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Today was one of those days. I got 4 hours of sleep and because of the snow I basically stayed at home. I watched an American Experience episode on Joseph McCarthy at least 3 times before deleting it. The early part of the evening was crap. May finally get some reading before I go to bed.

Chrissyreadit Hope you read something that you enjoyed reading. 3w
melissajayne @Chrissyreadit Read a couple chapters out of my Harry Potter read. 3w
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Mr Huff | Anna Walker
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I absolutely LOVE this book for children and adults. A lesson in embracing all of the emotions we experience daily.

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Panda is having a bad day. Everything he does, touches, or anyone he talks to just makes it worse. His friends try to brighten his day anyway. And it works, at least for a little bit. This read was fun and is a great way to show kids that it is okay not to be happy all the time.

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Reading a book can help distract you from worrying. I know it helps me! #charactersreading

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I‘ve been in bed since 9:30 am trying to decide if I have the flu or something more serious, steadfastly refusing to go to urgent care or the ER on Christmas Eve. I haven‘t been able to read at all. On the bright side, I did receive this adorable card from @mellissimo which makes me smile. Thank you, Melanie, for brightening my otherwise miserable day! #litsylove
ETA: thank you all for your concern. I‘m sure I‘ll be ok by Thursday.

Riveted_Reader_Melissa Go to the ER! Having spent a previous Xmas eve in the ER, it‘s actually surprisingly quiet there that night of the year....and a possible heart attack is nothing to fool around with... it‘s totally worth it to miss one Christmas Eve in trade for many future ones. 1mo
DGRachel @Riveted_Reader_Melissa I figure after 10 hours of feeling like death warmed over, it‘s probably not a heart attack. I‘m going to try to hydrate better this evening. If I still feel horrid in the morning, I‘ll seriously consider the trip to the ER. Thank you for your concern. 🥰 1mo
Kaila-ann Agreed! Christmas Eve usually isn‘t bad in the ER and better safe than sorry. Hope you feel better soon! 1mo
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Lovesbooks87 I hope you see better soon! 1mo
Emilymdxn Sending lots of love. I‘d also vote for going to the emergency room if in doubt, Christmas might be the quietest time of the year to have an emergency! I have a friend who‘s messed up her foot three years running in different ways every year (ikr I don‘t know how either) and she makes the ER sound surprisingly easy - I hope you get a restful Christmas and feel better 1mo
LiteraryinLititz Go to the emergency room if there is any doubt! 1mo
Branwen I hope you feel better soon, my friend! 💕 1mo
Jas16 Oh no! I hope you feel better soon 1mo
Andrew65 @Riveted_Reader_Melissa I agree go to ER and get it checked out. Don‘t take risks with your heart! Sending best wishes for a speedy recovery with whatever is wrong. ❣️❣️❣️ Keep us Updated as we all care about you. 😍 (edited) 1mo
Chrissyreadit Hope you are ok! I agree with getting checked! 1mo
Librarybelle Oh my! Hope you feel better soon! 1mo
Leftcoastzen Hope you feel better soon.Merry Christmas. 1mo
DGRachel @Kaila-ann @Lovesbooks87 @Emilymdxn @LiteraryinLititz @Branwen @Jas16 @Andrew65 @Chrissyreadit @Librarybelle @Leftcoastzen Thank you all for your well wishes and concern. I think I know what it is, and I will honestly be fine in a couple of days. I‘m just bummed to waste my entire day in bed, getting no reading done. Merry Christmas everyone! 1mo
vivastory I hope you feel better soon! That really stinks that you missed out on reading time! 1mo
DGRachel @vivastory Thanks! That‘s probably what I‘m most disappointed about. 😭 1mo
Graciouswarriorprincess Feel better soon! Merry Christmas! 1mo
Andrew65 @DGRachel That‘s what sums us up as reading addicts. Merry Christmas. 🎄🎅🔔 🎁 📚 1mo
mellissimo I hope you feel better soon! I'm glad my card helped a little ❤ Merry Christmas! 1mo
Aimeesue Hope you're feeling better today! 1mo
batsy I hope you're doing OK ❤️ 1mo
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I'm Excited | Elizabeth Crary
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Can't wait to send this #readinthenewyearswap package to @mabell after Christmas! Sorry about the mismatched paper but wanted to use it up! There's also quite a bit of sellotape!

@Chrissyreadit @MeganAnn

Soubhiville I love the penguins! 1mo
mabell Oh my goodness this is so exciting! 😄❤️👏 (I‘m still shopping for you! 😬) 1mo
Chrissyreadit 😍😍😍 1mo
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I picked out a few children‘s books for my nephew during Book Outlet‘s Black Friday sale. I think this one is really cute, with beautiful drawings of families all around the world by Penny Weber.