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Readathon: Occasional List : Geleentheidslys | Gauteng (South Africa). Education Media Service
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Here is a audiobook readathon for December. I love #LittenListen hosted by @aperfectmjk glad we have a Christmas edition of this popular readathon. Perfect to help rack up points for #WinterGames2021 I'm all in!📚📚📚🎄❤🎄🎁🎄

Magpiegem I really need to get my head around how the point work in the next week 😬 but I listen to books all of the time so I‘m sure I can win some points for the team that way! 2d
TheSpineView @Magpiegem 👍📖🎧 2d
Allylu I‘m in! 🎧💕🎄🤶 15m
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Hey everyone! I'll be hosting another round of #LittenListen to go along with #WinterGames for those audiobook fans out there. I'm working on the bingo card, I should have that finished this weekend. Everyone have a great Thanksgiving!

@StayCurious @Clwojick #TeamGameSleighers #MistletoeManiacs

SeaToSkyes Yay! 😁 Happy thanksgiving! (edited) 2d
Clwojick woohoo! 2d
BeeMagical OOOO!! Super interested in this! 2d
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Bookwormjillk Yay!! 2d
Texreader Whoohoo! I‘m in! 2d
Kdgordon88 Yay! 2d
Allylu Yay! I have been waiting to see this! Audiobooks are my jam! 😊🎶📚🎄🤶🎧 2d
TheSpineView Fabulous! Already starting to line up audiobooks for t bgg e games!🎄📖🎧 2d
BayouGirl85 Oooooh I want in on this. 2d
Kimberlone Looking forward to it! 1d
Roary47 Sounds like something I would like to get in on. 😊 1d
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#scarathlon #teamslaughter

Interesting take on monsters throughout American history. Really liked seeing all the ways perceptions twisted and monsters came to represent so many different things over different times

6 pts

#littenlisten #spookoweenreadathon #fallintoreading #itsbritneywitch #trickortreatathon #spooktober #20in4 #campweekendween
8*10*4=320+6=326 pts

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Made 5 bingo lines with the audiobooks I read this month for #LittenListen and #Scarathlon2021 #TeamHendrix.

Untitled | Unknown
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StayCurious Wow! So great! 3w
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Over the Falls | Rebecca Hodge
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So close to clearing the #LittenListen board this month, but I didn‘t end up reading any classics! Had I finished The Shining, I would‘ve counted that as a Halloween classic, but I decided to start four different books at the end of the month, and therefore didn‘t finish ANY of them 🖤🤪

Thanks again for hosting @aperfectmjk

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#Scarathlon2021 #TeamSlaughter #ReadWithUs #OutstandingOctober #Deweys #Challenge2021 #Wickedathon #LittenListen

Overall, I‘m not really impressed with my score(s) but, I had a blast & got to read with great friends & littens alike.

Thanks so much everyone for all the fantastic reading excuses! I look forward to next year‘s game😏😉

DieAReader @Clwojick So sorry I‘m late with these☹️ Bad🐿🧠yesterday🤦🏻‍♀️ 4w
Clwojick You did great! I‘m still finishing up all my readathon points now 🙈 4w
Clwojick Thank you for joking us this month! ❤️ 4w
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DieAReader @Clwojick 😏📚My pleasure! Thanks again for hosting!! 4w
DieAReader @Clwojick I forgot to add my podcast points (10) & am just realizing this now🤦🏻‍♀️😬 4w
Clwojick No problem! I can adjust your points on my spreadsheet! 4w
DieAReader @Clwojick Thank you so much! This🐿🧠seems to be around today as well (& happening with ridiculous frequency lately)😬😫🤦🏻‍♀️🤣🙄 (edited) 4w
Andrew65 Most important thing is that you had fun! 😍 4w
DieAReader @Andrew65 So very true! I really did enjoy myself📚😉 Thanks for all the Readathon fun🥰💕 Learning to relax & stress myself out less. It‘s not something I thought I needed to learn but, at almost 37, this is what I keep being told, in one way, shape or, form🤨🤣 (edited) 4w
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Here's my weekly stats for #TeamHendrix. I enjoyed participating in all the different readathons in October and managed to finish 20 books, which I don't believe I have ever managed to do in one month.
#Scarathlon2021 @StayCurious
#spookoween @TheSpineView
#screamathon @4thhouseontheleft
#LittenListen @aperfectmjk
#OutstandingOctober #20in4 @Andrew65
#readathon @DeweysReadathon

TheSpineView Fabulous 4w
Andrew65 Brilliant 👏👏👏 4w
StayCurious You did so well! 3w
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Final week points with my handsome boy Gambit! Thank you @StayCurious and @Clwojick for hosting #scarathlon2021 and thank you @aperfectmjk @4thhouseontheleft @TheSpineView and @StayCurious for hosting the readathons #Littenlisten #screamathon #spookoween #Wickedathon I had so much fun! Thank you all again! #TeamHendrix

TheSpineView Fantastic job! 4w
Clwojick Fantastic job! You killed it this month!🔪 Thank you for joining us! 🖤 4w
StayCurious Amazing job ! 3w
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Untitled | Anonymous
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My final post for #Scarathlon2021. I had a blast!

590 game points + 825 readathon points = 1,415 weekly points

Thank you to everyone who hosted a readathon in the month of October. It was such a fun month. Tagging you all below: ⬇️


Andrew65 Brilliant 👏👏👏 4w
DieAReader Awesome!🎉🎉 4w
Clwojick Awesome job! You killed it this month! Thank you for joining us🖤👻😈 4w
TheSpineView Fantastic job! Thanks for participating! 🧡🎃🧡📖🖤🧙‍♂️ 4w
TheAromaofBooks Yay!!! 4w
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