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Ninth House | Leigh Bardugo
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Im all alone at work today. I‘m chillin‘ and reading all day! #Friday

Ashley_Nicoletto This book is so good. I‘m reading it too and I can‘t wait to get home to read some more. 3mo
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1. I hit GR goals a few months ago & have read more books than in the previous 2 yrs, or ever (pre-GR). Was tired of challenges but have done the modern mrs Darcy one—it‘s only 12 books, have 1 more left.
2. I fell of a cliff while hiking about 15 yrs ago & have a slight disability on my arm. People normally don‘t notice or ask about the scars, but kids often will.
3. Classic rock
4. Don‘t really have any except birthday in June.
5. 👋🏻

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It | Stephen King
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What‘s a better way to spend Friday the 13th than seeing a horror movie with a group of friends? Real heckin‘ excited to see this one!!

#horror #itchapter2 #it #movies #friday #fridaythe13 #fridaythe13th

Addison_Reads I'm going to see this today too! 🎈 4mo
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Red Rising | Pierce Brown
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Listening to the tagged book while doing the dishes. This girl has to sit and watch my every move. #catsy #friday

rubyslippersreads 😻😻😻 4mo
Catsandbooks Gorgeous kitty! 💖 4mo
cherinium That's a stalkerish stare going on. 🐾 4mo
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SW-T LOL! Cute kitty 😊 4mo
ShelleyBooksie She is gorgeous. 4mo
Dragon 😻 4mo
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Shiver | Maggie Stiefvater
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1. 👆🏼👆🏼👆🏼
2. Shapeshifting
3. Capricorn! ♑️
4. Unpacking the rest of my stuff and helping my housemate move in.
5. ❤️ @TheReadingMermaid ❤️ @Xoxounityoxox ❤️ @MidnightBookGirl ❤️

#friyay #friday #tgif #friyayintro

TheReadingMermaid Thank you for the tag sweetheart 😘 5mo
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The Night Circus | Erin Morgenstern
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1. Always. It‘s such a good book!
2. Spiderman Far From Home, something that everyone should see because it‘s SO GOOD!
3. Watermelon. It‘s cool and refreshing and perfect for the poolside or a cookout.
4. First? 7. Second? Very close to 20 at this point, and our families are pretty close.
5. ❤️❤️ON IT❤️❤️

#friyayintro #tgif #friday

Freaky Friday | Mary Rodgers
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1. The Counselors in Training shot from 20 or 25 feet away from the targets! Almost all of them hit the targets.
2. Belfast, NI
3. Apple pie
4. Definitely

#friyayintro #camplife #camplifeisthebestlife #friday #archery

Dragonfairykats They must have had good teachers! I would hit my foot 😂 6mo
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Untitled | Unknown
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1) well I hope if everything went correctly (I did get the confirmation e-mail, but y‘know anxiety) I booked myself a ticket for Hamilton in London.
2) London! Hope they don‘t pull a Brexit before October.
3) neither
4) not really. Exam phase IS RIGHT NOW and I have a lot to study.
5) will do!

#friyayintro @howjessreads #friday #tgif

4thhouseontheleft Hamilton! 🥳🥳 6mo
TrishB Hamilton is awesome 👍🏻 6mo
Jerdencon Enjoy Hamilton! 6mo
TheDaysGoBy I‘ve always wanted to go to London! 6mo
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Friday nights crazy plans! Not my usual cup of tea but enjoying it immensely thus far! In the cuppa itself is some David's tea in their new wellness collection. Gotta keep those mofo flu/colds away! 😊❤🍵
#davidstea #weekend #friday #bookswithbooks #bibliophile #bookaddict #minishelfie #wronglid #makeitstrong #sleepytimesoon #babyitscoldoutside #easterweekend #spring #cherryblossoms

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No Exit: A Novel | Taylor Adams
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Happy Friday! 🥑🍞☕️📚 #botm #noexit #coffee #avacadotoast #friday #yummy

RvnclawWhovian Love me some avocado toast 🥑 9mo
MoonWitch94 @RvnclawWhovian It was delicious 😋 My favorite breakfast by far! 9mo
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