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It is a holiday here in the states, and I almost missed #tbt but it is still only 10 pm here on the west coast, so my We Don't Talk About This Book Enough is
Killers of the Flower Moon by David Grann

This book is amazing, and hard. Tells the story from the from the side of the victims and of the law enforcement. Grann was too easy & much too complimentary of the FBI.. But he did do well showing the disparity between the justice a Native person.

Never Let Me Go | Kazuo Ishiguro
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“It had never occurred to me that our lives, which had been so closely interwoven, could unravel with such speed. If I‘d known, maybe I‘d have kept tighter hold of them, and not let unseen tides pull us apart.”


sarahbarnes Loved this one too! 6d
BarbaraBB @sarahbarnes It was my first dystopian novel and I loved it! 6d
marleed I picked this up in a LFL on my walk this afternoon. I thought I‘d just drop off 3 books but came home with a book I‘ve long wanted to read! 5d
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Suet624 This book really spooked me. 5d
BarbaraBB @marleed It‘s a sign! 😉 I hope you‘ll like although “like” might not be the right word. 5d
BarbaraBB @Suet624 Me too, I couldn‘t believe what I was reading but as I mentioned avond, it was my first dystopian. 5d
ChaoticMissAdventures This is one of my all time favorite books 😍 I think you must go into it not knowing anything about it for the full experience. Ishiguro's writing and storytelling are phenomenal. 5d
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Cat's Cradle: A Novel | Kurt Vonnegut
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Inspired by @BarbaraBB I'm joining #TBT with a favorite Vonnegut in honor of the week of his birthday centennial. A favorite quote, that I often think of while at work:
Beware of the man who works hard to learn something, learns it, and finds himself no wiser than before.

SamAnne One of my favorites as well. 2w
BarbaraBB I‘ve never read this one. I really should. The quote is great too. Thanks for joining. #TBT is hosted by @ChaoticMissAdventures 2w
vivastory @SamAnne It's different from the rest, but it's always stuck with me 2w
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vivastory @BarbaraBB I'm not sure if you'd like it... I don't recommend it as a good starting point for Vonnegut 2w
ChaoticMissAdventures Great choice. Vonnegut is my absolute favorite, I even have So It Goes tattooed on me! ❤️ 2w
vivastory @ChaoticMissAdventures That's a fantastic tattoo choice! I have a few literary tattoos & I think that if I had more that I'd pick something inspired by Vonnegut. 2w
BarbaraBB I did read three of his books, and enjoyed them. But maybe you‘re right. There might be a reason why I didn‘t pick up this one 🤷🏻‍♀️ 2w
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Revolutionary Road | Richard Yates
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I‘ll join in @ChaoticMissAdventures initiative to recommend a book from your backlist reading each Thursday.

I‘ll post quotes from my favorite books and believe me, you should read those books😊!

“It‘s a disease. Nobody thinks or feels or cares any more; nobody gets excited or believes in anything except their own comfortable little God damn mediocrity.”

Ruthiella This book was rough to read emotionally but very good. 2w
BarbaraBB @Ruthiella I agree. It was the first book I read on this subject and I was young and I felt hit hard by the ordinariness of life, the boredom adults felt… 2w
Cinfhen We read this for bookclub a few years ago- I really liked it!! 2w
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ChaoticMissAdventures oh I have never read this! A modern classic for sure. 2w
vivastory This is a good idea! I think I'll join. BTW I like the new profile pic! 2w
BarbaraBB @vivastory Thank you! And please do join, I am sure that will add some books to my wishlist! 2w
KarenUK Seen the movie, but never read the book. I think I should! And this is such a good idea! 💕 2w
Megabooks Great quote! 2w
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The Small Rain: A Novel | Madeleine L'Engle
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I feel like these don‘t get enough love and attention these days. It‘s been almost twenty years since I read these wonderful novels following the life of pianist Katherine Forrester. They were a Christmas gift from my mother-in-law. I took piano lessons from age 5 to 17 and then studied voice in college so a perfect choice for me. The Small Rain was originally published in 1945, the follow-up, A Severed Wasp, in 1982. Highly recommend.

BarbaraBB Good to know. I have never read her! 2w
BarbaraJean I read these years ago and still think about them from time to time. Maybe it‘s time for a re-read in the new year! 2w
Ruthiella I‘ve only read her most famous book, which I loved as a child 2w
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jlhammar @BarbaraJean I wonder if 43 year old me would love them as much as 23 year old me. I‘m not a big re-reader, but I‘d consider revisiting these someday. I have this one on my shelves I still need to get to 2w
jlhammar @BarbaraBB @Ruthiella I also really enjoyed her memoir 2w
BarbaraJean @jlhammar I‘ve wondered that, too—not sure how well they will have aged for me now in my mid-40s! I discovered these two in my early 20s and liked them so much that I picked up and read A Live Coal in the Sea and Love Letters (Small Rain and Severed Wasp were my favorites of those). I also picked up a copy of Certain Women at a library book sale around that time but it‘s been on my TBR all this time. 1w
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There There: A novel | Tommy Orange
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#tbt Throwback Thursday - feature books I have read that I think are awesome, that need more discussion or push for others to read.
Play, tag, join in (I am terrible at tagging people!)

November in the States is Indigenous People's Month, and this book does an amazing job weaving modern Native history (if you do not know about Alcatraz Island and the Indigenous people it is worth a look into), many story lines, and a big climax.
Amazing book.

jlhammar So good! Loved this book. 2w
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It‘s Saturday 😆 but here‘s a #tbt I made after being inspired by @ChaoticMissAdventures but then fell asleep before posting!
This isn‘t life changing, but just a good read that I think isn‘t out there as much as it should be.

ChaoticMissAdventures Thanks for playing! Your process of posting sounds exactly like mine 😂 I have never heard of this one, I will have to check it out. 3w
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This is one of my all time favorites and I don‘t think it gets enough love!!

14 year old June loses her beloved uncle to AIDS in the 1980‘s. He‘s the only person who has ever truly understood her. She then develops a friendship with his boyfriend. Love, loss, grief, acceptance… All the feels!! 💚💚


Great idea Shawna!!

StillLookingForCarmenSanDiego That's a great book. 3w
Shemac77 Such a great book! 3w
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jlhammar Loved this book! 3w
ChaoticMissAdventures Oh! This is a great pick Misty! I remember when it came out and people were so in awe, and you are right, no one seems to talk about it now. Defiantly time for a resurgence. 3w
Suet624 I agree. I loved it and yet I felt as though no one knew about it. 3w
ErikasMindfulShelf Such a great book! 3w
Tamra 🙌🏾 So good! 3w
BookBr This is a beautiful book 🥰 3w
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The Enchanted: A Novel | Rene Denfeld
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My first #tbt
The Enchanted
by Rene Denfeld
A magical realism book that blew me away. Denfeld's writing is amazing. This book is so atmospheric, you can feel the scenes. It is a darker read, and absolutely beautiful.

“I imagine he knows magic, if he is reading books. The book itself doesn‘t matter. It‘s that he found another world in it.”

jlhammar I‘ve enjoyed all of Denfeld‘s books, but this was my first and favorite. 3w
Chelsea.Poole I‘ve had this in my list to read forever! 3w
ChaoticMissAdventures @jlhammar I love her writing! I wasn't a huge fan of her Child Finder one but will continue to buy her. 3w
ChaoticMissAdventures @Chelsea.Poole yes! I hope this post reminded you! Would love for more people to read this it is dark and gorgeous. 3w
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