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The Great Gatsby | F. Scott Fitzgerald
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I‘m a big re-reader so I wanted to do a #Top21of21 for books that weren‘t new to me. Many of these are old friends, and some I returned to just to see if they would hold up. This is actually only 20 because that‘s what would fit in the collage, but I told myself I‘m saving space for whatever I read next week 😁

Cinfhen So GREAT!!! 6mo
Cathythoughts Fab books❤️ 6mo
TrishB Wow 😯 I hardly ever reread! 6mo
Bookwormjillk @TrishB for me it‘s mostly comfort reading although some were inspired by #ReadingAsia this year 6mo
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Cutting for Stone: A Novel | Abraham Verghese
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My #Top21of21
Cutting For Stone was my favorite the rest are in no particular order. Looking at these I can see how all of the great challenges like #FoodAndLit #PemberLittens and #ReadingAsia have influenced my reading year. Honestly I just kind of want to hug the books on this list.
I rated a lot of re-reads 5 stars this year but I left them off this list
The last two weeks of the year are typically my best reading weeks so this list will change

Cinfhen Cutting For Stone is definitely on my all time favorite list and I also loved this year 6mo
Cinfhen Agreed, the challenges on Litsy inspired some AMAZING books I probably would never have read 6mo
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Butterfinger I will probably put Cutting for Stone on my favorite list too. 6mo
Texreader 👏🏻👏🏻 6mo
BarbaraBB Beautiful eclectic collection! I loved Cutting for Stone too. And I also want to hug my favorites! Thanks for sharing 🤍 6mo
Catsandbooks Awesome list! ❤️ 6mo
TrishB Cutting for Stone is wonderful ♥️ 6mo
Centique Oh I‘m so glad you loved Salvage the Bones - I love it so much. And Pachinko too! I have to get to Cutting for Stone I can see 😍 6mo
Chelsea.Poole Oh I have had Cutting for Stone on my TBR for so so long. Maybe I‘ll read it in the coming year 😊 thanks for sharing! 6mo
Librarybelle Lots of amazing ones on this list! And I loved Pachinko! 6mo
tenar It really made me smile to see Why I Wake Early on your list. What great collections, both Mary Oliver‘s poems and your favorites of the year! 6mo
Ruthiella The Only Plane in the Sky was almost on my list too. So powerful. 6mo
merelybookish I read Gone Crazy in Alabama this year too! I love that trilogy. And Brown Girl Dreaming is a masterpiece. What a great reading year! 6mo
megnews I love Gone Crazy In Alabama, Brown Girl Dreaming, and The Only Plane in the Sky. Salvage the Bones is the only Ward I haven‘t read yet. I own it and really want to get to it. 6mo
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I enjoyed this book about Bangladeshi immigrants in London. It had some rough spots to be sure, but overall a good internal novel if you like that sort of thing (and I do.)

I alternated between print and audio and thought this worked well in both formats.

#ReadingAsia #WinterCosy #LittenListen #AVeryMerryReadathon #WrapItUpReadathon #WinterGames #MistletoeManiacs

BarbaraBB I enjoyed this one too! 7mo
TheSpineView Great job! 7mo
Librarybelle Sounds good! 7mo
keys_on_fire 🎄❤️📕🤩✨ 7mo
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Along the Silk Road | Yo-Yo Ma, Elizabeth Ten Grotenhuis
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The last day of Nonfiction November. I can‘t believe it! I‘ve been coming across the Silk Road in my #ReadingAsia pursuits, and enjoyed flipping through this book. Next week I‘m going to take myself on a field trip to the Smithsonian to see some of this art for myself.

Today I learned a little about how the collection at the Sackler Gallery came to be.

BarbaraBB That is so cool, that you‘re going to see it for yourself! 7mo
Librarybelle What a great way to experience what you have read! 7mo
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Africa | David Petersen
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@BarbaraBB @Librarybelle Question on the challenge-is it “cheating” to use the same book for multiple countries? I have several that touch at least three countries.

BarbaraBB I wouldn‘t think so. Africa is BIG and it takes all we can to finish this challenge 😉 7mo
DGRachel @BarbaraBB It is a daunting challenge! 😅 7mo
Texreader I was a stickler during #readingeurope and insisted on reading one book per country. Then there was #readingasia and that‘s pretty impossible partly because of the dearth of books for some countries but because there are so many countries. So I caved and now I‘m all for reading books that cover multiple countries. 😁 7mo
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DGRachel @Texreader #readingasia was the first I participated and I did the one per country but it was hard and I forced my way through a lot of stuff I hated. Just looking at the #readingafrica list feel so overwhelming and I doubt I‘ll finish if I had to do one per country. I‘ll try, but if I don‘t HAVE to, there will be less stress. 7mo
Librarybelle I think the beauty of this challenge is to do whatever works for you! Next year I think will be harder than this year in that not as many books and authors are represented exclusively for a specific country. There may be books that cover several countries that are really the only way to read about those countries! @BarbaraBB 7mo
BarbaraBB @DGRachel @Texreader @Librarybelle I completely agree, we should make it as easy and fun as we can since it is going to be a tough challenge otherwise! 7mo
bnp Thanks for the tag. I am not signing up this year, but may stop by when my travels take me this way. 7mo
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Permanently Booked | Lisa Q. Mathews
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My tentative plans for #Booked2022 #WinterSeason . Of course, it‘s weeks away and I‘m sure I‘ll keep adjusting. Especially as I make decisions about other challenges.

1. Cultish
2. I Am I Am I Am
3. The Poppy War (alternative version of China)
4. The Rainbow Comes and Goes
5. My Vanishing Country (from Amistad / Harper Collins)
6. Prodigal Summer (eco-feminist)

Cinfhen Awesomeness!!! I was thinking of using the Anderson Cooper for the prompt #ByAJournalist 🤓great idea for #WeatherTerm 🌈 8mo
Cinfhen I own this one and wasn‘t aware it would work for #BlackOwnedPublishing - thanks for sharing 8mo
BarbaraTheBibliophage @Cinfhen Thanks! Of course I‘m also trying to pick thing from #MountTBR because I own sooooooo many unread books. Thinking of just doing our challenge and finishing #readingasia next year. I might just start at the top of my bookcases and read in order. LOL 8mo
BarbaraTheBibliophage @Cinfhen This list of Black-centric Imprints of major publishing houses helps open the possibilities up really wide. https://aalbc.com/writers/publishers.php I just picked the first imprint on the list and looked at their offerings until I found one I already own. Simple! (edited) 8mo
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Two more books this week! Chatter was interesting and I finished it quickly. Ghost Month seemed to slog on forever. #ReadingAsia friends, don‘t be fooled by the blurb or cover, and trust the Litsy reviews—this book is not good!! #BookReport

Ghost Month | Ed Lin
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Wow wish I would have read @DGRachel post about Ghost Month before reading it because that review really sums up the story well! This is by far my least favorite book of the year. #ReadingAsia #Taiwan

mhillis DGRachel's post on Litsy https://litsy.com/p/WXhtdzU5dVBK 10mo
DGRachel I‘m so sorry you suffered through this one, too! 10mo
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wanderinglynn Great review @DGRachel 👍🏻 10mo
BarbaraBB I remember @DGRachel ‘s review and am sorry you had to go through it nevertheless 😀. At least it ticked off Taiwan! 10mo
mhillis @DGRachel @wanderinglynn @BarbaraBB 😅 I made a bad choice! It was between this and 10mo
Librarybelle This one may be the least favorite book read for #ReadingAsia2021 ! 10mo
mhillis @Librarybelle 😂😂😂 the blurb made it sound so interesting!! Too much info dumping 10mo
DGRachel @wanderinglynn Thanks! I amuse myself when I go full snark in a review, so it‘s gratifying when others are also entertained. 🤣🤣 10mo
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The Rent Collector | Camron Wright
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After a fun day of water play in the backyard with the kiddos it is time to read. It is a perfect evening to do some backyard reading with a cold dragonfruit tea. I'm quite enjoying The Rent Collector so far. It has captured me since the first page.

#BackyardReading #EveningReading #DragonfruitTea #ColdTea #ReadingAsia