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Crazeedi 💔😪 2w
Cinfhen Thank you for sharing and lighting a candle💟 2w
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Diary of a Young Girl | Anne Frank
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Repost for @Cinfhen In honor of Israel's national Holocaust Remembrance Day.✡ To lihgt your own candle go to illuminatethepast.Org #neverforget

Cinfhen Thank you for lighting a candle and honoring a stolen life 💔and thank you for sharing the site 2w
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Devil's Arithmetic | Jane Yolen
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I have met survivors from concentration camps, and my great grandparents were Orthodox Jews who immigrated in the early 1900‘s. So I am glad to share @Cinfhen ‘s link about Israel‘s National Holocaust Remembrance Day and a book that I always thought gave perspective. https://www.illuminatethepast.org/

Cinfhen I‘ve been meaning to read this book💔thanks for putting it back on my radar and thank you for sharing the link 🙏🏻 2w
LibrarianRyan @Cinfhen this was one of my favorites growing up. Made me a lifelong Yolan fan. 2w
Cinfhen Have either of you seen the controversial IG account that launched a few days ago @LibrarianRyan @Chrissyreadit it‘s called Eva.Stories It‘s based on an actual diary of a girl named Eva who was living in Hungry before & during the Nazi invasion. Told through IG stories it‘s a photo journal retelling of Eva‘s real experience. It‘s a powerful visual!! 2w
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Chrissyreadit @Cinfhen why is it. Controversial? @LibrarianRyan thanks for more info. I‘m going to look it up. 2w
Cinfhen Because some people feel using social media and making “Eva” a #hashtag is trivializing the Holocaust. That it marginalizes the true horror. I think it‘s a powerful teaching tool for this generation 🤷‍♀️ 2w
LibrarianRyan @Cinfhen I don't do instagram since it is owned by Facebook. But I had one for my library because you are correct, it is a great way to connect to the younger generation. Josh as an account, so I will take a peak when I get home. It sound interesting. 2w
Chrissyreadit @Cinfhen @LibrarianRyan I‘m watching it and am very impressed. And heartbroken. #neverforget 2w
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#WondrousWednesday @Eggs
Thanks for the tag @4thhouseontheleft

1.So many good songs...but I specifically remember slow dancing to Careless Whisper by George Michael
2. Cancer ♋️
3. Tagged author #NeverAgain #NeverForget 💔
4. Tagging @KathrynElise the last Litten who tagged me😉

tournevis As I said on another post, a song from my worst nightmares. Yowzah! 1mo
Cinfhen You don‘t love George Michael???? @tournevis Carless Whisper is a classic!!! 1984 was the bomb!!!! 1mo
Eggs 💗🤗❣️ George Michael!! 1mo
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Leftcoastzen ♋️me too! 1mo
tournevis @Cinfhen I'm fine with him, but that song... The cloying rhythm, the horn? Instant panic attack. 1mo
Cinfhen I associate this song with a fun night 😛 @tournevis so it‘s all perfect to me!!! And George Michael, golden voice @Eggs 💛💛💛 Are you a June bday @Leftcoastzen ??? 1mo
Leftcoastzen Early July. 1mo
BarbaraBB I was dumped on this song by the boy I was in love with, ha ha, it still makes me a bit melancholic when I hear it. 💔 1mo
Cinfhen That‘s kind of sad @BarbaraBB since I associate this song with a really happy memory 🧡#ThePowerOfMusic 1mo
BarbaraBB Exactly, the power of music. And this one always delivers! 1mo
Suet624 @cinfhen @leftcoastzen Cancer here too. 💕💕 (edited) 1mo
Cinfhen Woohoo @Suet624 🦀 1mo
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Towers Falling | Jewell Parker Rhodes
This post contains spoilers
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Question 11 #mgbuddyread

megnews Wow! I had not considered a reason til I read this question. Is it because Deja learning about 9/11 made her dad feel like he was experiencing it all over again? Is it because every time we talk about where we were that awful day it is a little like experiencing the feelings of that day all over again. Lots of strong emotions flood back when you talk about events such as this. (edited) 3mo
sblbooks I just Googled the name Deja. It's of Spanish and French origin. Meaning remembrance or to remember. The perfect name I would say. #neverforget 3mo
Mdargusch Haha! I never figured that out either @megnews but it sure does fit. 3mo
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megnews @Mdargusch I think @sblbooks answer has me beat. I didn‘t think to google the meaning of her name. But that is perfect! 3mo
JaclynW @sblbooks That fits! So appropriate! 3mo
mrp27 @sblbooks That's so perfect, love it! To be honest all I could think about was the character Deja on This Is Us. 😬 3mo
Peddler410 The whole time I was reading, I kept thinking deja vu — thank you @sblbooks for sharing what you found on google. 3mo
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Picked this up at library yesterday so I guess I'll read it next. Not sure if I want to know the horror, but #neverforget

Savedbygrace I did not realize he had this one out; is it new? 3mo
Crazeedi @Savedbygrace it's his newest one 3mo
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#holocaustremembranceday #neverforget
#yadvashem #therighteousamongthenations
These two books, (along with a few others) taught me about the Holocaust and I am forever changed.

Shaneyney I‘ve read other things by Leon Uris but I haven‘t heard of that one, now I need to go get it. He‘s such an incredible author 4mo
Crazeedi @Shaneyney it's an old book, but riveting. I loved Exodus, Trinity too, as well as others of his. But this one was excellent (edited) 4mo
JeanAudrey Read the book my life by gerda weismann klien 4mo
Crazeedi @JeanAudrey I will check it out 4mo
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I couldn‘t believe it this morning when I read an article that stated 1 in 20 people in the UK still don‘t believe the Holocaust happened?! What?? It happened, it‘s history, it‘s not the Easter Bunny, it‘s not something you ‘believe in‘?! Today is Holocaust Memorial Day, I‘ve read lots of books on the Holocaust & these two are next on my TBR list! 👍🏻 #neverforget

JazzFeathers That can't be possible. 1 in 20 is a lot of people 😨 4mo
TrishB 💔 4mo
squirrelbrain Yes, I read that too. It is just staggering and quite unbelievable and makes me very angry and sad. 4mo
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Birdsong28 @JazzFeathers There are loads of people who deny it happened, that it was made up to gain sympathy. It's disgusting!!! 4mo
tracey38 That is just horrible that so many deny it happened. 💔 4mo
GingerAntics Thank you! I can‘t believe the number of people who just deny evidence. I‘d love to take them to some of these camps that are nine museums and see what their explanation for all of it is. Did Jewish people just drop dead of their own free will? This isn‘t something you believe in. It‘s fact. You don‘t believe in fact? That‘s disturbing. 4mo
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If this is a Man | Primo Levi
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Read the first part this morning as I felt so sad at the report that 5% of Brits do not believe in the Holocaust.
Will read the rest over the next couple of weeks. There‘s only so much sad Sunday can accommodate.
Never forget. Silence is compliance.

hermyknee 💔♥️ #WeRemember 4mo
Velvetfur Wait, what? Do not believe in it? How....why.....eh? *confused* 4mo
Crazeedi It's so sad to know that statistic is true, many in the states don't either😞 #neverforget 4mo
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Suet624 That‘s a disturbing number. 😡😡 4mo
cathysaid Isn‘t it so disturbing? Holocaust Deniers baffle me. I remember when Ahmadinejad stated that it “didn‘t happen.” Bizarre. 4mo
Christine11 I read that statistic this morning too - I cannot understand it at all. There is so much proof and so many heartbreaking personal testimonies, I really don‘t get how people can deny it? 😔 4mo
TrishB @hermyknee @Velvetfur @Crazeedi @Suet624 @cathysaid @Christine11 I don‘t get it either. Baffling and heart breaking 💔 4mo
Erinreadsthebooks Right, and if the deniers can put blinders on to the Holocaust, just imagine what else they can ignore. 👎🏼 4mo
TrishB @Erinreadsthebooks exactly 😔 4mo
Insightsintobooks Wow. That's hard to imagine that statistic is real. Just it being today, Holocaust rememberance Day, makes me cry, I mourn for those lost, and will never forget. 4mo
Caroline2 I have zero tolerance for holocaust deniers! People don‘t deny slavery yet there is so much evidence & eye witnesses still alive today from the holocaust?! How can some people not ‘believe‘?! It‘s a fact not a belief!!!! (edited) 4mo
TrishB @Insightsintobooks 💔 it‘s a horrible thought. 4mo
TrishB @Caroline2 great point 👍🏻 it‘s a choice they make.... 4mo
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