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you can never get a book long enough to suit me
Maestra | L S Hilton
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I officially need alcohol to finish this book.

Yossarian You mean you need to take some Henry IV Heritage Cognac out of your little black Louis Vuitton purse? 7y
AnnaDesourdy ☝🏻️😂 7y
brittnaypozen @Yossarian & I'll only drink it out of my Louboutins of course 7y
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Demanda Had a whole bottle of vino to get me through the last third! Over all, I was oddly into it! 7y
Chelsey 😂😂 I've been very entertained by everyone's reaction to this book. More entertained than you were reading it I dare say. 7y
acc5446 yes. all the booze for this wackadoo book. 7y
Elisa Ah, finally! I was wondering when someone was going to admit that 😄😄 I figured at some point someone would use either alcohol or a tub of ice cream as motivation/distraction — it definitely sounds like one is needed 🤐 7y
Bookgirl So many pans on this book, was just saying on another post it makes me want to read it even more to see if it lives up to its negative hype. I'm going to start it today! 7y
MrBook I enjoy pairings 😎👍🏻. 6y
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Maestra | L S Hilton
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First meeting everyone!!

Fireman | Joe Hill
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The choices are The Fireman by Joe Hill, Sweetbitter by Stephanie Danler, The Girls by Emma Cline and Modern Lovers by Emma Straub!!!

Demanda I vote The Girls! All of them sound great though! 7y
Ellsbeth I'd love to read The Fireman with a group. 7y
QueenAnne I'm dying to read the fireman! 😍 7y
anrobe I vote for The Fireman! 7y
Scithighs The girls 7y
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Just ordered a few of these for my little ones! 'Little Edgar the Raven is having a tough time minding his mother. Dinnertime, cleanup-time, and bedtime are all met with one word―“NEVERMORE!"' How freaking cute!

LA_Mead My son LOVES that book! 7y
Snakes6atx The cover is adorable! 7y
CaitlinSiem I saw these at a bookstore once and they were absolutely adorable. It's such a fun idea! 7y
JPeterson This is my go to gift now for baby shower/gifts! I love it! 7y
Trav Sooooo cute 7y
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1984 | George Orwell
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"It's a beautiful thing, the destruction of words." TBT #2 This novel started my love affair with Orwell. A haunting, dystopian fiction that's so seemingly real. Big brother is watching you!

Trav One of the best classics I've read! 7y
Jamesmelvinmitchell My first dystopian novel, and never looked back. 7y
LA_Mead Creepy cover for a creepy book. 7y
Shortstack Scariest book I've ever read. 7y
LauraJ Is that the cover of your edition? Gorgeous. 7y
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Wuthering Heights | Emily Bront
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Time for TBT #1! Don't worry your pretty little head Heathcliff, you'll always have my love. Emily Brontë created the most beautiful anti-hero that I find myself strangely drawn to. If you've never read Wuthering Heights you're missing out. Also go see Laurence Olivier play him in the 1939 film!

[DELETED] 3216391035 Sad to say I've not read this-but will! 7y
youngish-adult ❤️ Heathcliff!! 7y
QueenAnne @youngish-adult yes! Heathcliff!! ❤️ 7y
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CareBear My all time favorite!! 7y
KellyHerself Heathcliff looks like the Incredible Hulk on this cover 😂😂😂😂😂 7y
Echo @KellyInLA I scrolled too quickly and thought it was Frankenstein's monster!! 😂😁 7y
jolovestoread Heathcliff is scary! 😂 7y
Trav @KellyInLA That's exactly what I thought 😂😂 7y
bookwrm526 I have tried, SO many times...I try again every few years, but I've never managed to finish it 7y
LauraJ @MKWoods When I first scrolled the pic up on my screen I thought it was a monster/classic mashup like 7y
LoBro I've never had any love for Heathcliff, and I'm not sure that Catherine and Heathcliff had much love for each other either. But it is a great cautionary tale of the sins of the parents being visited on the children (and grand children...) 7y
brittnaypozen @MKWoods I just saw the movie the other day. I have the book and haven't had a chance to read it yet. I'll def put it to the top of my stack! 7y
SusanInTiburon Actually reading this now -- my husband and I are taking turns reading it aloud. It is an astonishing and elemental work, but OH MY! So much brutality! I can't really love any of the characters, though I admire them as vivid originals. 7y
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When Breath Becomes Air | Paul Kalanithi
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9am & it's already so hot out! Today will be spent reading by the pool... Probably in the pool too 😊

Michreads I loved that book. So beautifully written. 7y
[DELETED] 3558467437 Great book! 7y
Alpha Amazing book! Hope you enjoy it as much as I did! 7y
brittnaypozen @Alpha thank you, I am! Although I'm sobbing through it as well lol 7y
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When Breath Becomes Air | Paul Kalanithi
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This is most certainly the worst possible book for a hypochondriac of my severity to be reading, but here we go!

[DELETED] 3216391035 I want to read this, too...but as I suffer from the same anxiety as you, was hesitant. I'll wait for your review. 😊 7y
Demanda I'm sure this is a beautiful book, but I can't do it! 7y
brittnaypozen @Basia @Demanda a few pages in & I'm ready to set up an MRI 7y
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[DELETED] 3558467437 I really enjoyed this book. I can see your hesitancy though. 😷 7y
Notafraidofwords Same reason I didn't read it. It will just take me over the edge. I would convince myself that I have cancer. 7y
courtney I've heard so many amazing things about how beautiful/profound this book is but I'm a cancer survivor and I'm terrified to hahaha 7y
stargazerblue49 I will be starting my own residency (family med, not neurosurg) at the end of the month and I'm hoping to read this before I start. It was one of those books that I had to pick up because I had an instant connection to it. 7y
mllemay Same feeling here! Not in a place where I can read this right now. Hopefully someday. 7y
Alpha Oh this was sooooo good ! 7y
AmbityScambity This definitely isn't an easy read, but it's worth it if you're able. 7y
Michreads One of the best books I have ever read. Beautifully written. 7y
Spiderfelt I just picked this up at my parents' house. In fact, I'm teaching my mom to use Litsy with this book as an example. 7y
Keatsknitter @AmbityScambity i agree the topic is difficult, but he brings such personal warmth and maturity to it i felt there was great balance. He took the scare out of the issue for me. 7y
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Dorothy Must Die | Danielle Paige
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Anyone else super pumped this is free on Barnes & Noble Readouts this month? Any free book makes me happy though 😊

Well-ReadNeck Great title!!! 7y
Heatherine I was so excited about this book, but it was a huge disappointment. But maybe you'll like it. 7y
brittnaypozen @Heatherine Aw no, that's disappointing. Hopefully that's not why it's free ahaha 7y
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kgriffith I liked it more as the story progressed! 7y
BookJunkie429 I really enjoyed this book. I'm probably going to end up rereading it again, so I can finally read the other books. 7y
Heatherine @brittnaypozen I really would love to hear what you think. The idea of it is great. I bought the actual book (which I almost never do anymore) because the cover really caught my eye. 7y
BestOfFates I liked it - nothing groundbreaking but a fun, easy read! 7y
Melissamara This is one of my YA series .i just read the third installment .i loved it 7y
ultrabookgeek What's a read out? 7y
HotMessJess Free books are the best books- but let's be real, any books are the best books!!!! ❤️📚 7y
Maude_Lynne @Heatherine I was super disappointed by the time I finished it too. 7y
brittnaypozen @sharimichele If you go onto Barnes & Nobles website and type in Readouts they have a whole page. Everyday they put new books up where you can read a couple chapters for free. It's awesome because you can really get a good feel of a book before deciding to buy it! 7y
brittnaypozen @sharimichele Also, once a month they upload a book in its entirety for free! They release a few chapters per day 7y
Heatherine @Maude_Lynne I think it would have been so much better if it wasn't a series. Just one bigger book that includes everything they hinted at. I didn't read any of the other books because I was so disappointed with it. 7y
Maude_Lynne @Heatherine PRECISELY. I understand the publishers wanting to make more money off a remake, but when the reader suffers, time to check the greed. It turned me off from her other books, which is a disservice to her talent. 7y
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Kafka on the Shore | Haruki Murakami
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#TBT 3: Murakami can do no wrong in my eyes. This novel has his typical metaphysical view of the world; expanding on the relation between dreams & reality. There are two main characters, each with alternating chapters. If you're into Oedipal curses, brutal murders & cats this book is for you

OSChamberlain Omg I'm into all 3 of those things! 7y
thatkruegergirl This is in my TBR pile, and I can't wait to get to it! 7y
brittnaypozen @OSChamberlain lol quick, you must read it!!! 7y
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brittnaypozen @thatkruegergirl I can't wait to see what you think of it! 7y
NadyneN I love him too... 👍 7y
[DELETED] 3216391035 I'll add this one to my list too!!! 7y
Mamashep So weirdly wonderful! 7y
MissSarahLou This is one of my favorites! 7y
Ammie One of my all time favorites 7y
Melissamara I love this book 7y
TheWellReadOwl So good!! 7y
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Battle Royale | Koushun Takami
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Although I'm loath to admit, my second #TBT of the day was originally introduced to me by an ex. Said ex despised reading (horrid, I know), but raved about this book so I gave it a shot. So happy I did! The best way for me to describe it is Lord of the Flies on crack.

brittnaypozen FYI the movie is also great! 7y
stargazerblue49 I read this book because of an ex, too! At least it turned out to be a fantastic read! 7y
brittnaypozen @stargazerblue49 that's so funny!! I agree, at least we got something out of the relationship lol 7y
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TheNextBook This book was amazing!!! I'm terrified to see the movie! 7y
ErickaS_Flyleafunfurled Ooo! This looks interesting! Glad I didnt have to suffer through an ex to discover this one. Thanks for taking one for the team! 🤘 7y
brittnaypozen @ErickaS Flyleafunfurled.com ahahaha anytime!!! 7y
brittnaypozen @TheNextBook it was so well done!! Definitely super gory though lol 7y
Seonjoon OH MAN I watched the movie version... 7y
ibeeeg This is an intense read. When people would cringe over the Hunger Games, I would say that Hunger Games is nothing compared to Battle Royale. 7y
kammartinez Ahhh, I love this book. Saw the movie first, but then got gifted the book by a friend and pretty much loved it. And yeah, I hear you on Hunger Games vs this book: this one's way WAY more brutal. 7y
brittnaypozen @Seonjoon ahh you have to read the book! It's so good 7y
Zakia Have this one on my shelf... It's a summer read for me now. I find it difficult reading big books during term time - even more so when they are about students killing students! Wonder what my darlings would think of me enjoying this little gem! 😂 7y
brittnaypozen @Zakia ahaha that's hilarious! I hope you get to enjoy it this summer!! 7y
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Let the Right One In | John Ajvide Lindqvist
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Today's #TBT theme is translated works I love! This novel is terrifying and creepy; just the way vampire stories should be. The characters are complex & endearing and overall the book is full of mystery and love. I'd classify it as a dark bildungsroman. Side note: the movie was pretty great too!

brendanmleonard Oh doing TBT is a great idea! I tried doing Friday Reads here too and might again! 7y
brittnaypozen @brendanmleonard I love that! I'll have to join in with you 😊 7y
HotMessJess Great book! 7y
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kammartinez It's rare that a horror novel well and truly creeps me out, but this was one of the very few that did :D. 7y
JPeterson I need to read this, it's been on my TBR for ages. His other book, Handling the Undead, was fantastic as well! 7y
StellaDz One of my favourite vampire novels!! 7y
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Maestra | L S Hilton
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I tried to add/tag as many people as I could (who expressed interest), but it kept glitching (& it's very early here so I'm not quite awake lol). Please forgive me if I missed you or tagged you 100 times! Xox

thatkruegergirl Can I still get in? :) 7y
brittnaypozen @thatkruegergirl of course, we'd be happy to have you! Just add @WhoPickedThisBook to see updates & such (: 7y
candc320 I don't think I'll be able to fit in Maestra right now to read, but maybe with next month's read! Is there any ideas yet for next month? I wasn't sure how this was going to work :). 7y
brittnaypozen @candc320 no worries! You can join in whenever you're available! I have a post on the @WhoPickedThisBook page where everyone can put what book that would be interested in next. I'll tally up the votes by the meeting on the 13th; consensus wins next month's pick! (: 7y
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Maestra | L S Hilton
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Seriously guys, someone needs to ban me from Barnes & Noble. I go for ONE thing & this is what happens. Book club starts tomorrow & first meeting is June 13th!!! Everyone pick up your copies of Maestra ❤

TheWellReadOwl Great picks! 7y
ramyasbookshelf When Breath Becomes Air is one of my best reads of this year. I liked China Dolls too! Enjoy your reads! 7y
Foragingfantasy I'm like 8th in line at the library for Maestra. So if I wait for that, I'll get to read it in like, November. 😖 7y
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[DELETED] 3558467437 Also loved When Breath Becomes Air @ramyasbookshelf 7y
brittnaypozen @ramyasbookshelf I heard it's awesome so I can't wait to read it! 7y
brittnaypozen @Foragingfantasy oh man, that's rough! I know the copy I got was the last one in stock. It seems like it's selling out everywhere. Hopefully that's a good sign! 7y
Annl That always happens to me too, 1 book becomes 2, then 3! 7y
Anei The buy 2 get 1 table is just dangerous. 7y
jolovestoread This happens to me ALL THE TIME. The struggle is real and you're not alone. ;) 7y
LauraLeah Half Price books is very dangerous for me. 7y
ShelfSpaceLimited I've had City Of Women on my shelf forever, because I seen it on sale at Barnes and Noble 😁 7y
brittnaypozen @jowis lol glad to hear it! 7y
brittnaypozen @LauraLeah yeah definitely. Especially their $6 table!! 🙊 7y
brittnaypozen @ShelfSpaceLimited it was only $6 so I couldn't pass it up! 7y
LauraLeah Half Price books did all books for $1 day about a year ago and you should have seen me. My husband was very embarrassed. @brittnaypozen 7y
brittnaypozen @LauraLeah that sounds so amazing, there's no way you could pass up a deal like that! 7y
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Admiral Ackbar & I want to wish everyone a happy & safe Memorial day weekend filled with good company & great books! Also, just a reminder that June 1st officially starts 'Who Picked This Book' book club so be sure to pick up your copies of Maestra by L.S. Hilton! First meeting is June 13th!

ErickaS_Flyleafunfurled Aspidistra is in my TBR! 7y
BookFreakOut Aww that name makes me laugh he's so cute! 😊Watching Return of the Jedi at this very moment. 7y
brittnaypozen @ErickaS Flyleafunfurled I love it! I can't wait to hear what you think of it! 7y
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brittnaypozen @BookFreakOut thank you! I'm a big star wars fan lol. Enjoy your movie! 7y
ErickaS_Flyleafunfurled Also, my biggest hermit crab is named Zoidberg . . . 7y
brittnaypozen @ErickaS Flyleafunfurled omg I love that! Lol zoidberg was my favorite 7y
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A Midsummer Night's Dream | William Shakespeare
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You guys didn't think I'd leave this out of my Fae TBT, did you? I believe anything Shakespeare is brilliant. Clever & funny, I highly recommend this one; especially if you're not big on the tragedies. Puck will always be the number one fairy in my eyes. Also who else is pumped for the BBC special?

PurityofEssence @brittnaypozen I agree! Well, maybe not everything Shakespeare wrote... (Looking at you, Merry Wives of Windsor 😒) 7y
brittnaypozen @Anei ahh it's on at 8:30pm on Monday!!!! It was produced by Russell T Davies 😱😱😱 7y
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Anei @brittnaypozen imma die 😵 7y
Ais I am forever in your debt for making me aware of the BBC special!!! (I'm not much of a tv watcher and this could have totally bypassed me!) 7y
brittnaypozen @Ais lol happy to be of service!! 7y
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Tithe | Holly Black
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Fae TBT #3 It's definitely been a good 14 years since I've read this, but it's a great series that I thoroughly enjoyed. I never thought I would enjoy a faerie book set on the Jersey Shore, but it ended up being a super cute & fast read

Melissamara Did you read Holly black book darkest part of the forest .it has fae in it .it is good 7y
brittnaypozen @Melissamara no, I haven't! I'll for sure look it up, thanks (: 7y
Maude_Lynne Holly Black can do no wrong. I love everything of hers I've been able to get my hands on. 7y
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The Iron King | Julie Kagawa
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I decided to make today a fae TBT, thanks in part, to all my favorite makeup companies launching new products. I've bought so many highlighters in the span of a couple hours that I'll be glowing like a faerie for sure. I really do love this series, even though it's a pretty typical YA romance plot!

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Wicked Lovely | Melissa Marr
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First #TBT of the day! Obsessed doesn't even begin to cover it. I have an unhealthy infatuation with fairies & Melissa Marr is by far my favorite YA/Urban Fantasy author. Until I'm whisked away by a fairy king I'll just have to settle with reading about it.

youngish-adult Yes!! I haven't read this series in years! One of my first YA fantasy reads - been hooked ever since! 7y
meghankoneill Love-loved these books! 7y
brittnaypozen @meghankoneill @youngish-adult yes!! I was actually thinking about rereading them ❤ 7y
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Maude_Lynne Have you read Holly Black's The Darkest Part of the Forest? Depending on how twisty your fantasy about fae kings is, it may realize it for you, in a literary way, obviously. 7y
brittnaypozen @Maude_Lynne no I haven't read it! I think I'll pick it up later today though, someone else brought it up the other day. Did you like it? 7y
Elisa Have you read the Meredith Gentry series? It's definitely more on the adult side but I really like the characters and fairy genealogy! 7y
brittnaypozen @Elisa no, I haven't! I'll for sure add it to my list though. Anything with fairies I'll read (: 7y
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Took this baby out of the pantry (Yes, you read that right lol. I've turned it into my private library.) now that I'm teaching the kiddos to sign. I like to think they'll thank me one day 😆

AlienBritt Pantry library sounds awesome! 7y
sherrynuts Library pantry?! Genius! 🏆 7y
Peddler410 I taught my daughter sign as a baby. Now, age 7, she still uses some of those signs, she's learning Mandarin in school AND she wants to learn more sign! Enjoy! 7y
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brittnaypozen @Peddler410 ahh that's the goal! Right now they kind of just look at me like I'm crazy 7y
jeff Library pantry for the win! Love it. 7y
Peddler410 Are you familiar with Signing Time? It's awesome! 7y
Maude_Lynne ASL is a beautiful language. Glad it made it back out of the pantry. 7y
brittnaypozen @Peddler410 no, but I'll definitely check it out!! 7y
Peddler410 @brittnaypozen it's a PBS program from 14 years ago but available at my public library so check yours. We bought the series (13) which introduce vocabulary with music, kids signing, and words on the screen. The creators are now working on Signing Time Sentences 7y
brittnaypozen @Peddler410 that sounds awesome, thanks. Anything with music my oldest loves (: 7y
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The Nest: A Novel | Cynthia D'Aprix Sweeney
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I've been so busy with my books that I've amassed a giant magazine pile. I think I'll be working through these & the Nest today; both tasks I find tedious. Anyone else having a problem getting through the Nest??

Elisa Yes, I have the exact same situation. I have over a year's worth of InStyle magazines sitting in a pile, untouched 😬 7y
Notafraidofwords I actually liked it from the very beginning, but I've heard from several people that dislike the subject. 7y
DreesReads I got through it fine, but didn't love it. 7y
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BookishFeminist My New Yorkers have been accumulating for months 😳 7y
BestOfFates I have started listening to it twice and gotten about 10% through! I believe everyone who says it's amazing but I just find it so hard to have emotions towards the story and all the characters in it! 7y
Jessicav I was obsessed for the first third maybe, and then it was more of a slog. I made it, but wasn't blown away. 7y
beagle.mama I enjoyed it. It was the first novel I read after The Nighingale, so something light was perfect. It will not be a long term favorite of mine. 7y
Hoopiefoot Yes-tedious is the word I was going to use to describe it too. 7y
ReadingOver50 I have a magazine stack too! 😊 7y
giveitupforlentmom That's disappointing I was looking forward to it. 7y
SusanCoulby Really? I enjoyed "The Nest." I didn't feel as though it dragged, despite its lack of actiony action. I liked the inner conversation and realizations. 7y
quietjenn Yup, started it at least three or four times before digging in and then pretty slow going. I ended up liking it, but also kind of felt like I made myself read it. 7y
Lakesidemusing I liked this one right from the beginning. However, the stack of New Yorkers is weighing me down... 7y
Jenshootsweddings I wasn't a fan of The Nest, so you're not alone! 7y
brittnaypozen @BestOfFates agreed! I think that's the problem I'm having with it. There really aren't any characters that I like 7y
brittnaypozen @Hoopiefoot I'm glad I'm not the only one who feels reading it is like a chore 7y
brittnaypozen @quietjenn that's exactly what I feel like I'm doing! Forcing myself to get through it 7y
Cynbalch I did The Nest in audio and enjoyed it! 7y
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I consider Elizabeth Bennet to be my spirit animal & Mr. Darcy is my dream man so anyone trying to recreate Pride & Prejudice has a tall order to fill. I LOVED this book. Sittenfeld perfectly blended today's time frame with humor & all of the characteristics that I originally fell in love with.

ramyasbookshelf That's so good to know. I have usually hated retell Inga and I try to stay away from them all.. But this one seems to be different! 7y
jmkeene Just bought this, so I'm glad to hear that. I LOVED American Wife but hated Prep, so I've been a little nervous about Sittenfield. 7y
brittnaypozen @ramyasbookshelf I totally agree, I typically stay away from them, but this one was great 👍 7y
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brittnaypozen @jmkeene this was my first Sittenfeld & I was curious how her other books are. I'll definitely start with American Wife next! 7y
Marieinsweden-Enochannanbok One of my summer reads 😃 7y
jolovestoread I have Pride and Prejudice on the highest of pedestals so I've been holding off on reading Eligible. But I've been hearing good things about this book, so I'll give it a chance. 7y
therachlibrarian I just got this for my bday!! Can't wait to read it!! 7y
Melissamara I hated eligible it was boring 7y
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Maestra | L S Hilton
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Attention book club members!!

ramyasbookshelf Add me to your list please?? 7y
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Reese_Pearly.Pages I would like to be added 7y
MyBookLife This is gonna be so much fun!! A little question, who will pick the next book, and more importantly when? It's good for me (and I'm sure, others) to know a little in advance because the books that are picked might have to be ordered from other countries than mine, with longer shipping time. 7y
Sara_Planz Yes!!!!!! 7y
brittnaypozen Woo there's a lot of you lol, sorry it took a little bit to add everyone b.c of the 300 characters per comment. Also anyone that has a space in their username please delete it otherwise it won't let me tag you 😄 7y
brittnaypozen @ramyasbookshelf @Reese_Pearly.Pages adding you now!! ❤ 7y
brittnaypozen @MyBookLife I think the vote on the name worked out so well that we'll do a vote again for the next book!! I'm thinking when we meet on the 13th we can decide then do it gives everyone a couple weeks to pick it up 😊 7y
MyBookLife @brittnaypozen That sounds great!! Thank you! 7y
triskeleseeker Eeeek good to know about the username space issue. My space has been deleted. Thanks, and thanks for organizing! 😊 7y
brittnaypozen @triskeleseeker no problem! Just testing to see if you get this tag now! 7y
MissSarahLou I believe my username has been fixed as well. Thanks for letting us know. Can't wait to start reading this one! 7y
brittnaypozen @SarahA seeing if this tag works because for some reason it didn't before 7y
brittnaypozen @SarahA that's so funny we commented at the same time, yay it's working now! 7y
MissSarahLou Great! Thank you! 7y
bookoflastpages awesome 😊 7y
jolovestoread @Jhannine you should join this! 7y
Literary_Siren I've never been in a book club before. This could prove interesting. I'm excited! 7y
prowlix I have failed horribly at bookclubs in the past but I'm going to try really hard for this one! This book seems really interesting 7y
Heatherine I'm interested. 😊 7y
triskeleseeker Yes @brittnaypozen , got it, thanks! 7y
PetuniaCraftyKneecaps I'm really excited for this! I wish there would be a message board or something to help us more easily comment and talk about the book on here. Looking forward to hearing everyone's thoughts 7y
BookJunkie429 I can't wait! 7y
HollyB3 Sounds cool. How do you join? 7y
Foragingfantasy If I can find it at the library , Im in! 7y
brittnaypozen @HollyB3 if you're interested I can add your name to my list and I'll tag you in all of my future book club posts! 7y
brittnaypozen @Heatherine awesome I'll add you to the group!! 7y
brittnaypozen @Foragingfantasy ahh fingers crossed they have it 😊 7y
sprainedbrain @brittnaypozen can you please add me too?? 7y
youngish-adult Thx for the invite! Got the e-book ready to go for the 1st :) 7y
brittnaypozen Yes, definitely! @sprainedbrain 7y
sprainedbrain Thank you! 7y
Schuhbox Please add me to your list! What a great idea! 7y
Beckys_Books Thanks for organizing this, I'm excited to read and discuss books with the group! 7y
Zakia I'd love to join. Is the book to be read by the 1st so thoughts can be shared? 🤘🏼🤘🏼 7y
youngish-adult I believe we are going to start reading it on the 1st, so we all have time to get the book! :) @Zakia 7y
youngish-adult @brittnaypozen which time zone? :) 7y
Zakia Thanks @youngish-adult - yes, timezone is important. :) 7y
brittnaypozen @Jessicav sorry about that, I should have specified! 7pm EST @youngish-adult @Zakia 7y
brittnaypozen @Schuhbox added!! 😊 7y
brittnaypozen @Zakia & yes, @youngish-adult had it right! We're starting the book on the first & meeting the 13th to discuss the first half; the 27th for the whole book 7y
ContraryMary I would love to join this! 7y
SharonGoforth Sounds like fun! I'm in the bookstore right now so I'll pick it up 😊 7y
brittnaypozen @ContraryMary we'd love to have you! 7y
BostonBookAddict Oooohhhh that book sounds so good! I can't wait to start it!! 7y
ClairesReads @brittnaypozen sounds fun, I've already read this one so I'll join the discussion when you all have read it 😄 7y
giveitupforlentmom Sweet!!! I'll get the book!!! 7y
HollyB3 @brittnaypozen yes, please add me 7y
ShelfSpaceLimited @brittnaypozen Count me in! Super excited! 7y
LauraLeah Add me please. 7y
brittnaypozen Yes! You're on my list! 😊 @LauraLeah 7y
Bookishaf Would love to join too! Great idea! 7y
shawnmooney I don't think Maestra is for me, so I'll sit this one out. I hope you'll invite me to join in next time! 7y
brittnaypozen @Jaderyan21 awesome, welcome! 7y
brittnaypozen @shawnmooney of course! You're always welcome 😊 7y
Ais Getting excited now! Im in Ireland, so may be joining the discussion at odd times;) 7y
Angelala007 Who is bringing the snacks? I'll bring the wine! 7y
LastPaigeFirst Wow, this looks great! 7y
Gezemice @brittnaypozen I am loving the idea of the book club, but I just looked up the reviews on Goodreads for Maestra, and they are bad. Many people are bailing. I think I will skip this, too, but can you keep me in mind for the next one? Thanks! 7y
Donnasmiles Should we follow all that are in club? 7y
brittnaypozen @Gezemice yes of course! I'll be sure to keep you included 😄 7y
brittnaypozen @Donnasmiles it's not necessary, but you can if you want to!! 😊 7y
MyBookLife @brittnaypozen So, what london time is 7 pm EST? 7y
Sara_Planz Just started this today and flipping loving it!!!! 7y
brittnaypozen @MyBookLife I think London is about 5 hours ahead of eastern so it would be 12am, so sorry love!! ❤ maybe I could make it an hour earlier, if everyone is ok with that!! 7y
brittnaypozen @Sara_Planz ahh yay so happy to hear it!! 7y
MyBookLife @brittnaypozen Well, I'm one hour from London, so it will be one am here 😴 7y
affyfe This looks like an amazing idea! I would love to be a part of it. And I've heard mixed reviews about the book, so of course I'm excited to judge it myself :) 7y
meghankoneill Count me in please! I'd love to join. 7y
brittnaypozen @affyfe definitely! & yeah I've been hearing totally opposite opinions on it (: 7y
brittnaypozen @meghankoneill absolutely!!! 7y
akfreeborn I'd love to join in! 7y
brittnaypozen @akfreeborn of course! I'll add you to the list (: 7y
theloudlibrarian Count me in! Can't wait to see what folks think! :-) 7y
KellyHerself I'd love to join! 7y
brittnaypozen @theloudlibrarian @KellyInLA definitely!! I'll be tagging everyone in a post tomorrow! (: 7y
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Maestra | L S Hilton
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"Who Picked This Book" came out on top! Thank you to everyone who participated in choosing a name for the book club. I'll set up a post later with, everyone tagged, containing all the details for "meetings" & such!!

Seonjoon Yay! Thanks for organizing this! 7y
brittnaypozen @Seonjoon thank you for joining!! 7y
ReadosaurusText I'm in, too! 7y
See All 17 Comments
Phaxton Count me in! 7y
Scithighs Add me 7y
MyBookLife This sounds fun!! Count me in :) 7y
Shortstack I love this book club name! Nothing like having an awesome book club name to go with your book club. 7y
youngish-adult ❤️ it 7y
Gezemice Good name👍 Thanks for all the work organizing! 7y
Echo Me!! Add me!! 🙋🏼🙋🏼🙋🏼 7y
Megabooks I want to join! 🙋🏻 And that was my second favorite 😃 7y
anned2544 Can I join or be included? 7y
brittnaypozen Yes absolutely, glad to have you! I'll add your username to my list and tag you in all future book club posts! @anned2544 7y
Yourfriendlylibrarian May I join as well? 7y
Hufflepuff_87 I would love to join! 7y
brittnaypozen @Yourfriendlylibrarian of course to both of you! ❤ @Hufflepuff_87 7y
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Maestra | L S Hilton
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Hey guys, I figure the first order of business is to pick a name! I'd love to hear which one you all prefer ❤️

bookloversnevergotobedalone I like Between the Covers, they're all good names though, 7y
See All 69 Comments
Sue They are all good names. Between the covers is a little saucy :) 7y
brittnaypozen Everyone & anyone is welcome to vote, sorry if I didn't tag you or if I tagged you twice lol. I'm going through & trying to find anyone that liked or commented on my last post! 7y
ShatterMeFangirl Afterthoughts is cool but I also like Between the covers 7y
Giardi I like Afterthoughts :) 7y
Literary_Siren Reading through all the names I keep centering on Between the Covers. Lol 7y
LitHousewife Who Picked This Book is hilarious. I would be happy with any of them. 7y
KennedyBooks Between the covers is my favourite....although any of them would be great! 7y
[DELETED] 3216391035 I like Afterthoughts or Who Picked This Book. 7y
Gezemice Can I still join? And I like "Between the Covers". Saucy ;) 7y
brittnaypozen @Gezemice yes that's so funny, I was just tagging you when you commented!! 7y
Hoopiefoot I like Afterthoughts or Who Picked This Book 7y
Readasaurus_rex I love "Who Picked This Book" ? 7y
BookishFeminist I like Afterthoughts or Between the Covers, but I'm not picky. 😊 This is a great idea! 7y
CoffeeK8 I like them all. 😊 7y
TheWellReadOwl Between the Covers or Who Picked This Book! 7y
CaseyMoore I like Who Picked This Book. 7y
JodyS I vote for Who picked this book? Love it! 😂 7y
steph_hashes_tags Afterthoughts or Who Picked This Book are my top choices! 7y
Beckys_Books Who Picked This Book is my favorite 7y
CherylDeFranceschi Between the Covers is fun 7y
jpmcwisemorgan Between the Covers and Who Picked this Book 7y
Donnasmiles I like Who Picked This Book! 7y
shawnmooney Between The Covers! 7y
BarbaraTheBibliophage Between the Covers is so cheeky - love it! 7y
Seonjoon Who Picked This Book gets my vote for its truthfulness--Between the Covers is also good! 7y
Bookzombie I think I will for vote Between the Covers. 😊 7y
Sara_Planz Between the covers definitely! 7y
youngish-adult Who picked this book?!?!? Lol also like between the covers :) 7y
jlondon1963 Between the Covers or Who Picked This Book love both of those names! 7y
jessicarenee I like between the covers or who picked this book. Also this is a great idea 👍 7y
jmkeene Who Picked This Book! Hadn't heard of Maestra until your post, then saw it a the bookstore this afternoon. Looks like a winner. 7y
youngish-adult Side note: Maestra sounds awesome! 7y
brittnaypozen @jmkeene oh I love when that happens! 7y
brittnaypozen @youngish-adult ahh I thought so too!! I can't wait to read it 😊 7y
brittnaypozen So far Between the Covers is in the lead everyone! That being said, Who Picked This Book is right at its heels & Afterthoughts is in a respectable third place. The winning name will be announced tomorrow morning!! 7y
bookoflastpages who picked this book 😊 7y
Jessicav Who Picked This Book :) 7y
brittnaypozen @Sara_Planz just testing to see if you get this tag! 7y
Sara_Planz Perfect! 7y
Demanda I'm down! 7y
DitrieMarieBowie Between the Covers 7y
jolovestoread Who Picked This Book :) 7y
JessReads I like Afterthoughts! 7y
librariankris Who Picked This Book 7y
Loreen I love Who picked this book? 7y
Anei Who picked this book??? 7y
ZoeyPeacock Who Picked This Book. Definitely. 😂 7y
Chessa Who Picked This Book!!!! 7y
PetuniaCraftyKneecaps Who picked this book! 7y
remarabbit Between the Covers 7y
Bookgirl I'm with the rest...liking who picked this book and between the covers 7y
Shortstack I'm a fan of who picked this book! 7y
mllemay I'm liking Afterthoughts 7y
KAC Who Picked This Book 7y
LauraLeah Between the Covers 7y
Megabooks Between the Covers 7y
Tjprender Between the Covers sounds good to me 😜 7y
misselizabetka I sort of love who picked this book. Also between the covers. 😀 7y
lucy_literati A Novel Idea ❤️ 7y
Angelala007 Between The Covers 😉 7y
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Maestra | L S Hilton
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Morning! I haven't been on litsy long, but so far I've met such wonderful people. I'd love to start a book club. I know it's hard to have discussions since we're confined to 300 characters per comment, but I think it will be fun! For our first book I had Maestra in mind, but I'm open to suggestions!

brittnaypozen I was also thinking of When Breath Becomes Air or Everything I Never Told You. All 3 of these books seem to be getting mixed reviews. (People seem to either love it or hate it.) Which is why I feel like they'll be perfect for discussion! 7y
shawnmooney I love the idea and had been thinking that the @Litsy folks might design a better way to thread a book discussion in Litsy--although there'd be nothing stopping us from trying to work within the 300-c comment limit for starters. 7y
youngish-adult I am DEFINITELY in :) 7y
See All 53 Comments
ShelfofUnreadBooks I'd certainly be up for that! And I've already got Everything I Never Told You on the TBR. Maestra sounds amazing but is only out in HB in the UK at the mo. 7y
steph_hashes_tags I know nothing about this book, but I'm in for a book club! 7y
KennedyBooks Great idea! Count me in! 7y
JodyS Count me in too! 7y
[DELETED] 3216391035 I'd be up for this! 7y
Angelala007 I'm in. 7y
Riveted_Reader_Melissa Sounds like a great idea, but yes, I also wish Litsy had a better format for discussions. Even getting notifications when people comment after you on a post would be nice, especially when they tag you, but I don't seem to be getting those. 7y
Jessicav I'd be up for trying this! It sounds like Litsy is really open to feedback and making improvements so we should definitely try things out and let them know. 7y
Sue Sounds like it might be fun 7y
TheWellReadOwl I'm in! 7y
brittnaypozen @shawnmooney yes, I totally agree! A thread board on here would be great 7y
Paiger1979 Sounds fun! I'm new to Litsy and would love to try something like this. 7y
brittnaypozen @Riveted Reader Melissa I did notice that when I try to tag you in things it doesn't work. I'm wondering if it's because of the spaces? 7y
brittnaypozen & woo! I'm so excited that so many of you are on board!! I'll make a post at the end of the day tagging everyone that wants to participate ❤️❤️❤️ 7y
brittnaypozen Also if you guys want to comment with any book suggestions I can tally it up later and we can go with the consensus 😊 7y
Beckys_Books Count me in! 7y
anwade88 I'd be interested! (And I've also noticed I can't tag people with spaces) 7y
PetuniaCraftyKneecaps I'd like to join! Maestra sounds like a great pick to me 7y
Bookgirl Count me in for book club! 7y
Sara_Planz Sounds really great. I'd be interested as well 7y
mllemay I'm also interested 🙋🏻 7y
Seonjoon Sounds interesting! I'd love to be in on this. 7y
Giardi Great idea!and this book seems interesting! 7y
LauraJ Way to take some initiative @brittany_6332 👍🏼 Looking forward to following along and joining in once I whittle down the TBR pile. 7y
Chessa Ooooh! Good idea! 7y
BarbaraTheBibliophage Looks like a great read! 7y
remarabbit Have read Maestra and would love to hear people's thoughts on it. 7y
Donnasmiles Yes, I agree that Book Club within this app could be fun. 7y
bookloversnevergotobedalone Great idea! I'm all for book clubs. 7y
Riveted_Reader_Melissa Hmm... Worth a shot, let's see if that works. 7y
Melissamara This book is on my Tbr list .i love to be in the book club 7y
brittnaypozen @Riveted_Reader_Melissa just testing to see if you get this tag now 😄 7y
Shortstack I'm going to do my best. Already have another book club and school, but here is hoping! 7y
brittnaypozen @Shortstack yes I'd love for you to join!! I figured a lot of people here were in book clubs already so I think we'll stick to the typical 1 book per month with biweekly "meetings" 7y
QueenAnne I would really love a book club 😍 my book loving friends only read in Dutch (which I rarely do). Problem is not all books in English are easy to find, and online ordering costs quite a lot.. But I'm happy to enjoy books vicariously through all of you 😍 7y
Bookzombie I'm in! This sounds like fun! 7y
jlondon1963 Maestra is on my TBR pile and would love to push it to the top. Count me in for you book club. 7y
susanw Sounds like fun! 7y
jolovestoread I'm in! :) 7y
BookJunkie429 How long do we have to read the book? 7y
Reese_Pearly.Pages @remarabbit I also read this book. It wasn't that impressive. My disappointment mostly came from how it was marketed. I'm so tired of everything being the next Gone Girl or Girl on the Train. This was nothing like either of those books. 7y
Reese_Pearly.Pages @brittnaypozen I would definitely try your book club out- Maestra wasn't a hit for me. It was... So-So. Some will like it, others hate it. Go in with low expectations. Low. Expectations. 7y
brittnaypozen @BookJunkie429 I figure that everyone on here is already in the middle of a few books so I thought we could stick to the standard 1 book per month with biweekly "meetings" ? 7y
brittnaypozen @Reese_Pearly.Pages oh no! I've heard it's definitely a love it or hate it book 7y
BookJunkie429 @brittnaypozen Oh good, I have to put the book on hold first. I didn't want to miss this. 7y
Eatingbooksforbreakfast I'd love to join the book club; always good to pick up a book you may not have otherwise read 😊 7y
Schuhbox I'd love to join! 7y
brittnaypozen @Schuhbox of course, welcome!! 7y
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Last tbt of this week is my well loved & highly annotated copy of Shakespeare's the Merchant of Venice! For some reason I find that a lot of people overlook this one, which is a shame because it's brilliant. Although Othello holds my heart, this is a close second. It's absolutely hilarious!

Sue This was my first Shakespeare courtesy of grade 10 English, which began my life long obsession with the Bard. So good! 7y
Ms.Story Othello is my fav too!! 7y
Riveted_Reader_Melissa Such a better choice for school, my high school was stuck on the tragedies. 7y
See All 7 Comments
kammartinez My second-favorite comedy after A Midsummer Night's Dream :D. 7y
brittnaypozen @Riveted Reader Melissa agreed! I'm dreading what the book list will consist of when my boys are in school lol. It seems like Shakespeare is being replaced by Stephanie Meyer 😂 7y
akfreeborn @brittnaypozen rest assured my kids are still reading lots of Shakespeare in high school and they are performing The Tempest for fall play! No Twilight to be had on their reading lists yet! 7y
brittnaypozen @akfreeborn thank God, there's still hope! 💜 7y
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Ok guys, time for tbt #2 & my favorite book as a child. Truman Capote, you beautiful man, thank you for creating Holly Golightly. Such a strong, witty & spontaneous character; she did what she wanted when she wanted & (much to my husband's dismay) I attribute my disposition to her character.

[DELETED] 3216391035 Love love LOVE! 7y
MissSarahLou Holly Golightly is one of my all time favorite characters! 7y
SharonGoforth Love Truman Capote! 7y
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By far, the best book I have ever read in my life. I read this book after someone very dear to me died & this was instrumental in helping me cope with the loss. Murakami is a brilliant writer. He has this beautiful, metaphysical view of the world & if you want to escape reality I highly recommend it

mllemay Books that help you work through grief are everything. Just one of the reasons I love literature so much. 7y
Ammie He is my all time favorite. I'm glad to hear his words were a comfort to you. 7y
[DELETED] 3216391035 I've only read one of his books...my next will be this one based on your review! 😊 7y
See All 17 Comments
MyBookLife I loved this book!! 7y
brittnaypozen @Basia ahh that makes me so happy to hear! I hope you love it!! 7y
ihugducks One of my all-time faves! 7y
Chelsey Just what I've been looking for. Onto the TBR pile it goes, but somewhere near the top. 7y
ramyasbookshelf I really loved this book and recommended it for my book club read expecting everyone else to love it too! They hated it. I was shocked :) @brittnaypozen 7y
Mednasanienbok This one has been in my TBR for sooo long! 7y
brittnaypozen @ramyasbookshelf I'm so sorry to hear they hated it!! 7y
brittnaypozen @Chelsey @Mednasanienbok I hope you guys love it, I can't wait to see what you think of it! 7y
JenP I LOVE this book! Murakami is one of my favorite authors and this is by far my favorite of his books 7y
Zakia Pure escapism. 7y
Spiderfelt Yep, definitely my favorite Murakami. It's a tall, cool drink of water. 7y
Jessicav Muramaki is easily one of my favourite authors. I have been spacing his books out so that I haven't read them all and have nothing new left. 7y
ChasingOm Love this idea and love Murakami! 7y
Weave One of my favourite books by Haruki Murakami, I have the last line of the book tattooed on my arm📚 7y
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In embracing Instagram's "Throwback Thursday" practice, I've decided every Thursday I'll post a few books that either were instrumental in my transition to adulthood or something that I just thoroughly enjoyed. Stay tuned throughout the day to see reviews & here's a hint for the first one!

shawnmooney It's the best book I've ever read! 7y
brittnaypozen @shawnmooney agreed! He's my absolute favorite author! 7y
Teenta I love this idea for tbt. 😍 7y
See All 23 Comments
Michreads Great idea! 7y
bedandabook Have only read one Murakami, but was completely blown away and immediately wanted to read everything else he had written. 7y
brittnaypozen @Teenta @Michreads thank you! I figured it's something fun to do (: 7y
brittnaypozen @bedandabook I'm obsessed with his work, this one is by far my favorite. Kafka on the Shore is a close second! 7y
Michreads I just did a #tbt too. Great idea! 7y
Angelala007 I'm so copying your idea :) 7y
Shortstack This is a great idea!!! This should so be a thing. I'm doing it too! 7y
brittnaypozen @Michreads @Angelala007 @Shortstack I can't wait to read all your reviews!! 7y
Bkwurm Yes! Let's make this a real thing! 7y
Joe_Jones I love this idea! 7y
brittnaypozen @Bkwurm @Joe_Jones as much as I complain about hashtags it would be nice if they worked on Litsy so I could see everyone's TBT's! 7y
Bkwurm @brittnaypozen - I'll tag you. You must get credit for the great idea! 7y
brittnaypozen @Bkwurm I can't wait to read it!! 7y
Chelsey Great idea! 7y
ramyasbookshelf Good idea! I should follow it too! 7y
jeff Love this idea! We need to make it a thing. 😀 7y
Karenand3 Funny, I have exactly the set with the same art! 7y
brittnaypozen That is funny; I didn't even know it was being sold as a set!! @Karenand3 7y
remarabbit Love this idea! ❤️ 7y
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NO! Is there anything more upsetting than turning the page of your NEW book and seeing this? 😫 I know I'm overdramatic, but it's the principle of the matter lol

TheNextBook No. That is really upsetting! I would be pissed! 7y
HollyB3 I would cry! Still have the receipt? 7y
DitrieMarieBowie Wow so sorry. They just don't bind books like they used to. 7y
See All 32 Comments
Rhondareads Would make me crazy. 7y
JulieSlater Unacceptable 7y
Sara_Planz So wrong 7y
brittnaypozen Thank you everyone for feeling my pain!! I don't have a receipt unfortunately. This was one of my picks from Book of The Month club which is so surprising!! They normally send out great quality 😩 @TheNextBook @HollyB3 @DitrieMarieBowie @Rhondareads @JulieSlater @AlexisBelle 7y
Rhondareads I would tweet them or Facebook message or email.I am sure they would replace your copy.In case you can't tell I'm from New York very assertive. 7y
brittnaypozen @Rhondareads ahaha yes! I'm from New York as well! I'm the queen of customer service complaints 7y
Anei I feel like I should go check my copy now. Page. By. Page. 7y
kammartinez That happens sometimes, much like you can buy a shiny new tech toy and have it turn out to be a lemon right out of the box. I doubt you'll have trouble getting that replaced free of charge :). 7y
brittnaypozen @Anei I was wondering if maybe they got a bad batch in 7y
BookishFeminist Oh no this would drive me nuts! I'd totally ask if they'd mind sending you a copy that isn't messed up. 7y
steph_hashes_tags Oh no, that's the worst! 7y
Sara_Planz It says on their website that if you contact member services, they will send out a replacement book for free! I'm a member too so this is good to know. 7y
Infinitus Oh man. That's painful. 😧 7y
brittnaypozen @saraplanz thank you Sara, I'll for sure send them an email!! 7y
Demanda 😖 7y
Chessa Yikes!!! 7y
Anei @brittnaypozen ye gods, I hope so. 7y
Spiderfelt I am appalled, over and over, by the poor quality binding I see lately. 7y
brittnaypozen I know, it's horrible. I'm considering keeping it though just because I don't want to stop reading it to send it back @Spiderfelt 7y
LoBro That's just sad! 7y
Riveted_Reader_Melissa That's just not right! But I know how you feel.... I once was reading and in the middle of the scene, the dialogue switched to something else entirely. On closer look, there was like 50 pages missing in the middle. A printing error. I had to return it. 7y
brittnaypozen @Riveted Reader Melissa that's so horrible!! I'd be so upset 7y
Michreads I would be upset too. 7y
Karenand3 I'd be fuming! 7y
Spiderfelt @brittnaypozen finish reading and then return! 7y
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Beautiful baby & beautiful book ❤

[DELETED] 3216391035 Your baby is beautiful! But that book was not for me....I know I'm in the minority on that! 7y
BookishTrish Basia, I'm with you 7y
Readasaurus_rex I loved this book. That shift in the middle just blew me away. And it made me think so hard about how others interpreted their interactions with me. 7y
See All 7 Comments
Toritj I agree @Readasaurus_rex! It also made me think about how each of us interpret situations and events so differently. 7y
brittnaypozen @Basia thank you so much!! & I'm hearing a lot of mixed reviews about it. It's definitely seems like one of those books that you either love or hate. I'm not truly far enough in to decide how I feel about it yet though lol 7y
vkmartin I enjoyed this one, though not as much as some people. I definitely like the second half better than the first. 7y
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Obsessed already! The Bachelor/Bachelorette franchise is my guilty pleasure, so I'm pumped that Charles Bingley has been reimagined as Chip, the doctor turned reality star!

LoBro Ooh, Curtis Sittenfield is brilliant! I'd love to see what she's done with this story. 7y
brittnaypozen @LoBro ahh you have to get it! I'm really enjoying it so far & I'm usually picky when it comes to Austen works 7y
Sara_Planz I'm about 1/3 of the way through and just loving it!! 7y
Hmonkeyruns This was on my list anyway but I didn't know about the reality show angle. I love it! 7y
overlyattachedreader The reality show angle is genius! I really liked this one. 7y
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No One Knows | J. T. Ellison
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Good morning everyone! Looks like the kiddos are enjoying my BOTM club! Any other bibliophiles might want to check it out. Use my referral link & code REFER50 to get 50% off a 3 month subscription! https://www.bookofthemonth.com/referCode/?referCode=c2e3c7fb16815

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Been meaning to read this one for a while. It'll be this weeks light nighttime read 👍

BookJunkie429 Love this one! 7y
brittnaypozen @BookJunkie429 I've heard such great things about this series! 7y
Rebeccak Such a fun read! 7y
See All 13 Comments
BookJunkie429 @brittnaypozen They are hard to put down. Cinder & Cress are my favorites. 7y
maximoffs LOOOOOVE 7y
mcctrish Such a great twist on the fairy tales, I really enjoyed every moment of the first 3 ( Winter is still beside my bed because I am not ready for the Lunar Chronicles to be over) Fairest was okay 7y
Hmonkeyruns I liked this so much more than I thought I would. Waiting on Cress from the library right now. 7y
[DELETED] 3558467437 Loved this book! 7y
brittnaypozen Thanks everyone, I'm really enjoying it so far! 7y
ObsessiveBookNerdLauren This whole series was wonderful! 7y
Gezemice Great series! 7y
Zakia This was such a refreshing read! Steampunk Cinderella - totally flew in the face of all the fairytale norms ❤️❤️❤️👠 7y
brittnaypozen @Zakia yes! I'm loving it so far 😄💜 7y
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Ways to Disappear | Idra Novey
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I'm so happy to have come across this novel while perusing the racks in my local book store. What a beautifully written debut novel for Novey. Strangely, I find that the books I enjoy the most leave me feeling disappointed with characters decisions. All in all a fast read that I thoroughly enjoyed!

Notafraidofwords I was going to read this, but a couple of people told me it was a let down. 7y
Garyrej Read a sample, liked it 7y
brittnaypozen @Ryanira9 yeah I wasn't really expecting much from it; it was just a book I threw in with my last purchase, but I really liked it! I tend to gravitate toward books without the happiest endings though just because I find them more realistic lol 7y
See All 6 Comments
brittnaypozen @Garyrej it's beautifully written! I've never read any of Idra Novey's poems, but you can definitely get a sense of her style from the novel 7y
Shortstack @brittnaypozen - I love books that have less than favorable main characters. If you can make me want to follow the story of someone who isn't a fully good person, you're probably a good writer! 7y
brittnaypozen @Shortstack exactly!! I couldn't agree more. I also tend to gravitate toward books that are a little out there so this was a good mix 7y
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Ways to Disappear | Idra Novey
post image

& here we go! The beginning...

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Liam is thrilled that BOTM club sent out ring pops & mama is so pumped to read Eligible! Any other bibliophiles might want to check it out! Here's my referral link & if you use code REFER50 you get 50% off a 3 month subscription! https://www.bookofthemonth.com/referCode/?referCode=c2e3c7fb16815

Bkwurm Have you read the other books in the Austen project? I find them to be hit or miss. Still excited to read this one tho! 🤓 7y
brittnaypozen @Bkwurm I read Sense & Sensibility by Joanna Trollope, but haven't had a chance to get to the other two yet. I thought it was ok. I know Eligible has gotten rave reviews so I'm excited to read it too!! When it comes to Austen reworks I'm hard to please though lol 7y
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The Nest: A Novel | Cynthia D'Aprix Sweeney
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Welcome to my night 📚🍷

Shortstack Can't wait to hear what you think about this one! I keep hearing good things! 7y
brittnaypozen @Shortstack to be honest, I'm having a hard time getting through it! It's just not keeping my interest which is really disappointing since its gotten such great reviews. I'm only a third in though so I'll definitely keep you posted!! 7y
Shortstack @brittnaypozen thanks! I've been on the fence about picking it up. 7y
brittnaypozen @Shortstack yeah I'm usually leery about books that get so much celebrity attention lol 7y
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