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This book was ridiculous. The girl on the cover is hangry for sure. It basically says while eating out one is limited to air, water, tortilla chips and a plethora of lettuce leaves- no dressing, few veggies, and absolutely no meat because they use high FODMAP spices in EVERYTHING. it was free on Kindle Unlimited so I‘m only out my time. ⭐️/5.

Book 2/12 of #BFC #BFCr3.

Texreader Ugh! Thanks for reviewing it for us and being honest! 5d
4thhouseontheleft Ugh! Sounds like a dud, but traveling on Fodmap is possible! I had to do it 2 years ago on a family vacation. We rented an apt with a kitchen which helped tremendously, but I was able to find a meal at every restaurant we went to. (edited) 5d
BlameJennyJane @Texreader ha ha. I‘m nothing if not honest! Lol. It was discouraging but there are so many other great books on this way of eating that I switched to one of those and feel less discouraged! 4d
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BlameJennyJane @4thhouseontheleft thanks for the encouraging sentiments! This is all new to me and all went to hell in a handbasket on our July vacation because we did some fast food and that‘s never been my thing... I was so sick. So... I think if we stick to real food restaurants it will be manageable. But I like the idea of getting a place with a kitchen best! 😁 4d
4thhouseontheleft @BlameJennyJane There are a lot of restaurants that will grill up some meat or fish with no seasonings, you just have to ask. Or burgers with a lettuce bun. And I carried small oil and vinegar bottles with me so I could add my own dressing to salads. 4d
BlameJennyJane @4thhouseontheleft excellent suggestions! Thank you so much! 🤗 4d
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I'm not sure if this is allowed, if not let me know & I'll delete. I'm in need of people to review my book. Whether your own blog, goodreads and/or Amazon. If interested message me. If you have any questions about the book beforehand just ask. Thanks

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1. My Twitter is marza@dumeer
2. I don‘t , I might, I am more of an email person, I have terrible handwriting 😕
2. Writing,I love to read but would love to learn even how to do good reviews,I have a hard time articulating what I want to say.
3. 🗣to two new friends @Socal1 @Reagan-reads

wanderinglynn Thanks for playing! 💜 2w
sudi Agree on #3 , i think about what i want to say about the book but when i actually start typing it comes out as something completely different 🙈 2w
Areader2 @sudi Its so frustrating ! 2w
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