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The Last Hours
The Last Hours | Minette Walters
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When the Black Death enters England through the port of Melcombe in Dorseteshire in June 1348, no one knows what manner of sickness it is or how it spreads and kills so quickly. The Church proclaims it a punishment from God but Lady Anne of Develish has different ideas. With her brutal husband absent, she decides on more sensible ways to protect her people than the daily confessions of sin recommended by the Bishop. Anne gathers her serfs within the gates of Develish and refuses entry to outsiders, even to her husband. She makes an enemy of her daughter by doing so, but her resolve is strengthened by the support of her leading serfs...until food stocks run low and the nerves of all are tested by their ignorance of what is happening in the world outside. The people of Develish are alive. But for how long? And what will they discover when the time comes for them to cross the moat? Compelling and suspenseful, The Last Hours is a riveting tale of human ingenuity and endurance against the worst pandemic known to history. In Lady Anne of Develish - leader, saviour, heretic - Walters has created her most memorable heroine to date.
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The Last Hours | Minette Walters
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This was good but very slow and very long.

In the 1300s, bubonic plague is causing widespread death. While the (vile) Lord of the manor is away, Lady Anne hears of the pestilence and brings all her villagers inside the protection of the moat and cuts off contact with the outside world. Lady Anne and her people remain disease-free but eventually find their stores dwindling and some must venture out to see what's left of the outside world.

The Last Hours | Minette Walters
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Bummer deal. I‘ve enjoyed mysteries by Minette Walters, but this combo of historical fic and mystery is poorly written all round. The characters are static & wooden, there‘s tons of info-dumping, and the mysteries just… aren‘t. I do love a well-written Plague novel but my #Bookspin isn‘t it. Better luck next time. ⭐️1/2

TheAromaofBooks I'm not sure why, but I'm always extra disappointed when a book with a beautiful cover doesn't work out 😂 1y
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The Last Hours | Minette Walters
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I enjoyed every second I spent reading this. The Black Death is interesting on its own, but my favorite part was how the Lady of Develish and all of her serfs made accommodations so they could survive the pestilence. Lady Anne was ahead of her time in methods for cleanliness and sanitation, and the grace and love she showed each class of people that worked for her made her a pleasure to read about. Waiting on my hold for the second book!! So good.

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The Last Hours | Minette Walters
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Started this morning and loving it so far!!

Set in Dorsetshire, England in 1348 just as the Bubonic Plague makes landfall and begins to spread. This subject, time, and location are all in my wheelhouse and I‘m excited to have a book like this to fall into this weekend.

The Last Hours | Minette Walters
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DNF at 50%. I really wanted to like this book. I loved the medieval, Black Death in a small village setting, but the writing felt cheesy and none of the characters were particularly likeable. I don‘t want to read any more and I don‘t really care what happens to any of them so I‘m bailing. 🤷‍♀️

JazzFeathers Pity. The premise does sound great. And that cover! 3y
Caroline2 Yeah, it‘s disappointing. It‘s not that bad but I just don‘t want to red any more. A lot of people liked it so maybe it‘s just me and my restless mood at the mo! 😆 3y
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The Last Hours | Minette Walters
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1. My parents married one week after meeting in person.
I sang at Carnegie Hall, my favorite ice cream flavor is vanilla.
2. What The Dead leave behind, The Last Hours, The Cruel Prince
3. Belle, to discuss books.
Thanks for the tag @Butterfinger
Anyone else want to play? #litsylearn

Alora Hello! Thank you for playing 💜💜 3y
Alora That would be so cool to meet Belle! 😍📚 3y
Alora Is the lie that your favourite ice cream flavour is vanilla?! Ahhhh now I want ice cream even thought it‘s insanely cold! 🍦 Lol 3y
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Butterfinger I'm guessing vanilla is not your favorite flavor. 3y
Eggs I think I‘m exhausted or dyslexic—I read the first sentence as my parents married after meeting in “prison” 🤪😳🤣 3y
Chrissyreadit @Eggs 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 3y
Chrissyreadit @Butterfinger @Alora no vanilla for me! 3y
mabell 1. !!! 👏👏👏 3y
Avanders Crazy — my parents married 10 days after meeting!! 🤭🤭 3y
Chrissyreadit @Avanders That is crazy!!! I‘m not the only one!!! ❤️❤️❤️ 3y
Rina_Black @Avanders And I thought my parents were crazy, they married 5 months after meeting each other 😄 Now I see it's quite a long time. 3y
Chrissyreadit @Rina_Black 5 months was the slow track 😂🤣😂 3y
Avanders @Rina_Black @Chrissyreadit lol the slow track 😂 my husband and I were engaged after 9 months (which is also fast!), but then we waited over 3 years to actually get married 😁😁 My parents stayed married 43 years until my dad died ... that‘s some commitment! 3y
Chrissyreadit @Avanders my parents were married 30 years- until my dad died too. I married my husband a year after we met- but one week before our daughter was born- 🤣My brother and SIL tried to fix me up with him a year before though.... 3y
Avanders That‘s awesome — I love how relationships have these fascinating stories... my husband remembers seeing me at a local art fest almost 2 years before we actually met... and he worked with my best friend at the time for almost a year before we met.... something to be said for “right time” I guess. 😁 3y
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Last Hours (Original) | Minette Walters
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Giving audiobooks another go. My library didn‘t have this but Hoopla did.

Set in Dorset in the 1340s, this will count for England in the #ReadingEurope2020 challenge. Sorry, but I can‘t lump all of the UK countries into one so I‘ll find some other choices for Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland.

KarouBlue Super curious about this one! 3y
rabbitprincess My mum has this book! I will have to borrow it from her sometime. 3y
umbrellagirl @MellieAntoinette I‘m enjoying it so far. There is also a sequel. 3y
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umbrellagirl @rabbitprincess yes, do. It‘s good. 3y
Librarybelle Good choice! I just finished this book and loved it! 3y
umbrellagirl @Librarybelle it was your post that reminded me of it 🙂 3y
Librarybelle @umbrellagirl ❤️❤️❤️ 3y
BarbaraBB Great idea to read a book for all UK countries 3y
umbrellagirl @BarbaraBB it‘s personal 🙂 3y
BarbaraBB I understand! Where do you live? 3y
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The Last Hours | Minette Walters
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1. Reading, playing games and watching movies, prepping for challenges.
2. The Last Hours
3. @SShiney @SilverButtonBooks @saigeofgreengables
Thanks @Cupcake12 for the tag!

Eggs Thanks for playing Christina ❣️ 3y
saigeofgreengables Thank you for the tag! And happy New Year!!😊 3y
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The Last Hours | Minette Walters
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Who would have thought a novel about the Black Death could be so engaging and, as Julian Fellowes says, enthralling? The will to survive in a land turned desolate is a big theme, but also ingenuity. Secrets play such a huge role too in this. Walters is a masterful storyteller. Lady Anne is an amazing character, and I can‘t wait to see what happens next!

Thanks to everyone who joined in for the #LiteraryCrew #Buddyread . The ending!! 😨


Librarybelle And, at a staggering 540+ pages, I‘m using this for the #MoreThan350Pages prompt for #YeahBaby #BBRC @LibrarianRyan 3y
Andrew65 I‘m sorry I missed this read. 😔 3y
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Andrew65 The time is coming along nicely. 3y
Jerdencon I really enjoyed this book and hope to start the next one in a few days! I had a feeling that Eleanor would be pregnant but not in the way she is - but I should have realized that. Really like Lady Anne and love how the boys with Thaddeus have matured. 3y
Librarybelle @Jerdencon Yes! I had a feeling she would be pregnant and was then filled with dread that Sir Richard is to blame. I too should not have been surprised, but maybe I hoped that his own daughter wouldn‘t be a victim? I‘m glad you‘re continuing on...I know I‘m looking forward to it! 3y
Chrissyreadit I really appreciated how the story tied together. I like how Thaddeus helped the boys grow. I also thought Lady Anne‘s choice to give Eleanor the truth was important. I have so many other thoughts- I wonder what it must have been like at that time. I also think that there have always been progressive thinkers in all historical times. I‘m glad for this here- I would love to know more of Lady Anne‘s back story. 3y
Librarybelle @Chrissyreadit I too think there have always been progressive thinkers in each historic time. Some were more accepted than others. I can‘t even begin to imagine how traumatic the Black Death must have been, with the fear and the unknown associated with it. And yes, knowing more of Lady Anne‘s backstory would have been great! 3y
Sace I actually didn't see the pregnancy coming, but I do tend to check my brain when I read and I rarely make predictions or see the obvious (perhaps I'm a crappy reader.) I was skeeved by Sir Richard and Eleanor from the get go, but maybe I was in denial because it made me so uncomfortable. 3y
Librarybelle @Sace Their relationship left me uncomfortable too, even before this revelation! 3y
umbrellagirl I just looked for this at B&N but they didn‘t have it at my branch 🙁 3y
Chrissyreadit @Sace I did not see the pregnancy and sir Richard coming either! I just could not understand how she could be lady Anne‘s daughter and felt so much better that she wasn‘t! 3y
Sace @Chrissyreadit oh I agree with you there! 3y
BethM @Chrissyreadit me too! @Librarybelle thanks for the excellent pick! I probably wouldn‘t have found this on my own! 3y
Librarybelle @BethM So glad you liked it! Thanks for joining the buddy read! 3y
CoverToCoverGirl Thank you @Librarybelle for getting me to bump this on up to the top of my TBR pile! A perfect pick! 😊 3y
CoverToCoverGirl I suspected the relationship between Sir Richard and Eleanor because of how it was portrayed but I didn‘t see the pregnancy coming @Sace @Librarybelle @Jerdencon @Chrissyreadit Definitely an intense and thrilling storyline that certainly was very uncomfortable to take in at times. (edited) 3y
Librarybelle Yay, @CoverToCoverGirl ! So glad you liked it, and thank you for joining the buddy read! 3y
LibrarianRyan I love a good double and trip dip~! 3y
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The Last Hours | Minette Walters
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We‘re on our final week of the latest #LiteraryCrew #BuddyRead ! I have a few more pages in last week‘s section to finish up, but I‘m also getting ready for book two in January (post on this to come out later today or tomorrow). What are your thoughts as we enter this final segment of reading?

Jerdencon I am all caught up and ready to start the last part. I am enjoying it but not really sure where it‘s going with the new town that Thaddeus and the boys are in and how it will all tie together. 🤫 3y
Chrissyreadit Ahhh! I have to look up this section because I‘m not sure where one begins and ends- but I loved the way the boys learned to manage themselves and become more cohesive. I also liked the section with cats - I hope it‘s here! 3y
Sace I'm enjoying the boys growth and developing maturity. At the same time I'm freaking out about fleas, too. 😂 3y
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CoverToCoverGirl Oh can‘t wait to read the cat part @Chrissyreadit ... I agree the fleas and the rats are very disturbing but then again so are many other things too @Sace .. I‘ll have to wait to view your comment @Jerdencon 3y
BethM I love the boys‘ growth. 3y
Sace Oh I'm just getting to the cats and it's hilarious! 3y
Sace Eleanor's parentage.... Ohhhh. Lady Anne's attitude makes so much more sense now. 3y
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The Last Hours | Minette Walters
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I‘m so happy to be part of Litsy! And since three milestones converged in December I will give a book to three people from their TBR‘s. Post and share your favorite read of this year and your most anticipated read for 2020. I will pick a winner in three days- (yes on Christmas Day). Be sure to tag me and use #Thankyougiveaway so I can throw your name in the bowl. Books will be purchased and shipped either through book depository or amazon.

Librarybelle Congratulations, and what a nice giveaway! Thank you! 3y
LeahBergen Oh, how nice! 👏🏻👏🏻 3y
Suet624 Congrats!!! 3y
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NeedsMoreBooks Congratulations 🎉 3y
mabell That is awesome! Congratulations on your 3 milestones!! 🎉🎉👏👏 3y
Bookzombie Congratulations!!! 3y
erzascarletbookgasm How lovely! Congratulations! 👏 3y
Lizpixie Congratulations!🎉🎉🎉 3y
Sleepswithbooks Milestones are so special!! Congratulations 🥳 3y
Sace 🎉🎉🎉 Congrats! 3y
wanderinglynn Congrats! 🎉👏🏻🥳 3y
sudi Yay!! Congratulations 🎉🎉🎉👏👏👏 3y
Cinfhen Congrats and thanks for the generous giveaway 💞🎉💞 3y
Cinfhen So excited to see #Booked2019 as one of your milestones 😁🙌🏻 3y
umbrellagirl Congratulations! Just entered. 3y
Texreader Congratulations on all your milestones!! Have a glorious Christmas!! 3y
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The Last Hours | Minette Walters
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Final total for #11thHourReadathon . I‘m also playing g catch up for #LiteraryCrew and am about to start the prior week‘s section.

This is such a good and haunting book. In many aspects, the revolutionary ideas presented on disease prevention are way ahead of its time, and yet it‘s these ideas that may make some survive the Black Death. I‘ll post a little later with my thoughts on the book, as the #buddyread moves into its final week of reading.

Librarybelle Thank you for hosting, @EclecticReaders ! 3y
CoverToCoverGirl I can‘t wait until I get to finish it today! 3y
Sace I'm going to savor this last section. So glad we'll be continuing! 3y
EclecticReaders You're welcome! That's a great time! Thanks for reading with us 🥰 3y
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The Last Hours | Minette Walters
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It‘s Week 5 #LiteraryCrew #BuddyRead participants! Once again, I‘m a little behind, but I can‘t wait to hear what everyone thinks about the week 4 reading! Feel free to comment below.

Also, the next read will be book two, The Turn of Midnight. Instead of assigned readings each week, what if we say January is dedicated to Midnight? I can post prompts throughout the month, and we can discuss fully at the end. What do you think?

Chrissyreadit Perfect! 3y
Jerdencon Sounds good to me- I already have the book! 3y
BethM That sounds awesome to me! 3y
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Mollyanna Sounds like a plan! Looking forward to the next book. 3y
Sace Sounds great to me. I was already starting to feel sad that there's only two weeks left. I'm thrilled there are plans to continue. 😁 3y
lele1432 Yes sounds good! 3y
TamAnder Enjoying this read, although a bit behind the chapter goals. At this point, I‘d like to throw Eleanor into the moat. (Pg228) I‘ll jump in on January once I see how the next two weeks shake out. 3y
CoverToCoverGirl Late checking in, busy week. Excellent idea.. Such a good read, I can‘t wait to turn each and every page! So happy that we‘ll be jumping right into the next book! @TamAnder lol I agree Eleanor should be tossed into the moat. It might precipitate an attitude adjustment which she so sorely needs. 3y
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The Last Hours | Minette Walters
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What an excellent read! I loved all the characters minus Eleanor. But if an author can write a character that you hate, it‘s the mark of a good author. #tbrread #wintergames #tmskellington

Crazeedi Yes, and the sequel is good too! 3y
BethM @Crazeedi I‘m listening to it now! 3y
coffees 16pts!! 12-11 very true! 3y
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The Last Hours | Minette Walters
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#LiteraryCrew #BuddyRead ers...welcome to Week Four of our readings! Week Three saw a more complicated plot line. What are your thoughts from this week? Mine appear in the comments, under a spoiler tag.

Librarybelle I am not surprised by Eleanor‘s actions, and the way that she pitted the young men against each other for her attention. She‘s very calculating. I‘m nervous for Thaddeus, who seems to have so many heavy decisions on his shoulders, and the way he handles this current situation - taking the boys with him, shows he sees so much more than people realize. It‘s a bold move, but one that will save everyone. Also, Lady Anne is amazing! 3y
Sace I wasn't surprised by Eleanor's actions at all. I am a bit confused though...it did not seem super obvious to me that she was guilty, but I confess I was not reading carefully because I was playing last minute catch up this morning. 3y
Jerdencon Not surprised by Eleanor either - and I am a little confused about Thaddeus reasons for leaving so suddenly - can‘t wait for the next section. 3y
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BethM Once you get to the next section he explains his reasons which make a ton of sense. If the boys didn‘t do it she‘s the only one left. She‘d have a slew of MH diagnoses today 🤣 3y
Chrissyreadit I really like how community is developing. I was not surprised by Thaddeus taking the boys, or Eleanors behavior. I was more surprised by then priest, although that too is wrapped up by the end of the book. 3y
Sace @BethM I'm sorry MH? I don't understand 3y
Sace @Chrissyreadit what does that say about me that I wasn't surprised by the priest at all. 😔 3y
Lauram I‘m here! I‘m here! I‘m a bit behind with reading, but I love reading the comments and am getting just enough information to see where things are going. 3y
Chrissyreadit @Sace it says you have a realistic view of how religion has been used 😁 3y
BethM @Sace mental health. At minimum she has a few personality disorders! 3y
Chrissyreadit @BethM I think the end explained a lot.... 3y
BethM @Chrissyreadit I still think she‘s deranged. 3y
Sace @BethM Ah! Now I understand.... And agree! 3y
Chrissyreadit @BethM yes- deranged but we have better understanding of why. 3y
BethM @Chrissyreadit it definitely adds to it, but i feel like the ship sailed even before then. 3y
Librarybelle Great discussion so far, everyone! @Sace @Jerdencon @BethM @Chrissyreadit 3y
Librarybelle @Lauram I understand about being behind on reading. Catch up whenever you can! 3y
Jerdencon @BethM totally psychiatric- but so was her father 3y
CoverToCoverGirl The priest is a toad!! And as I feared Eleanor has escalated and I‘m not exactly surprised by her actions either @Sace @Chrissyreadit @Librarybelle Staring the next section now! 3y
Sace I'm really glad there are more good characters (Lady Anne and Thaddeus for example) that balance out the completely disgusting characters. 3y
Sace Oh....and there better be a whole lot of comeuppance! 3y
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The Last Hours | Minette Walters
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Playing catch-up for the #LiteraryCrew #buddyread and came across this quote in the week two reading. I love quotes that give me pause and almost take my breath away.

Lady Anne‘s words: “‘It will be as if we never existed if our history cannot be read.‘”

Crazeedi Good book 3y
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The Last Hours | Minette Walters
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#LiteraryCrew #buddyread friends: we‘ve finished week two of our reading! I‘m playing catch up today on this section, but I‘m loving this book so far! I also ordered book two, so we‘re totally reading that book next.

What are your thoughts on this section? Please use the spoiler tag if you think your comments are spoiler-worthy.

I love reading the enthusiasm for this book in your posts!

Jerdencon I caught up yesterday and am loving this book! Will request the 2nd from the library so I‘m ready for the next one! 3y
Mollyanna I‘m a little behind but hoping to catch up today or tomorrow. I‘m excited to read the second one next 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 3y
Sace I'm excited for the second book! 3y
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Sace Thoughts - how did Eleanor end up so awful? Did her mother have so little influence? Or am I overthinking a plot device? 🤣 3y
Librarybelle @Jerdencon @Mollyanna @Sace Hooray! I‘m glad you would like to continue with this story! 3y
Librarybelle @Sace Good question! Eleanor is horrible...I wonder if we learn more as the story progresses. 3y
Mollyanna @sace @librarybelle I think it‘s the influence of her father and his disrespect for Lady Anne. It gives Eleanor a reason to ignore her mother‘s guidance. I do hope that we learn more about Lady Anne‘s early life at the convent and with her husband. 3y
CoverToCoverGirl Eleanor is horrible @Sace it‘ll be interesting to see what happens with her. Very excited to be doing the next book.. well next! Lol. I think you‘re correct @Mollyanna in part, but I also think that she believes in the class system so she definitely feels superior and entitled because of it. (edited) 3y
Sace @Mollyanna I think Sir Richard (heh...Dick) has no respect for any woman, but he basks in the glory of Eleanor's hero worship and even encourages it. Lady Anne is practical and realistic and tries to balance Richard's indulgence with Eleanor...much to Eleanor's annoyance. I'm hoping that as the story unfolds, Eleanor matures and becomes a more fleshed out character. Right now she feels a little one dimensional. 3y
Sace Also tagging @CoverToCoverGirl for ⬆️ 3y
Chrissyreadit @Sace @CoverToCoverGirl @Librarybelle Eleanor adds some good conflict - to an already highly conflicted situation. This is one of the few times I wish I had drawings of the setting and characters. I also wonder how Lady Anne grew into herself? She was clearly married into a difficult marriage but has so many skills- I think she is a product of the enlightenment. 3y
Sace @Chrissyreadit and so many of those skills she learned at the convent. 3y
CoverToCoverGirl She definitely more enlightened @Chrissyreadit and I sense that Eleanor is only going to become even more disagreeable as her character develops @Sace .. I‘m settling in now to read this week‘s recommended chapters. 3y
Chrissyreadit @Sace @CoverToCoverGirl @Librarybelle I think Anne and Eleanor of Aquitaine would have gotten along. 3y
Librarybelle @Chrissyreadit I like that thought! 3y
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The Last Hours | Minette Walters
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I LOVED this book! I listened on audio- but I def want a hard copy- this will be in my favorites of the year and decade ❤️❤️❤️ @Librarybelle I‘m so glad you are hosting a buddy read- this was not on my radar and I would have really missed out.

Librarybelle Yay! I‘m so glad you liked it! Thanks for joining the #literarycrew #buddyread ! 😁 3y
Chrissyreadit @BethM what do you think so far? 3y
Crazeedi This was an excellent book! Book 2 is great too 3y
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BethM I‘m absolutely loving it! 3y
Sace Yes! I feel lucky to have seen the post from @Librarybelle. I'm not going to express myself well, but it feels a bit like Pillars of the Earth but with a female voice....which makes a difference. 3y
CoverToCoverGirl I concur! An excellent read so far! 3y
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The Last Hours | Minette Walters
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We‘re starting week two today for the latest #literarycrew #buddyread . England in 1348, with the advance of the bubonic plague.

To those reading - any thoughts to share so far?

I wanted to keep reading! For me, the narrative is well-flowing and captivating. More comments as spoilers below ⬇️⬇️⬇️

Librarybelle I really like Lady Anne, who feels so much wiser and stronger than any woman of that time. Her ideas on medicine and cleanliness are revolutionary for that period, and I‘m rooting for her in this book. I liked the sprinkling of her diary entries as well. 3y
Jerdencon I really liked the first four chapters too and made myself stop at chapter 4. 3y
Sace It's going to be hard to stop every week! 3y
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Chrissyreadit I love this book, I only have one hour left on the audio. I will def listen to the sequel too. I‘m looking forward to the discussion 3y
Sace Lady Anne seems almost like an anachronism to me. And I watch too much soapy entertainment because I'm dreaming up Thaddeus plot twists. (hidden as spoiler just in case.) 3y
Sace @Chrissyreadit whaaat? Sequel?! 3y
Librarybelle @Sace Yes - I wonder what we will see with Thaddeus 3y
Librarybelle @Sace @Chrissyreadit Yes, there‘s a sequel that came out earlier this year. I think this is meant to be a trilogy. Maybe we should read book two as the next book?? 3y
Librarybelle @Jerdencon I know! So hard to stop! 3y
Crazeedi @Librarybelle @Sace @Chrissyreadit @Jerdencon I have read both books! Enjoyed both of them. In fact I was trying to decide who might enjoy getting them. Didn't see/realize you were doing a buddy read 3y
BethM I‘m loving this book! I can‘t keep to the schedule! 3y
Sace @Librarybelle Well I just ordered the second book as soon as I saw @Chrissyreadit mentioned it so I'm in! 😂 3y
Mollyanna I am really enjoying this book. The writing is beautiful and lyrical. It keeps you so involved in the story. 3y
Chrissyreadit @Librarybelle I can‘t wait too long to read the second book! I get my new audible credits Dec 5.... 3y
Librarybelle @BethM I have a feeling none of us will be keeping to the schedule! 😂 3y
Librarybelle @Mollyanna Glad you‘re enjoying it! 3y
Librarybelle @Sace @Chrissyreadit I‘m waiting until Friday to buy book two! 3y
Sace @Librarybelle It's really hard to stick to the schedule! 🤣 At the same time, I've been off work so maybe it's good that each chunk is not super long. When I start back to work I will still be able to catch up on weekends. 3y
CoverToCoverGirl I‘m in if you want to do the sequel next! I find the entire book riveting — the setting, the characters - I find it very atmospheric. It‘s like I‘m there watching the whole story unfold before my eyes. 3y
Librarybelle @CoverToCoverGirl Great description! I totally agree! 3y
CoverToCoverGirl I can‘t wait to see what happens when Anne‘s smarmy husband shows up.. he‘s such a distasteful character and so is her daughter Eleanor. I‘ll definitely be reading on this evening, after my company departs. 3y
Laughterhp I‘m starting this today! I‘ve only read Ch 1 but I‘m intrigued! 3y
lele1432 I'm up for reading the sequel as the next book! Really enjoying it so far. Also, my husband's name is Thaddeus and it's pretty unusual, so that's been interesting lol. 3y
Laughterhp I just finished the first 4 chapters and am really loving this book. I don‘t think I‘ll stop reading and will probably not stick to the schedule! (But we‘ll see). I really like Lady Anne and I‘m glad so far there hasn‘t been too much of her daughter in the story. I‘m definitely interested to see what happens when her husband shows up. 3y
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The Last Hours | Minette Walters
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Ready to start the tagged book tonight for #literarycrew 😀

Tamra I hope you like the Setterfield! (edited) 3y
Librarybelle Yay! 3y
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The Last Hours | Minette Walters
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Tomorrow begins the next selection for the #LiteraryCrew #Buddyread . I‘m anxious to begin this tale! Feel free to join us...this is a low key buddy read with weekly check ins. Feel free to post with #LiteraryCrew , and don‘t forget to tag me!

Laughterhp Just picked up my copy from the library! (It‘s a bit thicker than I thought 😂) 3y
Marmie7 I just received a copy in the mail and I couldn't remember why I ordered it😂 3y
Chrissyreadit I love it!!! One of my favorites for the year so far. 3y
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Pamwurtzler Glad I saw this - I‘ll join! 3y
CoverToCoverGirl Thank you for the reminder! 3y
Librarybelle @Laughterhp Haha! It is a bit thick! 3y
Librarybelle @Chrissyreadit Awesome! 😁 3y
Librarybelle @Pamwurtzler Hooray! Welcome! 3y
Librarybelle @CoverToCoverGirl You‘re welcome! 3y
Sace I'm so excited! 3y
Jerdencon Picking up my copy from the library tomorrow: 3y
BethM I‘ve already started and am loving it! 3y
Mollyanna Got my copy from the library and am ready to go. Looks good! 3y
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The Last Hours | Minette Walters

Is it wrong of me to root for Eleanor‘s death?

Chrissyreadit Ha! She‘s such a lovely young girl. 3y
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The Last Hours | Minette Walters
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Did some audio baking before football. @Librarybelle I‘m really enjoying this book! This is also snack round 1 for #mrbook1inamillion #litsypartyofone #24b4monday

Librarybelle That looks delicious! So glad you‘re enjoying the book so far! 3y
Lynnsoprano Oh, yum! 3y
BethM @Librarybelle @Lynnsoprano thanks! There‘s a little cinnamon and cardamom in there too. 3y
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Andrew65 @Librarybelle That is definitely delicious looking. 3y
Andrew65 A book I want to read. 3y
CoffeeCatsBooks Pretty! 🍰 3y
Curly_Reader Lol I‘m about to make cupcakes. 3y
MrBook I‘m coming over for some snack! 😳🤤 3y
BethM @MrBook come on over 😂 I just made brats and chili cheese dip! 3y
MrBook *runs to car and fires up the engine...screeches onto the street in reverse...puts car into OVERdrive* 3y
BethM @MrBook 😂 3y
Avanders This looks so fun. 😍 Ooooh and brats and chili cheese dip too?! 🤤🤤 3y
BethM @Avanders a typical WI Sunday! 😂 3y
Avanders Lol totally!! 😂 3y
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The Last Hours | Minette Walters
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Am enthralled with this book! Downloaded because of a read along hosted by @Librarybelle If you like historical fiction, plague and great characters check it out! I will want an in hand copy of this - if only to be able to loan to friends.

MamaGina I have this ebook, sounds like I need to get to it sooner rather than later!🤓 3y
CoverToCoverGirl I‘m all set for the buddy too! It‘s been on my shelf for awhile. 3y
Chrissyreadit @CoverToCoverGirl I‘m so glad I started this book! 3y
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CoverToCoverGirl Now I really can‘t wait to start! Historical fiction is my favourite genre. 3y
DrexEdit Apparently this is already on my TBR, so stacking here. The first of two (so far) according to goodreads. 👍 3y
Librarybelle I‘m so glad you like it so far! @MamaGina @DrexEdit If you‘re interested in the buddy read, search for #literarycrew . I posted the suggested reading timeline, but it‘s very low key, so read at your own pace! And, @CoverToCoverGirl , I‘m so excited to start this! 3y
DrexEdit @Librarybelle thanks so much for the invite. I'm actually considering it even though I'm overbooked already. 😅 My library's catalog is down for maintenance tonight so I'll have to see if I can get a copy tomorrow. It's not available as an ebook in my system. 3y
MamaGina @Librarybelle Oh, this is excellent, I‘ll definitely participate 🙌🏼🤓 3y
Sace My copy just got delivered! I'm so excited! 3y
Sace @DrexEdit overbooked is the reason I end up lurking most of the time 🤣 3y
DrexEdit @Sace overbooked is just a permanent state of being anymore. 😂😂👍 3y
Chrissyreadit @DrexEdit I seriously did not think I could swing it - but it is so good! Just read what time allows. 3y
Chrissyreadit @Sace me too! Overbooked and overwhelmed but determined to self care soothe and this totally hit the spot! 3y
BethM Im totally into it too! 3y
Chrissyreadit @BethM did you do book or audio? 3y
BethM Audio 3y
Tamra I‘m anxious to read! 3y
Bookzombie I keep stacking books you post! 3y
Chrissyreadit @Bookzombie I look forward to hearing what you think. This was a great few weeks. 3y
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The Last Hours | Minette Walters
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The next #LiteraryCrew #Buddyread will be The Last Hours! We‘re traveling to England in the 1300s, when the Black Death stalked the country.

We‘re a low key buddy read group - the above timeline is a suggested reading time line. Read at your own pace. I check in with everyone at the end of a read week. Please use the listed hashtags and tag me in any posts you make. I‘m tagging those who have expressed interest in this book. All welcome to join!

CoverToCoverGirl Tag me please! I‘d love to join in. 3y
Sace Oh wow! This sounds good and the hardback was on Amazon for less than $9. Not sure how active I'll be but the timing might be good for me. Tag with lowered expectations please 😁 3y
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Librarybelle @Sace Welcome! 3y
CoverToCoverGirl I‘ve had this one sitting on my TBR shelf for some time. It‘ll be my first book by her. Thanks. 3y
Librarybelle @CoverToCoverGirl I‘ve wanted to read this for awhile, too. I‘m glad so many others are interested to read this as well. 3y
Laughterhp Requesting from my library now! 3y
Lauram Black Death? I‘m in!!! 3y
Mollyanna Just requested it be shipped to my library from one of the other branches. Love the Black Death era. 3y
Librarybelle Wonderful, @Mollyanna ! 3y
Chrissyreadit I just downloaded it on audible. I‘m reading in another buddy read and taking two classes but have high hopes I can listen while I do dishes . 3y
Marmie7 This sounds like a interesting read! Mind if I join in? 3y
Librarybelle @Marmie7 Happy to have you join! 3y
lele1432 So excited for this one! 3y
Tamra I will definitely read it, but 😩 I won‘t get to start it until after I finish up my class in December. I am disappointed it isn‘t available on audio from the library. Keep tagging me and thank you for organizing!!! 3y
Librarybelle @Tamra Will do! 3y
Jerdencon Going to request from the library today! Thanks for including me! I am 1/2 way through the Lost Queen and liking it 3y
Librarybelle Awesome, @Jerdencon ! So glad you‘re liking The Lost Queen too! 3y
Chrissyreadit @BethM this is the other one- it sounds like a book I would like. 3y
BethM I‘m going to hop on to this! 3y
Librarybelle Awesome, @BethM ! 3y
Chrissyreadit I‘m definitely in! I‘m up to Chapt 5 on audio and love it! 3y
Sace I just realized that my two week vacation starts Nov 16....this was meant to be. I can at least stay on schedule for the first part. 3y
Librarybelle Awesome, @Sace ! 😁 3y
TamAnder Excellent! 😊 3y
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The Last Hours | Minette Walters
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#7Days7Covers #CoverCrush Day 5

Anyone who would like to play, please join in! Post 7 book covers that you love over 7 days, with no explanation.

Amiable Ooh, I like that cover. And the blurb in the front looks enticing, too. 4y
batsy So pretty. 4y
robinb Very pretty! 4y
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The Last Hours | Minette Walters
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I thoroughly enjoyed this book. The author has a magnificent way of developing the characters and the story takes you on a journey back into the 14th Century in such a well-told manner, it's as if you are part of it. I have already started Part II, The Turning of Midnight, as I just can get enough of this great Tale of The Black Death.

megnews I‘m fascinated by this era but never heard of this book. Thanks for sharing! 4y
Yoricke_SouthAfrica @megnews It's the 1st book in a series of 2 books. I immediately started the second book, called The Turn of Midnight. I absolutely loved the 1st book, and so far, the 2nd book is just as great. It's my 1st book on the topic of The Black Death. I'm loving it! 4y
megnews You may want to check out Geraldine Brooks‘ 4y
Yoricke_SouthAfrica @megnews Thank you so much, will definitely do so. 4y
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The Last Hours | Minette Walters
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4⭐ this book tells the story of the struggle to survive during the black plague of the 1300's Lady Anne is beloved by the serfs; her husband Sir Robert is a cruel evil man. This is how the story begins the plague sweeps across England. Thaddeus braves the unknown to find answers and Anne's people try to survive cut off from the world
Definitely recommend

Crazeedi Anxious to read the sequel 4y
TrishB I enjoyed this one and the sequel. 4y
Crazeedi @TrishB good to hear the sequel doesn't disappoint!! 4y
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The Last Hours | Minette Walters
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Sitting on my front porch braving the humidity! My next book! Don't know how I picked this to buy, it's rather chunky, but I must admit I 💗💗 chunksters! More development and details!

BooknerdsLife Happy reading 🙌🏼📚💕 4y
BridgetteM I‘ve been curious about this book for a while. I‘m interested to hear your thoughts on it when you‘ve finished! 4y
Crazeedi @BridgetteM there's 538 pages and I've read 200 already, it's very good so far! 4y
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Crazeedi @BooknerdsLife thanks! I'm enjoying! 4y
Birdsong28 This is such a good book. Check out the sequel if you enjoy it 4y
Crazeedi @Birdsong28 thank you! I knew there was a sequel, I'm totally enjoying this book!💗 4y
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The Last Hours | Minette Walters
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Dorset 1348 and the plague starts to sweep through the country. This is the story of Lady Ann and her people. This book is over 550 pages long however I never felt the length. The struggle to survive the plague and the political intrigue of the time were enough to keep me turning pages. Be aware that this book end on a cliff hanger of sorts so you will want to pick youthful second novel the minute you finish.

The Last Hours | Minette Walters
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Fast paced- read it with great enjoyment & then: argh!!!! Cliffhanger.
I had no idea this was the first in a series.

The Last Hours | Minette Walters

Ended up being quite cool on my latest #bookclub book. It‘s the story of Lady Anne of Develish, who decides to try to save her manor‘s serfs during the Black Death by a very unconventional quarantine. I like this premise but I think it needed to be developed WAY better than it is in this book. Lady Anne‘s actions drive the story but the author doesn‘t spend anywhere near enough time establishing how she became such a visionary.

The Last Hours | Minette Walters
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Tonight‘s #Hallowreading is this historical fiction novel set during the Black Plague. It‘s my latest #bookclub book and of course it‘s due back to the #library today when I still have about 150 pages to go. Fortunately it‘s a very quick read!

The Last Hours | Minette Walters
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Delighted to have this book on my kindle & kindle is now officially coming to Copenhagen 🙏🏻 @Lel2403
Text from my daughter ( trip organizer) she wants my DOB ... this is what I‘m dealing with 😂🙄 we are Excited

Birdsong28 It's a great read. Enjoy! After reading that you will need the sequel which is 4y
Cathythoughts @Birdsong28 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻❤️ 4y
TrishB Yes agree with @Birdsong28 a good read 👍🏻 4y
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Cathythoughts @TrishB 👍🏻❤️ 4y
julesG Wow, you are quite young, and with children already. 😂😂😂 4y
Cathythoughts @julesG I know ! I‘m quite unusual.... 😂 4y
JennyM 😂😂 4y
Cathythoughts @JennyM she thinks this is hilarious 😂🤣 4y
Cinfhen Hahahahaha it‘s like a text from Niki😂😂😂 4y
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The Last Hours | Minette Walters
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For fans of Minette Walters, this is 99p for the Kindle at the moment

TrishB This is a great read 👍🏻 4y
Cathythoughts Thankyou ! On my TBR ... not anymore , on my kindle now ❤️ 4y
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