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Secret Santa | Scarlett Bailey
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Not sure if any of you know about this #SantaThing swap for Christmas this year? Y'all can find more info here:



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Yeah... So... Why not? 😅
I love secret Santa things, so I joined!

#santathing #secretsanta

Jari-chan Welcome to the club 😁😁😁 1w
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The Swap | Antony Moore
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Does anybody know of any Winter/Christmas/Secret Santa swaps taking place this year? Or Thanksgiving? 🤔
#swap #litsyswap #secretsanta

AmyG I don‘t think any have been announced yet. Follow @LitsyHappenings as they announce such things. (edited) 1mo
LibrarianRyan Haven't seen any yet. I'm looking forward to a Christmas card one. But I do think some of our usual hosts may be getting a little burnt out. 1mo
Judybskt I was hoping for a Thanksgiving one. I think it was @JamieLou who hosted last year. 1mo
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JamieLou @Judybskt I did do one last year but I don‘t think I can this year. My last swap was a flop. :( (edited) 1mo
Judybskt @JamieLou darn! Totally understandable though. 🙂 1mo
JamieLou @Judybskt people are sneaky, it‘s a bummer! 1mo
JamieLou @Judybskt although to be honest now you‘ve got me tempted 😂❤️😂 1mo
Judybskt @JamieLou I would be willing to help you if you want. 🦃🍁💛 1mo
BookFreakOut @AmyG @Judybskt @JamieLou If you're still interested I saw a December book+chocolate swap just went up by @MaleficentBookDragon. 3w
AmyG Thank you! I just signed up for that one. 3w
BookofWords I was just looking for the same thing!!! 3w
Judybskt @BookFreakOut Headed to her page right now to sign up!!
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This is a children‘s book (ages 8-12) set in the Virginia City-Carson City-Lake Tahoe area in Western NV during the 1860s. The Celestial Lady has hired 12-yo P.K. Pinkerton, a half-Indian boy, to find out if her beloved Jace is cheating on her... Lots of melodrama, historical background, and an interesting autistic MC, made for a fun read. Plus there‘s a touch of Christmas in it! 🙂

Once again, TY @Annl

#LGPOG #SecretSanta

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Harry Potter | JK Rowling
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2/2: The second part of my #lgpog #secretsanta gift from @Dogearedcopy was this awesome wall decal on the right. I screeched when I opened it I was so excited! I‘ve been wanting something with this phrase since I first saw it and I cannot wait to put it up.

Tanya, if you were here I‘d give you a million hugs for this alone. I feel throughly spoiled! Thank you again and merry Christmas! 🎄😍🎉

Meeko93 Love that decal!!! ❤️ 11mo
Dogearedcopy You‘re entirely welcome! I loved shopping for you and glad you‘re happy! Merry Christmas! 🎄🎁 11mo
Daisey That decal is fantastic! 11mo
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1/2: A huge thank you to @Dogearedcopy for the amazing #LGPOG #secretsanta gifts! A beautiful version of beauty and the beast and Harry Potter: A History of Magic which I‘ve been wanting for a long time. A lovely Christmas book off my TBR. And Harry Potter themed socks and a Hufflepuff crest cross-stitch kit which will be so fun to make. The other part of gift I‘ll post in a second photo....

I love our @LitsyGoesPostalOG group so much!

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I adore Monty Python‘s absurdist sense of humor (Yes, more than Black Adder, more than Terry Pratchet, more than Douglas Adams...) and, yes, I went through that phase where I could recite virtually every line of every skit, and yes, I adore the movies, so this was especially appreciated!

“Thank you very much!
Thank you very much!
Thank you very, very, very, very much!”
(John Cleese, Time Bandits)

#LGPOG #SecretSanta

Andrew65 Come on let‘s admit it, Who was singing the song in their heads. 🙋🏻‍♂️ 11mo
Dogearedcopy @Andrew65 🙋🏻‍♀️ 11mo
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Muse | Jonathan Galassi
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This novel which is about a writer‘s obsession with a poet is set in the NYC world of book publishing... I‘m intrigued but so is my husband! I‘ve had to retrieve it from his Christmas stack twice now!


#LGPOG #SecretSanta

(📷: The one book atop my MacBook Pro laptop)

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The Essex Serpent | Sarah Perry
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#BlindDateBookSwap #SecretSanta #Christmas

HAPPY OPENING DAY, @Moray_Reads 🎄💚!
Thank you very much for these two gorgeous books - you really hit my reading taste, I cannot wait to read them! The Christmas card is cute, the tea smells good and I like the pens and the notebook 📒!
I hope you enjoy the gifts 🎁 I send you too 🎉.

Also many thanks to @TheReadingMermaid for organizing this🙏.

TheReadingMermaid You are most welcome sweetie. Happy holidays! 😘 11mo
Moray_Reads I'm glad you liked them, I love all my gifts, thank you so much ❤️🎄 11mo
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Sloths | Julie Guidone
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One of my students got this giant rainbow-colored plush sloth at today‘s #SecretSanta exchange — of course I had to pose with it! Sloths are my #SpiritAnimal 💜💜💜 #SlothsofLitsy

DGRachel That‘s AMAZING! 12mo
erzascarletbookgasm That‘s huge! 12mo
Carolyn11215 Sloths are my spirit animal as well!!!! 12mo
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GypsyKat Sloths are the best! 😍 11mo
sparrowssavvy This is amazing! 11mo
Aussie4paws Awesome girl 11mo
kspenmoll Wow!! 11mo
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