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A #twofer post to get me caught up.
There is a #BizarreLoveTriangle in this book when widowed mommy blogger Stephanie makes a new friend Emily & then falls for Emily‘s husband Sean after she goes missing. (There‘s also another crazy ick-ish triangle from Stephanie‘s past too.) All three characters do things in this book that are more than #GroundsForDivorce 🖤 I liked the movie much more than the book due to the casting/acting.

arlenefinnigan Loving the double link. Excellent work. 3mo
Cinfhen 🍦🍦that‘s what I call the #DoubleDip 😊well played 3mo
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Massive apologies to all you wonderful #constantreaders for being tardy (again) with this mont‘s open discussion posts. I just completely forgot. I‘ll be doing two posts, one for each of our March books, so look for the next post under a spoiler tag with either #Creepshow or #thegunslinger and join in! The posts are open format, so join in anytime! Thanks for your patience #losersclub 😘😘

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Creepshow | Stephen King
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Ahh! I‘m late #losersclub, I‘m sorry! March is our first combo graphic novel and standard novel. Feel free to read both or skip whichever doesn‘t appeal. Grab your copies and check back April 18th for open discussion!
#Creepshow #TheGunslinger #LosersClub #StephenKing #StephenKingInOrder #KingFromTheBeginning #ConstantReader #ReadAlong #BuddyRead #BookDiscussion #GraphicNovel #TheDarkTower #twofer

Ashley_Nicoletto Ooohhh. Can I join this month? 9mo
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DGRachel @Ashley_Nicoletto Absolutely! Feel free to join in any time! This is a very relaxed buddy read. I‘ll add you to my list of people to tag. 😁 9mo
MidnightBookGirl I've had creepshow forever. I'll add it to my Readathon Pile! 9mo
Reagan Can you add me? I‘ve never read The Gunslinger and just read Creepshow? 9mo
DGRachel @Reagan-reads DONE! You‘re now on my master list. 😁 9mo
AnansiGirl I‘m one book away from finishing the Gunslinger series, but I haven‘t read GN Creepshow before. I may buy a used copy if it not found at the library. 9mo
Bklover Just got my copy of Creepshow! 😁 8mo
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Circe | Madeline Miller
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This is a beautiful story. I have never read the Odyssey, so I am only vaguely familiar of Circe before this. Circe is a great story that connects with a lot of Greek mythology and the gods, but you get to see it all from a female perspective.

SledgeReader There‘s enough mythology that I‘m killing it at weekly trivia!!! And it‘s a fabulous read too! #twofer 1y
tracey38 I wasn't very familiar with Circe either. Really enjoyed this book. 1y
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Mercy Among the Children: A Novel | David Adams Richards
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Cinfhen This sounds so good! Have you read it? Like the hashtag 😍 2y
TheKidUpstairs @Cinfhen Not yet! I picked it up not too long ago in a second hand book haul. 2y
Cinfhen Keep me posted...I'm really curious 2y
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Rivers of London | Ben Aaronovitch
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#rockinmay I'm diving into this today for tuesday's #theriver and Wednesday's #londoncalling all rolled into one. I can't recommend this series enough - they're grown up Harry Potter meets police procedural with a sly wit and a multicultural cast. I'm going back through them on audio I love them so much.

Nb the first book is called Midnight Riot in the US.

melrailey Well I just ordered Rivers of London from an used bookstore on Amazon yesterday! I saw some of these in Barnes &a Noble the other day and thought I needed to read them now but they didn't have book one. 3y
Cinfhen I've always wanted to try this author 💕💕like your #twofer (edited) 3y
Shan-nana This would be great on audio - all those British accents! Was this reader good? 3y
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Verity @melrailey I hope you enjoy it - I think they're fabulous. My only problem is that new ones don't come soon enough! 3y
Verity @Cinfhen thank you! 3y
Verity @Shan-nana he's really, really good. He's great at the subtleties of different British accents as well as the humour and light and shade. 3y
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Demon Seed | Dean Koontz
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This one is a #twofer for #aprilbookshowers
I ❤️ Dean Koontz; more specifically, the older work of Dean Koontz.
One of my favs will always be Demon Seed.
#artificialintelligence #samebookdifferentcovers

monkeygirlsmama Such a creepy good book! I too am a huge Koontz fan. This was a trippy read. My copy has the same cover as the bottom one in your pic. 3y
MaleficentBookDragon @monkeygirlsmama my bottom one was the rewrite he did because he felt the original was too dated. The top right one is a really old one. I saw the movie and love the two movie covers (usually I don't like movie covers). 3y
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Fever: A Novel | Mary Beth Keane
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#reallifepeople #unforgettablewomen #twofer I loved Mary Mallon, an Irish cook in turn-of-the-century New York, accused of spreading thypoid through her cooking "She tried to make sense of what they told her about invisible microbes that floated in the air, that traveled up the nose & into the mouth. So many years later, it still sounded like a fairy tale meant for children, a little world too small for the human eye" #booktober #octphotochallenge

LeahBergen She's so interesting (but I wouldn't be popping by her house for lunch 😛)! 3y
quirkyreader This one is close to the top of my TBR pile. 3y
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