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A novel of family secrets, creativity,identity,heartbreak,loss & hope, set on the idyllic Mediterranean island of Corsica.The setting both informs & forms the characters & their responses to the world.Corsica‘s wild beauty encompasses various terrains:mountains,cliffs,valleys,tidal pools,forests.The arts:painting,architecture,photography,music,drive the plot.While The novel might seem slow to some,for me the pace & lyrical writing are perfect.

julieclair This sounds fabulous! I have never heard of it, so thanks for posting. Added to my stack. I have always wanted to go to Corsica… 9h
kspenmoll @julieclair To warn you, others did not like this. For me it was a fascinating tale. Email me your address- I am purging & can send the book to you if you want. Kdspenmoll@icloud.com 2h
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The Great Believers | Rebecca Makkai
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#pridebookrec fiction week

This is one of my all time top 10 favorite books.
Raw and emotional, this is a look at a group of gay men in 1985 Chicago, dealing with the AIDS epidemic and art and friendship, it's gorgeously written and the characters will live with you for long after you put the book down.

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Dreadful Company | Vivian Shaw
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I chose to end my night last night finishing this audiobook. Our new bedroom ♥️
I enjoyed this book again in terms of characters just as much as the first. The plot was a little less intriguing to me. But glittered up vamps 🤣☠️ also really loved the way they deal with CONSENT.
I'm definitely going in for the third!

Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks Beautiful room 💚 1d
BarbaraBB Beautiful 😍 1d
Tamra Very cozy! 24h
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I cannot say this is a feel good story but wow, it‘s intense and beautifully written. I kept thinking about the time it was written and how the protagonist would have felt and been treated 😢

The Apartment | S. L. Grey
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I finished the tagged book on a somewhat gratuitous but sorely needed solo audiowalk. Although the premise---a vacation rental that goes creepily awry---is perhaps not the wisest choice a day before I check into a short-term rental, it was an enjoyable listen. It's also my June #bookspin selection.

The Paris Apartment | Kelly Bowen
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Holy crap, y‘all. Kelly Bowen starts each of her storylines with one hell of a hook, then keeps the emotional intensity dialed up to eleven throughout this dual timeline narrative. Even though the reader learns a bunch of the historical answers before the modern characters who‘ve gone in search of them, the tension remains pitch perfect right through to the finale. I couldn‘t tear myself away. 5 stars.

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Alice/Celia succinctly sums of her life. #SummerReadingMode
Hashtag courtesy of @Cinfhen

Cinfhen I think I may need to put that hashtag into permanent rotation 😜 2d
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The Reef | Edith Wharton
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The Reef - Book V completes the book

Anna ties herself up in a knot of indecision - taking Darrow back and then managing to get _him_ to call it off for her. That‘s most of this part. Owen runs off for some mental recovery. Sophy holds up her end, and goes back to where she started. In the end, she‘s the only one who truly lost something. I think it‘s a curious ending. Where did you end up in your own thought process?

Graywacke Apologies for the late post. I‘m traveling. I had time, just off my routine. 3d
Graywacke I wanted to add one thought before I tag everyone. I notice this book is from a humbled perspective. The author of House of Mirth and The Fruit of the Tree came across as full of passion and frustration…and self confidence. This author seems to have looked into something without answer and been troubled by it. 3d
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Lcsmcat “Something without answer” sums it up! Anna‘s vacillation was driving me bonkers! And then the ending was so abrupt. WTF!?! 3d
Lcsmcat Quotes I marked, in no particular order. “The truth had come to light by the force of its irresistible pressure;” 3d
Lcsmcat “Her scruples were not overcome; but for the time their voices were drowned in the tumultuous rumour of her happiness.” 3d
Graywacke Side note. I finished the book and then wracked my memory for Jimmy Brance. I was really entertained when I found Sophy telling both Darrow _and me_ (exclaimed in wonder): “You were absorbed—not to remember Jimmy Brance!…” (Book I, part 2) 3d
Lcsmcat “She could hardly conceive of wanting the kind of love that was a state one could be cozened into…” 3d
Lcsmcat “she reflected with a chill of fear that she would never again know if he were speaking the truth or not.” 3d
Lcsmcat And the oft marked “What I meant was that when you‘ve lived a little longer you‘ll see what complex blunderers we all are: how we‘re struck blind sometimes, and mad sometimes—and then, when our sight and our senses come back, how we have to set to work, and build up, little by little, bit by bit, the precious things we‘d smashed to atoms without knowing it. Life‘s just a perpetual piecing together of broken bits.” 3d
Lcsmcat @Graywacke 😂😂Me too! (Re: Jimmy) (edited) 3d
Graywacke @Lcsmcat oh, lovely. Thanks for posting all these. The second to last one rung a death knell to Darrow in my mind. At this point I could only doubt everything he said. Poor Anna. Your last one strikes home. 3d
Currey @Lcsmcat @Graywacke Yes, agreed with WTF ending. I don‘t mind ambiguity but after all of Anna‘s dithering back and forth to only get to that ending was odd I thought. 3d
Currey @Lcsmcar @Graywacke Did you get the sense that Wharton was really striving to capture something that she herself experienced? 3d
Lcsmcat @Currey I hate to read too much autobiography into an author‘s work, but this really feels like her trying to find a “right” answer to an impossible situation, doesn‘t it? 3d
Lcsmcat @Graywacke I didn‘t trust Darrow after Book 2, but this made me hope Anna would realize she‘d be happier without him. 3d
Currey @lcsmcat Yes, no right answer and therefore no right ending? Seems like Wharton is better than that….to get to no right answer but a “right” ending. I think I am getting silly now 3d
CarolynM I was gobsmacked by that abrupt and completely inconclusive ending. WTF??? I needed some closure for my peace of mind so I‘ve decided that Sophy confessed all to Owen and they ran away together which was why Owen was so keen to get rid of Anna. As for Anna and Darrow I can‘t decide. Like @Lcsmcat I was fed up with Anna‘s vacillating and moral agonizing. Was Sophy‘s sister & her lifestyle intended to tell us something about Sophy? Is so, what? 3d
jewright The ending seemed so abrupt to me. I literally had to double check if my Kindle app had not loaded the rest of the ending. Anna just either needs to forgive and forget or let Darrow go. This constant upheaval will make them both miserable. It reminds me of a high school couple who break up only to reunite with drama and repeat for four years. 3d
Graywacke @Currey @Lcsmcat (I‘m love to read too much into autobiographical stuff 😊) I felt there was experience behind what she wrote. That sense of certainty, solid logic - how awful Darrow was - getting lost in the moment. If it‘s not real, why add it in. It‘s not good for the drama, unless it happens to have something real behind it. So I imagined experience behind it. But I also feel she struggled to capture it. 3d
Graywacke @CarolynM i hope Sophy ran away with Owen for her sake, but he was better off maturing. Also, like you I have really wondered what W‘s intent was with Sophy. Because you can interpret that as very judgmental, and narrow-minded wealthy elitist. I want that to be wrong, but I‘m still unconvinced. But 👇 3d
Lcsmcat @CarolynM I think Sophy‘s sister was what Sophy was running to avoid becoming. And as for the ending, maybe Wharton was ahead of her time with ambiguous endings. 😂 3d
Lcsmcat @jewright Very high school drama! And I had to check my Kindle too - I really did think there would be another chapter. 😂 3d
Graywacke ?one way it‘s wrong is if the point is Anna. Anna falls, anyway you look at it. She has it altogether when we meet her. Responsible to mom, daughter and stepson, and with well-selected fiancé. When it comes apart, she comes apart too. She makes bad decisions with Darrow. And she failed mom, Sophy and herself (but arguably not Owen). In this context it highlights how low she has fallen and how much she has failed Sophy. ? 3d
Lcsmcat @Graywacke I think she totally captured the vacillation and inner turmoil. She just didn‘t give us an answer. Maybe letting us in on Anna‘s ultimate choice would imply that was the “right” choice, and she didn‘t want to (or couldn‘t) do that. 3d
Graywacke 👆but @CarolynM i‘d like to hear more takes ok this. But still - yeah, @Lcsmcat @Currey @jewright , wtf? 3d
Graywacke @jewright ( @Lcsmcat @Currey ) - see, I agree unless there is a real element to it. We do have high school drama moments in life. When we get seriously scared we are liable to go into really dumb dramatic states. Ok, apologies, not accusing anyone, but I have done this anyway. It‘s so dumb afterwards, but during its very hard to think straight. Anyway, if there is something real there, it‘s meaningful. If it‘s just drama, then seems silly to me. (edited) 3d
CarolynM I'm not sure that Anna has failed anyone. It is an unfortunate situation, but it's not of her making. Ultimately I think all the relationships would be changed, whatever final choice she made. Also, I was curious about her first marriage. 3d
Graywacke @Lcsmcat if you extrapolate an epilogue - do you see Anna ever managing to make an ultimate choice? (edited) 3d
Graywacke @CarolynM Fraser Leath… yeah, I‘m curious too. My edition came with a terrible introduction. But one good thing about was it points out how brilliantly W captured Fraser, who we never see. We do have to question Anna‘s judgement marrying a snuff box collector. Fraser and Darrow were misses. 👇 3d
Sparklemn I bit off more than I could chew this month with reading, work, life, etc. so I didn't finish The Reef. However, I've enjoyed what I read so far and plan to finish it someday . Glad you all made it to the end! (edited) 3d
Graywacke 👆 Anna makes an interesting and progressive case for encouraging Owen with Sophy. Does anyone think it was another bad judgment? 3d
Graywacke @Sparklemn thanks! I hope, if you finish, it rewards. Let us know! 🙂 3d
Currey @Graywacke @CarolynM I got the impression she married Fraser because he was a snuff box collector not in spite of. He was predictable, non-dramatic, outside presence always correct and no one seemed to care about any real feelings he may have had. After loving Darrow she wonders if Fraser had a completely different life away from her, especially when he traveled without her. Clearly, it not only never occurred to her before but she did not care 3d
CarolynM @Currey I thought there was a hint that Fraser was a rebound thing after her early relationship with Darrow because he was more suitable. I agree she didn‘t care about him. If it weren‘t for the existence of the daughter I‘d have thought it was possibly an unconsummated marriage. 3d
Lcsmcat @Graywacke Anna has to make an ultimate decision, even if it‘s deciding not to decide. But what that decision would be? 🤷🏻‍♀️ What it _should_ be, is to cut Darrow loose. 3d
Lcsmcat @CarolynM @currey Wasn‘t there something in the beginning about Fraser being unconventional, but then Anna discovering that his rules around being unconventional were as rigid as the social conventions? I‘ll have to look back for that. (edited) 3d
CarolynM @Lcsmcat Yes, I remember something like that. Was she hinting he was gay? 3d
Lcsmcat @CarolynM I hadn‘t thought about his being gay, but perhaps? I‘ve found the quote and will post it below. It‘s long so it may take several parts. 2d
Lcsmcat “It was a mind, she soon learned, contentedly absorbed in formulating the conventions of the unconventional. West Fifty-fifth Street was no more conscientiously concerned than Givré with the momentous question of “what people did”; ?? 2d
Lcsmcat 👆🏻”it was only the type of deed investigated that was different. Mr. Leath collected his social instances with the same seriousness and patience as his snuff-boxes. He exacted a rigid conformity to his rules of non-conformity and his scepticism had the absolute accent of a dogma.” 2d
Cathythoughts Sorry, never made it yesterday ( at a concert 👍🏻). Yes , the ending was so abrupt and told us nothing. I have no idea if Sophy went with Owen ? Anna had no idea what to do! Anna was driving herself mad trying to make the ‘right ‘ decision ( she was starting to drive me mad too) . I hadn‘t thought of Fraser being gay @CarolynM @Lcsmcat but it would make sense. It‘s a possibility 🤔. I can say that I enjoyed this one very much. 2d
Graywacke @Currey @CarolynM @Lcsmcat I had a simpler take on Fraser. I think young Anna felt Darrow was limiting, but Fraser came along and she liked his irreverent attitude. It was only later she discovered he wasn‘t really irreverent at all, and she found him cold. (regardless of his orientation) My point being she knew Darrow well enough to sense something she didn‘t like, but didn‘t know Fraser well enough to sense this when they married. 2d
Graywacke So, perhaps in the same way she was slow to pick up on Darrow and Sophy - she asked the right questions but didn‘t pursue the answers - was the same way she evaluated men with hidden flaws in general. 2d
Graywacke And if I‘m right I can say this: and yet she encouraged Owen to rush ahead… (edited) 2d
Lcsmcat @Graywacke I agree that she‘s encouraging Owen to do that which got her into this untenable situation. I‘m not sure what caused her to think Fraser would be the one to make her “really live” except he criticized her parents, which is sometimes enough for a teenager. 😀 2d
jewright @Lcsmcat—You are right! I‘m just not a fan of ambiguous endings ever! I hate them on modern novels as well. I need everything tied up with a bow, thanks. Or dead. I don‘t mind a good tragedy. 2d
Lcsmcat @jewright So, Dickensian? 😂 2d
jewright @Lcsmcat I love Dickens! 24h
Lcsmcat @jewright Same here. But I‘m also ok with ambiguous endings. I guess this one just felt unprepared or something. 24h
jewright @Lcsmcat I‘m really not a fan of them at all. I kind of hate The Giver for that reason. 21h
Graywacke @jewright the Giver sequel kills the ambiguity. But that‘s funny. 10h
Graywacke @jewright @Lcsmcat I read David Copperfield this year. _Everything_ is wrapped up. Wharton‘s endings are uncomfortable, but not all are ambiguous. I think Anna was in no state for a proper ending. @Lcsmcat 10h
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Starting this today on a whim. #moodbook #porchlife #ocean