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Demon Dentist
Demon Dentist | David Walliams
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The UK's #1 bestselling children's author, David Walliams, hailed as "the heir to Roald Dahl" by the Spectator, bursts onto the American market with Demon Dentistand this is one dentist appointment you don't want to miss.Something strange is happening in Alfie's town. Instead of shiny coins from the tooth fairy, kids are waking up to dead slugs, live spiders, and other icky, terrible things under their pillows. Who would do something so horrific? Alfie is sure that Miss Root, the new dentist in town, is behind it all. There's nothing Alfie hates more than going to the dentist, but to solve this mystery, he may have to book a dreaded appointment. . . .
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Demon Dentist | David Walliams
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It was a very catchy read and was one of my favourite David Walliams books
Always wanted to find time to read it

StillLookingForCarmenSanDiego Welcome to Litsy 💖📖💖 2mo
Readswithcoffee Welcome to Litsy 👍🏼📚📚📚👍🏼 2mo
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Demon Dentist | David Walliams
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I'd take a demon dentist to be honest, haven't been able to register with an NHS dentist since I moved to Oldham. #Demons #OctoberXFiles @Cinfhen @Robothugs

Cinfhen Not sure to laugh or to cry 😝 13mo
AmyG I have to go to the dentist today. NOOOOOOOOOO 13mo
arlenefinnigan @AmyG good luck! 13mo
Robothugs 😆😆 13mo
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Demon Dentist | David Walliams
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Sophie has joined me in my new library, I‘ll need to get another chair for her ❤️📚

Sarah83 Looks great 😍 14mo
saresmoore ♥️♥️♥️ 14mo
LeahBergen Aww, look at her! ❤️❤️ You‘ll be able to read side-by-side. ❤️❤️ 14mo
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DeborahSmall @LeahBergen I ended up sitting on the floor cushion! 😂 14mo
AlaMich Why do I not see a cat in the picture? 🧐 13mo
DeborahSmall @AlaMich I‘d love a cat but husband not a cat person.. I occasionally invite the local cats for parties 13mo
AlaMich @DeborahSmall So Sophie is your daughter? But I don‘t see a child in this photo either. Is this like one of those optical illusion pictures?? 😉 13mo
DeborahSmall @AlaMich she‘s the one reading 😘 13mo
AlaMich @DeborahSmall ahhhh...let‘s just forget this little exchange took place, shall we? 🤣 13mo
DeborahSmall @AlaMich 😂 brilliant 💕 13mo
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Demon Dentist | David Walliams
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This is my oldest reader dressed as the demon dentist. She's been at high school this week for her transfer days and is loving it. She made the tough decision to go to the high school she wanted not the one all her friends went to. Sorry this isn't really book related but more a proud mum moment and she does love reading as much as me.

RebelReader Brave girl! 💪 Very impressive! ❤️❤️ 1y
JoScho Good for her! ❤️❤️❤️ 1y
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kezzlou85 @ReadOrDieRachel thank you 💜 1y
kezzlou85 @RebelReader thank you I'm so proud of her. There's only 10 there with her from her old school. 1y
kezzlou85 @JoScho thank you, so brave of her and she's loving it. 1y
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Demon Dentist | David Walliams
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My girl had her first orthodontist consult today. In honor of that, her younger brother recommended this. 😂😂😂

robinb Hope all goes well for her! Both of mine had to deal with those as well. 😬 2y
Bourriquet76 @robinb Two more consults this week to see the options. She is NOT happy. 2y
Tanisha_A Haha. How cute! Hope she feels better soon! 2y
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Demon Dentist | David Walliams
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I like it. It‘s cool how they solved a mistery. And how they stoped the tooth witch. Also why does a dentist have pain inducing tools? Also beware the tooth witch

TracyReadsBooks Good review and good question. Why does the dentist have pain inducing tools? 2y
NoahReadsBooks She is the tooth witch 2y
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Demon Dentist | David Walliams
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Well, I had dental surgery today, and things went wrong. 😩😔🤕 You know it‘s bad (and honest) when the endodontist says it while you‘re getting it. Anyway, I‘m going to have to miss more work for him to correct it next week. Sigh. Sorry to complain, but at least I‘m sharing my bank robber selfie. 💜💜 to you all!! Thanks for being a supportive community. 👍🏻👍🏻😘😘

Megabooks But I‘m reading Sourdough, and it‘s a perfect distraction! 2y
DiruVamp Feel better soon! Sending positive juju and good thoughts your way 💜 2y
DeleteAcct Oh my!! I hope you heal quickly! 2y
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Buddys_Momma Positive vibes to you for comfort and quick healing!!💜💜 2y
ElyssaReads Oh no!! Hope you have some good pain meds and books in the meantime. Prayers the second round goes more smoothly! 2y
cariashley Ahhh feel better!! Dental issues are the WORST 2y
merelybookish Oh I'm so sorry!! Dental stuff is bad enough when it goes well. 😞😞 Healing wishes for a quick recovery. 2y
L_auren That‘s terrible!! But tbh this photo was still kinda funny. Rest up @Booksandcooks 2y
Scurvygirl Oh boy... rest up. Big hugs to you!! 💚💚You look fabulous!😁 2y
Leslie2 Hope the next procedure and your recovery goes well!*hugs* 2y
Laylafinn Wow sorry! My last visit to the dentist left my whole right side of my face black and blue, I had a women come up to me and ask if I needed help with my marriage !! 2y
Librarybelle I'm so sorry! Best wishes on your recovery! 2y
BibliophileMomma Sending positive vibes! Dental stuff is the worse! 2y
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks I‘m so sorry!!! I hope you get better soon!!! 😘❤️ 2y
readinginthedark 😕Hang in there! 2y
Prairiegirl_reading 😱at least you can read! I do hope you heal up quick and the rest goes well! 2y
angel1 Get better soon!! 2y
aschermetz What a bummer! Hang in there!!! 2y
Bookzombie Oh my goodness! I'm so sorry. I hope you have good pain meds and that you heal quickly from all of this. 💗 2y
CocoReads Hang in there. Dental work is the worst. 2y
Tamra Oh, I am so sorry. Careful hugs to you. 2y
writerlibrarian Keep calm and read. Dental surgery is my idea of hell. Good vibes and positives thoughts. Rest and get well. ❤️ 2y
kalinichta Oh, you poor thing. I hope it's all fixed soon (and correctly!). 2y
AndreaReads Oh no! Lots of positive get better quick thoughts are headed your way! Enjoy some audiobooks while you get some much needed rest! 2y
ralexist Wow...feel better soon! Rest and take all the drugs they give you :) 2y
rubyslippersreads Poor you! Feel better soon! 2y
Bostonmomx2 That sounds awful. There isn‘t much worse for me than the dentist 😕 hope you feel better soon. 2y
bunny How terrible! Good luck with your follow up next week and hope you feel better soon. 2y
Melwilk I‘m so sorry. I hope you are on the mend soon. 2y
Hazel0303 So sorry to hear about this. Feel better! 2y
LittleWonder Ugh! I'm sorry things didn't go well. Feel better. Hang in there and wishing you a speedy recovery (well, not too speedy because - books! 😉) 2y
TheLibrarian Feel better soon you poor thing. ❤️ 2y
Hollie Ouch! That looks painful! 2y
Lissa00 You definitely deserve to complain about this! Hope you feel bette soon. 2y
xicanti Oh no! I hope the next procedure fixes everything up. 2y
Jenken1998 Oh man.. sending you positive vibes! 2y
JacqMac That doesn't look fun at all. I hope things get better soon. 2y
Lcsmcat Oh no! I hope you get better soon. 2y
Karkar Get to feeling better soon! That contraption does not look at all comfortable. 2y
Megabooks Everyone‘s posts have made me feel so much better!! ❤️❤️❤️ 2y
Megabooks @Karkar Thank you. It‘s not too bad. 2y
Notafraidofwords Oh. No. Feel better. 2y
Zelma Omg, I am so sorry. That looks very uncomfortable! 2y
BarbaraTheBibliophage Aw honey. Sending you lots of gentle hugs and healing vibes!! 2y
OrangeMooseReads Oh no! I hope they gave you good pain medication. Here‘s to fast healing. 2y
mcctrish Seriously worst Monday!!! I hope you feel better soon and the follow up fix is way less painful when you meet up with oral surgeon next time 2y
cobwebmoth Aw! Gentle hugs to you! 2y
batsy I'm sorry you're going through that. All the good vibes that the follow up goes smoothly and you're feeling better soon! 2y
EllieDottie Im sorry! Sending hugs 💜❤️ 2y
AmyG Oy...hoping you feel better soon. 2y
LauraBrook Ugh. Nightmare! I suppose the only positive is missing work, though when you're in pain, probably that's not your first concern. Sending you healing energy, endless ice packs, and a decent nights sleep!💚 2y
LazyLibrary Oh no!!! Feel better soon! 2y
Redwritinghood Oh no! That looks awful. I hope it gets better soon. 2y
irre Feel better 💕💕 2y
NikkiDolson Oh no! I hope you feel better soon 2y
Weisubei Get well soon!! 2y
Beckys_Books Now I feel bad for thinking my Monday sucked. Yours was 9bviously way worse. I HATE dental work. Take care! 2y
JessClark78 Hope you get well soon! 2y
ptkpepe98 First of all, feel better. If needed, take drugs to ease the pain (legal only). Is it too soon to try to provoke a giggle by suggesting that you can say you're working on your Halloween costume because you want to win the contest this year? If it is, tell me what I owe you as restitution for being clueless.😬🤗 2y
erzascarletbookgasm Oh, no, looks painful :( Hope the follow up procedure will fix it up. 2y
NatalieR Ouch! Wishing you a quick recovery and a better outcome next week. 💜 2y
MaureenMc Yikes! Hang in there! 2y
ferskner Yikes! I hope you're still able to meet up in Saturday! 2y
NCNY Oh dear! Take good care of yourself. Hopefully you have something to help you sleep. Feel better!! 2y
Bostonmomx2 I just hope you got good drugs!! 2y
emilyhaldi Oh man!!! Feel better soon!🤕 2y
Jas16 Oh no! I am so sorry! 2y
BarbaraBB Oh man!! What a nightmare. I hope you‘ll feel better soon! 2y
Kalalalatja Hope you feel better soon, and that the next surgery will be better! 🤞🤞 2y
AugustRush Get well soon. 2y
kezzlou85 Hope the next surgery goes better and you feel great again soon x 2y
julesG Get well soon! 2y
Lizpixie Oh my god. What did he do to you?! 2y
stacybmartin This is terrible! Hope it goes way better next time! 💜 2y
MicheleinPhilly Jeebus! I hope you have some effective pain meds! 2y
Megabooks @ptkpepe98 😂😂 Yup! Halloween 🎃 2y
Megabooks @Beckys_Books I‘m sorry about your sucky Monday! 2y
Megabooks @ferskner I should be! Looking forward to it! 2y
Megabooks @Bostonmomx2 I did! 👍🏻 2y
Megabooks Thank y‘all so much!! Yes, I‘m on some good pain meds and sleepy. I had to go into work for a bit, but I‘m home and resting now. Love to you all! 💜❤️💜❤️ @Jas16 @BarbaraBB @Kalalalatja @AugustRush @kezzlou85 @julesG @stacybmartin @MicheleinPhilly 2y
Megabooks @Lizpixie drilled through my tooth into my gums! 2y
BlueStockingReviews So sorry for you! Looks painful! 2y
Eggs Oh noooo so sorry Meg-may your Meds rock you to relaxation ❤️ 2y
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Demon Dentist | David Walliams
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Back to the library. Top two for me, bottom two for child.

Demon Dentist | David Walliams
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I work in the dental industry, so Demon Dentist jumped out at me right away when I saw the #Audies2017 finalists I the Middle Grade category.

Demon Dentist | David Walliams

Considering the author is compared to Ronald Dahl, I didn't enjoy this as much as expected. At the end the book went to a dark place at the end so be prepared if it is read by a kid. Some problematic issues related to weight here that I didn't enjoy either. Still it did make smile a few times.

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