you even existed?

Do you believe in "what will be, will be"?

Trashcanman It is what it is. There's no order. There's just growth and decay. 4y
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tonyahoswalt On one hand, I want to believe in fate. There are several connections between my and my husband's lives from before we ever met, even as children. But I also want to think we can change things. 4y
EadieB I believe that different opportunities are presented to us and we have the free will to accept or turn down these opportunities and based upon our decisions is which way your life will go. If I look back on my life I can see some type of force that has guided me to my decisions. Be it God or intuition, I‘m not sure, but my life has gone pretty well. I‘ve had a few bumps along the way but somehow made it through and has made me a stronger person. (edited) 4y
jmofo I don‘t believe in fate or a cosmic ledger. I suspect things cause other things but I also suspect we are so limited in our understanding we can never know what the truck is going on. 4y
jmofo This is it in a fun comic: https://xkcd.com/552/ 4y
MinDea @jmofo 😆😆 my degree is in Statistics (and I do that for a living) so that comic made me laugh! 4y
jmofo @MinDea that comic is basically me 4y
BookwormAHN @jmofo I agree. I also don't believe in fate and if there is some order to the universe we are not individually big enough to see it. 4y
jmofo @BookwormAHN I find I am compulsive about understanding things or finding causes, although I have no faith in getting it. I feel like a person who has to check the door one more time to be sure I locked it and that one more time is never the last. Do you have that? 4y
MinDea @jmofo I do that... Checking the door to see if it is locked... but I think that is OCD. 😆😆😆 (Or at least it is for me!) 4y
BookwormAHN @jmofo Absolutely, I can and will go overboard looking for answers and I love researching but I'm not always sure that some questions really have answers and those drive me nuts. 4y
BookwormAHN @MinDea @jmofo I also compulsively check to see if I've started the dishwasher 🤦🏼‍♀️ 4y
jmofo @MinDea Yeah, totally! That‘s what I‘m saying, but I‘m not OCD with doors, but with understanding, causality and purpose. I‘m always checking for it but I don‘t believe in them... but I might be mistaken or I overlooked something 😬 4y
jmofo @BookwormAHN that must be a super quiet dishwasher! 😆 4y
MinDea @BookwormAHN I have to check to make sure I turn off /unplug my curling iron like 3 times every day! 😆😆😆 4y
TrishB Interesting question! But are we answering based on our thoughts of the The Dark Tower or on our own beliefs? Personally, we an make decisions, but life is chaotic and things don‘t always work out. 4y
Megabooks I believe in free will. No predestination. Great question! 4y
MinDea @TrishB your own beliefs! We can talk about The Dark Tower this weekend! 🙌 4y
sudi I believe destiny in the end is just choices we make in life as humans, when we sometime makes wrong decisions we blame it on fate and if we take the right decision which proves beneficial to us, we say it didn't happen because of fate but our own ability. Basically fate is a thing humans created to blame for all the bad decisions they make in life . 4y
BookwormM I think given the exact same circumstances we would always make the same choice so predetermination is at work 4y
MinDea @Sudi. I always felt "fate" had a more positive connotation to it. Like "We met because of fate!" "Fate brought you here!", etc. So I think your response is very interesting! 4y
TK421 I have never believed in fate, destiny, or even luck. We may not be able to control all of our circumstances, but we can make our own choices. 4y
AnansiGirl Wow I‘ve never taken time to question whether or not I believe in fate, luck or destiny ever in my life. That is something I will have to debate on because I honestly don‘t know. (edited) 4y
ericas There's no such thing called free will, we're free to take whatever direction we want but ultimately there's only one which is good for us. Finding and following it is just a matter of time and speed we're able of to ride changement. 4y
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The Waste Lands | Stephen King
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Sunday football means cooking and reading for me! #Shadow is enjoying all the snuggle time today. #Shippy @Zelma

I am catching up quickly for #EpickatetRead. I love this series so much! It's so good. I am definitely catching things I didn't catch before and have so many things I want to discuss with everyone this weekend! #TheDarkTower #Roland

KatieanneF What a beautiful cat baby 💙💙 4y
MinDea Thank you @KatieanneF! 4y
Reviewsbylola Shadow is so pretty! 4y
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tonyahoswalt Shadow has such a sweet face! I'm looking forward to the discussion! 4y
MinDea @tonyahoswalt thank you! Now that I am actually reading it I remember how I felt/what I thought the first time reading this and now having finished the series and re reading my thoughts and feelings have changed but also have not changed. 😆😆 So I am really looking forward to the discussion! 4y
rubyslippersreads 😻😻😻 4y
tammysue 😻 4y
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The Waste Lands | Stephen King
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Finished this morning. I was already committed to finishing the series, but with this third book, I really started to enjoy it. Looking forward to the next one. After that ending, I may have to start early!
@MinDea #epicbuddyread #epickatetread #thedarktowechapteraweek #roland #katet

TheNeverendingTBR 💛💛 4y
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The Waste Lands | Stephen King
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#Chloe and I are all snuggled in for the night. She has a lot to say tonight. 😆 I am hoping to catch up on this one for #EpicKatetRead (I am so behind!!!) so I can be on time for the next one which is my favorite of the series (besides A Wind Through The Keyhole)
#CatsOfLitsy #TuxedoKittiesOfLitsy @mcipher
#TheDarkTower #Roland #StephenKing

MinDea @Jovy @GrilledCheeseSamurai @Fortifiedbybooks @AnansiGirl @tonyahoswalt @BookwormM @EadieB @BookwormAHN @Andrew65 @TK421 @ScientistSam @jmofo @TrishB I see some of you have already finished 👏👏👏 but wanted to see how you were all feeling about the series and if you all plan to continue on to the 4th book? 4y
BookwormAHN I'm starting to really enjoy this series. I'm definitely going to continue 😺 4y
alisonrose Omg that face! 🤣🤣🤣🤣 4y
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TrishB Definitely continuing - next is my fav too 👍🏻 4y
BookwormM Book 4 on order from library can‘t wait and this my first reading of the series 4y
Andrew65 I‘m continuing too, can‘t drop out mid series! 😂 4y
TK421 I just finished The Waste Lands. It was great!There is no way I can stop now. I have to see how the ka-tet continues their journey. I am really enjoying this series. 4y
JamieArc Chloe‘s face 😹 4y
EadieB Just started Wizard and Glass yesterday 4y
Jovy Yep definitely! 🙌🏼 4y
jmofo I‘m looking forward to to getting back into it. I was surprised that it has been a year since I finished the third book. This is my first read. 4y
TheNeverendingTBR 💙❤💙❤ 4y
laurenlovesliterature That face tho 😺 4y
tonyahoswalt Chloe looks excited(?) Unhappy? I don't know if she likes the book! Lol 4y
mcipher Awww! She looks like she is getting ready to sing to you! My Chloe is yowling up and down the hallway right now. 😝 4y
MinDea @mcipher she's purring in this picture 💙 Her purr sounds kind of like a raptor (that's what we call it anyways). It's very loud! 😆😆😆 Chloe doesn't yowl very much but Shadow yowls all the time. Especially during his zoomies! 😆 4y
GrilledCheeseSamurai Heck ya I'm in for book 4! Gonna finish Waste land off tomorrow and I'll be all ready. 👌 4y
AnansiGirl Hopefully my day off on Tuesday will get me caught up with The Waste Lands. Yes I definitely plan on continuing onward with book 4! 👍🏻 4y
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