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Joseph Anton | Salman Rushdie
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Joesph Anton was the pseudonym adopted by Salman Rushdie when he was #InHiding when he had a fatwa issued against him. The tagged books is a memoir of that time.

#NewYearNewYou @Eggs

Eggs Interesting!! 39m
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Hide My Eyes | Margery Allingham
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Eggs A lotta hidin‘ goin on!! 45m
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#NewYearNewYou Day 18: This horror pick by @BookishTrish with the #PinkCover was such a light, fun, engaging, entertaining read. Not my usual pick but I love being introduced to different types of storytelling and genre through our #ScreamsByMail #HorrorPostalBookClub

Eggs Nice choice!! 5h
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Eggs 😓👏🏻📚💕 5h
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Hidden | Helen Frost
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Secrets of a feather flock together...


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Eggs Omgosh I loved Irena, swallow man, and book thief!!!!!! Haven‘t read monuments men 19h
Blueberry @Eggs Monuments Men was made into a movie with George Clooney, Matt Damon, Bill Murray, John Goodman, Hugh Bonneville, Cate Blanchett, ... 13h
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Anne Frank: Life in Hiding | Johanna Hurwitz
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Day 17 - #InHiding #NewYearNewYou

A marvelous and readable introduction to Anne Frank and the Holocaust, this sensitive portrait allows the reader to identify with Anne Frank and to share her isolation, hopes, and fears. This biography tells both about the Frank family and their lives before World War II and their years spent in hiding during the war.

#AnneFrankLifeInHiding #JohannaHurwitz

Eggs Great book for young folk. I wonder if Holocaust is still taught in public schools..... 19h
Catherine_Willoughby @Eggs In Irish Schools History is no longer a compulsory subject in Junior Cert level (state exam taken around 15/16 years old). Leaving Cert (state exam for college points ) Modern history is taught but WW2 & Holocaust is slightly covered , our classes focus more on Irish Independence (1921) and the years after . Ireland tries to forget WW2 due many Irish ( my grandfather ) who serviced under the British Army. We are a natural state . 12h
Catherine_Willoughby @Eggs Germany students learn early about Nazi, WW2 and the Holocaust. Their history is drilled into them so it's not to be repeated . They must do speeches/reports and other class work around that period in their history . Each EU state covers WW2 different due to each countries unique pass to that time period. 12h
Eggs Thanks @Catherine_Willoughby for the thoughtful and detailed clarification on this. 12h
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Untitled | Unknown
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Thank you to eggs.


Today‘s Prompt: CREEPED OUT

All are “creepy,” but really good reads. :)

Any you have read?

All are reviewed on my blog.

Silver‘s Reviews


Eggs Great presentation Elizabeth! I‘ve read none of these, have read several of Lisa Jewell ‘s 23h
SilversReviews @Eggs Thanks about my presentation. ENJOY if you read any of them. 23h
Andrew65 I loved No Exit and The Family Upstairs So should obviously need to read the others! 22h
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SilversReviews @Andrew65 Enjoy if you read any of the others. 22h
Andrew65 @SilversReviews Looks like I would enjoy them. 22h
SilversReviews @Andrew65 🙂🙂🙂🙂 22h
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#NewYearNewYou Day 17: This book was seriously #InHiding in one of the Barnes and Noble shelves, until I liberated it and bought it while we were in the US a few weeks back. I hunted this book down, for sure. Green Apple doesn‘t have it; nor does Half Price Books in Dublin. My relieved face here says it all that my book hunting paid off!

Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks 🙌🏻💗🙌🏻💗 1d
Eggs Congratulations 🥳🤗 1d
Suet624 Yay!! 1d
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Cathythoughts Your smile always cheers me up ❤️👍🏻 1d
Crazeedi Glad you liberated the book!!❤ 1d
GatheringBooks @Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks 💕💕💕📚📚📚 17h
GatheringBooks @Eggs i know! it feels like such an accomplishment! 🤣😂😅 17h
GatheringBooks @Suet624 yay indeed! i held on it like clinging for dear life! 17h
GatheringBooks @Cathythoughts awww!! thanks sooo much! hugs! 🧚🏼‍♀️🧚🏼‍♀️🧚🏼‍♀️😍😍💕 17h
teainthelibrary I loved it so much 💖 14h
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11/22/63: A Novel | Stephen King
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Surprisingly I haven't been #creepedout yet by my first Stephen King! #newyearnewyou @Eggs

Marni This is your first Stephen King? This is a great book but definitely not the horror story most of his others are. Great choice! I recommend Misery if you haven‘t read any others. 1d
jenniferw88 @Marni yeah - I don't do horror - I can't watch The Matrix or Pan's Labyrinth as they're too scary! What's the level of scary in Misery? Also would I be able to cope with the Mr Mercedes trilogy? 1d
Marni I haven‘t read Misery since middle school so I honestly couldn‘t say. Just remember it was a page turner and definitely kept me on edge! So, not totally sure the scare level... Mr Mercedes for sure you could handle! 1d
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ljuliel I‘ve not read Misery and not seen the movie. That being said, I‘ve HEARD a small piece of the movie, which was enough to turn my stomach. Yuk. Try Bag of Bones. It‘s not scary and is a bit like a ghost story. Not bad at all. 1d
jenniferw88 @ljuliel thank you - i like ghost stories so going to stack Bag of Bones 1d
ljuliel Some other good ones that don‘t have graphic stuff would be The Green Mile and The Shawshank Redemption. Both very good books. 1d
Eggs King is the epitome of creepy 😳 1d
Cortg This was my 1st Stephen King book and I loved it! It's not scary or creepy but I loved the story and fell in love with his writing! I've read a few more of his books since this one. 1d
cajunsyd This one isn‘t like his creepy/scary novels, it‘s a bit different but really good! Enjoy! 1d
Cathythoughts Such a great book .... ❤️❤️❤️ 1d
Robin3 Reading it now loving it so far love Stephen King 1d
Mrsann2000 I do not usually read King/creepy however this is one of my favorite books ever! Enjoy! 3h
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