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Pollyanna | Eleanor H Porter
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#BookMoods #BigJuneReadathonPhotoChallenge

Doing another #twofer combining prompts for twodifferent photo challenges because could there be anyone with more #positivity than Pollyanna with her #bright & sunny disposition?!

Growing up I was a fan of the book & the movie with Haley Mills & I had the Disney movie tie in Golden Book too.

Linsy I didn't even know this was a book as a kid, but I was obsessed with the movie!! I always wanted to be just like her. 4mo
Eggs Love this❣️ I watched a lot of Hayley Mills‘ movies growing up 😊 4mo
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June Bug | Chris Fabry
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#BigJuneReadathon #PhotoChallenge #Day4 #Bright I‘m awful at keeping up with photo challenges but I‘ll give it a go. So far I‘ve got 2 out of 4! When looking through my 2,000+ library, this was the only book I could find with bright in the title. Which is pretty extraordinary. 2 down, only 27 to go✔️

Clwojick I‘m horrible at keeping up with daily posts too, so I decided to semi choose my reading around the prompts instead . ☺️ 4mo
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Five months later I‘m using this book for the #bright post. 😆

It came up as one of my #roll100 selections this month, so maybe I‘ll actually read it once my hold comes through at the library.


Clwojick Great choice! 4mo
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As Bright as Heaven | Susan Meissner
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#BigJuneReadathon #Bright @Clwojick

Loved this book set in Philadelphia during the Spanish Flu outbreak in 1918, really showed the impact of Spanish Flu. 😢

Crazeedi This was a really good one! 4mo
Andrew65 @Crazeedi Most definitely. One that has stayed with me. (edited) 4mo
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All the Bright Places | Jennifer Niven
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Here are 2 books that will capture your heart💙 by Jennifer Niven

#Bright #BigJuneReadathon @Clwojick

#Positivity #BookMoods @Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks

Freespirit I love those bright covers too!! 4mo
Clwojick These were both five stars for me! Great choices. 💙 4mo
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks 💛📚💙 4mo
Eggs Me too! @Clwojick 4mo
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#Bright #BoundTogetherJune
#POTC #Pirates #DMTNT

One of the brightest stars is named Carina, as the main character is named. A fun tale of her history and ends with the movie!

Loved the fifth installment of Pirates of the Caribbean!

OriginalCyn620 Pretty cover! 2y
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All the Bright Places | Jennifer Niven
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All the #Bright books I found are sad stories or tough topics. #BoundTogetherJune

OriginalCyn620 The tagged book broke my heart! 💔 2y
Andrew65 Loved As Bright As Heaven. 4mo
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Jen Lancaster hates to burst your happy little bubble, but life in the big city isn't all it's cracked up to be. Contrary to what you see on TV and in the movies, most urbanites aren't party-hopping in slinky dresses and strappy stilettos. But lucky for us, Lancaster knows how to make the life of the lower crust mercilessly funny and infinitely entertaining.

I haven‘t read this but it sounds great!
#bright #boundtogetherjune

OriginalCyn620 Yes, it does! 2y
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks I‘m going to stack!!! 2y
OrangeMooseReads She has a great sense of humor. This book made me me giggle and laugh out loud. 2y
JoScho @OrangeMooseReads it sounds hilarious. I‘m looking forward to it. 2y
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OriginalCyn620 📚❤️🐶 2y
Deifio Oh, I just love these books! Did you watch the TV series way back when, too? 2y
veritysalter I simply love these books, I‘ve read them many times. I keep meaning to visit The World of James Herriot in Thirsk, North Yorkshire, not too far from me. Alf Wright‘s son, Peter Wight (The Yorkshire Vet) is a regular at our village open farm. 2y
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TheSpineView @Deifio I sure did!😍 2y
TheSpineView @veritysalter It would love to visit North Yorkshire. One of these days. 2y
veritysalter You must, it‘s beautiful ♥️ 2y
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