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Holiday Swap | Zara Stoneley
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Eeeeeeekkkkkkk! Just received my #LitsyLove #HolidaySwap #Winterswap Thank you @litenthusiast Can‘t wait to open on Nov 29.

litenthusiast Yay! I'm glad it made it to you. 💜 now
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Holiday Swap | Zara Stoneley
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Look what arrived today @BookwormAHN ... thank you! Can‘t wait till opening day!

BookwormAHN I'm glad it made it 😸 2h
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The Christmasaurus | Tom Fletcher
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Started reading this to my 1 year old daughter tonight at bedtime so that we can get in the christmas spirit!

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Can‘t wait to start this in December! I love holiday reads, and it will be perfect for the #wintergames that I just signed up for! Check it out here!


@Clwojick @StayCurious

StayCurious That looks fun! Yay! Glad you‘ll be with us! 4h
JennyM This one is fabulous! Enjoy 3h
wordslinger42 I loved this book!! And was excited to find there are two more books 😊 3h
tracey38 This looks so cute! 58m
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Snow Angel Cove | RaeAnne Thayne
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If you want to read something easy and quick I recommend this book.It's a fun read when you're tired and want to relax.

A Christmas Carol | Charles Dickens
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@TheReadingMermaid #IAmThankful

I love the idea of spreading some thankfullness on Litsy!!! I'm probably very alone in this, but I'm thankful for winter and the first snow! Winter is my favorite season and I love the beauty of it, like ice covering flowers or the way the snow covers the dwarf evergreen in our front garden. I know it's cold, but I think it's so beautiful!

TheReadingMermaid 💙💙💙💙 6h
ElizaMarie Okay so I don't love winter but.. I do agree it can be very pretty (like the picture you posted) 6h
AnneCecilie I love the winter and snow. Snow makes everything cozy and bright. 4h
Crazeedi I love a big snowstorm, just not constantly, and not if I have an appointment somewhere! 56m
tracey38 I agree the snow can be very pretty. As lo g as I don't have to be out driving all around on icy roads, which is what we seem to get here in NC. 😁 56m
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Happy Holidays | Janet Dailey
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I was planning on being a humbug at least until the end of the week but last night my 8 year old wanted me to help him set up his mini tree and my heart grew three sizes so I guess it's Christmas now. So I signed up for #WinterGames @Clwojick @StayCurious Check out the link below to sign up https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScG_Edhr_uM-RQ8sp9X6ejULoPi_hir_D3WpLQj...

StayCurious Yay! It‘s ok if you‘re a bit Grinchy - that book ends okay 😃 7h
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Santa's Reindeer Games | Samantha Berger
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😇I might have been a little bad. I have used the first part of my reference desk shift to request books for the #WinterGames.

I opened my Litsy TBR, scrolled to the bottom (It's a long list, over 2k) and started requesting almost all GN and pictures on my list up to a point. I don't know what that point was, but it wasn't half way up the scroll bar, so we shall see.

My circ/ILL department is going to kill me. 😁

Sign up @clowjick page

SamAnne Oh boy. You are really stepping up the game! 😁 😄 8h
LibrarianRyan @SamAnne It's not like I don't have enough books at home, but this will also help me finish off some reading challenges. 8h
ljuliel Do you have the number of books you requested ? 7h
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LibrarianRyan @ljuliel I just counted 55 from our local CARLI catalogs (consortia of academic and reference libraries and institutions (I think is that acronym) and 30 from ILL which if they will send them will probably come from public libraries. I may not be able to get all 30 because some of them may be too new. 7h
ljuliel Wow....that‘s a pile of books ! I‘ve been wondering this and forget to ask. Are librarians allowed to keep books out as long as they want or do they have to follow the rules like the patrons do ?, I don‘t care either way, I was just curious. 7h
LibrarianRyan @ljuliel Depends on your library. But for the most part we do have to adhere to return dates, renewals, etc. The difference is we don't pay fines. So if you keep a book longer and get a fine, you don't normally think about it until it block you from using digital services. At our last library we added a staff circ policy because we had staff racking up “lost fines“ for books sitting on their desks, and the minute an item is “lost“ ⬇ 6h
LibrarianRyan @ljuliel It must be paid for by the borrowing library. I had a staff member with a big problem. The first time we let it slide, the second time we made her pay the lost fess (over $200) and the third time she was asked to retire, or face consequences. BTW it normally takes 3-6 months for an item to go to “lost“ depending on library and original check out time. For our library with 4 weeks and 4 renewals it was 6 months before “lost“ status. 6h
LibrarianRyan @ljuliel The other thing sometimes it depends on the type of patron you are how long you get. When I was a grad student, check outs were for the entire semester. Undergrad it was 3 weeks. Professors, a year. This is common in upper level schooling systems. As a government research library, all our stuff is 3 weeks. However, we will deliver stuff to staff desks, and they can PONY it back to us as well (office mail). If it is for a legitimate 6h
LibrarianRyan @ljuliel work reason, circ will either extend the time needed, or ask the loaning location to extend. We have a pretty persistent ILL person, so he is on top of renewals, getting things back etc. He does NOT let me slide. 😁 But our regular circ person is my best friend so he does. 😁 6h
ljuliel Wow, that‘d take quite awhile to rack up $200 in fines, unless they do them differently now. It used to be 5 cents a day per book here, but I think they might‘ve put a cap on it now when it reaches a certain figure. I think the libraries might be a bit more lax today. In the old days, you had to pay your fine before being allowed to check out anything else. Now, I‘ve heard them tell people how much they owe, and ask if they want to pay on it 👇🏼 6h
ljuliel ☝🏼 or not. I‘m sure if it‘s a big amount they would t be quite so lenient. I think I recently read online that some libraries have dropped the fines completely. I‘m not sure how they‘ll get the books back if they do that. 6h
LibrarianRyan @ljuliel normally a limit is between $10 and $50 and each library is different. But as a staff member you are able to override the fines and continue check out. Which is what our person was doing. Many also have item limit check outs but if you have 10 items all checked out on the same day al go to lost the same day the fine gets quite large. 6h
LibrarianRyan Going fine free is the new hot thing. I‘m not sure how I feel about it. The libraries that I know do say it‘s a positive thing. I just know for my last public library we took in $20,000 a year in fines and fees. We always had food for fines weeks and amnesty day 2-3 times a year. Amnesty days are nice because no matter how late or how damaged item there is no fee. Plus people who just come out and say I did it, my bad, always had to pay less in 6h
LibrarianRyan @ljuliel fines. Admit it and I‘d work with you. Throw a damaged book in the book and try to say some one else did it, sorry you are paying every single fine. We once had a woman throw 20 nail polish covered books in the book drop. We thought someone threw a bottle in the book drop. But there were no markings on may other books or on the drop itself. Just her books. We salvaged what we could but had to charge her for the rest. She still hates me. 6h
ljuliel Wow.....$20,000 a year you make in fines ? I‘m surprised that many people wrack up late fees. I‘ve had a card now for 56 years and never owed even a 5 cent fine. I‘m a bit OCD about returning books on time. I wonder why in the heck people lie, like the nail polish lady ? Good grief, just tell the truth and take your punishment. 6h
LibrarianRyan @ljuliel our fines were $0.25 a day but more for TV series DVD which were $1 a day. But fines and fees includes lost, damages, copier, etc. and most libraries are really nice if you admit it. If that woman had come in and talked to us I‘d made the fine $50 and not cared. But she argued, yelled, lied, etc. we charged her the full replacement costs and it was over $250. It‘s silly really. 5h
ljuliel I asked our head librarian several years ago what the highest fine anyone had back then. She said $100. That was back before they capped them off , so it was 5 cents for books , I‘m not sure about videos. That was long before the offered video games and all sorts of other stuff. No clue who the lady was, but I figure with some people, they never got the items back or the money. 5h
LibrarianRyan @ljuliel It's sad when libraries have to start using collection agencies, but they do. Mine did. We had almost $100,000 in lost and missing items. There is a collection agency just for libraries which is a much nicer and softer request, but it sucks to have to do so. 5h
ljuliel Well, I don‘t see a thing wrong with it if that‘s the route they need to take. It‘s sad that people take advantage of a place that loans out free items. All you have to do is give them back when your time is up. Simple. If people keep them and never return them, it‘s stealing , so they should have to pay for what they stole. 4h
Sweetkokoro I always find it interesting how different libraries are about fees. My local library is a max fine of $5 and no more services but they also readjusted the fees, childreans and YA books no longer occur fees, but adults books now are .25$ a day to make up for the loss. Which I am cool with. We had a problem with kids losing privileges because parents took to long to return books and hit the $5 threshold. Lots of sad kids, so they did this to help. 4h
LibrarianRyan @Sweetkokoro yes. Libraries that are dipping their toes into fine free are for exactly that reason. 😁 2h
Sweetkokoro It‘s a great reason honestly, so many kids were being revoked privileges because their parents weren‘t paying the fines, now they don‘t have to worry about it, my librarians said there has been increase in kids books being checked out now. I don‘t know the return rate but they all seem happy with the change. 2h
LibrarianRyan @Sweetkokoro we unfortunately had to institute family fines at my last library because the parents would rack up large fines on their card, the get a card in a child‘s name, rack up fines and do it all over again. It‘s sad. 2h
Sweetkokoro Oh geez that‘s horrible, I don‘t understand how people can justify taking advantage of libraries like that. I use one card for me and my daughter and I even get stuff for my sisters and I‘m so crazy over getting items returned. I just nag, nag, nag and nag at them Haha. 2h
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Winter: A Novel | Ali Smith
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I‘ve had to give up trying to listen to this audiobook - I just can‘t stay focused enough to listen. Real books in my hand is the only way for me. Also the narrator was slightly grating - every line, no matter how mundane, was spoken as if it was a profound statement from The Matrix. Also, audio quality wasn‘t as good as it could have been for the ‘High‘ setting.

emilyhaldi I would imagine Ali Smith is very hard to follow on audio!! 9h
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Winter: A Novel | Ali Smith
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Well, I was saving this book for the #future to read when it would be cold and snowy to fit the theme... But apparently the future is now 🥶❄️

Cinfhen Such a pretty photo 😍 12h
Tamra Indeed it is! 11h
LeahBergen Pretty pic!! 💕 6h
MicheleinPhilly Seriously. I mean, it was a brief flurry here but still. now
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