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Swaps | Sherree DeCovny
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Look what I mailed off today! 🌺
🌴🌵 #SliceofSummerSwap 🌴 @catsandbooks

@lirahlu @AbigailJaneBlog
🍑🧁🍒 Hope the parcels arrive quickly and smoothly! 🍧🍍🍉

Yuki_Onna @lirahlu @AbigailJaneBlog
A request I have: Could you please forward me the tracking numbers of the parcels when you post them?
It's just because there's been trouble with the German Post with nearly every swap I've partivipated in.
They sometimes deliver the boxes to the wrong people and/or don't notify me at all.
Only when I have the tracking number can I do something and try to locate the box.
Thank you so much! 🌺🌴🌵

#LitsySwaps #summer
(edited) 6d
AbigailJaneBlog Oh my gosh you've got everything sorted so quickly! I'm looking forward to sending yours (and will of course send a tracking number) 6d
lirahlu @Yuki_Onna of course! I will likely mail yours today or tomorrow! 6d
Yuki_Onna @AbigailJaneBlog @lirahlu Thank you, sweet ones! 😊 That makes me a lot calmer.
- Don't hurry!!! (I'm always super hyped up with swaps and can't wait to go shopping and get my swap mates' parcels ready... 😅)
Catsandbooks Wow! You are fast!!! ☀️🙌🏼 5d
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We Were Liars | E. Lockhart
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Beautiful prose and a devastating but real picture of grief and loss. Nothing like I was expecting but truly excellent. I saw the ending coming but still hard hitting. I expected more of a YA thriller but it‘s more of a mystery. Shows that even the super rich are not exempt from horrific tragedies.

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We‘ve now covered three Sarah Dessen books on my book podcast and — spoiler alert! — The Truth About Forever is officially my favorite. Author Martha Waters joins me on today‘s episode to talk about Macy‘s story in all of its dreaminess and heartbreak. We discuss perfectionism, toxic relationships, terrible boyfriends, what it *really* means to work in a library, our collective approach to grief, and more. 💔 Listen at the link in my bio!

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AmyG The Catskills! I grew up going there with my family. This should be a fun read. 1w
TheBookHippie @AmyG I‘m so excited to read this one! 1w
Sparklemn I'm in! 1w
TheBookHippie @Sparklemn oh yay!!!! I post on Sundays you follow the reading schedule that I post (I‘ll tag you so you know) and hashtag #SUNDAYBUDDYREAD all we ask is that everyone be kind and not post spoilers 📙🧡. I‘m looking forward to this one! 7d
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Summerland: A Novel | Elin Hilderbrand
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Another tearjerker from EH! This one deals with the aftermath of a car crash on grad night in Nantucket, where promising student Penny gets killed and her twin brother is in critical condition. It was sad but compelling and I couldn‘t put it down. 4⭐️


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Camping Trip | Catherine Hapka
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Let's go on a camping trip this summer to #CampLitsy! ⛺️It will be a Camp ToB-style summer read along run by @squirrelbrain @Megabooks and @BarbaraBB

Longlist from last weekend‘s nominees. Link to the list: https://bit.ly/3w5SSIN.

Once you‘ve decided on your top 6, vote in this Google Doc:

Poll closes on Monday 16 May!

Megabooks Thank you so much for sharing! Looking forward to reading with you at camp! 🏕📚 2w
squirrelbrain Thanks for reposting! Looking forward to seeing which books we choose! 2w
BarbaraBB Thanks for sharing! Hope it will be fun! 2w
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Not only am I excited to be hosting #CampToB with @BarbaraBB and @Megabooks I‘m also packing for a real life camping trip of my own.

Well, I think that‘s all my packing done, shouldn‘t need anything else! 🤣

Hmmm, maybe hubby and puppy?!

rockpools Excellent packing! Can I come? 2w
squirrelbrain Of course Rachel! @rockpools You bring some books and I‘ll pack some more toffee vodka! 🤣 2w
vivastory Toffee vodka sounds incredible! As do your books! 2w
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sarahbarnes What else would you need to take?? 😂 2w
BarbaraBB Hoe lowbudget all of this! I hope you have a wonderful time! @Megabooks and I will guard your spreadsheet 😉😘 2w
squirrelbrain It is absolutely delicious! @vivastory (They do a Toffee Apple flavour too) 2w
squirrelbrain Guard it with your life @barbarabb ! 🤣 2w
vivastory @squirrelbrain I think I will go see what I can find at my local liquor store tomorrow! 2w
squirrelbrain This is made in the English Lake District, Scott; you won‘t find it in the US. 🤔 Maybe something similar though?! @vivastory 2w
Megabooks I‘ll put the spreadsheet in a vault while you‘re gone! 😉 wish molly could join Henry. Even though she‘s smaller, she loves the outdoors (I don‘t 😂) and would be a fun camping buddy for him! 2w
Megabooks I hope you enjoy Carol! Should be a fun camping read. 😁🏕 2w
squirrelbrain Molly would fit perfectly in our tiny campervan @Megabooks - I keep telling Henry I‘ll send him back if he keeps getting bigger! 🤣 Good job he doesn‘t believe me! 2w
LeeRHarry Have a lovely time! 😊 2w
erzascarletbookgasm 😂 Enjoy your holiday. I think Henry is looking forward to his 2nd camping trip 😉 2w
erzascarletbookgasm Btw Toffee Vokda sounds very interesting! 😁 2w
squirrelbrain It is very yummy @erzascarletbookgasm ! (Henry won‘t be allowed any though!) 🤣 2w
youneverarrived 😂 the essentials! 2w
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Mother‘s Day relaxation. I think this one might be a lighter read than my last. 🤞

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The Summer Book | Tove Jansson, Thomas Teal, Kathryn Davis
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Finally some delicious sunshine in the Prairies, and a perfect time to read this book set in #Finland.

That‘s Grandmother and Sophia. 💙☀️💙

LeahBergen This is such a lovely, quirky little book. 2w
Cathythoughts I‘m looking forward to this one. ❤️ 2w
erzascarletbookgasm Hope you enjoy! 2w
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jlhammar Love this book! 2w
BiblioLitten @LeahBergen @erzascarletbookgasm It is a lovely read. I love grandmother and Sophie. @jlhammar 2w
BiblioLitten @Cathythoughts It makes summer reading sweeter😊 2w
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